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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 15

Archibald, Laird of MacGregor

[page 198]
ARCHIBALD MACGREGOR of Kilmanan 2d son of Captain Hew MacGregor succeeded his First Cousin Gregor. [1]   As the penal laws against the Clan Gregor had been revived June 15.1693 by the Government of William and Mary, he was known as Archibald Graham of Kilmanan; he was born before January 11 1659.

On May 31 1679, whilst in minority, with consent of his Curator Alexander Napier of Culcreuch, Francis Napier of Ballikinrain, and John Roy McGregor in Stuknaroy, he entered into a Contract of marriage with Mr John Cochrane minister of Dunblane and bound himself to infeoff Anna Cochrane his intended wife in half the lands of Kilmanan. -Particular Reg. of Sasines, Stirlingshire. In 1680, Jan.11, having attained majority, he obtained from James 4th Marquis of Montrose a Precept of Clare Constat for enfeoffing him in the lands of Kilmanan as heir to his brother John McGregor of Kilmanan eldest son of Captain Hew McGregor. He was accordingly enfeoffed Feb. 3 following, and his wife on the 10th instant.

Archibald McGregour in Kilmanan received a commission, 1691 Feb. 12, with other proprietors for an armed watch for the protection of his and other estates, being nominated a "Keeper" and armed with the power of fire and sword. In 1693 May 27, directly after his succession to the representation of Glenstray, he obtained for a money consideration from Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss Bart. a disposition of the ten [page 199] pound land old extent of Craigrostan and the mill lands with pertinents with the office of Baillery and power of holding Courts.- Original Deed in the Leny papers. He is designated as above in the body of the Deed, but signs there and in other places as McGregor. He had a son Hugh and at least one other son, but they predeceased him, and in consequence he sold off most of the Lands.

1694. Jan. 4. He impignorated to Gregor Roy McGregor in Pullichroe, and failing him, his eldest lawful sons Malcolm and John, in succession the town and lands of Caliness, extending to a forty shilling land old extent with the mill of Stuknaroy, in the parish of Inchcalzeoch, now Buchanan. At the same date as Archibald McGregor of that Ilk he im¬pignorated to Robert McGregor, brother to John in Glengyle, and Mary McGregor his spouse, "the three pound land old extent of Inversnait in the parish of Inch Calzeoch."

1701. Dec. 9 and 15. Archibald Graham, formerly surnamed McGregor of Kilmanan, heritable proprietor of the lands and Barony of Craigrostan, entered into a contract with "Robert Campbell, formerly surnamed McGregor of Inversnaid," whereby the said Archibald, with consent of "Hugh Graham his eldest son," resigned in favour of Robert Campbell the whole of his land as purchased of Colquhoun of Luss together with the ten-pound land old extent of Craig Rostan.

1704 Jan. 10. William of Orange gave a warrant approving the measures of the Scottish Privy Council with the Highland Clans. One of the Chiefs summoned to attend the Council is …. Grahame, formerly McGregor of Kilmanan.

1706. June 7. Archibald McGregor or Graham gave Robert Campbell of Craigrostan a confirmatory Charter of the Lands of Craigrostan, with the office of Baillerie as possessed by Kilmanan. Robert McGregor, afterwards known as Rob Roy through his Mother a Campbell of Glenlyon, was First Cousin to the late Gregor McGregor Laird of McGregor, Archibald's first Cousin and predecessor, this connection may probably have influenced the disposition of the property. The exact date of the death of Kilmanan is unknown, - An account of the family of Ardlarich, written by Lieutenant MacGregor, Innerhaddon, states that he died in Ireland. It must have been after 1706, the date of the above confirmation, and before 1714.
[page 200]
A very curious side light is thrown on the succession of Archibald by a letter from the Marchioness of Atholl to her eldest son, Lord Murray, afterwards 1st Duke of Atholl, dated 11th November 1693. [2]   From the documents extant and public records it seems natural that on the death of Gregor MacGregor without issue his first cousin should succeed him, but there seems to have been another claimant who was too diffident to put himself forward.
"For ye concerning ye McGrigors, My Ld saies you may be sur it is much against his will yt such a hott headed fellow, and one depends upon an other shud be cheefe but it is not in his power to help it for John Roy was ye man yt made the lait McGrigor chuse him against My Lord's will and for his thankes he has cheated him, and yet yt Roy is such a bruit and soe timerous yt he will not accept of being cheefe notwithstanding all ye paines my Ld has taken with him and tho' my Ld hector’d ye other before him, yet he has basely submitted to him, for ye other has gott ye right of ye money and ye name of McGrigor, and all have own'd him under their hands as cheafe, and all through ye simplicity and cowardice of John McGrigor, who my Ld believes, was frightened out of his little witts."

