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Amelia Volume 1 Chapter 16

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[page 168}
WE now resume the Baronage Memoir which, although occasionally (very frequently!) led into error, has always a valuable connecting thread. [1]  

[As stated in the Introduction, treat anything with source 'Baronage' with a great degree of scepticism - if not verifiable from chartulary or other sources, it's fiction - PJL]

We find
“XVII. Duncan eldest son of the Gregor slain in 1552 and grandson of Duncan Ladosach, called Donach Abberach [2]   from his having been immediately after his father’s murder carried into Lochaber by his mother’s friends, as were his two brothers, to Athol and Strathearn, by other relations, in order to save them from the like danger. He was a stout man of a very fine appearance, and soon acquired a reputation over all the Highlands; in so much that Duncan Dubh a Churic, dreading lest this young hero should make his old head answer for the murder of his father and grandfather, and also cut him out of the lands he had acquired by that and the like means from his family and friends endeavoured by all means to reconcile himself to Duncan Abberach who would certainly have taken that cruel but just revenge; had not Locheil’s influence prevailed with him to accept of the offer made by Duncan Dubh, of his father’s lands, with those of Corriecharmaig and Tomachrochair, in Glenlochy, as an addition; in consequence of which the two Duncans were sworn to an inviolable friendship in presence of Locheil and several other Chiefs, at a very numerous meeting of the friends of both parties, held for the purpose in the Braes of Glenurchy. [3]  

“Duncan Abberach took for his first wife Christian, a daughter of the ancient family of Macdonald of Keppoch, by whom he had a son who died young.

“He married 2dly . . , daughter to Macfarlane of that Ilk descended from the family of the Lennox and by her he had three sons whose descendants are at this day known by the name of Slioch Donachadh Abberach, ‘the tribe of Lochaber Duncan.’
“1. Patrick his heir, whose line carried on the representation. See further on.
“2. Robert, [4]   a man of a rare martial genius. He laid the plan of attacking the Colquhouns.
“3. Alpin who married and had issue of whom Sir Evan Macgregor of Newhaven.”

[page 169}
The first mention of Duncan Abberach on his return from Lochaber is in the record of forfeitures, Sept. 8th, 1569. [5]   He soon afterwards found favour with the Earl of Argyle, as appears from the following Bond of Maintenance :-
“1573. August 24. . . . Be it kend till all men and sundrie to quhom it efferis we Archibald Erle of Argyle Lord Campbell and Lorne justice and chancellor of Scotland &a. &a. to haif resavit our louittis (lovites) Duncan Abbroche McGregour, Patrik McGregour, Allaster Skorinche ( ) McGregour, Molcollum McGregour, Patrik Awilochi (Aulach) McGregour and Dougal McGregour the saidis Duncanis bredrene, thair airis and offspring in our maintenance. And also in our airis protection and defence in all thair juste and lesum materis aganis all maner of mane the authorite of Scotland beand exceptit. The saidis Duncane McGregour and the rest, bredern, thair airis and offspring beand leill and trew to us and our airis and to serf us at all tymes we pleis, to chairge thayme to thair powar and alss the foirsaidis, to be of rewl in all tymes cumin, as trew and ciwil subdittis of our souerane the Kingis Maiestie, And giff ony hes to say to thayme for ony thing that sail chance fra this farther to call thame or ony of thame, according to the ordour of law and equal justice sail be ministrat to the use of this realme witht certificatioune gif ony waid intend aganis thame or ony of thayme by the law, that we sall be thair party and nocht thay, seeing thayme aplyable to the lawis. And willis thir presentis to be maid manifest in all placis neidfull. Be this subscryvit with our hand at the Carrick the 24. day of Aug. 1573. (signed) Ar : Erall Ergyll And for the mair verificatioune causit affixe our signet hearto, &a The names of thair airis and offspring conteinit in this band and off thameselffis that is presentlie in lyff, Duncan Abbrach McGregour, Robert McGregour his sone, Duncan and . . . . also his sonis; Allaster Skerrich Mcgregour, Dugall and . . . . . his sones, Patrick Aulich McGregour, Duncan . . . . also his sones Johne McGregour in Morinche, sone to Patrik Dow and Patrik McGregour brother to the said Johne.” - Luss Collection.

This Paper, quoted in the “Chartulary,” after Mr. MacGregor Stirling’s careful investigations among the Luss Papers, corroborates the names Patrick Aulach, and of Duncan’s son Robert, as given in the “Baronage” many years before the existence of this Band was known.

