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Amelia Volume 1 Chapter 20

More Hornings 1592-1596

[page 235}
FROM the “Chartulary” :-
“1592. Oct. 22. at Perth. Edward Reidheugh (or Riddoch) and Beatrix Drummond his spouse against Alexander McGregour of Glenstra Principal and Chief man of the surname of McGregouris, Johne Dow McGregour his bruther, Johne Dow McGregour McEwin, and certain Comries and utheris quha daylie and continuallie boists and menaises the saidis complenars intending to accumpane themselves with the haill surname of Macgregouris and Comries and cum down in the cuntrie and wrak the saidis complenaris (who had been ejected from the 20 shilling land of Tullibanchar) the saidis personis, speciallie the Laird of MacGregour being outlaws, men quha, thir mony yeiris bigane hes wrakit the haill cuntrie, and committit mony slauchteris and heirschippis upoun the induellaris thairof, neither feiring God nor regarding our lawes as is evident to the Lordis of our Counsale and haill cuntrie.” - Register of Hornings, Perth.

“Nov. 7. At Perth. Horning proceeding on a Decreet obtained before the Court of Session by Sir John Murray of Tullibardin Knight 13. June last, Decerning and ordaining Duncan McPhatrik McCoullcheir, and Johne McGillechallum, to remove from his land of Innernantie, lying in the Lordship of Balquhidder and Sheriffdom of Perth. Witnesses to the execution of the Charge, Donald McInteir Balquhidder and Gregor McGregour alias Gun, in Dalveich. and Johne Dow McGillemichel in Lewin.” - Register of Hornings, Perth.

“Nov. 15. Duncane McPhatrik McCoullcheir McGregour having been denounced rebel for not obeying the above charge. Sir John obtains a gift of his Escheit, under the Privy Seal.”

About this time a list of the principal men of the ClanGregor belonging to the three chief houses was made out, apparently by order of the Government in compliance, doubtless, with the scheme laid down in the General Band of 1587. An original list has been preserved as a State paper, [page 236} which was formerly in the Collections of Lord Hopetoun, and is now in the British Museum. Mr MacGregor Stirling copied this document (which he states had been discovered in a “private collection”) more than sixty years ago, in one of the his MS. genealogical volumes [1]   with the following remark:-
“It is a formal schedule, which bears that it was handed by the Clerk of the Register to Sir John Murray (afterwards 1st Earl of Tullibardine) for revision and correction. Sir John deletes some of the names, and supplies others. The name of Duncan Abroch had been omitted and is added by Sir John Murray under the House of Gregor McEan, but he did not correct the patronymics of Duncan Glen the uncle of Allaster of Glenstray. The first list in the letter is genealogical, while in the second the individuals are arranged without regard to descent.”

Letter (precise date not known [2]   ) from Sir Alexander Hay, Clerk of the Secret Council, to Sir John Murray of Tullibardine, Kt.:-
“Endorsed, ‘ To the lard of Tullibardin anent Hielandis’
Also ‘To the Rgt honoll the Lard of Tullibardin this.
Anent the Clangregour.
I may no omit to thank zou maist humblie for zour advertisement. And nixt to pray zou zit again to louke thir names, and notand two to be chargeit to enter for everie branche of thir first thre rankis to deleet the remanent. for I am pntlie (presently) directand away the Lrz (latters) and to gar this berair mend quhir thair is ony wrang spelling or wanting of stylis.

For the lardis awin gang
1. John dow Mcgregour brother to the Lard McGregour [3]  
2. Duncane Glen McGregour VcGregour McEwne - Duncan na Glen na Phanan, uncle of Glenstray - under the Erll of Ergyle (repeated in 2nd list).
3. Donald dow McCondoquhy VcAllister in Rannoch - Donald Dow McCondoquhy VcAlister, probably of the Ardlarich family. See No 8.

