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Amelia Volume 1 Chapter 35

1619 to 1625

[page 440}
“1619. Feb. 25. Malcolme McGregor Vcdougall alias Stewart in Auchnaharde in Glenfinglas and Duncane McGregor Vcdowgall alias Buchanan in Portnellan in Glengyll are witnesses in a sasine of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurqyhy.

“July 29. at Edinburgh. Alexander Livingstoun of Westquarter became cautioner 1612 for Duncane and Allester Livingstonis sons [1]   to umqle Patrik Aldocht McGregour and with James Carmichael of Pottieschaw same year caution for Patrik Livingstoun son of the said Patrik Aldocht and Alexander Balfour of Torrie, caution for Donald and Johne Balfouris, sons to the said Patrik Aldocht 1614. Sir George Ramsay Kt. caution for Robert Ramsay sometime called Robert Abrocht McGreour; said sureties summoned (the Lords being informed that said persons are broken louse and are going athort the country, especially in the bounds of the Lennox.) with Sir Lauchlane McIntosch to whom said Robert Ramsay has been sensyne and is yet household man, and servant. This Sir Lauchlane denies. Westquarter alledgeit that the said Allaster Livingstoun is dead, and that the said Duncane Livingstoun is man tennent to Sir Donald Gorm of Slait. Carmichael promises to search for and present Patrik Livingstoun : Balfour of Torrie does not compeir nor Sir George Ramsay nor the parties for whom they are bound and denounced. - Record of Secret Council.

“Same day. Several of the persons who were accused of wearing arms and ‘schooteing wildflowl’ are fined amongst them are mentioned as McGregors.
Malcolme Stewart alias McGregor in Pitchirrell
Donald Stewart alias McGregor his son
Gregour McCondoquhy VcEan in Lerrane
Duncan McGregour VcCondoquhy in Camseroche beg
John dow brother.

“1619. Item to messenger passing to charge Robert Ramsay (Abroch) and the five sons of Patrik Aldoch to compeir personally also to charge Sir Robert (George) [page 441} Ramsay as cautioner for the said Robert Abroche and Sir Lauchlane Mcintosche to whom the said Robert is household man (denied) to present him before the Council upon the 29. instant. Item to another messenger with the said letters to be proclaimed at the market cross of Perth and to charge the said Robert Abroch at the dwelling house of his wife within the bounds of Atholl &a.

“1619. July. Messengers to cautioners for the sons of umquhile Patrik Aldoch dispatched in several directions.

“1619. Nov. 30. Johnne Stewart in Murlagane, son to Alexander Stewart in Drumquhenie
Donald Stewart son to the said Alexander
Patrik Dow McCondoquhy Roy in Innervik
Johnne McGilliechallum VcEane in Lergane
Alexander McAllaster VcInnes in Awliche
James Campbell in Ardlarich
Martine Stewart alias McGregour in Pitchirrell
Donald Stewart alias McGregour his son
Callum Bayne in Lergane
Gregor Roy there
Angus McIndowigs VcCondochienuik in Ardlarich
Gregour McCondoquhie VcEan in Lerrane
Archibald McCondochie VcAllaster in Ardlarich
Duncane McGregour VcCondoquie in Camseroche beg
Johnne Dow his brother
“These names appear with others in a charge of carrying weapons. - Register of Privy Council, Vol. xii. (Dr. Masson).

“1620. Feb. 17. Orders for apprehension of Padrick McGregour alias Livingstoun Callum McGregour and Donald Roy McGregour brothers to the said Patrick Patrik McGregour son to the deceased Patrick Dow McGregour - Duncan McGregour his brother for alleged slaughter of John Buchannane. - Register of Privy Council (Dr. Masson). “1620. June 29. Letter from James VI to the Lord of Scone regarding John Murray properly Gregor McGregor afterwards known as John Murray [2]   of Glenstrae or Gregor McGregor of Glenstrae.

“ ‘JAMES R. “ ‘Righte trustie and right beloued cosen, and counsellour Wee greete you well, whereas wee have understood by the petition of one Johne Murray, the sone of umquhile John Dow McGregour that Sir Duncane Campbell gave him a bande to enter him to the lands of Glenstra, and Strathmallachan, provided that he could gette [page 442} our royall consente, and becaus we are in goode hope, that the young man shall prove serviceable to us, and his contrie, wee are well pleased that yee calle unto you the said Sir Duncane, and use your best means for bringing him, and the said John Murray to a final agreement so as upoun soume reasonable conditions, ye may enter him in possession of the said lands. And not doubting of your best endeavours herein, we bid you farewell. Given at our manor of Greenwich the penult day of June 1620.’ - Copied from the Original in the collections of the Mar Family, by Willm. MacGregor Stirling.

