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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 3

Skirmish at the Castle of Leny, 1626

[page 21}
From the “Chartulary”:- [1]   “1626. March 16. Skirmish at the door of the old Castle of Lany on the north bank of the Teith, less than a quarter of a mile west of the village of Callander in Menteith, between certain individuals, mostly Buchanans, headed by Robert Buchanan of Lany on one hand, and certain MacGregors on the other. Of the latter, Patrick Beg and Callum Baine, sons of the late Patrick Aldoch and commonly surnamed Levingston, and Donald McGregor VcCondoquhie Aldoch were killed. Tradition gives the following account of the origin of this affair. The parties having adjusted some former difference (about the slaughter of a MacGregor in 1515), [2]   were about entering the Castle to a refreshment prepared for them, when the landlord desired his guests to walk before him, and they begged he would show them the way. Lany’s attendants being at some distance, and mistaking the courteous altercation for something serious, interfered without inquiry, when the scuffle ensued in which two Buchanans and three MacGregors were killed. Hence to the Gaelic lines regarding the feud of Glenfruin, ‘The black Wether with the white Tail Better it had never been lambed’ was added another ‘It was worse than the mistake of Lany.’

“June 17. Horning (Graham &c versus Roy MacGregour and vtheris) Buchanans upon Duncane Roy McGregor brother sone to vmqle Patrik Aldoch McGregour, Donald McEane Dowie McGregour in Dullatrich, James McGregour, sone to Gillespie (Archibald) VcAllaster in Rannach, Alexander McGregour sone to Dougall McCondochie veir, Duncane Camroun sone to John Dow McFaill in Argyll, Johne Gear McKennchirder, Neall Breach McGregour and Donald McLaryne, all friends for the time to Patrik Aldoch McGregour, for killing on 16 March (under circumstances already narrated) Robert Buchanan in Bochastell and Donald Buchanan in Lany.” - Particulars in Register of Hornings, Perth, in General Register House, Edinburgh.

[page 22}
“June 26. Bail Bond by Robert Buchanane of Lany for Johne Campbell, his brother-in-law, elsewhere designed ‘sone to the Barron McLauchlane,’ and eighteen others to produce them before the Justice or his deputes on the 14. July 1626. for the slauchter of Patrik Aldoch McGregour, Callum MacGregour, sons apparently of ‘umqule Patrik Aldoch and Donald McGregour vich Connachie,’ dated at Edinburgh signed P. Bannantyne, J.P.” - Original in the Leny Papers.

“June 26. Bail Bond by William Stirling fiar of Ardoch for the appearance of Robert Buchanane on the 14. July 1626.” - Leny Papers.

“June 30. Donald McGregour brother to umqule Patrik Aldoch McGregour, Donald McEane Dowie McGregour in Dallatriche, Johne McGregour sone to Gillespie McCondochie VcAllaster in Rannoch, Alexander McGregor sone to Dougall McCondochie Veir (Keir ?), Duncane Camerone sone to Johne Dow McFarlane in Argyle, Johne Gow McKinchadder McEan ceardeach, Neill Braik McGregour, Donald McLarene, sumtyme servandis to umqule Patrik Aldoche Dilaitit of airt and pairt of the slauchter of umqule Robert Buchannane in Ballachastell and umqule Donald Buchanane in Lany committit the 16 day of Marche in forme and manner specifiet in the criminall letters Persewaris Agnes Graharne relict of umquhile Robert Buchanane, McKilsythe relict of umquhile Donald Buchanane Mr William Stirling Writer sone to Henrie Stirling of Ardoch cautioner produceit the letters deulie execut and indorsate vpone the haill defenders abonewritten Quhairby they ar denunceit and registrat at the horne for not finding cautioun &a.” - Justiciary Record.

“1626. July 14. Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh. Slaughter McGregour contra Buchannane.

