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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 18

MacGregor of Glengyle or House of Dougal Ciar

[page 250]
THIS notice is compiled from a very careful Memoir MS. by Mr MacGregor Stirling, quoting all the Public Record notices (corrected as to the generations of Gregor a chroic by Professor Gregory), and in addition an account by another writer, to be quoted later, has been studied.

The Ancestor of this House is believed to have been a younger son of Gregor Aulin, who died at Glenurquhay 1415 This Dougal was distinguished as Dougal Ciar from some peculiarity, probably grey or mouse-coloured hair and eyes. It was universally believed by the rest of the Clan that the House ranked fourth or fifth in point of seniority. The immediate ancestor is not mentioned in the Chronicle of Fortingall. They were a very turbulent race and seem generally to have acted in¬dependently. Taking the founder to have been:-

I. Dougal Ciar.
The first mention in the Records of the tribe is in 1533.
[1]   1.Malcolm, of whom hereafter.
2."Duncanus McGregour et
3. Petricius McGregour, fratres," fugitated. -Record of Justiciary.

This reference does not necessarily connect them as Malcolm's brothers, but in 1546 there is mention of Duncan McCoulcherry, "son of Dougald McGregor in Corroclaid, who with a party the previous July had killed fifty of the Governor's servants at Dumbarton. [2]  

II. Malcolm McCulchere was, as above, put to the horn with Duncan and Patrick Nov. 15, 1533. He appears to have married Findlay [page 251] glas McEantyre. In a decree of horning Feb. 15 1589-90 "Tullibardin against his tenants," mention is made amongst these of "Findlay glas McEantyre, Relict of umquhile Malcum McCoulcheir,~ a presumption that her husband had been tenant of Sir John Murray of Tullibardine at the farm of Carnlea, of which Malcolm's widow is stated to be possessor.

Malcolm had seven sons and one daughter.
1. Dougal, believed to have been the eldest son because he is mentioned “in Glengyle" 13 Aug. 1586, roll of 1589-90, Aug. 31, 1590. Dougall McCoulkeir McGregour in Glengyle under the Lord of Buchannan is mentioned in the list of principal Householders of the Clan Gregor; although the Dougal Ciar family is not counted as one of the principal Houses. [3]   If this Dougal left any posterity they must be extinct.
2. Gregor, see later.
3. Malcolm McCulkeyr, younger in Innerlochlarig in Balquhidder, whether he or Gregor was the elder, is doubtful; his history will be given later.
4. "Duncan McCulquheir McGregor in Drummiliche" mentioned in the letters of horning, 13 Aug. 1586. [4]   He was executed in Edinburgh July 28, 1612, [5]   for the burning of Achallater, &c.
5. "John McCulquheir in Drummiliche," mentioned August 13, 1586. He was escheated with others for not appearing before the Secret Council, Sep. 1569 [6]   to answer for the slaughter of two Stewarts of Balquhidder; was mentioned in the roll of those denounced Feb. 1589-90, after the death of Drummond¬earnach. John was proposed as one of the pledges to be answerable for "The raice present and to come of the Clan Dowgal Keir," April 22, 1601. As "Johnne McCoulichere in the Brae of Balquhidder," he was tried in Edinburgh with his brother and nephew, Duncan McFadrick, for "intercommoning with the Laird of McGregor sen the raide of Glenfrune," March 2 1604, [7]   [page 252] he was acquitted while his relations were condemned to death. He was also tried for slaughter of the Clan Lauren in Balquhidder some forty six years syne and other deeds including the "slaughter of Hew Stewart servant to my Lord Athole about 1574," but was "found clene innocent and acquit of the said crymes." [8]   John had a son Gregor McEan VcCoulchere who was executed at Edinburgh with his uncle Duncan and other relations July 28, 1612. [9]  
6. Patrick Roy McCulquheir McGregor in Strathyre, so styled in Record August 13, 1586, [10]   when his escheat was forfeited for non-appearance before the Council. He was executed in Edinburgh with several others "for being in company with Duncan McEwen McGregor at the Burning of Abruchill," June 22, 1613. [11]  

