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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 4 - Glenstrae to 1519

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Eoin dubh / John dhu McAnecham VcGregor [1]
(~1350, died 1415)

Maolcoluim / Malcolm [2]
b.~1378 to d.1440
4th chief

Padraig / Patrick [3] [6]
b.~1410 to d.1461
obtained a Papal dispensation to marry Mariota Campbell.

5th chief
Eoin dubh / Black John [5]
b.~1445 to d.1519
married as one of his wives Ealasaid from Glen Lyon.
6th chief

Maolcoluim / Malcolm [4]
b.~1480 to d.1498

[1] Obit: 1415. Death of John dhu McAnecham VcGregor at Stronmelochane; he was buried in Dysart

[2] Obit: 1440, April 20. Death of Malcolm, son of John dhu Macgregor, at Glenurquhay, he was buried in Dysart

[3] Obit: 1461. Death of Patrick Macgregor, Laird of Glenstray, at Stronemelochane; he was buried in Dysart

[4] Obit: 1498, June 22. Death of Malcolm Macgregor, son and heir of John Macgregor of Glenstray, at Glenlyon. he was buried in Dysart, south of the Altar, in a stone coffin

[5] Obit: 1519, May 24-26. Death of John dhu Macgregor of Glenstray,* son of Patrick, at Stronmelochane, he was buried in Dysart, north of the Great Altar, in a stone coffin, upon the 26th of May, .

[6] 1448 charter Witnesses: Alan Stewart, granter's brother, Peter McGregor of Sronmelachan, [The chief, died 1461] John Johnston, [wanting] Campbell, Ewar Duncanson, Duncan Vean, David, chanter of Lismore, and sir Gavin, curate of Dysart.

End of this line, as Malcolm predeceased his father. Chiefship of Clan Gregor now passed to the descendants of Alasdair, the second son of Eoin dubh.