[page 170}
From the “Chartulary,” 1574, Dec. 28, Glenurquhay’s Band upon a non-entry [6]   :-
“Be it kend till all men be thir present Lres Me Colyne Campbell of Glenurquhay, That forsamekle as oure souerane Lord with awise &a (of Earl Morton Regent of the Kingdom) hes gevin and disponit to me, my airis and assigniyes the nonentries, males, fermes, profeitis and dewiities of all and haill the landis of Comry, Roro, Morinche Eister, Morinche Middill and Morinche Wester, Duncrosk, Candknok and Auchmoir with all cottages &a hand in the Barony of Menzies of all zerris (years) and termis bygane sen the deceis of umqle Robert Menzies of that Ilk or any other last lauchfull possour thereof. ‘Neuitheless to be bundin and obleist to cure Souerane Lord and his said regent that we sail na wayis use the said gift of nonentries bet be awise and contentment of his hienes and his said Regent,’ otherwise the said gift salbe of nane avale, force, or effect. - Record of Secret Council.

“1574. Dec. 28. Charter by Dougall McGregour Chancellor of Lesmoir to Patrick Campbell of the four merk land Auchnacroftie dated at Balloch. - Register Decreets of Court of Session.

“1575. Nov. 9. Precept for Royal Charter of Confirmation of Feu Charter ‘per Dougallum cancellarium Lesmoren’ to Patrick Campbell 3d Son of Glenurquhay with consent of ‘glenurchie.’

“1574. Dougal Makgregour reidare [7]   at Fortingill.’
Duncan Makgregor reidare at Killin and Strathfillan.

1575-6. March 24. Gregor McDougall alias McGregour presented to the office of reidare in the Church of Moulin.

“1576. Johnne Clerk als McGregour Reidare at Ardewnane. Dougall Makgregour reidare at Forthergill. - Register of Assignations for the stipends of Ministers; 1574.
Advocates’ Library.

“1575. June 25. Advocatis against McGregor and others, George McGregour alias Johnstoun, Johne and George McGregor his sones, Duncan McGregor & Burgesses of Perth to have broken Lawborrowis. [8]   Delayed till 15 Jan. next.

[page 171}
“1576. June. 2. Charter and infeftment given to Gregour McGregour alias Johnstoune, burgis of Perth, by Dene Adam Forman Prior of the Charterhouse of Perth. is rescinded by the Court of session in so far as regards the sunny half of three quarters of St. Leonards. Lee. - Decreets of Court of Session.

“July 3. Precept of Charter Royal of Confirmation of Feu Charter by Adam Forman Prior of the House ‘Vallis Virtutis’ (Charter house) near the Burgh of Perth to George McGregor alias Johnestoune, burgess of the said burgh of the forty shilling land of the forest of Bynzemoir in the barony of Glen Dochart and shire of Perth. - Privy Seal.

“1576. Bond by Duncan McGregour VcCondoquhy Abrach and Patrick McGregour VcCondoquhy his brother to Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and his heirs giving them their calps.”

This confirms the statement in the “Baronage” in reference to the reconciliation for a time.
“1578. Jan. 30. Gregor McGilquhallum in Glenlednoch Gregor McPhatrick McCondoquhy yair, John Johnestoune yair, Patrik Johnstoune yair, pledges for Drummonds. - Record of Justiciary.

“1580. July 28. Precept of (royal) Charter of confirmation of Feu Charter by George Balfour Commendator of the Priory of Charterhouse of Perth, to George Makgregor alias Johnestoun of the half of the Charterhouse yairdies.

“1578. March 11. and again on the 26. Oct. 1580 Gregour McEan Constable of Glenurquhay witness to a bond.

“Again with the addition of Johne Makgregor his son 1580-81.

“1581. May 4. David Forrester of Logic ofttymes callit to have produceit our Soverane Lordis lettres dewlie execute aud endorsit; purcheist be Ewir Campbell of Strachur Forrester of Glenfernate and our Souerane Lordis advocat to tak suertie of certane persones viz Gregour McIllichallum McCoule in Glengyle, [9]   McCom beg McFarlane, Ewin McCondoquhy Glas McColchallum queyelecht, & Duncan McGregour in Glen [10]   brother to the Laird of McGregour, Allester Gall McGregour his brother &a &a to compeir and underlye the law for slaughter of deir, hiarirt, (grey hen) Hynd, da, ra, and other wild fowls, with culveringis pistollettis, handbowes, within the forest of Glenferroch.” - Record of Justiciary.