Robert Buchannane of Lany.
Johnne Campbell his brother-in-law.
Sorlie McHewne McBeathe his servant.
Robert Buchannane
Walter Stewart All three Servants to Lany.
Allaster McGregour
Walter Roy Buchannane in Boquhastill.
Walter Grahame his brother-in-law.
Robert McFarlane alias McJames VcPatrik.
Archibald Buchannane in Park of Menteith.
Alexander Buchannane
Patrik Buchannane his brothers.
Johnne McKenlay VcDonald in Larry.
Duncarre McGilliechreist cham in Buchannane.
George Stewart in Lany.
[page 23}
Donald Blair alias Kittoche in Aberfole.
Allaster Buchannane alias Lany in Kilmahugt.
Johnne McEane vayne
Johnne McMeis servants to the Laird of Lany.
Dilaitit of art and part of the slauchter of umqle Patrik Aldoche McGregour, Callum McGregour his brother and Donald McGregour VcConnochie committed in the month of March last bypast.

Sir William Oliphant of Newtoun Knight.
Sir Thomas Hope of Craigliall, both Advocates to our Sovereign Lord.
The Laird of MacGregour.
Janet McGregour the Relict of the said umqle Donald VcConnochie
Mariorie McGregour the relict of the said umqle Callum McGregour.
Gregor and Patrik McGregour as sons to the said umqle Patrik Aldoch McGregour.

Prelocutors in Defence.
Mr Thomas Nicolsone Advocate.
George Buchannane of that Ilk.
Mr Henry Kinroiss Advocate.

“The persewaris producet the Letteris and offerit thame selfis reddie to persew the Pannell for the crymes contenit thairin and tuik instrumentis thairuponn and protestit for thair cautioneris relief as also desyret that the cautioner for the entrie of Robert Buchannane alias McGillespik this day aright be vnlawit in respect of his nocht compeirance. The said Mr Thomas Nicolsone as procurator for the said Robert allegit that his cautioneris sould nocht be vnlawit nor he ordanit for his absence to be denuncet becaus he is lying bedfast deidlie hurt be the Clangregour the day of the said Patrik Aldoches slauchter and producit ane testimoniall subscryuit be the minister of Kilmadok and be ane number of the Elders of the parochin, Lykas the Laird of Keir elder and the Laird of Muschet being baith present affirmit and declairit the verritie of the premisses and that the said Robert Buchannane alias McGillespik was nocht of habilitie to travell be ressone of his hurtis resauit the day foirsaid, the justices in respect of the Lairds of Keir and Muschet thair declaratioun, admittis the testimoniall; Quhairvpone the said Mr Thomas Nicolsone askit instrumentis. The Laird of MacGregour with the remanent persewaris abonewritten of his name passis fra the persute of Duncane McGillieshrist Cham, for the crymes contenit in the Letteris. George Buchannane of that Ilk become caution for his entry the third day of the next justice-air &a.

“Mr Thomas Nicolsone stated in defence that Donald McGregour McCondochie was alive 18. March 1626. two days after his alleged slauchter. And being taken [page 24} and apprehended by the Steward Depute of Menteith for being in company with the Clangregour at the burning of the houses in Glenairtney pertaining to my lord Erle of Pearth in anno 1608. &a.&a was put to the trlal of an assize before the said Stewart Depute the day foresaid, and hanged on his own confession two days after the time foresaid of his alleged slaughter; And for verificatioun thairof produceit the Rolment of Court and extract thairof beiring his dittay abonewritten and the Dome and sentence pronuncet agains him to be tane to the gallows of Doune and thair to be hangit quhill he be deid, as culpable and convict of the saidis crymes. and sua he being hanget tua days after the tyme foirsaid of his allegit slauchter, the pannel can never be callit or accuset for his death.

2nd. That Patrik Aldoch McGregour and Callum McGregour his brother were both rebels and at the Horn for the slauchter of Johnne Buchannane, son of Robert Buchannane, alias Wattersone, in Ballachastell, for which they were charged 11 Dec. 1619. at the Thorne of Doune in Menteith called the Top of Lata, and on 6 Dec 1619. at the Cross of Edinburgh, to find surety for appearing before the Justice and his deputes on 28 January following; and for disobedience were on 29 Dec. 1619. at the Top of Lata within the Stewarty of Menteith, and on 12. January 1620. at the Cross of Edinburgh denunceit, which denunciatioun was at the last mentioned date, registered in the Books of Counsel. "And syklyk the said Patrik Aldoche McGregour be vertew of criminall Letters raisit at the instance of Patrik Sqwyar in Cambuswallace, Nicoll Bryce in Tore and Andrew Mitchell thair, being chairgit vpone the 6. day of Marche 1610. yeiris to find cautioun for his compeirance befoir the Justice and his deputis in the tolbuth of Edinburgh the 15, day of May thaireftir to have underlyne the law for steiling of tua ky fra the said Patrik Sqwyer, ane young meir fra the said Nicoll Bryce and ane young cow fra the said Andra Mitchell, was for his disobedience 20 March 1610. denunceit rebel and put to the horne at the croce of Doune in Menteith callit the top of Lata and on 12 April thairefter 1610. was registrat thairat in the Stewartis buikis of the Stewartries of Menteith be James Don Clerk thereof. In lyke manner the said Callum M'Gregour for several acts of theft and the said Patrik Aldoche McGregour for stealing twelve ky and their calves in August 1622. and for not finding surety to answer to the charge was on 27. Dec. 1625 put to the horne And produced the four hornings.