The lady appears faithfully to have conveyed her Lord's strong language against John Roy, who may possibly not have been so unwise as he was deemed. Archibald of Kilmanan was a vassal of the Marquis of Montrose and the Marquis of Atholl would have preferred his own man; but what was John Roy's claim? He was possibly "John McGregor alias Mcpatrick Vie Condachie Abrich in Glenlochy," head at that date of the House of Ladasach and mentioned in Record 1679 23rd September.

A strange instance of Kilmannan's "hot-headedness" occurred a year after he succeeded, showing that he was addicted to drink and had apparently on such occasions a touch of madness. The following incident also shows how little heed the authorities took of private acts of blood¬shed.

From Chronicles of the Families of Atholl and Tullibardine.

“Declaration be the People in Glenalmond anent Kilmanan's
Shooting his own man Malcolm McCurich.”
"On Monday the 1st of October 1694. about xii hours in the fornoon Kil-mannan came to William Roy's at the bridge end of Haly milne and sent for Alexander Menzies at Buchantie, John Roy at Milnrodgie and the said William Roy [page 201] who was then in the fields att the leading of some corn and after the saids persons came to him which was about 3 afternoon, Milnrodgie having come at twelve, there past some general discourse only, in that space he took his pistolls and tryed if they were charged, and lookt if they were prymed and put one of them beneth his oune belt, and another he caused his man put beneath his and efter the said company and he had drunk six pints of ale, and three gills, he took horse about halfe an hour befor sunsett and rod streight to Milnrodgie. This the said three persons that were in his company declaire and they did not think he was concerned with drink till he mounted. After he lighted at Milnrodgie he went in and saw Milnrodgie's wife, Milnrodgie being come that length on foot, and she offered him a drink, which he refused, then he went out to the yeard with his men, and as he was going over the dyke his foot sliped and he fell in the leed, and after his man took him out of the leed he pursued his man through the yeard with a drawn sword in his hand, and took his leave of Milnrodgie's wife. This, Milnrodgie's wife and John Robertson alias Alaster, in Buchantie declair.

"John Robertson in Buchantie declaires after he crossed the burn at Milnrodgie he drew the pistoll, and his man bid the said John goe and shift for himself other wayes he would either kill the said John or him and accordingly the said John went immediately and heard the shott.

"After that he had gone from Milnrodgie, being about sunsett be rod about midway betwixt it and Litle Dounie, and there John Herris Milnrodgie's herd, being about two pair of Butt's distant from Kilmannan, did see hin offer to ryde towards Litle Dounie and saw his man take his horse by the bridle and lead him to the rod that lead up the Glenn and immediately he saw him draw his pistoll and fire at his man and after the shott he heard the man cry ‘o hon, o hon,’ and after a litle he fell and his master rod twice or thrice about him and then lighted and bid him rise and take the gat with him. And after that he heard the hue and cry he immediately took his horse and rode with a drawen sword in his hand up the hill of Dounie

"Donald Stewart, Wm Roy's herd declaird he saw done all that the other herd did declair after Kilmannan fired the pistoll.

"Kathrine Maloch and Mary Malcolme, Wm Roy's and John McCleishe’s women came immediately to the dying man after Kilmannan rod away and the saids two herds who all declaire that they asked at him if he would he glad if his master were taken and he said that he did not wish it, for it would doe no good for his master was not as he used to be and that he would doe harme before he were taken.

“David Allan servant to Arch: McCleish in Wester Fendoch came next to him and asked what was betwixt him and his master and he said it was nothing but drink made his master use him so.
[page 202]
"John Murray in Mikle Dounie came to him next and asked him what was his name, and he said Malcome M'Currich, litle matter what he was. And he asked him if he was able to walk to some house and he said he would never be able to sett foott on ground, and the said John said he would not be able to carie him. After that William the officer and John M'Cleishe in Litle Dounie, Andrew Sorell there and Thomas Sorell and Patrick, in Mikle Dounie came all to the man together and asked at him if he had been in drink and he said not a drop drink was on him, and that he had drunk no aquavitie for 8 dayes befor and then be prayed them to send to Buchanty for his cosine Nicoll McCurich which accordingly they did but he did not come. Then he prayed them to take him to some house and when eight men were carieing him to it in his plad he choaked with blood and dyed but befor he dyed he desired they would give him a drink of water, and because thay wanted a cup they gave it him in one of his shoes.