From the “Chartulary” :-
“1581 July 26. Mr. John Grahame Justice Deput Mr. James Herring Provost of Methvene oft callit to haif produceit oure Soerane Lordis lettres dewlie execute and [page 172} indorsate purchest be Duncane Stewart, Mr. James McWattie nerrest kynnsman with ye remanent kyn and friendis of umqule Duncan Stewart Mcrobert McWattie, and ye Advocat to tak souertie of Ewin McGregour tutoure of Glenschra, Allester McGregour VcDonichy VcAllester, Johne Dow his brother, Patrick Moirwell, Allester Pudreauch McGregour, Malcum MacWolchallum VcWill, Dougall Denesoune, David and Johne Dow brother, and Duncane. That they should compeir and underlie the law for airt and pairt of ye slaughter of ye said umqule Duncan Stewart committed in Nov. last bypast. And nocht produis ye samyn in manner foursaid wes yairfore amerciat in painis contenit in ye actis of Parliament viz for non productioun yrof upoun ilkane of ye persouns abone writtin in ye pane (rest. blank). - Record of Justiciary.

“1580-1. 19. Jan. Holyroodhouse. Complaint of Johne Makintalgart in Bocastell, servant to James Commendator of Sanct Colme, as follows: On the 17, of Nov. last ‘Johnne Drummond of Drummondernoch, Johnne Makgruder, sone to James McGruder servand to the Lord Drummond, Alexander Reidoch, servand to the Lard of Cultilbragan, James Reiddoch, servand to William Reiddoch, Malcolme Closach McGrege, servand to the Lard of Calender, Allester McKewjn servand to the Lord Drummond and his sone, and tallyeour Makwillie, houshald man to the Lard of Tullebragane, with utheris thair complices, come under silence of nicht to the said Johnnes duelling hous of Bocastell, and perforce rift spulyit and awaytuke ane hundreth pundis of reddie money being in ane kist in his said hous to his utter wrak and herschip; pertening to him and utheris nychtbouris, thre mylk kye and all the said Johnnes insicht and plennessing of his said house to his utter wrak and herschip; lyke as thairafter thay pat violent handis on the said Johnnes persoun tuke him perforce with thame and detenis and withaldis him in strait prisoun and captivitie.’ Charge had been given to the defendants to liberate the complainers within twenty-four hours under pain of rebellion, or else to appear before the Council presenting him or shewing cause to the contrary, and now ‘the said Johnne Makintalgart comperand be the said James Commendator of Sanct Colme and the defendants being of tymes callit and not comperand’ the order is made peremptory that thay present their prisoner before the Council on the last day of Jan. instant ‘that ordour may be taken with him as appertinis,’ under the pain of horning and escheat.”

The above, from the Register of the Privy Council, is not quoted in the “Chartulary,” and only one MacGregor and the McGrudars appear in it, but it gives an instance of the kind of raids that were continually taking place, and Drummondernoch was himself of the party.

[page 173}
The following proclamation was made by the Government :-
“1582. The King had ‘laitlie appointed ane Court of Justiciary to be halden in the Burgh of Perth for administratioun of justice to all compliners, and appointit alsua certane personis of gude knawlege and experience to compone for remissionis to sic as wer not able to underly the rigours of the justice’ but having been informed ‘that the inhabitantis of the Highlandis and Brayis within this Schirefdoume, throw the lang troubles that wes amang thame during the disobedience of the Clangregour and utheris broken men of the far Hielandis culd not weill abyde his Hienes lawes, na criminal justice in effect, being halden heir thir 29 yeris bygane,’ he had ‘condescendit thairfoir to grant thame mercy and pardon for thair bygane offenssis, to the effect that they comperand and being persewit be the compliners, suld find gud secur suritie to satisfie the parties offendid and to abstain from the lyke offenssis in tyme cuming.’ Notwithstanding this act ‘little special dittay hes been givin up, and nane or verie few complenaris, hes offerit thame to persew the personis enterit on panneil sen the begyning of this present justice Court, how sa evir now thay murmour that thay be not redres of thair skaith sustenit.’ Now accordingly ‘to the effect that thay may ressave justice and guid redres and satisfactioun of thair saidis skaithis bygane, and that the personis, offenders, for feir of thair lyffis and in default of pardoun, sail not lie out and continue in thair former evil doingis to thair utter wrak and utter distructioun,’ it is ordered that proclamation be made by a herald macer, or other officer of arms, at the market cross of Perth and elsewhere, ‘to command and charge all and quhatsumevir personis compliners quhilkis hed ony special complaintes and dittayes upoun personis already arreistt to this present court of Justiciar that thay present and gif in the same to the justice clerk or his deputis with diligence, and be reddie to follow thai complaintis and to cause summond ane assise aganis the personis offendouris in cais thay sail offer thaymeselflis to enter on pannel in this burgh ay ony tyme betuix . . and the 1 day of August nix to cum, or in Streviling befoir the fyftene day of the same month, quhair his Majestie hes willit thame to be ressavit in cais thay offer thameselffis to enter betuix . . . and the same said day, and als hes ordainit my Lord Thesaurar and utheis compositouris to grant componitur for remissioun to all maner of personis inhabitants of the saidis Brayis and Hielandis within this schirefdome, for all offenssis and crymes committit be thame in tymes bygane, thay comperand in judgement and findand gude suretie for satisfactioun of the parties offendit unto and to abstain and forbear from like offences and crymes in tymes cuming.” - Register of the Privy Council.