"Diet continued to the next Justice Court of the Sherriffdom wherein the pannels dwell." - Record of Justiciary. Williame Stirling of Ardoche is surety for said Robert Buchannane.

"1626. July 18. Commission by the Secret Council to Gregour Murray some¬tyme callit Gregour McGregour, [3]   Johnne Grahame sometyme callit Johnne McGregour VcEeane, Johnne Drummond sometyme callit Johnne McConneill VcAllaster, [page 25} and Johnne Drummond in Dundorne sometyme called Johnne McGregour to confer and intercommon with such of the ClanGregor as are rebels and at the horn for the last slauchter which fell betwyx the Buchannans and them and to deal and travel with them and with such as assist and take part with them for settling the feud foresaid &a and that the said Gregor report unto the said Lords upon Saturday the 29. of this instant what shall be proceeded and done herein. and that he bring with him to the said Lords the day foresaid Patrik his brother, &c.

"July 25. Commissioun against Johone McGregour Mckewin,&c for the slauchter of James Hutsoun in Buchlavie." -Record of Secret Council, Commissions.

"1626. July 28. Compeared Gregor Murray sometime called Gregor McGregour and declared that he had held the conference ordered, and that those of his Clan immediately concerned had promised to him that if relieved from the Horn they would submit the differences in question to the Lairds of Lawers, [4]   Glenlyon, Strowan Murray, [5]   and Mr Donald Campbell, [6]   or any two or three of them for their part. Compeared also the Laird of Lany and declared that he would submit the said feud to the Lairds of Keir, Cromlix, Muschet, and goodman of Ardoch, [7]   or any two or three of them for his part and that of his friends. The Laird of Lany and Gregor Murray appointed the 15, of August for a meeting of the parties in Dunblane to perfect the submission in presence of the Earls of Mar, Menteith, Perth, and the Bishop of Dunblane or such of them as shall be there for the time. The Council relaxed the MacGregors concerned from the horn till 20. of August. at night." -Record of Council, Acta.

"July 29. At Holyroodhouse.

"Ane letter made to Gregour Murray alias Makgregour his heirs and assignees one or more, of the gift of the escheet of all goods movable or unmoveable, debts, takes, steadings, acts, contracts, actions, obligations, compromises, decreets, sentences, corns, cattle, insight plenishing, sums of money, jewels, gold, silver, coined or uncoined, and other goods and gear escheatable whatsoever which pertained of before to umqle Patrik Awloch McGregour son natural to vmqle Patrik Awloch MrGregour in Ardlarich And now pertaining to our Sovereign Lord, fallen and become in His Majestys hands and at his Highness gift and disposition by reason of escheat laws and practice of this realm and privelege of his Majesty's crown, through being of the said umqle Patrik born bastard and so disceasing bastard without any heirs lawfully gotten of his own body or lawful disposition made by him of his said goods, gear, sums of money and other foresaids during his lifetime. With power &c Account amounting to 20 merks."-Reg. of Privy Seal.

"July. Item for letters of relaxation to Donald Roy McGregour brother to [page 26} Patrik Aldoch and other sevin McGregouris for relaxing them fra the home being aught in number, for the letters signet and drink silver £12 3s 4d"-Lord High Treasurer's Books.