[page 237}
For the gang and hous of Roro
4. Gregour McCondoquhy in Rora - (repeated in 2nd list). In a MS history (to be given later) he is called VII of Roro - under the Lard of Weyme
5. Gregour McNeill in Ardewnych -- under the Lard of Merchiston [4]  
6. John dow McCondoquhy bruther to Duncan McCondoquhy [5]  
7. William McGregour McGillechallum Mcanevoill [6]  
8. Johne dow McCondoquhy Keir McAlister in Ranoch [7]  

For the hous and gang of Gregour McAne
9. Gregour McAne in Brakley in Glenuraquhay [8]  
10. Gregour greginshawch McGregour - Gregour, Greginshawch, ie of Craiginshache or Craggan. There was a laird called Craggan on Ardeonaig.
11. Duncan abrach McGregour in Correcharmich under Glenurquhy [9]  
12. Duncane bane McRob in Stukaneroy - (repeated in 2nd list), also in Craigrostan, 1583 - under the Lard of Buchannane.

The names of the principallis houshalderis of the ClanGregour
13. Alester gald McGregour in . . . . . . . . under the Erll of Ergyle - Alaster Galt, brother of Duncan na Glen and uncle of Glenstrae.
14. Alester Pudrayt McGregour [10]   . . . . . . . under the lard of Weyme
15. Malcolme McCoulkeir McGregour in . . . . . . .under the lard of Tullibardin - Of the Dougal Ciar family, in Innerlochie, in Balquhidder ( or Innerlochlarig).
16. Dougal McCoulkeir McGregour in Glengyle under the lard of Buchannan
[page 238}
17. Patrik McCondoquhy McGregor in Glenleidnoch - One of the Innerzeldie family - under the lard of Tullibardin
18. Duncan ower McAneduy McGregor in Glenlochy (or Duncrosk).. . . . . . under the Lard of Lawers
19. William Oig McNeill McGregor in Fairny under the lard of Strowan - (Fernan under Strowan Robertson (Boirland, Fernochie and Mid Fernochie).
20. Gregour MacAne moyll McGillechallum McGregor in Innervar under the Lard of Glenlyoun
21. Patrik McGregour in Cawderly in Glencorff under the Lard of Caddell
22. Patrek Amonach McGregor in Kingart under Colin Campbell of Ardbeycht [11]  
yours to command with service (Singed) A. Hay.”