"Patrick Stewart in Newton dcclares that about three hours after sunsett Kil-mannan came to his door and beatt at it and they in the house being feared that it was a druken drover they held to the door and he beat so strongly they were forced to open it, and he came in and almost fell in the fyre being so drunk wanting his hatt and cloak, having tyed his horse to a sted at the door, but the said Patrick all this time did not know what he was till James Murray there came in, and desired if he pleased to goe take a bed in his house, but he said to him ‘goe rascall, I will not goe out of this house this night.' so the said James caused his herd take Kilmannan's horse to his stable and sate down with Kil¬mannan and he said he was ill beholden to his man that left him and suffered him to loss his hatt and cloack and he desired the said Patrick and James to rise early and search for the things he had lost and immediately went to bed and he rose early befor break of day and went out and came in again and asked for James Murray's house and went and wakened James Murray and bid him goe and seek his hatt and cloack &c and he went himself alongst he on the one side and the said James on the other side of the water the length of Dalich and the said James went to the place where the corps were and when he saw the man dead he sent one Greigor to tell Kilmannan that his man was dead which when Kilmannan got notice of he immediately took horse and rod doune through Monzie and West Strathearn, His corps lay all mondays night all Tuesday and Tuesday's night neer to the place where he was shott and on Wednesday morning sume of the forsaids persons with John Roy in Milnrodgie and his sone John, Alexr Menzies at tlse bridge of Haly mill, John McCleish and Wm Roy in litle Dounie and Alexr Kirkwood with severall others did see the corps and saw the mark of six small ball in his breast. About ten hours he was putt in a coffin and the countrie people did carie him to the kirkyeard of Monzie.”
[page 203]
From the "Chartulary"

"1693. February 11th. Obligation-Gregor McGregor of Roro as Principal and Archibald McGregor of Kilmanan and John McGregor in Stuckegowne as Cautioner to Malcolm Mcfarlane in Tarbett for 70 merks Scots. John McGregor of Balna¬cuill is a witness. Recorded 22 March 1695."-Register of Deeds.

"February 16th. Obligation-dated at Rowardennan. Dougal McGregor of Callichra as Principal and Gregor his brother as Cautioner to Donald McGregor in Callimore for £100 Scots. The Deed is written by Gregor MacGregor of Cloch¬braicks. Recorded 7 January 1697."-Register of Deeds.

“April 6th. Mary McGregor, lawful daughter of Alexander MacGregor of Wester Callichra, by, as would seem, Margaret, daughter of Patrick McGregor of Carnlea & who after his death married Donald McGregor in Craignaferar in Glenalmont, had a Precept of Clare Constat as Heir to her Father in the said land of Wester Callichra from James Marquis of Montrose now the Superior with consent of James Graham of Orchill his Tutor. On this Precept she was infeft 15th May 1693. Recorded 19th May 1693."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

“May 5th. The abovementioned Mary McGregor married Alexander McGregor with whose consent the Disponed these said lands to Dougal McGregor of Balli¬more by Disposition dated 5th May 1693, to which John McGregor late School¬master at Buchanan is a witness. Dougal entered into a Contract of Wadsett with his Cousin german, and brother of Alexander the first possessor, viz'.

"May 5th. Dougal McGregor of Easter Callichra son of Ewne McGregor in Wester Frenich, and Hugh and Gregor sons of the latter, entered into the foresaid contract of Wadsett whereby they acquired the foresaid 20 shilling land of Wester Callichra under reversion of 600 merks, which was increased to 850 merks by a Bond and eik granted by Dougal of Ballimore dated 5th December 1693. Dougal McGregor of Easter Callichra and his sons were infeft in the lands of Wetter Callichra 15th May 1693. Sasine recorded 19th May 1693."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

“May 11th. Obligation-Gregor McGregor of Roro, to Tosheoch of Monyvaird for £44 Scots. Patrick McGregor in Glemaick and Duncan McGregor in Corrie-chrombie are witnesses. Recorded 6th December 1693."-Register of Deeds.

"May 17th. John Graham of Corerklet lately surnamed McGregor had a Disposition from Isabella Graham relict of John McGregor of Brachern and now Spouse of Melissa Graham in Dunaverig of the 1/2 of the 40 shilling land of Wester Corerklet, corresponding to 1500 merks of the money advanced by her, dated 27th May 1693 (to her in liferent and to him in fee). He was infeft 6th July 1695. Recorded 24 July, 1695."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.
[page 204]
"May 19th. John MacGregor in Learane as lawful son and heir to umqle Hugh McGregor in Learane had a Precept of Clare Constat dated 19th May 1693 from Sir Alexr Menzies of that ilk, on which he was infeft 24th May 1693. Gregor McGregor in Learane is a witness to the Sasine, which is recorded 10th June 1693." -Particular Register of Sasines, Perthshire.