“1621. August 29. Certain articles given in to the Lords of Secret Council for preventing of the apparent trouble like to be raised by the Clangregour, to the disturbance of his Majesties peace and the disquieting of the country.

“Whereas there is a new breed and generation of this Clan risen up which daily increases in number, and force, and are begun to have their meetings, and go in troops athort the country, armed with all offensive weapons, and some of the ringleaders of them, who once gave their obedience, and found caution are broken loose, and have Committed sundry disorders in the country as namely upon the Duke of Lennox and the Laird of Craigrostan That therefore the former act made against such of the Clangregour as were at Glenfroone and at the herships and burning of the lands pertaining to the Lairds of Glenurquhy, and Luss, and Coline Campbell of Abirruqhill, that they should wear no armour, but a pointless knife to cut their meat be renewed with this addition, That the said act be extended against the whole name.

“That some of the principal Landlords and cautioners such as the Earls of Perth, and Tullibardine, the Laird of Glenurquhie, Lawers and Weyme be charged at several dyets to enter their men for a proof of their obedience. And when they are come in, that they be demitted without trouble, their cautioners in the meantime standing obliged for them. This will be a motive to cause the rest come in, when they see that no evil is intended against them, and will cause the young ones who are not under caution give their obedience. That an act be passed finding and declaring that all the landlords who suffer any of the Clangregour to dwell upon their land and take maill and duty, plaint and court of them shall be answerable for them, and their doings, seeing sundry landlords set their land to the Clangregour for a greater rent, than poor men are able to pay which is easy for them seeing that they take from all men. That missives be directed to the Earls of Monteith, Perth and Tullibardine, to the Lord of Scone, the Laird of Glenurquhy and other barons thereabout to set out watches for keeping of the country with power to these watches to apprehend, and put to justice such masterless, broke and suspected men as they can find, with a dispensation anent whatsomever slaughter, mutilation, or other inconvenient that shall fall out in the taking of them.

“And whereas Robert Abroche is the principal man with the sons of Patrik Aldoche that are become loose, that their cautioners be charged to enter them, and that proclamations be set out against them, discharging the resett, supply, and [page 443} intercommuning with, And that a price be set upon their head to be given to any persons that will take them or slay them or present their heads.

“Whereas the yearly compeirance of the Isle’smen has been a great occasion of reducing of them to obedience, that the like order be taken with the Clangregour.

“Forasmuch as the King’s Majesty having taken great pains and travel and bestowed great charges and expenses for suppressing of the insolencies of the lawless lymmers of the Clan, which formerly was called Clangregour, and for reducing of them to obedience, And his Majesty in his just wrath and indignation against that whole race, having abolished the name thereof, as most infamous and not worthy to be heard of in a country, subject to a Prince who is armed with Majesty, power, and force to execute vengeance, upon such wretched and miserable caitives as dare presume, to lift their heads, and to offend against his Majesty, and his laws, whereof a great number of the principal ringleaders of that Clan have found the proof, by condign punishment, which has been executed upon them, according to their demerits In the execution whereof although his Majesty has had very good reason to have gone forward, till the whole persons of that Clan had been totally extirpated and rooted out, yet his Majesty out of his accustomed natural disposition, and inclination to clemency and mercy was graciously pleased to receive a number of them to mercy, after that they had renounced their names, and found caution for their future obedience, so that for some years thereafter they were quiet, and little or no din was heard of them, who had tasted of his Majesty’s clemency, and mercy, as namely Robert Abroche, Duncane, Allaster, Patrik, Donald and Johnne McGregouris sons to umqle Patrik Aldoche McGregour, being most unworthy of the favour, and mercy shown unto them, and being wearied of the present estate, and quietness, which his Majesty by the power, and strength of his royal authority, has established throughout all the corners of this kingdom, preferring the beastly trade of blood, theft, reif, and oppression wherein unhappily they were brought up, to law and justice. They have broken loose, and have associated unto them a number of the young brood of that Clan who are now risen up, And with them thay go in troops and companies athort the country, armed with bows, darlochis, hacquebutis, pistollettis, and other armour committing a number of insolencies upon his Majesty’s good subjects in all parts where they may be masters. And they do what in them lies to stir up the whole Clan to a new rebellion highly to his Majesty’s offence and contempt, and hurt of his good subjects, And whereas the liberty which these unworthy limmers have taken, to wear armour, And the reset, supply and comfort, which they find, in some parts of the country has encouraged them to break out in their disorders Therefore his Majesty with advice of the Lords of his Secret Council has statuted, and ordained, that no person or persons whatsomever who are called McGregouris, and who keep that name, and profess and avow themselves, to be of that name, shall at no time hereafter, bear nor wear any armour, but a pointless knife, to cut their meat under the pain of death which pain, [page 444} shall be executed upon them who shall happen to contravene, without favour or mercy And whereas the said Robert Abroche, and the said Duncane, Allaster, Patrik, Donald, and John, sons to Patrik Aldoche, are the chief and principal ringleaders in these new disorders, and draw after them numbers of simple ignorant people, who are rather induced by their cruelty, than moved by any inclination, or disposition of their own, to assist and take part with them, so that they have forfeited, the favour that was shewn unto them, and have involved themselves in new mischief, and trouble, worthy of most exemplary and severe punishment. Therefore His Majesty with advice foresaid, promises, and declares by these presents that whatsomever person, or persons, will take, apprehend, and present, to the said Lords, any of the persons particularly above named, and failing of them their heads, that every such person, or persons, takers, apprehenders, and presenters of the limmers foresaid or any of them, shall have the whole goods and gear, with the escheat of the persons so taken, apprehended, and presented unto them, to be used by them, as their own proper goods in time coming. And ordain letters to be directed to make proclamation &a . . . . . and to inhibit reset &a. ‘nor to furnish the parties above named’ their followers, assisters and part takers nor furnish them meat, drink, house harbourie, nor to sell them powder, bullet, victual, armour nor any other thing comfortable unto them, nor to have intelligence with them, by word, write, nor message. But that they shoot them, and raise the fray, wherever they see them hunt, follow, and pursue them as thieves, and traitors to God, their Prince and country, certifying them that shall do the contrary, that they shall be pursued, and punished in their persons, and fined in their goods, with all rigour at the arbitriment of his Majesty’s council and such like to command, and charge all Sherriffs, Stewards, and Magistrates to burgh and land, and all justices of peace to take and apprehend all such persons, who profess and avow themselves to be McGregours, and keep that name, as they shall find them to carry, bear and wear any kind of armour, but a pointless knife to cut their meat And to present them to justice to the effect the said pain may be inflicted upon them as they will answer &a.