From the “Chartulary” :-
“Commission to the Earl of Argyle against the ClanGregor and the “Stewarts of Balquhidder.
“1592-3. Feb. 1. Forasmekle as it is understand to the Kingis Majesty and Lordis of his Secreit Counsale, That the wicked Clangregor, the Stewartis of Baquhidder, and divers utheris brokin men of the hielandis, being dividit in severall cumpanys have continewit this lang tyme bigane as thay do yit, in committing of murthouris, slachteris, manifest reiffis, stouthis, soirnings, heirshippis, and oppressiounis upon his hines peceable and gude subjectis inhabitants of the cuntreyis ewest the brayis of sum pairties of the lawlandis nixt adjacent to the saidis heilandis, to the grite offens of God, contempt of his Majestie and his authoritie and utter wrak of mony honest househalderis, quhas landis and rowmes presentlie lyis waist, unoccupiit, to the grite hurt alsua of the commonwele; For remeid quhairof His Majestie hes gevin and grantit [page 239} and be thir presentis gevis and grantis, his hienes full power, and commissioun, Expres bidding, and charge, To his Rycht traist Cousing Archibald Erll of Ergyle Lord Campbell and Lorne, his Hieness Justice generall, All and sindrie personis of the surename of the McGregour and the Stewarts of Baquhidder, thair assistaris, and pairt-takers to charge be his precept, and compeir befoir him at sic dayis as he pleis appoint, To find souretie, or to enter plegeis, as he sall think maist expedient for observatioun of his hienes peace, and quietness, and gude reule in the cuntrey and that they sall be ansuerabill to Justice, conforme to the lawis and actis of parliament undir the pane of rebellioun : The personis disobeyand to cause denunce at the horne, And thereftir to convocat his hieness liegis in weirlike maner within the boundis of the Schireffdomis of Dunbarton, and Perth as lyis within the parrochynnis of Fothergill, McLagan, Inchechaddin, Ardewniche, Killin, Straphillane, Cumry, Tullikettle, Strowane, Monyward and Monzie, the Porte Callenteich, Kilmahing, Lany, Aberfull, Luss, Drymmen and Inchecalzeoch; Requiring alwayes the aduice and concurrence of Ludovick Duke of Lennox and John Earl of Athoill, in persute of the personis of the said ClanGregour duelland, or hantand, within the boundis of thair commissionsis or Regalitie of Dunbartane, Perth, and Stewartries of Strathearne and Menteith, and to pas serche seik and tak the saidis rebellis quhairevir thay may be apprehendit, and to putt thame to ane assise and minister justice upoun theme or utherwayes to bring and present thame befoir the Justice or his Deputis in the Tolbuith of Edinburgh, to the effect justice may be execute upoun thame for thair demeritis conforme to the lawis of this realme, Courte, or Courtis of Justiciarie, als oft as neid beis within the saidis boundis, or ony pairt thairof, to sett, begin affix, hald, and als oft as neid beis to continew &a. &a. (as in Commissioun of Fire and Sword 4. Feb. 1589-90.) And ordainis lettres to be direct to mak full publicatioun heirof at all placeis neidfull quharthrow nane pretend ignorance of the samyn; And to command and charge all and sindrie the Baronis and Lairdis of Glenurquhy, Ardkinglass, Laweris, Glenlyoun, Coline Campbell of Arbeyth and all unthiris Baronis, Landit men, Gentilman and utheris his Hienes liegis quhatsumevir within the saidis boundis conteinit in this commissioun, actual duellaris thairin, to ryse, concur, repair to the said Archibald Erll of Ergyle or his saidis deputis at sic pairties, placeis, and at sic tymes, and to remane and pas fordwart alsoft, and with samony dayis victuallis, and provisioun as thay salbe advuertisit and warnit to be the said Erllis proclamatiounis or missive lettres at all tymes and occasiouns, for persute and reduceing to his Hienes obedience of the saidis ClanGregor, the Stewart of Baquhidder and utheris foirsadis; and on nawayis to absent thameselffis, shift, excuse or delay upon ony cullour or pretens to the hindrance of his Majesties service and quieting of his estate and cuntrey, undir the pane of tinsale (loss) of lyfe, landis and guidis. And the said Commissioun for the space of three monethis to enduir.” - Record of Secret Coun.

[page 240}
“Eodem die.
“Charge against certain Principal men of the ClanGregor to appear before “the Earl of Argyle at Stirling.
“Forasmekle as oure Soverane Lord is certanelie advuerteist of the present disordouris, heirshippis, soirningis and oppressiounis daylie committi be the ClanGregor in contempt of his Hienes auctoritie, and to the grite trouble and inquieting of the peceable and guid subjectis of the cuntreyis adjacent quhilk is liklie to draw on forder Inconvenient giff tymous remeid be not providit; Thairfoir ordanis Lettres to be direct to command and charge . .”
List is the same as that of the “Principallis houshalderis” in the document sent to the Laird of Tullibardine as given on previous page, excepting 8, viz : Nos. 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14.
“To compeir personallie befoir the Erll of Ergyll his Hienes Justice General and Lieutenant in that part, at Striuiling the . . . . . day of Feb. instant to ansuer to sic thingis as sall be layed to thair charge concerning thair obediens to his Hienes and his auctoritie and gude reule of the cuntrey under the pane of Rebellioun &a and with certificatioun &a And as they salbe halden mantenaris and pairt-takeries with the broken men of the said Clan in thair rebellioun and wicked deidis, and punist forthe same with all rigour in example of utheris.” - Record of Secret Council - (Acta).

Various transactions with regard to Allaster MacGregor of Glenstray about this time are somewhat complicated.