[page 174}
It must be confessed that this reads as a very fair and merciful ordinance, but doubtless the deep sense of injury on the part of the Clan, the want of space, and means of livelihood, with the numerous temptations of habit and of the exciting times, forced on the more pacific spirits to renewed troubles at whatever cost.

From “Chartulary” :-
“1582. May 20. Precept &a of the feu ferme of the half land of Innerzeldies to Patrick Makgregour alias Duncane Donaldsoune (ie. son of Duncan and Grandson of Donald) in Innerzeldies and Grizelda Murray his spouse and to the longest liver in liferent, and to Gregor McGregor son and apparent heir of the said Patrick and to the heirs male and assigneys of the said Gregor. Dated at Halyrud Hous. - Privy Seal.

“1582. July. Item to ane boy passand of Perth with clois lrès (letters) to the Lord Drummond, lairds of Buchquhaane, Knockhill, tutour of Menteith, William Rudoch McGregour and Harie Schaw of Camusmoir. - High Treasurer’s books.

“1582-3. Jan. 8. Anent the actioun and cause persewit be Merline McChewit seruand to Donald Robertson of Murligane Ewin oig in Rannoch, &a aganis Gregour McGillichallum in Glenlyoun and Neill McGregour McGillechallum his sone tuching the spoiliatioun fra the saidis personis of sindrie gudis and geir (Defenders do not appear).” - Sheriff Books of Perth.

From the “Black Book of Taymouth”
“Colene Campbell 6th Laird of Glenurquhay . . . . . . ob 1583. aged 84. Memorandum He was ane great justiciar all his tyme throch the quhilk he susteinit thee deidlie feid of the Clangregour ane lang space. And besydis that he caused executt to the death money notable lymnaris, he beheiddit the laird off McGregour himseff at Kandmoir in presens of the Erle of Atholl, the justice clerk and sundrie other nobillmen.
“Notwithstanding his tyranny his son and successor proved a still worse foe to us.

“1583. May 15. Ane letter maid to James Lord Doune his aires &a of the escheit quhilk pertenit of befoir to Duncan Bane McRobb alias McGregour in Craigrostane and now pertaining to our soverane Lord through being of the said Duncane Bayne McRobb alias McGregoure, denounced his Maiesties rebell and put to the horne, at the instance of Lord Doune from whom he had stolen ‘a quhyt meir and ane foill and ane mirk grey meir.’ Same date at Perth. assisa: In a retour of John Murray afterwards 1st Earl of Tullibardine, one of the persons quoted is George McGregoure alias Johnestoune elder burges of Perth. He is named as an arbiter for Edward Pitscottie apparent of Luncarty Nov. 8. same year.

[page 175}
“1583-4 Feb. 5. Anent the actioun persewit be Robert Menzies of Comrie aganis Gregour VcHutcheon in Culdar and Finlay McCondoquhy VcConeilglas ther tuching the allegit wrangous detening and withalding of the profeittis of their ky. - Sheriff Books of Perth.

“1584. April 8. Anent the actioun and caus persewit be James Menzies of that Ilk heritour of the landis underwritten aganis Duncan McGregour eldest sone to umqule Johne cam Mccondoquhie tuching the violent profeittis of the fourtie schilling land of Rorow with the pertinentis libellit, acclamit &a.

“1584. May 20, Bond by Dougall Deneson McGregor to Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay and his heirs giving them his Calp signed at Ilanran before witness, Duncan Abrach McGregor.”

“1584. June 30. Cause agains Duncan McGregoure at the instance of Menzies of that Ilk, Delayed till 25. July. No farther mention in the Sheriff Books

From “Chartulary” :-
“1584-5. Mention of Johne McGregor as one of the executors to the late Colene Campbell of Glenurquhay.

“1584-5 Jan. Charge on the Laird of Buchanane and utheris For samekle as the King’s Majesty and Lords of his Pryvy Council are creditably informed that his good and peaceable subjects inhabiting the countries of the Lennox, Menteith, Struilingschyre, and Stratherne are heavily oppressed by reif, stouth, sorning, and other crimes, dayly and nightly used upon them by certain thieves, lymmers, and somers lately broke loose upon them furth of the braes of the countries next adjacent, to the heavy trouble of his highness’s good subjects. foresaid, and to the high contempt of his Highness authority and laws, if timeous remeid be not provided, therefore ordain letters, to be directed charging George Buchanane of that Ilk, Andro Mcfarlane of the Arroquair . . . Colquhoun of Luss &a here follows a string of names of Lairds including the name of Ewin McGregor tutor of Glenstray, . . . . . To compeir before his Majesty and Lords of his Privy Council at Haliruidhous, or quhair it sail happin him to be for the time, the 28 day of Jan. instant to answer to such things as shall be inquired of them &a.