“1621. Sep. 24.
“ ‘ Right Trusty &a we greite you well Wee have seen a note of your proceedings this last counsell day, and are well pleased that the proclamation which you have caused to be framed against the Makgregors be published but much is to be done in that businesse before ainie good effects, can follow according as we intende at some fitte occasioun more at length to aduertise you heirafter farewell. Given at our mannor of Hampton the 24 of Sep. 1621.’

“Sep. Item to a messenger passing from Edinburgh with letters to be published at the market crosses of Crieff and Dunkeld and ther inhibit all and sundry his Highness lieges none of them take in hand to receive, supply, or intercomoun with Robert [page 445} Abroch McGregour nor with the bairns of umqle Patrik Abroch McGregour with certification to them who do the contrary, that they shall be pursued punished, and fined to the rigour, at the arbitriment of the Council. And likewise passing with letters to charge the Earl of Perth as cautioner and surety for the number of 20 McGregours who have taken upon them name of Drummond, to bring, present, and exhibit them before the Lords of Secret Council, the 19. day of Sep. instant to give a prove of their obedience to his act of cautionery.

“Item to messenger passing with the said proclamation to be proclaimed at Stirling, Kilmaquhug and Callender, and at Dumbarton.

“Item to messenger with letters to charge the Livingston cautioners to exhibit their charges in Oct.

“And suchlike passing with the said letters, to the market crosses of Perth, and Stirling, and Dumbartane, and there in our sovereign Lord’s name and authority to charge the said McGregours, because they have no certain dwelling house, to compeir personally before the council, the said day, for a proof of their obedience under the pain of rebellion. “Item to a messenger passing from Edinburgh with letters to charge Sir Duncan Campbell cautioner for Donald Sinclair in Kintrik, and other eight of the McGregours, James Campbell of Laweris cautioner for Malcolm Robertson in Fernar (Fearnan) and other 13 McGregours, James Master of Madertie, cautioner for Gregor Ger McGregour, to compeir and exhibit the same persons before the said Lords, the said day to the effect foresaid.

“Oct. 10. Charge for exhibitioun of Allaster McPatrik McGregour. Forsamekle as Allaster McPatrik McGregour in Caderine, a commoun and notorious thief, sornair, and oppressour, being laitlie tane and apprehended be Alexander Campbell, prior of Ardchattane, he is now in his keeping, And the said Allaster being one of the principall lymmaris of that clan, who ar broken louse, and does quhait in him lyis, to steir up that whole clan, to new disordours and troublis necessar it is thairfoir, that he be exhibite befoir his Majesties Counsell, to the effect ordour and directioun may be gevin for his tryall, and punishement, as accords, For quhilk purpose the lordis of Secreit Counsell ordainis letters to be direct chargeing the said Alexander Campbell prior of Ardchattan, to carrye, and that said Allaster be carryet and convoyed in suretie, to Sir Dougall Campbell of Auchinbrek Kt. &a. &a. And to charge the said Alexander Campbell of Ardchattan, to send in to the saidis Lords suche information and dittay as he can, gif it is againis the said Allaster in write, closed and sealed. - Record of Secret Council.