"May 23rd, and 24th. At Buchanan and Glengyle the twentie third and twenty fourth days of May one thousand six hundred and nynty three yeires, Wee Livetenant Collonell McGregor in Glengyle and John Buchanan of Arnpryor considering that it is agreeable to the Law of God and also to the Laws of this Keingdome, that all persons especiallie such as are Freinds and Relations should live together Cristianly in Freindshipe and in peace, And considering also that our predecessors have been joyned together by allayances and relationes, and have interteaned ane inteire Freindshipe together, And wee being willing to continow the same keindnesses and Freindshipe heirafter amongst ourselves and those descended of our Families Ther for I the sd Livetennant Collonell McGregor for myself and for all those descended of my Familie commonly called Clan Duill chere: And I the said John Buchanan of Arnprior for myselfe and for all those descended of my Familie of Mochaster Doe faithfully promise to observe and keepe the following artichels in so far as they are agreeable to our duties as good Christians and consistant with the obligations that lys upon ws to give obedience to the knowne Laws of this Kingdome In the first place we doe sincerely Promise and ingadge That we will live peaceably and orderly and that we will doe nothing that may disquyte the publick peace of the Kingdome. 2nd That wee shall keepe ane enteire amitie and good correspondence amongst ourselves in so far as is agreable to the nature of ane sincere Freindshipe and honest conversatione. 3rd That wee shall not doe any wrong or prejudice aither one of us to ane wther or to our Tenants or Servants aither in person, goods, geire or esteats, And that wee will not suffer uthers to doe the same without order of Law in so far as we can hinder it. 4th That each of us shall in a lawfull maner mainteine and defend one ane uther our Tennants and servants in persons, goods, geire, and esteats, against all those that will injure ws whenever ony of us shall be required to do the same and that upon the charges and expenses of the person or persons who shall require it. 5th That each of us shall with our best counsells and advisses assist one ane uther in every lawfull mater that may tend for our peace security and advantage. 6th In caise any differance shall happne to fall out betwixt any of us, that wee shall endeivour to cause them submitt and referre the same to the determinatione of two honest judicious Men one of each surname; with power to them in caise of discrepance to choise ane judicious honest Gentleman to be Oversman.

"Lastly we declare [page 205] That it is not our Intentione heireby to enter into any unwarranteable league, bond or combinatione quhilk are discharged by the Laws of this Realme, but that we should live in ane enteire Freindshipe and good corre-spondence amongst ourselves for the mentenance defence and protectione of our persons goods and Esteats conforme to the Law of God and the Statutes of this Keingdome. (Signed) J. Buchanan, Do. McGregor. -Register of Deed".

"August 12th. Obligation-Dougal McGregor of Ballimore to James Graham of Orchill, Tutor of Montrose, for 500 merks Scots. Recorded 24th Novr 1693."-Register of Deeds. "Obligation-John McGregor of Micras as Principal and Robert McGregor his eldest son as Cautioner, to Gregor McGregor of Drumcharrie for £100 Scots. Recorded 27th June 1695."-Register of Deeds.

"December 9th. Malcolm Macfarlane younger of Lurgine who had married Catharine McGregor daughter of Dougal McGregor of Ballimore acquired the 2 merk Land of Ballimore, being part of the £3 Land of Brachern, in fee by Dis¬position dated 9th December 1693, On which he was infeft 27th December 1693. Catharine was infeft in said Lands at the said time upon a Disposition by Malcolm in security of annuity of £40 Scots in case she should have no children, and £24, in case she should have children. John and Duncan MacGregor in Ballimore are Witnesses to the Sasine. Dougal McGregor of Ballimore occurs as Dougal Graham shortly after this period, and John his son is also mentioned. Recorded 24th January 1694."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"December 21st. Heritable Bond dated at Glasgow 21st December 1693.

"Archibald McGregor of that ilk, alias of Kilmanan, to Sir Humphry Colquhoun of Luss for 3000 merks Scots, being part of the price of the Lands of Craigrostan viz' 6500 merks. Deed signed thus McGregor. Recorded 6th September, 1697."-Register of Deeds, based on the following date.