From the “Chartulary” :-
“1590. Aug. 1. Decreet from the Court of Session obtained by Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhy in virtue of his infeftment and sasine against Alexander Roy Macgregor, Donald MacIntyre and John Macpersone Occupiers of Stronmelochan, Patrick McGregor VcDonald occupier of Tullich, John dow McGregor and Neill his brother, occupiers of Dowletter, Patrick McGregor occupier of Casteallan, and Patrick ower MacGregor occupier of Derndoniche, charging them to flit and remove from said lands. Decerned against them in absence. N.B. The above lands are all parts of the 20 shilling lands of Glenstray on which neither Allaster MacGregor nor his father Gregor had been feudally invested. hence it was possible to eject MacGregor and his subtenants from them.

[page 241}
“1594-5. March 17. Act in favour the Laird of Glenurquhy. Complaint by Sir Duncan Campbell, apparently with the view of obtaining exoneration from being answerable (according to the regulations of the General Band) for Allaster MacGregor who was still at his Majesty’s Horn ‘not having removed fra the said Sir Duncan’s Landis of Stronmeloquhan and thair pertinentis) and becaus he remanit at the said proces of horne as he dois zit unrelaxt, and in the meantime still possest and occupiet the said Sir Duncanis Landis be violence aganis his will, as he dois yit Notwithstanding that he be his proceeding aganis the said Alexander in maner foirsaid hes followit oute the ordour prescrivit be his Majestie and his Estatis be the lait Act of parliament maid anent the removing of broken men fra landis quha ar not ansuerable, nor sall not find cautioun to be ansuerable to Justice for relief of thair landislordis and maisters’; the said Duncan had presented a previous supplication to his Highness and the said Lords in Feb. last craving that by Act of Council they would declare that neither he nor the cautioners lately found by him should be answerable for the said Alexander. Although his desire had been found reasonable, yet, because the said latters were not then produced to verify the premisses the giving out of the said Declarator had been suspended till the letters should be produced. This having been done by Sir Duncan it is decerned and declared, that the said petitioner and his cautioners shall not be answerable for the said Alexander in time coming.

“1595. May. Item payit to George Johnstoun Messenger passand with letteris to charge Archibald Erle of Ergyle, Schir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhy Knight, Johne Murray of Tullibardine, Knicht, and others to entir and present certaine of the McGregouris and uthir broken men of the Hielandis specifiet in the said latters.

“ 1595. Mar. 24. Alexander Menzies of that Ilk obtained a decreet in the Court of Session proceeding on the Act of parliament (the General Band) against Alexander McGregour of Glenstray pretendit tenant and occupier of the 32 merk land of Rannoch be himself and subtennentis underwritten viz
Rannoch MacGregors.
Alester (bereicht) Mcgregour McEwin voir, Duncan McEwin voir McGregour, John McConeill Kinneis (VcInnes), - occupearis of the 2 merks land of Downan.

Alester McGregor, Malcolme McWilliam, and Finlay McWilliame, - occupiers of the 4 merks land of Kinclachar (for Malcolm see No. 75 Letters of Horning, Perth, 1586,)

John (McGregor) McVceaneduy, and John McGillevie, - Occupearis of the 40 shilling land of Camuserachtie moir.

[page 242}
John McWilliame and Malcolm McWilliame, - occupearis of the 40 shilling land of Camuserachtie beg ;

Ewin dow, - occupier of the Miln and Milne Croft of Ardlariche,

John dow McCondochie VcAllaster, -occupear of the 6 merk land of Ardlarichie.

John McPhatrik VcGregour, - occupear of the 2 merk land of Kilconan.

Patrik and John Garris, Donald Glas and Gregour McPhatrik, - occupears of the 40 shilling land of Leran.

Alester McKinnes alias Robertsone (see No. 80, Horning, Perth, 1586 ), Duncan McKinneis his brother, and Duncan McEwin VcCondochie, - occupears of the 6 merk lands of Aulich.

Malcolme McCallum glas, John McCallum his sone, and John bane McCallum glas ( see No. 89, Horning, Perth,) - occupears of the 40 shilling land of Leargan.