“October 17. Precept of Remission of Sir Duncan Campbell and three sons, and natural son, for ‘extirpation of the cursed surname, and wicked family of Makgregoris, burning of Dewletter, and the Castle of Glenstra in or about 1611. - Privy Seal.

“October. Item to messenger passing from Edinburgh with letters to charge [page 446} Alexander Campbell Prior of Ardchattane to carry and cause be carried Allaster McPatrik McGregour, to Sir Dougall Campbell of Auchinbrek, within three days, under the pain of rebellion, who is to transport him to Edinburgh, and likewise passing with letters to the market cross of Dumbartane to denounce three McGregours rebels and siklike passing with letters to the said Market cross to publish the price of 1000 merks to be delivered to whatsoever persons that shall present any of the three persons McGregours foresaid to the Council or bring any of their heads.

“Oct. 18. Allaster McPatrik McGregour a notable and strong thief being laitlie tane be the Prior of Ardchattane, directioun is gevin for his exhibitioun here be foir his Maties justice to his tryall So many of the cautionaris for the Clangregour as hes bene chargeit for thair exhibitioun hes all gevin obedience, and hes enterit thair men and the lyke course is going forduart aganis the whole cautionaris whilk be appeirance will draw the whole clan to quietnes and obedience. - Denmlyne M.S. Collections of Rev. John Scot, minister of Perth, in Advocates’ Library, Edinburgh.

“Nov. Item to a messenger with letter to charge James Lord Madertie as cautioner for John Drummond of Innerzeldie, and six other McGregouris, John Master of Madertie, cautioner for John Drummond foster (forrester) of Glenthorn, and Alexander Menzies of Weyme cautioner for John Menzies sometime called John Mcillechallum glas in Stennocher and other eight McGregouris, to exhibit the persons for whom they are become cautioners before the Council on the 13. day of Nov.

“Dec. 6. James &a. Forsameikle as it is understand to the Lordis of secreit Counsaill that laitlie upon the 24. day of Sep. last
Callum McGregour McCoulecheir.
Duncane McGregour McCoulecheir son to the said Callum
Gillespick McCondoquhy VcAllaster
Patrik McGregour gar.
and John Dow milt McCarliche VcEwin Vcean wer ordourlie denunceit our rebellis and put to our horne be virtue of our other letters, raisit at the instance of Kathrene Niniane VcEan the relict, John and Andrew Mcphersonis as sones with the seven dochteris, and remanent kin and friendis of umqle William Mcpherstoun in Gaspartoun. Commission against them to the Sherrifs of Perth.

“Dec. Item to messengers with letters making offer of 1000 merkis for the presentation of Patrik Levingstoun and Donald Balfour sons of Patrick Aldoche And Robert Abroch McGregour, or for any of their heads.

“1622. Jan. 17. Commission against Johne Angus and others. The persons above written have associated unto them Robert Abroche McGregour a declared rebel, traitor and lymer.

“January. Charge against Colin Campbell of Ardbeyt to bring and present before the Council the fifth day of March next to come Ewin Mcinvallich, for whom he became cautioner so oft as he should be charged.

[page 447}
“Item to Andro Quhyt keeper of the Tolbooth of Edinburgh towards the defraying of the expenses of Alester McGregour alias McCartnay the time of his being in ward from the 13 day of Nov. 1621 to the last of Feb. 1622.