"May 27th. Contract betwixt Sir Humphry Colquhoun of Luss Knight and Baronet and Archibald McGrigor of Kilmanan, in which the said Sir Humphry, for the sum of 6500 merks and 240 lb Scots at Martenmass yearly in name of feu¬ferme duty to be paid by the said Archibald, sauld and disponed the ten pound land old extent of Craigrostan, comprehending various Lands in the parish of Inshcalleoche vis Rouskeneishe, Knockyle, Rouchoishe, Stuknaroy, Clackbuy, Innersnaid, Polichra, Myln of Craigrostan, myln lands multure, and sequells thereof. The whole woods upon the Islands and any part thereof, fishings and other privileges, housebiggings, yairds, orchyards toft, croft, moors, meadows, pasturage, outset glassings and shellings, parts, pertinents and pendicles of the same whatsoever with the office of Bailzierie and the power and privilege of holding Courts, unlawing and punishing delinquents, and uplifting the amerciaments of Court to the feuars own use.
[page 206]
"Kilmannan in the body of the writ is designed 'MacGregor of Kilmonan,' but signs ‘McGregor,’ and on the back is designed 'of that ilk.' Witnesses John Colquhoun of Tullicheuin John Colquhoun of Camistroddan, John Graham of Douglaston, Robert Robertson Writer in Glasgow, who draws the instrument, Archibald McLauchlan. Original penes Buchanan of Leny or Hamilton of Bardowie." Sasine recorded 2nd January 1694.

"1693. December 21st Heritable Bond betwixt Archibald McGregor of that Ilk alias of Kilmanan, to Sir Humphry Colquhoun of Loss for 3000 merks Scots, being part of the price of the Lands of Craigrostan, vizt, 6500 merks Deed signed ‘McGregor.' Recorded 6th September 1697. "-Register of Deeds, Duplicate or Repetition with different Office number.

"1694. January 4th. Heritable Bond by Archibald McGregour of that ilk to Gregor Roy McGregour in Collichra and failyand him be deceis to Malcolm MacGrigor his eldest lawful son, and failyand of the said Malcolm be deceis to John McGregor his second lawful son for 1000 punds Scots. Therefore he sells wadsetts and dispones to them the town and lands of Clackbuie, lands of Calines, extending to ane furtie peny land of old extent; mill of Stuknaroy in the parish of Inchcailloch and shire of Stirling, dated at Stuknaroy January 4, 1694.
Signed ‘McGregor.’
Witnesses Duncane McGregor sone to Donald McGregor in Glengyll,
John McGregor in Nether Corierklet.
Sasine dated 4th January 1694. Recorded 14th January 1694."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

“January 4th. Instrument of Sasine in favour of Gregour roy McGregour in Cullichra and Malcolm and John McGregour his sons on the Bond by Archibald McGregor of that Ilk. "-Paper in the Leny Collection.

"January 25th. Obligation-Duncan McGregor alias Mcewine voir McGregor, and John and Malcolm Mcewine voirs McGregors brethren, as Principals and Gregor MacGregor of Roro, John McGregor in Kenachlacher in Rannoch, Gregor McGregor in Corriechrombie and Gregor dhu McGregor in Leny as Cautioners to Thomas Graham of Duchray for 200 merks Scots. Recorded 13th April 1694."-Register of Deeds.

“May 20. John McGregor vceanduy vcallaster with consent of Gregor vceanduy vcallaster his eldest son and of Marjorie Grant Spouse to the said Gregor, by Disposition dated at Delivoir 20th May 1694, disponed the lands of Easter Drumnacharrie extending to a 40 shilling land of old extent lying in the Earldom of Atholl Barony of Garth and Shire of Perth to Colonel James Menzies of who was infeft thereupon Sasine dated 26th January 1700. John M'Gregor brother to Gregor, and Gregor Farquharson of Wester Camdell brother-in law of John, and Farquharson his eldest son, are witnesses to the Disposition.
[page 207]
Sasine recorded 1st February 1700."-Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

“1694. May 20th. John MacGregor of Delavorer disponed the Lands of the sunny half of Nether Urquhielaris lying in the Barony of Garth and Shire of Perth to Colonel James Menzies of Culdares in the same Disposition with the lands of Easter Drumnacharrie, on which Sasine followed 26th January 1700. In this Dis¬position the Lands are called the south half of Nether Blarish. Sasine recorded 1st February 1700."-Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

“May 26th. Obligation-Donald McGregor of Leragane and Evan McGregor in Learen son to Gregor McGregor in Leragan (Learen?) as Principals and the said Gregor McGregor as Cautioner to Donald Mcpherson in Erigg for £126 Scots. Malcolm Mcpherson of Breakachie is a witness. There is another obligation of the same date by the same parties to Donald Mcpherson for 190 merks Scots. Re¬corded 20th November 1699."-Register of Deeds.