Thus the untoward incident at the Castle of Leny, which without any malice propense on either side had cost several lives, was brought to a peaceful arbitration, such as could never have been proposed in the late King's time, and as Dr Masson remarks in his introduction to Vol. XV. of the register of the Privy Council:- "On the whole, the indications are that there were relentings in the mind of the Government from King James's policy of mere ruthlessness against the MacGregors, and a disposition to bring them back, if possible, within the pale and the privileges of ordinary society.” From the "Chartulary" :- "1626. August 22. Warrant for delivery of Robert Abroch and others to Colonell Mcky. "Forasmuch as Sir Donald M'ky Knight Colonel of the Regiment lifted by him for his Majesty's service under the charge of Count Mansfield has petitioned the Lords of Privy Council That Robert Abroch McGregour, Duncane Drummond and . . . . some times called McGregours, Charles M'Cleane and Johnne Robie¬soun who have been this long time bygone prisoners in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh may be delivered unto him and he will transport them out of this kingdom and employ them there in the wars. And the said Lords finding it more expedient that they shall be delivered to the said Colonell to be employed in the wars than to be detained longer in ward in the said Tolbooth Therefore the said Lords ordain and command the Provost and Baillies of Edinburgh that how soon the said Sir Donald or any in his name having his power and commission shall require delivery to be made of the persons foresaid to him That then the said Provost and Baillies shall send the persons abovewritten to the town of Leith sufficiently guarded by some of their officers who will be answerable for their not escaping and there deliver them a shipboard to the said Colonell or to others in his name as said is to the intent they may be transported forth of this realm And ordain the said Colonell and others having charge under him to have a special care that the persons foresaid escape not, as they will be answerable upon the contrary at their periL Providing always that before the said persons be taken out of the Tolbooth they compeir before his Majesty's Justice and his Deputes and there act themselves that they shall never return again, within this kingdom, under the pain of death And touching their jailor fee and other things bestowed upon them by Andrew Whyte Keeper of the Tolbooth the said Lords will have a care to see him satisfied [page 27} by his Majesty's theasaurer and deputy theasaurer and receiver of his Majesty's Rents" - Record S.C.

"August 24. at Edinburgh. The which day in presence of Justice Clerk, Robert Abroch MacGregour, John Robieson, Charles Mcclane, Duncane Drum¬mond alias McGregour and Duncane Hay alias McGregour being brought furth of waird by Patrik Eleis ane of the bailzies of Edinburgh and according to an act of Privy Council 22d instant obliged themselves to depart of this country with Crowner McKy to serve in his Majesty's wars beyond sea and never to be found again within any part of his Majesty's dominions in time coming under the pain of death &c."-High Court of Justiciary.

"The fate of Robert Abrach after this is not known. [8]  

“1626. August 26. At Perth, Relaxation Roy McGregour and others. The above persons relaxed on finding caution for trial of their innocence say Donald Roy McGregour brother to umqle Patrik Aldoche McGreour, Donald Mceane Dowie McGregour in Dullatrich, John McGregour son to Gillespie McCondochie VcAllaster in Rannoch, Alexander McGregour son to Donald McCondochie veir, Duncane Cameroun son to John Dow McFarlane in Ardgyll, John Gear McKinchidder, Neill brak McGregor and Donald McLarane sometime servants to the said umqle Patrik Aldoche McGregour.” -Particular Register of Hornings, Perth.

"August 10. Sasine of Duncane Douglas formerly called McGregour and Mariota MacFarlane his spouse and of Malcolm Douglas the son and apparent heir on Contract of wadset Jan. 1623.

This was Duncan McEwin of Moirinsche, third son of Ewin, the Tutor - he assumed the name of Douglas in presence of the Council, 30th December 1611.

Although the recent proceedings seemed to show some relenting towards the Clan Gregour, their chief persecutors contrived to get a special protection for themselves.

"Chartulary "-

“1627. May 12. Remission under the great seal of King Charles I. to Sir Duncane Campbell of Glenurchay &c.

"Charles by the Grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland Defender of the Faith. To all good men to whom these presents may come greeting Know ye that we have forgiven all displeasure, action &a which we might had or may in future have against Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhy Knight, Colin Campbell fiar of Glenurquhy, Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch, Patrick [page 28} Campbell fiar of Culdairs his lawful sons and Patrick Campbell his natural son for the extirpation of the cursed surname and wicked family of M'Gregour." -Mag. Sig. Paper. Register.