Besides the early sons of the House found in the Records, others are mentioned in a Band of Manrent with John Campbell of Glenurquhay at the Castle of Glenurquhay, June 2, 1547, in "Black Book of Taymouth"

Donald McGillekeyr
Finla McGillekeyr his son
Duncan broder of Finla
Neill McCoull VcIllekeyr and
Malcum his broder
Fynla McAne Vcindlo
Donald McHewan VcIllekeyr
Jhon oyr McCoull VcIllekeyr. [12]  

Patrick Roy had four sons.
1.Duncan Mcpatrick VcCoulchere mentioned in proscription roll Feb. 1589-90. James Commendator of Inchaffray was called upon August 1590 to be surety for him amongst others. On Nov. 15, 1592, [13]   Sir John Murray of Tullibardine got the escheit of Duncan Mcpadrik Maccoulcheir MacGregor in Innernantie for not re¬moving from the said land. Duncan was one of the pledges [page 253] proposed in 1601, and was one of Glenstray's pledges to the Council, January 1604. [14]   He was cxecuted for intercommoning with the Laird of McGregor March 2, 1604.
2. John dhu Lean Mcpatrick VcCoullchere, he was on the roll of 1589-90 and was complained of by name to the Council with some others by Colquhoun of Luss, Nov. 22, 1602. In 1611 he was pursued by a military party under the Government and a private soldier sus¬tained wounds in the pursuit. [15]   In March 1612 in a skirmish at Tomzarloch amongst the killed is John Patrick Nadidin [16]   MacGregor VcCulchere, probably the same.
3. Patrick Mcphadrick VcCoulchere in roll Feb. 1590.
4 Gregor ger Mcphadrick VcCoulchere denounced in same roll. James Drummond, Commendator of Inchaffray, the following August became surety for him. In 1613 a letter from the King mentions Gregor is to be delivered with Robert Abrach to the charge of the Earl of Perth and the Master of Madderty. The two sureties were summoned to exhibit their charges Feb. 1614, but it was stated that "Gregor Gair was in Ireland. [17]   He appears to have had a son “Dowle Oig McGregor Ger" apprehended by "Scogy McIntyre” who in March 1614 received a reward for the service, and Dowle Oig was thirefter execute to the deid." [18]  

7. Finley Keir McCulquheir McGregor in Calzuit, so styled August 13,1586 when escheated. “Finla Keir McGregor in Colcar¬rach" is denounced in the roll of 1590, and was probably the same man.

[page 254]
Malcolm McCulchere’s sons are enumerated 13th August 1586 when the Earl of Montrose got their escheit. [19]  
Malcolm McGregor in Innerlochie,
Duncan McCulquheir McGregor in Drummiliche,
John McCulquheir McGregor in Drummiliche,
Dougal McCulquheir McGregor in Glengyle,
Gregor McCulquheir McGregor in Keylettir,
Patrick McCulquheir McGregor in Strathyre,
Finley McCulquheir McGregor in Culgart.

III. Gregor dhu known as "Gregor McGillichallum McCuill” in Glengyll, [20]   May 4 1581, [21]   and as "Gregor McCulquheir in Kyleter," [22]   August 13 1586. [23]   It is not positively known whether this Gregor or his brother Malcolm was senior, but the presumption from his being recorded as in Glengyll &c is that Gregor was the eldest. By a daughter of Thomas Buchanan of Carbeth by a daughter of the Laird of Buchannan, Gregor dhu had five sons.
1. Malcolm his heir.
2. Gregor.
3. Duncan mentioned as Malcolm's brother and as alive Sep.24, 1621.
4. John McGregour VcCoulchere, denounced in Roll, Feb. 4,1589. It is inferred that he was son of this Gregor, because this House was wont only to call themselves MacGregor if the father had the Christian name.
5. Donald Gramoch McGregor VcCulchere killed in a skirmish at Tomzarloch, March l612. [24]   Duncan Beg McGregor VcCulchere, [page 255] probably a natural son, was one of Glenstray's Council Jan. 1604, and executed at Edinburgh Feb.17 following. [25]  