Decerning and ordaining him and his said subtenants to flit and remove from the lands above mentioned : on this decreet Menzies raised letters of Horning by which they were charged to the above effect and the letters of horning were recorded on the 7. June 1595.” - Decreets of Session and Register of Hornings, Perth.

“Eodem die.
“Alexander Menzies of that Ilk obtained a similar Decreet against :-
John Jamesone McGregour, - pretentit Tenant and occupier of the 40 shilling land of Drumdewane and Kynnald and the 20 shilling land of Doulmane.

John dow McWilliame, - occupear of the 23/4d land of Kyndrochie.

Williame McGregour Vcilchallum, - occupear of the half merk land of Stuenochane (or Endlochane).

Ewin McCondochie, occupear of the half merk land of Glendoran.

Decerning and ordaining as in the preceding entry. Letters of Horning raised and recorded as above.” - Decreets of Session, as above, and Register of Hornings, Perth.

[page 243}
“1595. June. Item payit to Patrik Mccomische messenger passand of Edinburgh with letters to charge James Lord Doune and Herie Stewart his tutour, to compeir personalie befoir the Lordis of Secreit Counsall the 24. of this instant, and to entir and present befoir thame Johne McGregor of Ardveillarie (Ardchullerie ? on Loch Lubnaigside) To underly sic ordour as sall be prescrivit for keiping of peace and guid reull in the cuntrey, undir pane of rebellioun.” - Lord High Treasurer Acts.

“June 20. Ane Respite maid to Patrik McGregour in Corequhrombie, Alister McKessane in Leny, Gilchrist McKinturnour in Drumardoch John McGillespick in Leny, Eure Angussoun in Tombay, and to ilk ane of thame, for resetting suppleing and intercommuning with the rebellious men of the surname or clan of ClanGregoure and utheris broken men of the Hielandis fugitives and disobedient to his Hienes and his lawis; contrair the actes of Parliament and gude order taken be his Majestie thairanent.” - Privy Seal.

The above Patrick is supposed to be Patrick Aldoch, brother of Duncan Abroch.
“June 21. Anent the actioun presewit be Robert Robertsoun heritabill proprietar of the Landis and barronie of Strowane and Fernocht aganis Johne dow Mcallaster, Allester Mcallester, Duncane McAllester wict Allester, Neill Mcwilliame, Neill Mccondich, Williame Mcneill, Allester McGregour vict clerich, Allester Mccane Roy, Anent the removing of thame fra the landis libellit Compeirit the said persewer personallie witht Williame Robertsone his procurator, And the said Neill McWilliame comperand be William McNeill, [12]   And the said Williame comperand personallie for himself, Allester McGregour cleriche and Allester Mceane roy and Neill Mcondich comerand personallie be them selffis And the said Johne dow McAllester, Allester McAllester, and Duncane McAllester vic Allester nocht comperand &a. The Sheriff deput foirsaid decernes the defendaris to flitt and Remove conforme to the Sheriffis precept and tytillis producit becaus thai comperit nocht to shaw ony ressonabill caus in the contrar quhy the samyn suld nocht be doine, una cum expesis litigationis.

“The said Allester McAne Roy comerand personallie Under protestatione for all and sundrie his just and lawful defensis to be proponit and allegitt tyme and place as accordis and allegit he aucht nocht to be decernit to Remove becaus he hes ane lyferent richt of all and haill the xx shilling landis of Cultalaskyne for all the dayes of his lyfetyme sett to him be Donald Robertsoun than off Strowane &a And for [page 244} verifying thairoff produceit the said tak subscryvit be the said Donald Robertsoun of Strowane of the dait At Strone in Fernan the sewintt day of Appryll 1589. ( The pursuer alledged that the granter of the tak had no power, being himself only a liferenter, to give any tak beyond his own lifetime) the Sheriff deput foirsaid takis to adwysett upoun the former alledgances (till 28. instant) and assigns the said day to pronounce the interloquitur and absolvitt the personis folowing witht consent of parte fra the vairning lybellit becaus the said William Mcneill personallie comperand producett an tak.”

“List of persons on the lands of Strowane Robertson 1595 and names of their tacks.