"1627. June 13. Horning Menzies versus McGillechallum. Alexander Menzies in Bellechomes upon Donald McGillichallum Dowie alias McGregour in Kynnaldie tenant to Sir Alexander Menzies of Weyme. Theft." -Hornings Perth.

"June 22. Camplaint by Alexander Menzies of Bellichones against Donald McGillechallum dowie alias M'Gregour in Kynnaldie for steiling a black horse worth 100 merks. Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk who had become cautioner for the Entry of McGregour is fined in 100 merks for the nonappearance of the latter who is denounced rebell.

“June 25. Gregor Roy McGregour in Leragane, Callum Bayne McGregor his brother and Robert McGregour son to Johne McFatrik moir in Kilchonane, for invading and wounding complainer.

"1628. March 20. Donald M'Gregour Mcneill sometyme dwelling in Ardowniche and Gregour McGregour his servant are mentioned, along with others, as rebells in a commission. "-Record of Council.

"March 28. Macgregor and Buchanans. No submission of parties had taken place so late as this date when the Council stated in their minutes that, whereas Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhy and Robert Campbell his son are burthened with the entry of Duncan Mceanduy Vcphaill 'their man' on 23. of next month for his concurrence in settling the difference of the Laird of lany and ClanGregour and whereas it is 'like eneugh' that the said Duncan shall refuse to keep the said diet and 'sua do what in him lyis to frustrat and disapoint the intendit agreement quhilk imports so neir the peace and quyes of the countrie.' Therefore the Council give power and commission to the said Sir Duncan and his said son to pass search for and take the said Duncan &c – R.S.C. Acta.

"May 24. At Dunblane, Submission by Johne Grahame, Johne Campbell son to Baron McLauchIane and George Buchanan fear of Buchanan for himself and his friends on the ane pairt and Donald Roy Mcphatrik Alich brother to umquhile Patrick and Callum McPatrick Aliches, Patrik Abroch son of umqule Duncan Abroch, Donald Mcinduy in Dulater, Duncan McGregor McRorie for himself and taking burden upon him for Johne Dow McGregor his brother, Allister McDougall McCondachie ower, Duncan baine McPhatrik voir, Patrik his brother, Callum son to John Mcphatrik voir, John Dow son to John McKean vick eanedowie vikeane, Patrik McGregor son to Gregor Ger, Archibald McCondochie McAllaster for John Dow his son, 'parties compromitters on the other side.' to abide by the Decreet Arbitrall about to be pronounced by John Earle of Perth, Archibald Lord Lorn and by Sir James Campbell of Lawers equally and commonly chosen by the parties dated at Dunblane 24. May 1628. and witnessed by Sir Archibald [page 29} Stirling of Keir Knight, Mr Donald Campbell of Ardmurich, William Stirling of Auchyle, Mungo Campbell fear of Lawers, Sir George Muschet of Burnbank Knight, subscribed on the side of the MacGregors by Patrick Drumond notar public at their command 'because they cannot wreat' and on the other side by 'Merxsen Buchanane of that Ilk. Robert Buchanane of Lenie.' Perth accepts, Lorne accepts, R. Campbell of Glenfalloch accepts. Ard: Stirling of Keir witness, Mr Donald Campbell witness, Mungo Campbell witness."--Notorial Extract of Decreet Arbitral Registered at Dunblane 15 June 1658 in the Leny Papers.

"May 31. at Perth. Horning McEwin and Dow against McGregor and others.

"Finly McEwin in Pitlachairnie in Grantullie and John Dow McCherer (McAra) Brouster at the burn of Aberfauldie upon Duncan McGregour Roray in Camiserache in the Ranoche, gille Andres beg there, Patrik McGille Andres beg cotter there, Johne Dow McGregor brother to the said Duncane McGregor Roray, McAiheracher (McKerracher) and Duncan McGregor. Stealing.

"June 11. Robert Buchanan of Lany as cautioner fined for not producing Allaster McGregor fadrik and Patrik McGregor fadrik his brother, sons to Gregor Mcfatrik in Strathyre to underly the law for theft from Sir George Muachet of Burnbank. Knight." -Record of Justiciary.

"June 27. Complaint against Duncan McGregor Rory in Camserarche for theft." -Justiciary.

"July 24. at Perth. Horning Reid versus McGregors. William Reid beside Castle Campbell upon Donald Roy MacGregor brother to umqle Patrik Aldoch McGregour and John Dow McConiell Condochie VcWilliame in Lanray in the Rannache under the Laird of Weymes Menzies. Theft.

