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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 5 - Glenstrae MacEwins

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Eoin dubh / John dhu McAnecham VcGregor
(~1350, died 1415)

Eoghan / Ewin
b.~1420 to d.before 1488

Eoin / John McEwin VicAlasdair [2] [5]
b.~1455 to d.1528
7th chief
married Eilidh a daughter of Campbell of Glenorchy.

Griogair / Gregor [1]
b.~1522 to d.1526
Alasdair ruadh / Alasdair roy
b.~1523 to d.1547
8th chief

Descendants of Alasdair ruadh in Glenstrae
Donnchadh / Duncan

Griogair / Gregor (Gilchrist?)
b.~1460 d.1526

Donnchadh / Duncan
MacCondachy mhicAlasdair - Ardlarich [6]
sibling 1

Duncan ban [3]
sibling 2

Duncan breck [4]

[1] Obit: 1526, July 31. Death of Gregor, son of John Macgregor, alias McEwine McAllaster, of Glenstray, at the Isle of Lochrannoch; he was buried in Dysart, in a stone coffin, on the north side of the High Altar of Glenstray,

[2] Obit: 1528, April 12 Death of John .Macgregor McEwine, Captain of the Clan Gregor of Glenstray, who died of good memory, at Achallader in Glenurquhay, he was buried in Dysart, as others of his name used to be.

[3] Duncan Bayne: listed as cousin of John McEwan.

[4] Duncan Brek: Also listed as cousin to John McEwan. Duncan Brek was recorded as killing his cousin Alexander McPatrick roy and Alexander’s son Duncan in 1529

[5] 1527. August 14th at Edinburgh. Quo die Johannes, Comes Atholie plegins devenit ad intrandum Donaldem Campbell nominatum ad Abbacium de Cowper & &. Archibald Campbell son of Duncan Campbell Knight; James Campbell of Lawers, John Campbell his brother, Neill Stewart, John Stewart, son of John Stewart Kt. Gregour Dougalsoune, John and William Dougalsoune, John Makewin Makalester Captain of the Clangregour, Duncan Bayne his cousin, Duncan Brek his cousin, Donald Patricksone, Duncan Donaldsone, Gregor Patricksone, Patrik Duncansoun in Dundwrne, James his brother, Duncan Campbell, son and heir of Duncan Campbell Kt. ad subcundum leges pro arte et parte convocationes ligeorum Domini Regis ad magnum numerum vemendi super, Patricium Charteris Prepositum de Perth die festi Corporis Christi ultimo elapso, ipsum invadendo et pergarte et parte mutilationis. Duncan Cameron et Patricii Rutherford Servitorum dicte Patricus. Record of Justiciary.
John Makewin Makalester Captain of Clangregour. He is the chief of clan Gregor, his actual name is John MacGregor VcAne VcEwin VcAllaster (d April 12th 1528). He was the father of Gregor (d July 1526) and Alasdair ruadh (d 1547).

[6] MACGREGOR OF ARDLARICH. This Family in Rannoch claimed to be closely connected with the House of Glenstray, which is probable, although no direct evidence to that effect can be adduced. "One MS. account states that 'In the year 1500 the 32 merkland of the Slios Mhin on north side of Loch Rannoch was divided into three divisions,
The western division consisting of Dunan, Kinchlacher &c comprehending the 11 merkland west of the river Ericht, was held by Alexander mor a younger son of Roro [see Alasdair mor in Dunan ] and notwithstanding the Charter possessed by Sir Robert Menzies Sep.1, 1502, to the 32 merkland, Alexander More and his descendants maintained their right of occupancy until April 22, 1675, when Patrick MacGregor in Dunan took a wadset from Sir Alexander Menzies of the 2 merkland of Kinclacher under reversion of 500 merks scots.
Amelia has on page 215 "The middle division, consisting of the 12 merkland comprehending Ardlaraich, Kilchonan &c was possessed by Gregor MacGregor who died in the island of Loch Rannoch July 31, 1526, he was the son of John McEwne vich Allester MacGregor brother of Glenstray. The last of this family was Captain Robert MacGregor who commanded the MacGregor company raised in Rannoch for Prince Charles' army 1745.” - But if the family were McCondochy mhicGriogair, that suggests they descended from a brother of John, named Gregor who had a son Duncan as above.


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