"May 29th. Obligation-John McGregor in Stollikellne as Principal and Archibald McGregor of that Ilk as Cautioner to Duncan Campbell son to Donald Campbell in Strowdabane for 200 merks Scots.
"Patrick McGregor servitor to Archibald, writes this Deed and is a Witnes. Recorded 23rd April 1696."-Register of Deeds.

"July 5th. Obligation dated at Fortingall, John McGregor of Dalvorare to Alexander McGregor in Tofts parish of Foulis, for 300 merks Scots. “Witnesses - Archd McGregor of that Ilk, Malcolm McGregor in Craigruie and Gregor McGregor the Writer of the Deed. Recorded and June 1697."-Register of Deeds.

"July 19th, Edinburgh. Warrant to Kings Advocate for processing Corres-ponders with King James. "December 12th. Obligation dated at Invercald, Callum McGregor of Ballater to John Farquharson of Invercald for 700 merks Scots. Recorded 3 July 1697."-Register of Deeds.

"1695. January 4th. Agnes Graham sister of John Graham in Gartnerinoch entered into a Contract of Marriage 4 January 1695 with Alexr Graham in Corerklet whereby he was bound to infeft her in an annuity of £40 Scots out of the said Lands of Coriheichan. She was accordingly infeft 23rd January 1695. Recorded 18 February 1695."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire. "December 19th. Robert McGregor prisoner in Glasgow with others sent to Flanders."-Record of Secret Council, Acta "1696. January 9th. Obligation-Alexander Macandra alias McDonell in Ratlach to Gregor McGregor in Dalnabo for £116, 6/- Scots. Recorded 11th February 1697."-Register of Deeds.
[page 208]
"March 7th. Obligation - Donald Mcintailzeor alias McGregor and John Mccherlich alias McGregor both indwellers in Auchinchiealdine in the parish of Glenurchy to Andrew Thomson Merchant in Doune for 500 merks Scots Recorded is June 1696." -Register of Deeds.

"April 6th. John McGrigor prisoner in the tolbooth of Glasgow to be sent abroad."-Record of Council, Acta.

"May 7th. A Safe conduct to Archibald Grahame of Kilmanan and Hugh callit McGregor his servant, to attend the Lords of His Majesty's privie Counsell or other committee on 2nd June next anent the affairs of the government was signed by a Quorum. Extract of it is sent to the Laird of Luss."-Record of Secret Council, Decreta.

"May 20th. Callum M'Grigor of Dellad, to Ludovick Grant of Grant, Obligation for 280 merks Scots Recorded 25th June 1700."-Register of Deeds.

"December 30th. Dougal MacGregor, now Graham of Callichra, with consent of Hugh and Gregor MacGregors, now Hugh and John Grahams, his sons Disponed these Lands under reversion as abovementioned in favour of Dougal of Ballimore to John Graham in Stuik of Callichra by Disposition dated 30th December 1696, on which he was infeft 28th January 1697. Recorded 26th February 1697."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"1697. July 27th. Recommendation to the Lord Advocate to draw a proclama-tion against 5 highland fugitives. "Duncan Steuart alias Shankie, Patrick Mcilglass Ferguson, John McGrigor in Ranoch, Duncan Roy Mcllphatrick late McGrigor in Polokro, John Mcclaron buy in Torrie,-denounced by the Commission for settling the peace of the Highlands, as guilty of capital crimes."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

Proclammation recorded
"August 3rd. Patrick Mcilglass Ferguson, John late McGrigor in Rannoch & - £10 for each of them dead or alive." -Record of Secret Council, Acta. "September 22nd. Sasine to Gregor McGregor in Gaularie & Marjorie Grant, his Spouse, on Bond by John Gordon of Abergeldie, in the lands of Clough & others, in security of 4,000 marks. Witnesses, Callum McGregor of Dalfad, Alexander McGregor his eldest lawful son, to the Bond. Witnesses to the Sasine, Alexander McGregor in Dellavorar &c. Recorded 19th October 1697."-Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

"1698. January 13th. Obligation - John Gordon in Glenurchie to John McGregor in Egie for 100 merks Scots. Witnesses, Callum MacGregor of Ballater and Gregor McGregor in Belno. Recorded 25th March 1698."-Register of Deeds.