“1622. March 5. At Edinburgh. Act in favour of Johnne Campbell.
“Forsamekle as Allaster McPatrik VcGregour and Johnne McDonald Glas tua of the most notorious and strong lymmeris of the Clangregour haveing in the moneth of . . . . . last repairit to the boundis of . . . . . and according to their unhappie and theevishe trade of lyffe haueing entrit, to sorn, and oppress, and vex his Maiesties good subjecties, within the saidis boundis, and quhilk is more detestable to, force and defloir women, Johnne Campbell son to the Prior of Ardchattane, and six other persons of his servants &a, persaving thair detestable and insolent doingis, and being moved with a sense, and feilling of the distress, and greevis of the cuntrie people, They not onlie opposed thameselffis againis the insolencies of thir lymmaris bot preast to haif apprehended thame, and presented thane to justice, and the lymmaris standinge to their defens, being loathe to be tane, and feareing the event of thair triall, after a sharp conflict betuix thame, The said Allaster was apprehendit, and exhibite heir, to his Maiesties justice, in the Tolbuithe of Edinburgh, and after a condign and lawful triall by course of justice wes execute to the deade; and the said Johnne refuseing to be tane, as said is wes killed. And quhairas the said Johnne Campbell, and the other persons that assisted him in this seruice, had no private respect of thair awin, in the execution thereof, but onlie for the weill of the countrie, Thairfoir the Lordis of Secreit Counsell findis and declares that the said Johnne Campbell, and the otheris personis, particularlie abonewritten, who assisted him in manner foresaid, in the persute of the saidis tua lymmaris, and in the takeing, apprehending, and presenting to justice of the said Allaster, and in the killing of the said umqle Johnne McDonald hes done good and acceptable service to his Maiestie, and his people, and hes fred the cuntrie of tua strong and notable lymmaris, And exoneris thame of all actioun, and cryme that may be impute to thame, thair throw, forever, Discharging heirby his Maiestie’s justice, and his deputes, and all utheris officiares of his Maiesties lawes, of all calling, accuseing, or ony wayes proeeding, aganis the said Johne Campbell and others persones, abone written, for the caus foirsaid and of thair offices in that pairt. - Record of Secret Council.

“March 26. The Marquis of Huntlie contra Johnne McGillechallum Vcean in Largane Allaster McRobertsoun in Aulich and others for slaughter of wild fowl.

“Notwithstanding it is of truth that
Johnne McGillechallum Vcean in Largane
Allaster McRobertsoun in Aulich
Alister Vcindlay VcRobert thair
Gregour McCondchie Vcean yair
Archibald McCondochie VcAllaster in Ardlariche
[page 448}
Johnne McGregour VcCondochie thair
Angus McCondochie oig in Camserache beg
Auld Duncane Rioch in Phinnard
Johnne McPhatrik gar in Laren
Duncane McPhatick ger his son thair
Johnne Mccanduie vig in Innerchrombie
Donald Roy McCondochie Roy in Pittigoune
Allaster Robertsoun sone to the Laird of Phascalie
Robert Fleyming appeirand of Monnes
Williame McGillechallum servitour to the Erle of Tullibardin
. . . . . Mckan Roy vig in Camrone
Finlay McWm. vic Gregour in Bonnaqr.
Allaster and Johnne his sones thair
Neill Stewart sone to Johnne Stewart appeirand of Graniche
James Stewart sone umqle Neill Stewart of Innerchumachine
Alexander Flemyng of Mones
George Malcolmetosche (Mcintosh) in Tyrmie (Tirinie)
An d Angus Mclntosch his brother there. - Council Fines.

“Feb. 28. Intram Allaster McPatrik McGregour in Cadderie, dilaitit and accused of the crymes following viz airt and pairt of the thiftious steilling, and awaytaking of tuentie four heid of ky perteining to Mr. James Grant brother to the Laird of Grant and to the Laird of Calderis tennants, and servants, committit at Mydsomer 1620 the said Robert Abroche being in cumpanie with him, at the steiling and away taking yrof. Sentenced to death.

“April 23. Another trial in the Court of Justiciary of persons out of Glenfroone, nineteen years previously. Those now tried were certain of the Clan Cameron At the end of the accusations against them the following passage occurs.

“And sic like the said Duncan moir Mceane Chamerone for being in company with Robert Abrocht [3]   Johnne Dow McAllaster [4]   and others thir complices eight years ago or thereby at the slaughter of umqle James Menzies brother to the Barrone of Comrie and burning of his house and so was art and part of the said slaughter and burning of the said house to the token he has confessed that he paid 3000 merks to the Barrone of Comerie and his friendis in assythement of the slaughter and burning.

“1623. January 23. Contract of Wadset betwixt Duncan Douglas formerly called McGregor and Mariot McFarlane his spouse and Malcolm Douglas their son and apparent heir on the one part and Malcolm and Walter McFarlanes elder and younger of Gartattane on the other Sum paid by McGregor 1000 merks scots. Sasine followed 10 August three years later. - Register of Sasines.

[page 449}
“March 28. Commission to John Stewart of Ardsell against Robert Ramsay sometime called Robert Abroch McGregour, and Patrik Levinston sometime called Patrik Beg McGregour, sone to umqle Patrik Aldoch McGregour, two avowed rebels and notorious thieves, and limmers.