IV. Malcolm Oig McGregor dhu, called younger in reference to his Uncle in Innerlochlarig. He is mentioned in the Bond given to the King's Lieutenant, April 22, 1601 [26]   as "Malcome oig McGregour vcDougall Keir for the raice and house present and to come of the Clan Dowgall Keir" showing that he was the Chieftain of that house, although his uncle Malcome McDougall Keir is also on the list. May 12 of the same year he is mentioned as Malcolme McGregour in Glengyll, where his Father appears to have resided in 1581, though latterly at Kyleter. At the date in 1601 he signed the Bail Bond with his hand led at the pen." Callum McGregor Dhu VcCulcheir was complained of; with Glenstray and others, Nov. 25, 1602, [27]   by Colquhoun as being under the charge of the Earl of Argyll and unruly; Jan 31, 1611, [28]   a reward offered for his head as one of the leading insurgents.
It was Callum Oig who, whilst shut up with the Clan on the island on Loch Katrine in 1611, shot one of the Besiegers dead with a long barrelled gun. [29]  
In June 1612 Buchannan of Drummikill was appointed by the Earl of Argyll "To travel with Callum McGregour to bring him to his Majesties peace and service," with what result does not appear. June 26, 1613 [30]   - the Laird of Buchannan became bound to present to the Council the two sons of "Young Malcolm McGregor McCoull" whenever required. Mal¬colm took the name of Stewart, as we find that, Feb.25, 1619, [31]   Malcolme McGregor VcDougall, alias Stewart, in Auchnaharde in Glenfinlas, is a witness with Duncane McGregor vcDougall, alias Buchanan, in Portnellan in Glengyll in a sasine of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay. Callum McGreigour McCulcheir," with Duncan his brother and McGilliechallum [page 256] McCulcheir sone to the said Callum," were put to the horn, Sep.24, 1621. At the request of the Earl of Moray, on whose lands he lived, and whose surname he had assumed, he led in 1624, 300 of the Clan Gregor in arms to Morayshire to expel the Clan Chattan from the Earl of Moray's Lordship of Petty. For his services on this occasion the Earl gave Callum a small farm at Bridge of Turk for a quit rent. Malcolm Oig McGregor dhu, the time of whose death is not known, married a daughter of MacDonald of Keppoch by whom, besides a daughter married to her second cousin Gregor dhu, known as John Campbell of Kyleter, he had two sons
1. Donald the heir.
2. Gregor. Both brothers were styled - McGilliechallum McCoull keir." In 1630, Dec.23, he is styled "Gregor McCoull sone to Malcome McGregor in Glengyll." Gregor had taken the name John, thus "John McGregor brother to Donald McGregor in Glengyle" and "Margaret Monteith his appearand spouse" on the 15th April 1657 were vested in an annual rent of forty pounds out of the lands of Balledmenoche in the Barony of Rednoch and parish of Port, belonging to Patrick Monteith of Arnbeg, upon a contract of marriage betwixt the said John and Margaret, March 19, preceding.

V. Donald Glas or Pale. Sep.12, 1655-" Donald glas McCallum VcGregor VcDougal Keir" was a party to a minute of agreement between the Buchannans and the MacGregors in reference to the incident at Leny.
July 31, 1663 -" Lieutenent Collonell Donald McGregor” granted an obligation for some money. Sep. 2. 1669 - in company with the Laird of McGregor and others, Donald McGregor in Glengyle was the subject of a letter of fire and sword to Sir James Campbell of Lawers.