Williame McNeill, - 7 merk land of Boirland and ‘hauf’ of the milne and multur of Fernochie and of the 1 merk land of mid Fernoche.

Allester McGregour clerich, 3 merk land of Croftnailzeane

Neill Mccondoquhie, in Middle Fernan.

“The above, tennentis and occupears of the saidis landis haulden be them of Robert Robertsoun of Strowane thair maister heretour of the samyn land within the barony of Fernan and Sheriffdome of Pertht And of their awin frie motive Willis untreatit or compellit as thai declarit Actit and oblist them their Airis succesouris executouris and assignayis in the Sheriff buikis of Pertht ilk ane respective for their awin pairtis That thai and ilk ane of then During thair occupatioun of the saidis landis sall be obedient to our Souerane lordis for seeing the end of oppressioun, thift resetting of thift, heirschippis, slachter, or ony uther crymes quhairby the said Robert Robertsone of Strowane thair masiter and landislord mey be trublit or persewit for be quhatsoevir persone and forder sall do their dewtifull behauiour and dewite in all respectis to the said Robert Robertsone of Strowane thair maister his airis and successouris. At the handis of our Souerane lord and lykwayis at the handis of all and quhatsumevir pairteis that sall happin heireftir to be intrest Damnfeit or skaythit in thair Defaultis of all inconvenientis that the said Robertsoun or his foirsaidis or the persewaris sall happin to be instlie callit for and sustenit as thair landislord or Maister be vertu of the generall Band or act of parliament and conforme thairto in all pyntis quhair upoun the said Robert Robertsone of Strowane askit actis and instruments. William McNeill in Fernay witht &a.” - Sheriff Books of Perth.

[page 245}
The above action at law is interesting, as shewing the working of the heavy responsibility which landlords incurred by the enactments of the General Bond, which obliged even those proprietors who might be on friendly terms with their MacGregor tenants to protect themselves by giving them notice to remove. And, at the same time, the policy of the Crown in selling letters and commissions against the ClanGregor naturally had an effect the reverse of pacific on the country in general. There were numerous small encounters; no honest calling was left open for the Clansmen, and, being from their adventurous nature always ready for a fray, their services were gladly secured for other people’s quarrels or skirmishes.

“1595. June. 8. Robert Robertsone of Strowane and his curators obtain Decreet from the Court of Session charging John Dow, Duncan and Allaster McAllaster alias McGregours, to flit and remove from his lands of Stronfernan, Lagfernan, and Vindevoir in Barony of Fernan.

“(Jan. 18. 1596-7. Letters of Horning at Perth enforced their removal ).

“1595. July 12. Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhy obtained a Decreet in the Court of Session against Gregour McEane, pretendit Tennent of the Lands of Boquheillies and Kincrakin; Duncan McGregor pretendit Tennent of the lands of Arthie; and Gregour McGregour pretendit Tennent of the lands of Moiris; Decerned to flit and remove from the lands abovementioned.” - Decreets of Court of Session.

“July 29. Stewart of Grantyllie obtained a Decreet in the Court of Session against Allester Makgregour alias Puddrache pretendit Tennent of Ardcaskard, and Duncan McGregour alias McEan cham pretendit Tennent of the lands of Tullichvoulin. decerned to flit and remove from said lands.”

The following letter from King James VI. to McIntosh was copied from the original in the archives of Moy by Sir John MacGregor Murray. It shows the anger which possessed the mind of the King - a feeling which had been kindled, and doubtless carefully nurtured, by those whose interest it was to get rid of the Clan and enjoy their escheats :-

“1596. March 30. James R. Richt traist friend we greet you hairtlie well. haveing hard be report of the late preiffe gevin be you of your willing disposition to our service in prosequiting of that wicked race of MacGregour we haif thoucht meit hereby to signifie unto you that we accompt the same as maist acceptable plesour and [page 246} service done unto us and will not omitt to regaird the same as it deserves; and becaus we ar to gif you oute of oure awin mouthe sum forder directioun thairanent; It is oure will that upon the sicht hereof ye repaire hither with all haist and at your arriving we sall impairt oure full mynde; and heirwithall we haif thocht expedient that ye befoir your arriving hither sall caus execute to the death Duncan McEan caim lately tane be you in your last raid aganis the ClanGregour, and caus his heid to be transported hither to the effect the same may be affixt in sum public place to the terror of uther malefactoris; and comitt you to God. From halyrud hous the penult day of March in the yeir 1596.”
“(signed) James VI.”