“July 8. Petition to the Secret Council by James Erle of Murray - Stewart Principal of the Stewartrie of Menteith and James Stewart his depute, complaining that whereas they had received command from the Lords of Council to put Duncan moyll (bald) Campbell ane common and notorious thief, sornair, and oppressour apprehendit be the said depute within the bounds of his office in the act of theft, sorning, and oppression to the knowledge of an assise, they had tried and convicted him and pronounced upon him sentence of death to take effect on a certain day of which Robert Patrik Campbell brother to the said Duncan getting information he resolved to relieve his brother And for this effect accompanied with Dougall Gair McCondochy McGregour . . . . . . . . and a number of otheris laules lymmaris, sornaris, and outlawis come to the lands of Strongarvalt in Monteith and to the dwelling house of Patrik Stewart servitour to the said Erle and seized upon him; and carryed him, as captive, and presouner with thaim to the hillis of Glenurquhie, threatning him not onlie with deathe, bot with all kynd of most exquisite tortour yf the said Duncan his brother wer execute. Lyke as they sent word to my said depute, that yf he execute the said Duncane that he would send the said Patrick his head unto him, quhilk moved my depute to superseid the executioune of the limmer, for some certane space being loathe to expose the innocent gentleman to the merciles fury of these laules Lymmaris And my depute send to the Laird of Glenurquhie who is chief of thair limmaris they being bastard branches of his house desiring him that by his meanis the gentleman might be releeued, who returne ansuer, that he had no thing to do with these limmaris, that he had disclaimed thaim sevin yeirs since, becaus they were thievis, outlawis, and sornaris, and desire my depute to be on his advantage with thame, Quhilk seameing as it was indeid, a cauld ansuer, and my depute haueing deeplie apprehendit the dangeir of the innocent gentleman, and thairwithall resenting the indignity done to his Majestie, and to me his Maiesties officer, & he out of affection for his Majestes service resolved to attempt the relief of the gentleman by the nearest means he could, and haueing gotten knawledge, quhair the gentleman was kept, be the lymmaris he &a accompanied with some gentlemen of the Stewartrie past to the pairt, and sent ane messenger unto thame desiring thame in his Majesties name, to restoir the gentleman prisoner. Quhilk thay not onlie proudlie refused to doe, bet out of the pryde, and malice of thair hairt, Thay entered in persute of the said depute, and the gentlemen that wer in cumpanie with him and furiouslie with shoites of hagbutties pistollis and bowis invadit, and persewit thame, of thair lyvis, sua that they were constrayned to stand to thair lawful defence, In the quhilk defence it happynnit by the good providence of God that the gentleman wes relieved

[page 450}
And the saidis Robert McPatrik McInteir and McColl wer killed and the said Dougall Gair McCondoquhy (Mcgregour) wes apprehended and deliuerit to the Viscount of Stormont. “The Lords nominate certain Lords to be assessors to the justice in the matter and ordains them to hear the parties and not to suffer the matter to go to an assise till they acquaint the council.

“1624. Jan. Commission against certain McGregouris.
“Forasmuch as the King’s Majesty having by the force, and strength of his Royal authority, reduced the Highlands and Isles of this kingdom to obedience, and established peace, justice, and quietness within the same, so that no part thereof, stands out in a professed and avowed rebellion; yet, there is some few numbers of mischeant (mischievous) and lawless limmers within the said bounds, who being received to his Majesty’s gracious favour wherof they were most unworthy and having given their oaths and found caution for their future good behaviour as namely,
Robert Ramsay sometime called Robert Abroch McGregour,
Patrik McPatrik Aldoch, and
Callum McPatrik Aldoch his brother,
have broken loose against their faith and promised obedience, and they, with
Callum McCondoquhie VcAllaster McGregour,
Johnne McJames VcEane VcRobert alias Stewart,
James McGeorge VcEane VcRobert Stewart, and
George his brother,
Donald Stewart, and
Allane Dow Mceanduy Vcallaster,
all thieves and broken men and sorners, preferring their bygone wonted form of living in theft, stouth, reiff, and masterful oppression to good order and obedience They have to renew their former thievish doings, and go athort the country accompanied with other lawless limmers, their accomplices, and armed with unlawful and forbidden armour, committing most heavy and violent oppressions, stouths and stouthreiffs, in all parts where they be masters, and do what in them lies, to stir up others to imitate others in their thievish doings, and so to procure new disorder, and trouble in the Highlands, highly to his Majesty’s offence, and contempt, and disgrace of his government, that such an infamous byke of lawless limmers shall be suffered so long with impunity to break loose, as if they were not subject to Prince, law, nor justice, and as if his Majesty’s royal arm of justice, were not able to overtake them And whereas Donald McRobert, son to Allaster McRonnald, of Gargache, to testify his willing disposition to do his Majesty some piece of service, has undertaken to hazard his own person in the prosecution of any of his Majesty’s royal [page 451} commandments, Therefore the Lords of Secret Council ordain a commission to be past, and expede under his Majesty’s signet, giving, granting, and committing full powers, and commission express, bidding and charge to the said Donald to convocate his Majesty’s lieges in arms and to pass, search, seek, hunt, follow and pursue the limmers particularly abovewritten wherever they may be apprehended And to bring, present, and exhibit them before the said Lords, to be taken order with and punished, according to their demerits, conforme to the laws of this realme. And if it shall happen to the said limmers, or any of their followers, for eschewing of apprehension, to flee to strengths and houses, with power to the said Donald to follow, and pursue them, assiege the said strengths, and houses, raise fire, and use all kind of force, and warlike engine that can be had, for winning and recovery thereof, and apprehending of the persons foresaid, being thereinto, And if in the pursuit of the said persons they refusing to be taken, or assieging of the said strengths, and houses it shall happen them, or any, being in company with them, and assisting them, or within the said strengths, and houses to be hurt, or mutilate, or any other inconvenience, whatsoever to follow, the said Lords decern, and declare that the same shall not be imputed as crime, or offence, to the said Donald, nor persons assisting them to the execution of this commission. - Record of Secret Council.