August 17, 1669, Lieut. Col. Donald McGregor had from John Earl of Atholl, his Highness's Justice General, a commission for gathering all fines of fugitives from a Court of Justiciary at Dunkeld, August, 11, 1668. [32]  
Dec. 1670 Lieut. Col. Donald McGregor in Glengyle granted a money obligation to John Smollet, late Baillie of Dumbarton.

Oct. 10, 1678 [33]   - Patrik McKrigor in Brachlich, Donald Glas McKrigor [page 257] now in Brae of Balquhidder," &c, &c, were, as "Headis and branches of families in the Highlands," cited to attend the Commissioners of Council at Innerlochy betwixt ...... and Nov.20, to give Band in terms of law. [34]  

Nov.24, 1683- "Grigor McGrigor in Learone as Principal and Gregor McGregor portioner of Roro, Donald McGregor in Glengyle," &c, as sureties granted to Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk, Baronet, a Bond of Relief from a threatened prosecution by the Marquis of Atholl and his tenants, on account of an alleged trespass by Sir Alexander's tenant, the said Grigor McGrigor in Learone, [35]   "Gregor McGregor in Roro, Patrick McGregor of Brackly, and Donald McGregor in Glengyle" granted an obligation to "Duncan Campbell in Balloch," dated March 26, and April 11, 1684 [36]  
-Lieutenant Colonel Donald McGregor in Glengyle wit¬nessed a Sasine of Margaret McGregor, spouse to John Leckie of Coryleckie, in an annual of £60 out of the town and lands of Cory¬leckie upon her Contract of marriage, dated July 14, 1677, and an heritable Bond by the said John Leckie, dated May 27, 1686. He was Attorney for the said Margaret. [37]  

Lt. Col. Donald McGregor in 1689, in defence of King James VII., acted in the Field for apparently The Laird of MacGregor" who was his wife's nephew, and along with some military leaders at the Castle of Blair, August 24, signed a Bond of association, by which he bound himself to furnish a hundred men. [38]  
The following month he was taken prisoner by some of the Government soldiers while, as alleged, in the act of plundering the lands of the Laird of Breachly and Kilmorenochs. [39]  
He was soon after lodged in the Tolboolit of Edinhurgh and menaced with a trial for treason but was liberated Oct. 31, 1691, after he had taken the oaths to William and Mary.
His rents had been sequestrated.

Jan. 3, 1690 -Lieut. Col. Donald McGregor in Glengyle and John Buchanan of Amprior entered into a bond of friendship, founded as particularly stated, [page 258] on consanguinity, Donald's paternal grandmother having been a daughter of Buchanan of Carbeth, by a daughter of the Laird of Buchanan, in which bond Lt. Col. Donald became bound "for himself and all those of his family commonly called the Clan Duilichere" on one part and Amprior "for himself and all those descended of the family of Mochaster" on the other. [40]  

The time of Lt Col. Donald's death is unknown. He married a daughter of Campbell of Glenlyon. [41]   He had a daughter married [42]   to Alexander McDonald 2d son of the McDonald of Glenco who lost his life in the Massacre of Glencoe and three sons.

1. John his heir.
2. Duncan mentioned on record August 1689, when the Council gave an order to liberate Duncan McGregor from the Tolbooth of Edinburgh on his taking the oath of Allegiance and binding himself to appear before the Council when charged, under a money penalty. March 13 following, the Council passed an order in favour of Duncan McGregor tenant of the Earl of Menteith and prisoner. "Duncan McGregor son of Donald McGregor in Glengyle witnessed a bond of impignoration of certain lands by Archibald McGregor of that Ilk to Gregor Roy McGregor in Pollichroe, Jan. 4, 1694, [43]  
3. Robert afterwards the celebrated Rob Roy of whom a memoir will subsequently be given.