"1698. February 22nd. Commission-Laird of McIntosh against McDonalds &c amongst others Alester McAlester vig, head possessor in Rannach" -Record of Council, Acta.
[page 209]
"1699. November 28th. Act releasing from the horn Donald Cameron alias McCoil Roy, and others and indemnifying them. Witnesses-Alexr Menzies late Grigor McGrigor &c under fugitation."-Record of Council, Acta

"December 8th. Large Parcel of Committee Reports anent the Highland Commission and Cheiftains of Clans, amongst the unsearched Papers in General Regr Ho. Edin'.

"1701. August 1st. Charter by 'King William III of England, & II of Scotland' to Evan MacGregor of Newhaven, and heirs male begotten by him & Mariota Gray his present Spouse, of the lands of Newhaven. [3]   "-Mag. Sig. LXXVII, 94.

"December 9th and 15th. Feu Contract betwixt Archibald Grahame formerly surnamed McGregor of Kilmanan heritable proprietor of the lands and barronie of Craigrostane and Robert Campbell formerly surnamed McGregor of Inversnaid, in which the said Archibald, with consent of Hugh Graham his eldest lawful son in consideration of the payment of 1200 merks and 40 lb Scots entrie money, sells and dispones in feu ferm letts and dimitts to the said Robert Campbell the town and land of Knockeild in the parish of Inchkailloch and Sherriffdom of Stirling, dated at Buchanan and Killern December 9th, and 15th, 1701.
(Signed) A. Graham
H.Grahame fiar of Kilmanan

"1704. January 20th. Warrant approving of the Council anent highland Clans, &c "Among the chiefs summoned 'Grahame formerly McGreigor of Kilmanan.' -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"1705. March 12th. Act of Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury and Exchequher, granting the Prayer of the Petition of John Hay William Adam and Evan Mcgrigor, with their partners in the Caird Manufactory at Leith." -Printed Paper in the General Register House, Edinburgh.

"1706. January 10th. Sasine in favours of Robert Campbell of Innersnait on disposition by Archibald Graham of Kilmanan in the lands of Craigrostan.

"May 14th. Charter by Sir Humphray Colquhoun of Luss, Superior, on the resignation of Archibald Grahame of Kilmanan 3rd June 1705 of the Lands [page 210] of Craigrostan extending to a ten pound land of old extent, comprehending the Lands of Rouskinach, Knuckeald, Rouchuish, Stuknaroy, Clackbuie, Innersnait, Pullo¬chroe, with mill and mill lands of Craigrostan with multures and sequels with the whole woods &c lying within the regality of Lennox and pansh of Incheailzeoch and shire of Stirling in favours of Robert Campbell of Innersnait, ‘dilecto meo Roberto Campbell de Innersnait'. (Signed) H. Colquhoun.
James Colquhoun of Auchintorlie
James Williamson of Chappeltown.
Mungo Buchanan, W.S."
Original in the Leny Collection.

"1707. 13th February. Anna Dei gratia &c. Sciates Nos cum sacramento &c Ratificasse Approbasse et Conirmasse ac pro Nobis et Successoribus nostris in perpetuum confirmasse &c. Dilecto nostro Milcolumbo Murray, filio legitimo natu maximo Joannis Campbell nuper McGrigor in Innerardauran in Strathfillan heredi¬bus &c feudifermum contractum & perfectum inter Joannem Ducem de Athole Marchionem de Tullibardine, hereditarium proprietarium terrarum aliorumque infra dispositorum cum consensu Catherine Ducesse de Athole ejus spouse ab una paste dictumque Milcolumbum Murray ab altera parte de date 7th February 1707 per quem, pro causis nube contentes, dictus Joannes Dux de Athole cum consensu predicto &c dictusque Dux suscipiens onus in se pro ills et illi ambo uno consensu dederunt &c in feudifirma &c dicto Milcolumbo Murray heredibus &c Totas & Integras duo mercatas Terrarum de Mannahilbeg modo possessas per Duncanum Beg Murray, aliamque duo mercatas terrarum ejusque modo possessas per Duncanum Fergussoun, sexdecem solidos et octo denariatas terrarum de occi¬dentali Innernantie, modo possessas per Johannem Murray aliamque sex decem solidat et octo denariatas terrarurn dicti Innernantie dimidium occidentalis Drumulik modo possessas per Dougallum Grahame et Patricium McIllnish jacentes infra parochiam de Balquhiddar. Regalitatem de Athole et Vicecomitatum de Perth. Mag. Sig. LXX."