“1585. Oct. 4. Item to ane boy passand with clois lres of Striveling to the Earle of Athoill, the Lord Drummond, the Laird of Glenurquhay, McGregour, and with lres to be proclamit at Perth for ye airmyie to be convenit at Crufurd the 2 day of Oct.” - Lord High Treasurer’s Books.

[page 176}
The object of assembling this army was to resist those of the Scottish lords who had the previous year been exiled forth of the Kingdom for seizing the King’s person at Ruthven, 1582, and whose plots the English Queen, having given them an asylum in England, was regarded as favouring.

Three Bonds with Glenurquhay follow in point of date. “Black Book of Taymouth.”

“1585. June 25. Bond of friendship by Johnne Earl of Atholl Lord of Balvany, to his cousin and Brother-in-law Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay. That if the said James Menzies (of that Ilk) should pursue the said Duncane Campbell or be pursued by him, he would assist the said Duncane Campbell with his whole force; and that he should give the like assistance against the Clangregour if they should render aid to the said James Menzies.

“1585. July 5. at Balloch. Bond of Gregour Makconaquhie VcGregor in Roro, Alester McEwin VcConaquhje there, Gregour Makolchallum in Inverbar in Glenlyoun, Duncane Makgregour his sone in Killdie, and Williame Macgregour son to the said Gregour there, to Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay showing that their forebears had granted the like bond to the deceased Coleine Campbell of Glenurquhay, and obliging themselves, if it should happen that Makgregour by himself or his accomplices should break upon the said Duncane or his heirs their lands, tennants, and possessions, to renounce him as their Chief and to take part with the said Duncane against him.

“1585. Aug. 3. Gillemorie Makillevollich grants to Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay and his heirs ‘a bairn’s part of his geir because the said Duncane has promised to trauel to dress (have recourse to, treat with) with the Earl of Atholl and friendis of umquhile. . . . . . . slain by the said Gillemorie Makillevollich upone suddantie.’ Duncane Mclllevollycht brother of the said Gillemorie, Johne Makgregoure lawful sone to Gregour McEan Constable of Glenurquhay and Duncan Makpatrik Vekolchallum witnesses at Ilanran.”

From the “Chartulary” :-
“1586. June 15. Anent the actioun and cause persewit be William Redheugh of Meigour aganis Johne Comrie of that Ilk, . . . three other Comries, and Patrik McVallycht alias McGregour in Comrie, tuching the allegit wrangous spoliation be thame, ther seruandis and complices fra the said William Ridheugh of ewes and sindrie jowellis, gold, silver, insight plenishing, soumes of money, guidis and geir, furth of his dwelling-house of Garterlume within the sheriffdom of Perth. (defendants do not appear; 2d July instant appointed for the farther hearing of the cause.) - Sheriff Books of Perth, in which however there is no farther notice of this case.