VI. John McConnel Glas, eldest son of Lt. Col. Donald Glas McGregor in Glengyle, granted along with Duncan McGregor in Monchalbeg, to Archibald Edmiston merchant in Doune in Menteith, who had arrested John McGregor in Bunrannoch for a small debt, an obligation to present the said John to the said Archibald against the term of Martinmas under penalty of £100. Feb. 12,1691,-" [page 259] John McGregor in Glengyle" and "Archibald McGregor in Kilmanan" were appointed to command a watch for the protection of the Estates of certain heritors in the western part of Stirlingshire and the eastern part of Dumbartonshire with power of fire and sword in pursuance of a Commission from the Privy Council, enjoining the Heritors to keep a watch. John McConnel Glas died about 1700. He married first a daughter of Drummond of Comrie by whom he had no family and secondly a daughter of Campbell of Duneaves by whom he left a daughter, Catherine, married to Walter Graham of Brachern, and two sons,
Gregor his heir
Donald who died without issue.

VII. Gregor McGregor of Glengyle, born in 1689, who in his own name but with that of his uncle Robert or Rob Roy as his Attorney obtained from the Marquis of Montrose aftenvards first Duke, a feu charter of the Estate of Glengyle [44]   of which they had previously been only tenants. 25th May 1703 -Gregor thereafter assumed in civil life the name of James Graham in compliance with the proscription of the name of MacGregor. His subsequent life will be noticed later, but it may here be mentioned that having a dark spot on one of his knees he was familiarly known amongst Highlanders as Gregor Ghlun Dhu, or Black Knee.

HOUSE OF DUGAL CIAR, YOUNGER BRANCHES. "Reverting to Malcolm II of the line, his third son, supposing this one to be junior to Gregor, was Malcom McCuIchere called Younger in refer¬ence to his Father. He was Tenant of Innerlochlarig in Balquhidder under The Earl of Tullibardine. With twelve others of the Clan Gregor he was escheited, Sep. 8, 1589, for the slaughter of two of the Stewarts of Glenbuckie, [45]   he was denounced on the roll of 1589-90. [46]  
April and August 31 following, James Commendator of Inchaffray was called upon to be surety for amongst others 'Malcum McDougallkeir in Balquhidder.' [47]  
In 1593 Feb 1. he was cited with sixteen principals [page 260] of the Clan Gregor to appear before the King in the bounds of the Clan to answer to such things as shall he laid to their charge.
Malcolme McCoulkeir McGregour in ……… under the Lord of Tullibardine is mentioned in the list of principal Householders of the Clan, immediately above the name of his Brother Dougall in Glengyle.
The name of holding left blank was Innerlochlarg. [48]   He signed the Bond 'with his hand led at the pen' of the notar May 12. 1601, [49]   and was one of the pledges for Glenstray's return from England 1 Jan. 1604, he was executed March 2, 1604. He left two sons.

1 Gregor mentioned in Record of Great Seal April 2d, 1614, when "John Murray formerly called Gregor McGregor McCallum VcCulchere in Bray of Balquhidder" obtained the Royal pardon for the Burning and slaughter of Aberuchill: His descendant, son or more probably grandson, was Donald Murray of Craigruie who it is said was by some considered to be the Head of the Clan Dougall Ciar. This Donald had two sons
1. Malcolm a Captain in the Duke of Perth's battalion in the Field of PrestonPans where he was mortally wounded Sep. 21,1745, as will be narrated at that date, and 2. John Murray who enlisted in the Scots Greys and lived latterly on a pension at Jedburgh.
2 Dougall McCallum vcDougallkeir also styled Dougal McGregor in Kyleter who with "Donald McGregor now on Brae of Balquhidder" was cited to attend the Commissioners of Council at Inverlochy Oct. 1678. "to give Band in terms of Law." He had two sons.
1. Malcolm of whom nothing special has been recorded.
2. Gregor dhu MacDhugail celebrated as brave and generous and as a social friend."