(The correct month is supplied by a Latin MS. in the Advocates’ Library, Edinburgh, which makes mention of the ‘very polite letter’ sent to McIntosh. The royal mandate was not, however, carried into execution, as Duncan was alive eight years later).

“1596. July 15. The quhilk day compeirit Alexander Maister of Elphinstoun and produceit our Soverane Lordis Lettres dewlie execute and endorsat purchest by himselff, Alex Elphinstone Broyr to Alex : Lord Elphinstone &a &a to charge Archibald Erll of Ergyll as principall Sir James Seytoune of Tulliebodie Knight James Schaw of Sauchie &a as cautioneris and soverteis conjunctlie and severallie for ye said Erll of Ergyll actit in ye buckis of Secreit Counsall to enter and present
John Dow McGregour broyr to the laird of MacGregour,
Johnne Dow McEwin MacGregour’s sone,
Johnne Dow Campbell McCondoquhy tutour of Inneraw,
Duncan Campbell his sone,
Patrik McCondoquhie broyr to ye said Johne Dow,
Lauchlane Campbell his broyr sone,
Archibald and Duncan Campbells sones to Alexander Storach (Skorach)
Patrick McGregour sone to Patrick Dow McGregour, and
James McGregour sone to Duncan Glene,
Mentenents and seruands to ye said Archibald Erll of Ergyll to underlie the law for certain heirschipis committit aganis the compleinaris foirsaidis.” - Extract of Record of Justiciary.

“Bond by the Laird of Macgregor for the good behaviour of himself and his Clan.
“1596. July 17. At Dunfermline. The quhilk day in presens of the Kingis Majestie and Lordis of Secrete Counsale; In maist humble maner compeirit Alester [page 247} Macgregoure of Glenstra acknowledging his offenses and dissobedience bypast quhairof he maist ernistlie repentit, and ectit and obleist himself as Chief of his Clan and name That he and his said Clan and name and all sic personis as he is obleist to answer for be the lawis of this realme, Actis of Parliament and General Band Sall keip his Hienes peice quyetnes and gude rewle in the cuntrie and nawyse invaid, trouble nor oppress his Hienes Subjectis by ordour of law; And that he and thay sall be ansuerable to his majestie and to justice, and sall satisfie and redress thair skaithis and attemptatis conforme to the saidis lawis, actis and band; And for the better satisfaction of the premisses, the said Alester becumes Plegeand sall remane in his Hienes cumpany and house, and nawyse eschaip eschew, nor pas hame without his Hienes license and Lettre subscrivit be his Majestie and his counsale, undir the pane to be puneist at his Majesteis plessour in his persoun, landis, guidis and geir; And alsua the said Alester gaif his ayth of fidelitie to his Hienes and that he suld not knaw his hurt not skaithe but suld revele the same to his Majestie; and to do all uther that as His Hienes Houshaldman, he aucht to do; as he suld ansuer to God upon his salvatioun of his saule.” - Rec : Sec : Council Acta penes Insularum et Marchiarum Ordinem.

“1596. July 24. Precept of a Remission [13]   to Allaster McGregour of Glenstray and all persons of his surname of McGregour, and their friends, kin, mentenants servants and Dependers, for being art and part of the cruel murder and slaughter of umqle John Drummond of Drummenernoch, committed by the said Alexander and his foresaid Clan in the month of Jan. 1589. and for all other committed by the said Alexander or by any of his surname of MacGregour.” - Privy Seal lxviij 199.
N.B. A previous and equally complete remission had been granted the 4. Jan. 1591-2.