[page 177}
“1586. Aug. 8. Letters of Horning recorded at Perth, at the instance of Allane Stewart in Stuikis, Johne Drummond in Drummenerinoche, William Grahame, fear of Callander and Patrick Graham of Inchbraikie” against
1 “Gregor [11]   McGregour of Glenscheroche, ( Allaster of Glenstray).
2 Ewin MacGregor, Tutour thairof, (uncle to Allaster the young Chief ).
3 Allester Gauld, his brother (under Earl of Argyle).
4 Allester pudrech MacGregor (from Balquhidder ‘huidder’ [12]   ) under the Laird of Weem.
5 Dougall sone, (Dougall Denistoun, i.e. Dean’s son) MacGregor.
6 Donald MacGregor
7 Allester McCondoquhie McAllester.
8 Johne Dow MacGregor his brother. (probably occupier of Camuserachtie beg in Rannoch)
9 Patrik Duncansoun MacGregor in Innerzaldie [13]   (in Glenleidnoch) under the Laird of Tullibardine. The Ammonachs were of this family.
10 Gregor his son.
11 Duncan MacGregor his son in Port of Latherne.
12 Donald Dow his son in Megor.
13 Duncan Glen MacGregor (brother to the Tutour as appears elsewhere).
14 Johne MacGregor in Dundurn.
15 Duncan Roy his brother.
16 Johne Dow McCondoquhey MacGregor (brother of Allaster McCondoquhie).
17 Donald Dow.
18 John Dow McCallum owir MacGregor (Mcilchallum).
19 Johne Moir MacGregor in Callichra (Mcilchallum owir).
20 William McGillchallum MacGregor in Letterling (Mcilchallum ower MacGregor)
21 Duncan Bane MacGregor in Stuikinroy, (Duncan Bane McRob under the Laird of Buchannan).
22 John McRob MacGregor in Ruchois.
[page 178}
23 Gregor McRob MacGregor in Comer.
24 Callum Moir MacGregor (McRob) in Knockheilt.
25 Callum Dow (McRob) his brother.
26 Robin Roy (McRob) his brother in Comer.
27 John Dow McRob their brother (alsua).
28 Allester McCoule McIllvirum MacGregor in Dessour (or Dischoir from Deasach the side of Loch Tay facing south).
29 Malcum McCoulquheir (McDougal Keir) in Innerlochie [14]   (Balquhidder) under the Laird of Tullibardine.
30 Duncane McCulquheir MacGregor in Drummilliche, son of Malcolm the 2d Chieftain of their House.
31 John McCoulquheir MacGregor thair, brother of above.
32 Dougall McCulquheir MacGregor in Glengyle, another brother under the Laird of Buchannan.
33 Gregour McCulquheir MacGregor in Keylecter (Caoletter).
34 Patrik McCulquheir in Strathyre (Strachur), another brother of Duncan in Drummilliche.
35 Finlay keir McCulquheir MacGregor in Culgart.
36 Allester MacGregor (Mceanduy) in Strathphillane.
37 John dow McWilliam Mcilchallum MacGregor.
38 Patrik MacGregor in Cadern, (Cadderine - known as ‘our’ youngest Brother of the Tutor.)
39 Duncan (McCondochy) Cleroch (clerk) MacGregor.
40 Gregour craginche MacGregor (or in Craiginshache spelt in several ways) (Craigan).
41 Donald our (odhar, dun or sallow) McInleith (Mcillich).
42 Duncan McCondoquhie (or MCewin) McCondoquhy.
43 Allester his brother.
44 John MacGregor in Schadowne.
45 (Ewin MacGregor Jamesoun in Scaderin).
46 Gregour McCondoquhy in Roro (under the Laird of Weyme) Head of House of Roro.
47 Callum croy MacGregor in Candrochie.
48 Malcum glas (pale or grey) MacGregor in Kynaltie.
49 William (Mcilchallum) MacGregor thair.
50 Duncane (Mcilchallum) MacGregor thair.
51 Allester MacGregor in Fernan, (Loch Tay) Under Laird of
52 Williame (McWilliame McNeill) MacGregor Strowan (Robertson) thair
53 Gregor (McHucheon) MacGregor in Calder.
[page 179}
54 Finla (Mccondoquhy glas) MacGregor thair.
55 Duncan (Mcallester vreac) MacGregor in Lagfernan (or Langfernan).
56 Callum MacGregor McNeill.
57 Neill his brother.
58 John Dow his brother.
59 John Dow (Mccondoquhy) deroche MacGregor.
60 Malcum (bane) MacGregor McNeill in Rannoch.
61 Dougal his broder in Roro.
62 Donald gorme Mcinleiche in Rannoch.
63 Gregor Mcillechallum (Mceanmoyle) in Innervar (in Glenlyon) under the Laird of Glenlyon.
64 Neill dow his son.
65 Gregor McCondoquhy (in Roro), (repetition of No. 46).
66 Callum dow his brother in Glenlochy.
67 John Mauloch (or Manloche) thair brother.
68 Gregor Mcilchallum Comrie, (in the District of Auchmore in the Barony of Weem)
69 Duncan oig Mceanduy MacGregor in Glenlochy,
70 Duncan our Mceanduy thair
71 John dow Mccondoquhy MacGregor in Roro.
72 Robert beg Clench MacGregor (or McRobert earlich, ‘Tearlach’Charles).
73 Duncan MacGregor in Tullichewne.
74 Duncan MacGregor McWilliame.
75 Callum MacGregor McWilliame in Rannoch, (Kinlachar) under Laird of Weyme.
76 Duncan MacGregor McWilliame his brother.
77 Callum McConnel Mceane MacGregor.
78 John dow (Mcchallum) in Rannoch.
79 Callum MacGregor McWilliam his brother thair.
80 Allester Mcinnes (Mceane) MacGregor in Rannoch.
81 Gregor McNeill MacGregor in Candrochth (Candrochitmerk).
82 John MacGregor his sone in Ardquhillanie, (Loch Lubnaig or Ardchoille ?).
83 Ewin MacGregor his brother.
84 Allester MacGregor his brother alsua.
85 Allester McRobert (moir) MacGregor in Strathyre and his sons.
86 Walter McAlpie in Lingrathletterling (McAlpine in Lung at Lettenlung).
87 Robert McAlpie (McAlpine) his son in Duchois, (Ruchoiss).
88 Murdo McAlpie (Murdoch McAlpine) his brother.
[page 180}
89 John Bane McIllechallum glas MacGregor in Rannoch.
90 Gregor ger (often gar from gearr, short) his brother.
91 John McNeill (or invill) his brother also.
92 Gregor cam (blind of one eye) thair brother’s sone.
93 Dougall Danesoun (Denesoun) MacGregor.
94 Dougal Denisoun his brother’s son.
95 Dougall Jamesoun MacGregor.
96 William his brother
97 Gregour Mcneill (Mceanmoyle in Bofrak).
98 Gregour McNeill McInwalliche in Ardewinch, (Ardewnaig).
99 Ewin Mceanvalliche thair.
100 Callum McCondoquhy Vreak MacGregor.
101 John his brother and
102 Gregor his brother.
103 John McConneill Mcinlay in Glenscheray, (Glenstray).
104 Nicoll McGowne in Achtervich.’
for different acts of theft, from the complainers. - Register of Hornings Perth, in General Register House, Edinburgh.