The following account of him from an old paper is interesting: [50]  

"INNERARDORAN FAMILY. "This Family resided from time immemorial in Caol-letir the very Head of Glenfalloch, a mile south from Crianlarich and two miles west from Innerardoran, [page 261] till about the beginning of the year 1700, when Grigair MacDhughai1, who may be said to be the Founder of the lnnerardoran Fanilly and John his brother, their Mother &c were all in Caol-letir, and the Lady of Glenfalloch demanded one stone of cheese from Gregor's Mother more than any former rents which they were accustomed to pay, which she peremptorily refused and the dispute went a great length with the two women till at last their two sons engaged in the quarrel, viz Archibald Campbell, one of Glenfalloch's sons, not the eldest, and Gregor MacDhuil appointed a time and place to decide the affair with their swords. Campbell though in many respects a worthy and brave man yet was inferior to Gregor both in the strength of his arm and the endowments of his mind and he knew well who he had to encounter and was apprehensive of his danger. However he scorned to let his Father or any other person know what he had undertaken but wrote a letter and gave it to one of the servants to deliver to his Father at a certain hour informing him in the event he would not return where they might search for him. The two met without seconds in a Glen called Fionaghlean, and Gregor was greatly his superior and 'wounded him in the right arm and the sword fell Out of his hand, but Gregor's humanity was equal to his bravery he bound his arm with his handkerchief and delivered him to some safe hand, but it is worthy of remarking here the opposite characters of the two men When Gregor was leading Archibald down to the Strath of Glenfalloch, he asked him what treatment he 'would give him if he 'were in his power as he was? He replied he would make a 'football' of his black head. Gregor mildly replied 'I will send your fair head home in safety to your Mother.' Soon after this Gregor MacDhugail and his brother left Caol-Letir and exchanged with McCallums that were in Innerarderan; for in those days it 'was easier to a good tenant to get a farm than to a Laird to get a good tenant. It was reported that Gregor found some hid treasure, 'which enabled him to buy the lands of Blarenich and some adjoining farms in Balquhidder and he was thence called Marchfield, in gaelic 'Ledcrich.' Gregor MacDhugail was allowed to be possessed of many noble endowments of the mind particularly sincere friendship.

"His son Malcolm was foolish in the extreme and did many things which gave grief and trouble to his Father. He was once apprehended by a party of soldiers and they were going to Perth with him, and his father was concerned for his safety, and he overtook the party on the banks of Tay, near Balnacearde, Balnaguard, the lady of which had armed her tenants and dependants in order to rescue him. The Party seeing the armed force at a little distance and Gregor himself accosted them, and told them, the soldiers, their danger and they thought prudent to give Gregor, his son, without resistance but Gregor was in consequence outlawed for sometime and had to abide in the hills, during which time one of the MacNicols said 'Bu chompanach maith stoip, an'Grigair dubh ged tha e 'n diugh, 'g ol a bhuirn': 'The black Gregor was a good stoup companion though today he is drinking only water.'
[page 262]
“After his Father's death Malcolm continued foolish and extravagant and married Isobal Daroch a gentlewoman from Cintyre, who was as extravagant as himself if not more so, and he sold the land his father had purchased and had a numerous family and little to maintain them, and Malcolm seeing no way of recover-ing his lost fortune and being brokenhearted resolved to go abroad to America. and set out to Oban a place of great American trade at that time, and before he went on hoard, he died at Oban and his friends brought his corpse to Strathfillan, the burialplace of his family. Mrs Murray his widow continued in Innerarderan all her days and died in very advanced age."

Another account states that "Malcolm MacGregor otherwise Murray of Marchfield had as Malcolm Murray eldest son of John Campbell in Innerardan in Strathfillan received from John, Duke of Atholl, with consent of Katherine Duchess of Atholl his wife Feb. 7,1707, a feu charter of the four mark land of Manahilbeg, the three and thirty shilling land of Wester Innernentie and the half of Wester Drummilich all in the parish of Balquhidder and which were afterwards named generally Marchfield or Ledcriech." Malcolm left several sons who will be mentioned later.