"July 26. McGregor versus Comrie Johne Grahame alias McGregour of Brackley against Christian Comrie Relict of McGregour in Glenogill, her son Pat McGregour having slaine Johne McGregour Dow McGregour son to John in Dullatur, sister sone to the Compliner.” - Register of Decreets.

"1. September at Perth. Horning Laird Muschet versus McGregors.

"Sir George Muschet of Burnebank Knight upon Donald McEane Dowie McGregour in Dullatur, Allaster McGregour Fadrick and Patrik McGregour fadrik, sons to Gregor McFadrik in Strathaire. theft.

"1629. October 24. at Fedell. Decreet Arbitral by John Earl of Perth, Archibald Lord Lorne, Sir James Campbell of Lawers, Knight, and Robert Camp¬bell of Glenfalloch, Judges Arbitrators equally chosen for the parts of Robert Buchanan of Lenie, Johne Grahame, Johne Campbell son to the Baron McLauchlan and George Buchanan fiar of Buchanan &a on the one part and Donald Roy McPhatrick Alexander McGregore brother to umqule Patrick and Callum Mcphatrik Auliches,
Patrik Abroch son to umqule Duncan Abroch,
Donald Mcindowie in Dullater,
[page 30}
Duncan McGregor in Rora, for himself
and taking burden on him for John Dow McGregor his brother,
Alexander McDougall vic Condachie owir,
Duncan bain Mcphatrick vie Phatrick his brother,
Callum son to John Mcphatrick voir
John Dow son to John McKein vickein
Duncan McIndowie vicphaill,
Patrick McGregor son to Gregor gear,
Archibald McCondichie vic Allister for Johne Dow his son,
parties compromitters on the other side, anent what satisfaction the said Robert Buchanan of Lenie for himself and for all others partakers and assisters shall give to the Bairns of the said umqule Patrick and Callum Auliches and other under-written for the slaughter of their said father, what sums shall be paid therefore, how and in what manner and at what times, and anent what form of Discharge and Letter of Slains shall be granted to the said Robert Buchanan and his foresaids therefore &a and anent what form they shall give satisfaction to the said Robert Buchanan of Lenie for the goods, geir and heirship wrongously taken from him and his tenants furth of the Lands of Lenie, in the year of God 1626. Decerns the said Robert Buchanan of Lenie to pay the Bairns of the said umqule Patrik, Callum, and Donald Auliches 1300 merks money guid and usual of this realm half to the said umqule Patrick and delivered in their names to Donald Roy McGregor and Patric McKondochie Abrochie Abroch in (Sic) and the other half to the bairns of tha said Callum and Donald in equal parts and delivered in their names to Duncane and Johne Gordonnes alias McGregors in Rora, and the said Donald and (sic) Robert to be furth coming to the behoofs of the said bairns, and that at the term of Martinmas next to come whatever sum the said Robert shall bind himself to pay them under his hand shall bear adrent yearly till the said bairns be of perfect age and able to give their receipt to the said Robert. &a. Having tried the number of horse and cattle taken by the ClanGregor, in heirship from the said Robert and his tenants at the time contained in the within written submission we decern the said ClanGregor so many of them as be in life and within this realm, who committed and were the takers away of these heirships, to pay to the said Robert Buchanan of Lenie 600 merks of money of Scotland in satisfaction herefore every one of the away takers his own part according to his commission, act?, and that before the term of Martinmas next to be completely paid to the said Robert Buchanan and his foresaids before they begin upon adrent to the said Bairns Anent the claim given in by the ClanGregor for restoring of weapons and plaids, to be redelivered to the nearest of kin to them the samen pertained and that before the said term of Martinmas.

[page 31}
The oaths of all the McGregors specially contained in the act at Doune of the date of these presents to keep the peace.