“1586 Sep. 15. They are released from the horn till 13, Oct.”

1586. Aug. 13. On this date the Earl of Montrose gets the escheit of Gregor MacGregor of Glenscherache, Glenstray, the word umquhille having been omitted by error before his name, and of all those mentioned in the preceding list, the names being repeated.

The two lists [15]   have been collated in the “Chartulary,” and again very carefully by the present compiler, and names occurring only in the second list, or other supplementary information taken from other lists, &c., are added in brackets.

From the “Chartulary” :-
“1587. May 31. Duncane Bayn McGregour in Craigrostan and Duncane McIillechallum McGregor in Boquidder are mentioned along with a number of Grahams and Buchanans. - Record of Justiciary.

“June 28. Anent the actioun persewit be Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhie and William Moncrieff of that Ilk, agains Gregor McHutcheon in Culdar tuiching thair [page 181} releiff of the soume of fyve hundretht merkis at the hendis of ane nobill lord francis Erle of Erroll. (defender does not appear ;) July 12. assigned for a further hearing of the case.

“July 1. Anent the actioun persewit be James Campbell of Laweris taxman of the landis underwritten, agains Duncan McGregour, Dougal McGregour his sone, Gregour McCainroy, and Malcom Mcinroy his brother, zoung Duncan Mcindowie and Gregour beg McGregour pretentit occupiars of merk land of Duncrosk mylne landis therof witht the pertinentis lyand within Glenlochy and shrefdom of Perth. Tuching the removal of thame. (Defenders not appearing are decerned to remove, una cum expensis, salua taxatione judices). “July 5. Anent the actioun persewit be Gregoure Mchutcheoune in Culdar againis Duncan McKewin McCondochie in Croftgarrow and Allester McGregour clerich in Croftlevin Tuiching his relieff of cautionrie lybellit speciallie anent the soume of money of fyve hundretht merkis acclaimit. (Defenders absent.)”

The above three cases are quoted from the Sheriff Books of Perth.

“Dec. 12. Same year Ewin McGregour Tutour of Glenschew witness to a contract between commissioners of the Earl of Huntly and the assigny of Margaret Douglas Countess of Menteith. - Record of Deeds Edinburgh.

“1587-8. Feb. 19. Contract betwixt Walter Cunningham and Archibald McGregour in Dunfin, heir to umquhille John McGregour piper, indueller within the Burgh of Edinburgh.

“Feb. 29. Contract between Archibald McGregour in Little Drumfing, and Walter Cunningham recorded in the Books of Council and Session 1 March following. - Privy Seal. “Feb. 14. Anent the actioun of transferens persewit be Johne Campbell of Laweris agains Marion McGregour relict executrix and succeedant in the of umquhille Mcinroy her spous.

“Feb. 24. Marion McGregour decerned to flit.

“1588. July 6. Duncan McGregour (resident in Perth) a juror in an inquest of Marion McEwin as heiress of several lands in the Barony of Strowan in Atholl.

“July 6. Anent the actioun and cause persewit be Donald Robertson of Strowan againis (amongst others) Allester Pudrach alias MacGregour pretendit occupiar of the part of the landis of Innercharney, William Neill Vic Ewin pretendit occupiar of ane pairt of the bordlandis and half of the mylnne of ferny, Allester McGregour clerych pretendit occupiar of the landis of Croftalzen, lying within the barony of Strowan. anent the removing of them from the lands. - Sheriff Books of Perth.