The second son of Gregor MacDhugail was called Donald MacGregor of Kyletter, the style of his grandfather Dougal, see page 259.

The second son of Gregor Dhu or Gregor McIlle challum McCuill in Glengyle, III of the line was Gregor styled Gregor a Chnoic, i.e. of the Rock. [51]   He left a son- Gregor oig or Gregor McGregor in Dow of Glengyle so mentioned Jan. 18, 1670, when he acquired from John Buchanan of that Ilk the land of Easter Corerklet and in 1678 the lands of Coriheichen. He left three sons. He is said to have bought "Stronchlachair, two Coirairclets, Inversnaid, 'Leitter Riach odhar agus Druimnasonnan' from the Laird of Buchanan."

1st John Graham of Corerklet, who by a disposition of his Father Gregor McGregor March 14, 1690, acquired the lands of Easter Corerklet. [page 263] Jan.20, 1693, John McGregor of Easter Corerklet, called by his own name in spite of the penal laws, [52]   and Catherine Grahame his spouse, had of Donald MacGregor brother of John McGregor of Bracherne and of Dougal McGregor of Easter Callichree, both wadsetters of Wester Corerklet, a joint disposition of one third of those lands to himself and his wife in liferent and to Dougal, their eldest son in fee. Soon after he took his wife's name of Graham and on July 16, 1695, was enfeoffed in the 40 shilling land of Wester Corerklet on a dis¬position by Isabella Graham relict of John McGregor of Brachern, to whose lands she had succeeded. She settled Brachern on herself in liferent and on her nephew Alexander Graham in fee, and probably Catherine Graham on whom she settled her other property may have been the said Alexander's sister. March 10, 1698, John Graham of Corerklet was enfeoffed in the two mark land of Pollochroe on a contract of mortgage betwixt him on one part and Archibald Graham of Kilmanan with consent of Hew Graham his eldest son on the other. Robert Campbell in Glengyle, known as Rob Roy, Dougal Graham in Cromer, Rob's brother-in-law, son of Ewne McGregor late in Wester Frenich, afterwards in Comer, and a brother of John McGregor of Brachern also John Graham of Callichra, were witnesses. [53]   The lineal descendant and representative of John Graham of Corerklet is Gregorson of Ardtornish whose ancestor sold his lands in Perthshire and whose family was intermediately styled of Aucharn.

2. Gregor McGregor 2d son of Gregor McGregor of Easter Corerklet had a disposition of an annuity of £20 out of the lands of Comermore from Malcolm MacFarlane sometime in Wester Brachern now in Ledard. Gregor's daughter Mary married Robert McGregor otherwise Campbell first of Innersnait, and afterwards of Craigrostan, commonly called Rob Roy.

Gregor's son Dougal Graham in Corner had from Archibald Graham of Kilmanan a mortgage right of the 3 lb land of Innersnait, John Graham of Corerklet and Robert Campbell witness the sasine Jan.23. 1695.
[page 264]
3. Alexander, 3d son of Gregor McGregor, was known as Archibald Graham of Coriheichen of which lands he had a disposition March 14, 1690. "Alexander McGregor son to Gregor Oig of Corerklet" was bailie in enfeoffment of Archibald McGregor of Kilmanan in the ten pound land of Craigrostan Jan. 1694. As Alexander Graham in Corerklet Jan. 4, 1695, he entered into a contract of marriage with Agnes Graham sister of John Graham in Gartnerinoch.