"Duncan Mcindowie Vcphaill declared to be ‘quyt frie of the heirship forever' The Buchanans 'frie of the blood.' The said Duncan to find surety to the said Robert Buchanan and his foresaids for the king's peace in time coming. Both parties made to join hands in token of peace, and to drink together publicly at the market cross of Dunblane. This decreet to he registrated in the Books of Coun¬cil and session or the Commissar Books of Dunblane &a 'In witnes whereof these presents written be Pat Drumond nottar and subscribed be the saids parties we have subscribed the samen with our hands at Fedell 24. October 1629. years Beffoir thir witnesses subscribed thus. Perth, Lorne, James Campbell of Lawers, R. Campbell of Glenfalluch, Buchannan of that Ilk, Robert Buchanan of Lenie, Ard: McCondochie, Donald Roy McPhatrik, Patrick Abroch, Donald Mcindowie, Duncan McGregor in Rora, Alexander McDougall VcCondachie, Callum McGregor, Duncan Mcindowie vicphaill with our hands att the pen of the nottar underwritten at our command becaus we cannot wreat ourselves.

Ita est Patricius Drumond notarius publicus, &a De mandate dicti Donaldi Roy, Patricii Ahroch, Donaldi Mcindowie Duncani McGregor, Alexander McDougall, Malcolmi McGregor, Duncani Mcindowie Vcphaill, calamum tangentium et scribere nescientium ut asseruere testemonium pro prio &a Ita est Magister Jacobus Nevin in premissis requisitus ex speciali mandat Dict &a, M. Campbell witnes, John Campbell witnes, &c.&c. Notorial Extract of Decreet Arbitral 24. (Oct.) 1629. Registered at Dunblane, 15. June 1629 - Leny Papers.

1630. March 4. Carolus &a Qua Nos intelligentes quoad inter alias negocia-tiones per nostrum quondam charissimum patrem beatissime et eterne memorie predilecto nostro consanguineo et consiliario Archibaldo Cometi de Ergyle Domino Campbell et Kintyre commiss; due speciales commissiones conesse fuerunt una earum-dem contra genus et nomende McGregour suorumque coadjutores et participes de data apud Greenweiche vegissimo nona die mense is Aprilis anno domini millessimo sexcentessimo undecimo et altera dictarum commissionum contra quondam Jacobum McKonnell,” i.e. Argyll's conduct ratified and approved as good service.

"1630. May 22. Bond and letter of Slaines by Duncane Gordoun alias McGregour in Roro and John Dow Sinclair alias McGregour, brothers german, to Robert Buchanan of Lenie for 325 merks the sum awarded by the Decreet Arbitral to the bairns of umqule Donald McGregor VcConnachie Alick. [9]   In witnes whereof these presents written &a and witnessed by William Murray of Ochtertyre, Johne Campbell of Clathick, signed by Duncane Gordoun and John Dow Sinclair brother german with our hands led at the pen at our commandis because we canenot wreit ourselvis." -Original in the Leny Papers.

[page 32}
"1630. Dec 23. Commission against MacGregor.

"Forasmuch as the Lords of the Secret Council have received sure information from some noblemen, barons and gentlemen in Stratherne and Monteith that the persons particularly underwritten. They are to say.
1. Duncane McEan Dow McPaul
2. Johne Romach McPaul his brother,
3. Duncane Gow McGregour McPhatrick.
4. Patrick, Malcolme and Johne his brother,
5. Duncan Levir McCoull
6. Gregour McCouIl son to Malcome McGregour in Glengyle.
7. Malcolme Qig McCoulI McGregour son to Patrick McGillecallum
8. Duncane Lean Mcpatrick Dow McGregour
9. Patrick McGregour
10. Gregour son to Patrick Dow McCotter
11. Allaster Cas McEandowie our McGregour
12. Patrick McGregour Beg
13. Donald McEane Dowla
14 …..rist McCondochie M'Ilgairth in Arkyle