“1596. October. John Campbell of Ardkinglas made a complaint that his wife whilst travelling peacbly home was set upon by a number of men ‘armed with weapons at the special sending and hounding of the Earl of Argyle and carried off her horses and those of her servants &a. and compellit every one of them to scourge utheris with belts and brydillis, in maist cruell maner.’ And ‘forceit the said Dame Jane to returne back again on her feit.’ Several MacGregors are enumerated in this affair in which another MacGregor one of the complainders servants was taken away captive and carried to ‘the place of Inueraree’ where he was kept for three or four days.”

[page 248}
“Nov. 19. Letters of Horning recorded at Perth. Because by contract dated 1 & 2. Feb. 1590 they became bound not to commit slaughter or felony (see contract of that date) and ‘Albeit it be of verity that Johnne McGregour brother german to the said Allester McGregour of Glenstray Johnne Dow McEwin VcGregour and Donald Dow McAllester with their accomplices stole from Graham of Fintrie, yet Allaster Roy McGregour and his Cautioners refuse to apprehend them.” - Reg. of Hornings, Perth.

It must have been very strange to be the turbulent Chief to be toned down into a docile courtier in the “company” of King James, though it was a merciful chance for him had it been possible for his Clan to have remained at peace. But doubtless neither opportunities nor wily tempters were wanting to allure them onwards to break the very insecure truce.

[1] Mr. MacGregor Stirling makes special reference to this List in the “Memoir of the House of Glenstray,” which forms one of his small genealogical volumes. In 1889, the same paper was copied in the British Museum, and sent to Lady Helen MacGregor of MacGregor by Robert Armstrong, a gentleman much interested in historical researches, but who knew nothing of Mr. Macgregor Stirling’s previous reference to it.

[2] Reference is made to the Three Houses in an “Offer” by Glenstray, dated July 1599. - See Chapter xxii. volume 1 chapter 22

[3] Properly D. Glen McAllaster VcEane VcEwine

[4] Gregour McNeill in Ardeonaig. Twenty pound land at an early period in the possession of the old earls of Lennox, the western half devolved later on Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Murdoch Menteith, wife of Napier of Merchiston. As the Gregour McNeill in 2nd list was also under the Laird of Merchiston, he was probably identical with No 5. Ardeonaig was afterwards held by a family of MacGregors till the end of the 17th century, when it fell to the Campbells of Edinchip, and eventually to the Campbells of Breadalbane. – Taken from the “Lairds of Loch Tay Side”. (repeated in 2nd list.)

[5] John Dow, brother to Gregor No. V., who is known to have had a brother John, mentioned in list 1589. They were sons of Duncan, and may have had a brother Duncan, also.

[6] This William’s last name is McAne (or Ian) Moyle (bald), therefore he is probably related to No 20. Also probably occupied Stuenochane-Rannoch. – See page 242. volume 1 chapter 20

[7] John dow McCondoquhy Vic Alister occupied the 6 merk land of Ardlarich in Rannoch, the addition “Keir” may have been an error; it is, however, remarkable that he is placed with Roro, whereas the Ardlarich family are believed to have branched off with Glenstray.

[8] Gregour McAne (Brackley in Glenurchay had by this time devolved on a cadet of Duncan Ladosach’s family). Gregor was Captain of the Castle of Glenurchay, under Sir Colin, 1570.

[9] Duncan Abrach had obtained Corriecharmaig in the Braes of Glenurchy from Glenurchay by the mediation of Lochiel (“Baronage”) – repeated in 2nd list.

[10] Alester Pudrayt (Pudrach from Balquhidder). Although here mentioned as under the Laird of Weyme (Chief of Menzies) he is mentioned, July 29th, 1595, as under Stewart of Grantully.

[11] “Ammonach” from Glen Almond - but Kingarth was under Colin Campbell of Ardbeyth. See page 227 volume 1 chapter 19

[13] This Remission, of course, implies that the Chief and Clan were implicated in the murder of Drummondernach, but it does not prove the truth of the accusation.