The well known History of the Clans by William Buchanan of Auchmar first published in 1723 falls into a distinct error in regard to the Clan Gregor. He writes that at that time the "surname" was divided into four families - the first that of the Laird of MacGregors then "in a manner extinct "-referring evidently to Kilmanan; the next "that of Dugal Keir of whom the principal person is MacGregor of Glengyle, whose residence and interest is at thc head of Loch Cattern"; the third family that of Roro, the fourth that of Brackly. The Chronicle of Fortingal and the Privy Council Records prove that amongst the Cadets of the Family the House of Roro was certainly senior, as their ancestor is mentioned as early as 1477. There is no distinct mention of any of the Dougal Ciar family in the Chronicle of Fortingal, and in the Records not before 1533. From this silence of earlier records, another inference might be drawn, viz., that Dougal Ciar was son of a later Chief than Gregor Aluin and might therefore be nearer in descent, but what is known of subsequent chiefs precludes it. [54]  

But Auchmar gives Glengyle a different claim in addition, stating "that on the death of Kilmanan those few who pretend nearer relation to him, being of mean repute and circumstances, made as is reported a formal renunciation in favour of Gregor MacGregor of Glengyle who is lineally descended from a son of the Laird of MacGregor." It appears that when Kilmanan made over to Robert. Campbell of Inversnaid the pro¬perty of Craigrostan, a theory "'as raised that the Chiefship was also made over, and that Rob Roy for his nephew, then a minor, relinquished this claim in favour of Balhaldies whose election took place in 1714, [page 265] 9 years before the publication of Auchmar's book, but as this election was kept a profound secret he was of course ignorant of it Singularly enough the writers of popular memoirs of Rob Roy although they must have been aware that his nephew Gregor was the head of his House, style him a Chief! - Auchmar's error has been perpetuated freely and maintained by the family of Glengyle - but none of the rest of the Clan ever acquiesced in it. (?) In the official list about 1587 the House of Dougal Ciar is not mentioned among the three "principal Houses" of the Clan though several of the family are named among the principal Householders. [55]  

[12] It is very unlikely that these were MacGregors. [ED 2002 Edition]

[15] In June 1602 "Duncan Macfarlan" received from the Royal treasury £66, 18s 4d. in compensation for the wounds sustained by his brother, in pursuit of "John Dhu Lean McGregor."

[16] Vol I, p 398. The term "Nadiden" must be corrupted from some more intelligible word. volume 1 Chapter 31

[18] This it quoted by MacGregor Stirling in a MS. Memoir of the House of Dougal Ciar from the "Lord High Treasurer's Books," but is not given elsewhere.

[20] A MS. memorandum early in the nineteenth century styles him "Gregor Dubh Murstar, the first who went to Glengyle." He was married to a daughter of Buchannan of Carbeth - the Laird of Buchanan was the proprietor of Glengyle and gave asylum to the said "murderer' who slew "Para Dubh more of Glenbuckie."

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[42] The authority quoted for this marriage is to be found in the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the slaughter of Glencoe where it is mentioned that Glenlyon's niece and her husband Alexander 2d son of Glencoe had shewn the uncle much attention.

[43] Leny Papers. This mention of Duncan as son of Donald McGregor in Glengyle affords the presumption that the latter was alive in 1694.

[47] It is important to distinguish Malcolm of Innerlochlarig from his nephew Malcolm Vig McGregor VcDougall Keir: the latter is usually mentioned as "in Glengyle" and the former in Balquhidder.

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[51] His posterity were styled "Sliochd Grigair a Chnoic" -Mr MacGregor Stirling applied the term of "Rock" to Gregor dubh III. and confused Gregor McGillichallum McCoull Keir with "Gregor in Dow of Glengyle," but Professor Donald Gregory in a signed note corrects the errors, and gives the genealogy as stated above. The recollections of Mrs MacGregor at Stron Garualry taken down in 1815, when she was 91, confirm this.

[52] Penal Laws had been re-enacted 15th June 1692

[53] A MS. account states that John had a son James who sold the lands named above to the Earl of Montrose when James married a daughter of Campbell of Airds.

[54] This is a very tendentious argument. Auchmar is an unreliable source, however, he was a close friend of the Glengyle MacGregors, especially the sons of Rob Roy. The “Baronage” is a great deal less reliable than Auchmar, but that does not perturb Amelia. [2002 edition editor]

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