“1624. Feb. 3. at Edinburgh. Protection to the ClanGregor.
“Forsamekle as there has been a proposition made to the Lords of Secret Council, in name of the Clangregour, proporting that they for testification of their submissive and willing disposition to become his Majesty’s peaceable and willing subjects, and to live hereafter, under the obedience of his Majesty, and his laws, are not only content to redress and satisfy parties skaithed, and to find caution for their future good obedience, and for their personal compeirance before his Majesty’s council upon all occasions when they shall be lawfully charged, But with that, to compeir personally before the said Lords, upon the 17 day of March now approaching, for finding of the said caution, Whereas in the meantime they be in surety to be untroubled, apprehended or warded for any cause whatsoever, And the said Lords, having considered of the said proposition and finding it expedient for the good of the country, that the whole persons of the Clangregour, except Robert Abrach, who is no way comprehended in this warrant, but excepted, and reserved furth thereof; shall be secured and warranted, to come in, and to present themselves before the said Lords, to the effect abovewritten. Therefore the said Lords upon good respect, and considerations for the peace and quiet of the country, have given, and granted, and by the tenour hereof, give, and grant, their warrant, permission, and allowance, to all and sundry persons of the ClanGregour, except Robert Abroche and his followers who are specially reserved, out of this warrant, as said is, to haunt, frequent, and repair publickly, and avowedly in all parts of the country, at their pleasure, without any search, stay, and arrestment to be made for or upon them, for whatsoever deed, cause, [page 452} or occasion or by any person or persons. All which stay, and arrestment (not) to be made on any person of the Clan foresaid, except Robert Abroch and his followers, as said is, The said Lords discharge and ordain to rest until the 21. day of the said month of March next, Discharging hereby all his Majesty’s lieges, and subjects of all taking, apprehending, or warding of any persons of the Clan foresaid, (except before excepted) for whatsoever deed, cause, or occasion, but to suffer them peaceably brouke the benefit of this warrant, until the day abovementioned, without anything to be done, or attempted by them to the break, or violation thereof, as they will answer upon the contrary, at their peril. Providing always that in this meantime they behave themselves as peaceable and good subjects, that they forbear theft, reiff, sorning, and oppression, and the wearing of unlawful and forbidden weapons. That they keep not companies, nor societies together; nor exceed not the number of four persons, in one company, and that they give their compeirance before his Majesty’s council, upon the said 17 day of March next to come certifying them, that shall fail, in any point of the premisses that they shall be pursued, and punished as thieves, rebels, and limners, with all rigour, and that letters of publication be directed hereupon.”

The ratification of the proposed arrangement after the “armistice” does not appear to be extant.

“April 20. Precept of Sasine at Perth by Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhy in favour of Gregor Murray alias McGregor in the 20 merkland of Glenstray, old extent.

“July 13. Sir Duncan Campbell Knight, and Colin Campbell fiar of Glenurquhy &a. Because it clearly appears, and is known to us, that the late Alexander McGregor of Glenstray, great grandfather of Gregor Murray, alias McGregour, [5]   bearer of these presents, died last vested and infeoffed to the peace, and faith, of our Sovereign Lord the King in all and haill the lands underwritten viz
In the 2 merkland of Kandroquhat
the two merks with the 1 merk land of Craig.
the 1 merkland of Largachpull
the three merkland of Adindonich with the mill of same
the four merkland of Stroumelochan
the 20 land of Tullich
the 2 merkland of Castell
the a merkland of Dowleatter
the 6s and 8d land of Coronane
the 1 merkland of Moyane
the 6s and 8 merklands (pence) of Braeglenstray
[page 453}
extending in all to 20 merklands of old extent with all and haill the houses buildings gardens tofts, parts, pendicles and pertinents whatsoever lying in the Lordship of Glenurquhy and within the Sheriffdom of Argyll, And whereas the said Gregor Murray alias McGregour5, bearer of these presents, is the lawful and nearest heir of the said late Alexander McGregor his great Grandfather, to the foresaid lands, and that he is of lawful age, and that the foresaid lands are held by us in capite, Therefore &a (precept of Sasine in usual form) According to the usual form and tenour of the old infeoftment of the said lands, with the pertinents formerly granted to the said Alexander McGregor in all points, and none other, &a, in witness whereof. - General Register of Sasines.”