The following letter relates to a piper of the name of MacGregor:-
"Letter of Menzies of Garth to the Duke of Atholl [4]  
"Shestill Sep. 27th 1706.
"May it please your Grace. I doubt not but your Grace heard what incroche-ment was made by ye Laird of Weyem and his great Counsilar in apprehending your Grace's piper and myne at a public market, or near by on Queen's Rod, where he was put in the thief's Holle threatened to be keeped there unless he would ingage imediatelie in his service. qch he absolutely refused and prayed 'God bless Duke Atholl’ he was not feared to be wronged and that before mylord Torphican and a great many strangers in the Hall of Weym.
[page 211]
"I hope your Grace will not forget to enquire annent the true Mater of fact which I can assure your Grace they will be at least found infamous, malicious and the height of incivilitie and evill neighbourhood, and your Grace will be informed none of your Grace's men durst be present when he was imprisoned, which Glenlyon can inform yr Gr. of part of the mater, and of them yt might advise him not being imprisoned. Ther mett him to take him prisoner but six men & fourtie of Glenlyon and Fortingal men mett him who never opposed them except Alex: Robertson and Patricke Mclean qch I suppose Mclean was a little late but my misfortune keped me yt I was not at the merket to sie who for ther very lives durst lay their finger on him.

"Mr Robertson with your Grace's officer waited very punctuallie wt me till he was sctt at liberty and I suppose they will not be very weil pleased wt the Minister's talk. "I will not trouble yr Gr. wt any more, but I hope yr. Gr. will examine the mater and after wreat to the Laird of Weyme & Captain James of ther uncivilitie. "Capt. Ard was present at all this business, which I am sure he shall set a fair face on the busines for ther vindication, qch Sir James cannot doe. "All I hop and expect yt yr Gr. will not Sitt wt troubling your men who lived this five year under yr Gr. Wishing God to send yr Gr. success in all your undertakings, and a safe returne to yr own men and friends remain &a signed Alex, Menzies"

Postscript to Letter Sep.27, 1706.

"I would not give them ye satisfaction to seeke him from them, but told it would be my master ye first man I should seeke him from, whom I said was obliged to protect me and all my men. Leaves the rest to Campbell to report"

"Sep. 30th. The Duke of Atholl who was on his way to Edinburgh to attend the last Scottish Parliament wrote from St Ninian's to his Duchess with the follow¬ing passage in reference to the case of the Glenlyon piper.
"'Receive enclosed two letters wh I desire you will send by an express to Weyme and the other by some other occasion. It is very unaccountable that Weyme has taken such a method, But I have ordered the man to be brought down to Dunkeld, I desire all particulars may be sett down in writing by Mr Neile, and then sent mc, that I may kno what course to take in it.

"'Menzies of Weem to the Duke of Atholl.
'Menzies Oct. 5.1706. May it please yr Grace. I had the honour of your Grace's letter last night concerning Pat: McinSkelich [5]   I won't trouble your Gr. [page 212] with the particulars of that mater til meeting, further than that McinSkealich has been my piper ever since you gave him a pass and whoever informed you of that bussi¬ness I think did it not so much with a design to serve yr Gr. as to create differences, which I sal stil endeavourz to prevent I am &a A Menzies'”

In another letter from Weem to the Duke Aug; 21 1707. writing in explication of a disturbance at Fortingall Market, A Menzies adds, "My Uncle tells me that your Grace writ him that I punished one Patrick Mcinskealach piper who committed some abuses at Dul Merkat I must beg leave to tell you that the man was mine at that time and ought to be mine yet, though I wou'd not be uneasie to your Grace for him for I shal alwayes make it my chief bussiness to live in good friendship with your Grace and ever be &c A Menzies."

[1] In a history of "Rob Roy and his Times," by K. MacLeay, M.D., first published in 1819 - and which is chiefly traditional - it is stated that Archibald was a natural son of Gregor instead of his first cousin, and also alleged that Archibald's son Hugh survived him, and making a bad '???' left his estates to Rob Roy, but this is erroneous, as is proved by Archibald of Kilmanan's charter of Craigrostan to Rob Roy.

[2] Atholl and Tullibardine Chronicles

[3] A descendant of Alpin, third son of Duncan Abborach, a MS. note in copy of the Baronage states that in 1695 Sir Evan MacGregor was given leave to resurne the family name, but that the privilege was not continued to his posterity.

[4] Chronicles of the Atholl and Tullibardine families

[5] One of a race of pipers "two-named" Mac an Sgeulaiche, the ancestor's name meaning "Narrator of Tales."