[page 182}
“July 7. Anent the actioun of removing persewit be John Schaw heritable proprietor of the toun and lands underwritten agains Patrik McGregour alias galliocht (Alech or Aulich, i.e. Atholl) pretendit occupiar of the toun and lands of Corriechrombie, with the pertinents, tuchying the removing of him. ( Defender not appearing is decerned to remove ). - Sheriff Books of Perth.

“1588-9. Feb. 21. Anent the actioun persewit be Robert Menzies of Comrie takisman of the landis underwritten againis Gregour McNeill VicEwin, Donald McAchon (Hutcheon ?) and Donald Mcewin roy in Wester Kynnaldie anent the removing of them fra the landis (Defenders not appearing are decerned to remove.) - Perth.

“1589 July 4. The Bishop of the Isles a procurator in the Court of Session of Patrik McGregour in Mekle Caddirly and John our McPhadeun. - Reg. of Decreets.

“July 16. Anent the actioun persewit be James Commendator of Inchaffray aganis Duncan McPharik alias McGregour, Neyne Phatrik Stewart relict of umquhile James Stewart, Duncan McVallich, Duncan slaoch McGregour anent the removing fra the landis (apparently in Balquhidder). Decerned to remove.

“Aug. 13. Anent the action persewit be Donald Robertson of Strowan aganis Duncan McAllaster VcAllaster VcGregour, Marion Stewart, Donald McCondoquhy, Findley McAllaster, Allaster Jamesoun and Donald Jamesoun and McAllaster Jamesoun and the removing of them. Decerned to flit.

“August 20. Anent the actioun persewit be Donald Robertson of Strowan lyfrenter of the landis underwritten aganis Neill McCondoquhy and John bean Vichallum Vcewin VcGregour pretentit occupiars of the lands of Mid-fernay. - Sheriff Books of Perth.

The following traditionary tale is taken from the “Lairds of Glenlyon” [16]   :-
“1590. Colin the 3d of the Campbells Lairds of Glenlyon, had married (2ndly) a sister of the Laird of Lawers who was very active in persecuting the ClanGregor. Colin was invited to join his relative in this oppression but he declined, and ‘threatened death to any who injured a MacGregor within his bounds.’ To mark his contempt he invited all the MacGregors in his neighbourhood to a great feast that he prepared for them. But there was a traitor in the camp : his wife had sent secret information to her brother Lawers and pointed out how, at one fell swoop, he could destroy so many enemies. As dinner was not served up as soon as Colin wished it, he [page 183}
sent his henchman to ask the cause of the delay. The lady forgetting herself replied quickly : ‘I expect my brother.’ The reply was announced in the hall; and the MacGregors, thinking they had been entrapped, rushed out, deaf to all Colin could say. It was time : Lawers was crossing the ford below the Castle, before they gained the hill side. Colin was disgraced on his own hearth by his nearest friends.”

[1] According to Dr Martin MacGregor, The ‘Baronage’ is a piece of sustained fiction marred only by the occasional intrusion of fact. Readers of these volumes should always keep this in mind. Best advice is to skip any material from the ‘Baronage’. [From Editor of 2002 Edition.]

[2] He was eventually slain at Bentoig 1604. - See Chapter XXVII.

[3] Chapter XII. Page 148. volume 1 chapter 12

[4] Known afterwards as Robert Abroch.

[5] Chapter XII., page 147 volume 1 chapter 12

[6] Sir Alexander Menzies had neglected to be properly “retoured heir” to the lands of Loch Tay &c., on the death of his father, Sir Robert. No question on the subject was raised till in 1574, sometime after the succession of the next heir, James Menzies, when Glenurchy obtained this “disposition” of the properties mentioned. - Explanation taken from the “Red and White Book of Menzies.”

[7] Reader

[8] Letters under the signet binding persons to keep the peace.

[9] Gregor Dhu, third Chieftain of the Dougal Kier Family.

[10] Brother of Gregor Roy of Glenstray, slain in 1569.

[11] The word umquhille omitted, as Gregor had been killed in 1570

[12] The word Puderache was applied to inhabitants of Balquhidder, and a stone near the church is still extant under this name. It was a test of strength for young men, who had to lift it on to another stone.

[13] See list 1565, page 144 volume 1 chapter 12

[14] Ancestor of Innerarderan.

[15] To the ordinary reader these lists repeated on several occasions, must seem dull and dry but to the student of the Clan’s history they are full of interest, as making mentioned of individuals of the various families known to have existed.

[16] By Mr. Duncan Campbell, formerly of Fortingal and now of Inverness. Privately printed for Sir Donald Currie of Garth and Glenlyon.