From the “Black Book of Taymouth” :-
“Item the said Sir Duncan Campbell sevint laird of Glenurchay in the moneth of . . . . anno 1624. cost the tuentie merkland of Stronmelochquhan and Glenstrae fra Gregour McEandowie VcGregour, Patrik and Ewine McGregouris his brether, callit all for the tyme Murrayis and gave to them for thair richtes and kindness of the samyn landis the soume of ten thousand pundis money.”
Thus the old land passed away from the Chief of the Clan representative of Joannis Gregorii de Glenwrquhay whose death is recorded in the “Chronicle of Fortingal” as having taken place April 1391. At that time the MacGregors certainly did not hold their lands from the Campbells, but in the recent transaction of “infeoftment” to Gregor MacGregor, Sir Duncan seems to have been anxious to get the sasine properly executed before purchasing from Glenstray the estate.

“1624. Oct. 20. Robert Abborach ane MacGregor and great Lymmer who had been once or twice forgiven, and remitted by his Majesty for his oppression, upon hope of his amendment, and who yet still, continued in his courses after there had been much searching for him in the Highlands and all his friends had been charged to apprehend him came into Perth this day being Sunday, or preaching day after sermon. He fell down upon his knees having a tow about his neck, and offered his sword by the point to the Chancellor of Scotland. The Chancellor refused to accept of it and commanded the Baillies to ward him, Likeas they instantly warded him, and put both his feet in the Gadd where he remained. Chronicle of Perth in Scott’s Collections, A.D. Lib.”

1625. King James VI. the last of the Kings of Scotland exclusively, died on the 27th March 1625, in the fifty-ninth year of his age, at Theobalds.

[page 454}
Of all the enemies of the ClanGregor none abused them so much, in strong words, or devised more inhuman measures of repression. He made no secret of his absolute hatred of the whole race. It should, however, be remembered that his advisers and flatterers were constantly poisoning his mind against the Clan with exaggeration and misrepresentation of facts, the Glenfroun case having been specially misjudged. Also the dauntless spirit with which fresh breaches of the peace were again and again committed particularly fretted and enraged the monarch, who had determined to quell the disorders of his kingdom, in which he certainly in great measure succeeded. In connection with his personal direction of the late affairs, the estimate of King James VI. character formed by Sir Walter Scott, as given in the “Fortunes of Nigel,” may here be quoted.

“He was deeply learned without possessing useful knowledge; sagacious in many individual cases, without having real wisdom; fond of his power, and desirous to maintain and augment it, yet willing to resign the direction of that, and of himself the most unworthy favourites; a big and bold assertor of his rights in words, yet one who tamely saw them trampled on in deeds; a lover of negotiations in which he was always outwitted; and one who feared war where conquest might have been easy. He was fond of his dignity, while he was perpetually degrading it, by undue familiarity; capable of much publick labour, yet often neglecing it for the meanest amusement; a wit, though a pedant and a scholar; fond of the conversation of the ignorant and the uneducated. Even his timidity of temper was not uniform, and there were moments of his life, and those critical, in which he showed the spirit of his ancestors. He was laborious in trifles, and a trifler where serious labour was required, devout in his sentiments, and yet too often profane in his language, just and beneficent by nature, he yet gave way to the iniquities and oppression of others. He was penurious respecting money which he had to give from his own hands, yet inconsiderately and unboundedly profuse of that which he did not see. In a word, those good qualities which displayed themselves in particular cases and occasions were not of a nature sufficiently firm and comprehensive to regulate his general conduct, &a.”

Having reached the end of James VI. long reign and recorded the relinquishment of the lands of Glenstray and the final submission of Robert Abroch, it may here be well to pause, before turning to some events in the north of Scotland and following onwards the later career of the “Nameless” Clan.

[1] Duncan, Allester, and Patrick, sons of Patrick Aolach, had adopted the name of Livingston, and his other two sons, Donald and John, the name of Balfour.

[2] His grandfather was Murray of Strowan, and Sir John Murray of Tullibardine was answerable for him, hence he was sometimes called John Murray. - Ed

[3] Robert Abroch had received pardon in Dec. 1612 at latest.

[4] John Dow McAllaster had been killed, 1611.

[5] This recapitulation of the ancestor of Gregor, having being infeoffed in Glenstray, proves the fact of his own legitimate descent.