has of late broke loose themselves, numbers of broken and lawless limmers of the ClanGregour and other broken Clans in the Highlands, who by force of his Majesty's Authority were some few years bygone reduced to the obedience of the Law and Justice, have now begun to renew their accustomed and wicked trade of theft, and stouthreiff, wherein numbers of their wretched and miserable pre¬decessors ended their lives, and they go in sorning and troops and companies athort the heads of Monteith and Strathearne where they not only commit privy stouths but open reiffs and heirships and threaten with fire and sword such of his Majesty's good subjects against whom they bear quarrel and who press to oppose and resist their thievish and lawless doings. Wherethrough the peace of the country is far disturbed and his Majesty's good subjects heavily distressed in their persons and goods to the great contempt of Law and Justice and disgrace of his Majesty's authority and Government. And whereas it is a great discredit to the country that such an infamous byke of lawless limmers shall be suffered to break loose as if his Majesty's arm of justice were not able to overtake them. Therefore the Lords of Secret Council have given and granted and by these presents give and grant full power and commission to William Earl of Monteith president of his Majesty's Council and Lord Chief Justice of the Kingdom, James Erle of Moray, John ErIe of Atholl, Johne Erle of Perth, Mungo Maister of Stoormont, Sir Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhie, John Campbell apparent therof, Sir James Campbell of Lawers, Sir George Muschet of Burnebank, Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch, Thomas Grahame of Dotichall (Duchray), Johne Grahame of Rednick, [page 33} ……..Campbell of Glenlyoun, James Stewart, Steward Depute of Menteith, Johne Grahame of Polder, William Grahame fear of Boquhapill, Patrick Campbell son to Glenurquhie, Duncane McRobert Stewart in Balquhidder and David Muschet of Calliquhat whom the said Lords also make our Sovereign lord's justices in that part conjunctly and severally to convocate his Majesty's lieges in Arms and to pass, search, seek and hunt, follow and pursue with fire and sword, the broken and lawless limmers above written wherever they may be apprehended &c."

1631. June 16. Be it kend to all men be thir presents Wee Johne Grahame alias McGregor off Brekland, James Grahame his sone, Robert Ramsay alias Aberich McGregor, Patrik Aberich McGregor his brother, Donald Roy McGregor Brother to umqule Patrik Aulich, Duncane McGregor sone to ye said Robert Aberiche, Johne Dow, Duncane Mcphatrik McGregor, Johne McKewne McGregor, Alaster McIlchetir, Patrick McGregor vig.

[10]   "That for sameikill as be decreit arbitrall Be John Erll of Perth Archibald Lord of Lorne, Sir James Campbell of Lawers knight, and Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch, Judges arbitrators and amicable Assessors betixt Robert Buchannane of Lenie takane burdine on him for certain other freinds and assisters and partakers on the ane part and certane …. or freinds and partakers on the other part, past upon the submissioun, wherupone the decreit proceidit as the said submissione of the date at Dunblane the 23. day of May 1628 yeiris and the said decreit of the date at Fedell the 27 day of October 1629 yeiris The said Judges decernit the said Robert Buchanan of Lenie to mak payment to the bairnes off umquhl Patrik and Callum Aldoch and Donald Roy McGregor all and haill the soume of threttein hundreth merks money of Scotland at the term of Martenmass 1629. in satisfaction and assithment to the saidis bairnes for the slaughter of the saids umqule Patrik and Callum Aldoch and Donald Roy McGregor Vcpatrik committit be the said Robert Buchannane of Lenie and certane his friends con¬forme to the said decreit. viz To the bairnes of the said umqule Patrik the just and equal half of the said soume of 1300 merks and the other half of the said soume to be equally delt betwixt the bairnes of the said umqule Callum and Donald Roy McGregors, and seeing we the assignees Donald Campbell of Ardin-meuriche and William Stirling Achyll have Instantlie the day and date of these presents receivit reallie and with effect fra Sir James Campbell of Lawers Knight in name of the said Robert Buchannane the haill soume of nyne hundreth three-score fifteine merks quhilk is the just portiones of the above written soumes of 1300 merks belonging to the bairnes of the said umqule Patrik and Callum McGregors, whereof …….. and discharge the said Robert Buchanan of Lenie, Sir James Campbell of Lawers Knight, thir heirs and assignees and all other whom it is …… for ever. Thairfoir we the saids Johne Graham McGregor, [page 34} John Graham his sone, Robert Aberich, Patrik Aberich his brother, John Dow McGregor, Duncan Mcphatrik, Duncan McGregor, John McKewne McGregor McKihether, [11]   Patrik McGregor viz, Here followes execution dated Edinkip 16 June 1631. Signed William Sterling of Auchil witnes, Johne Sterling witnes." Original in the Leny Papers.

"1631. October 3. I Captane William Campbell be ye presents exoner and dis-charge Johne Roy McGregor in ….. and Finlay buoy Camrone of all actiounis civill and criminell and all other actiounis qtsumever (sic) competent and that may or can be competent to me, Againes them for thair being fugitive sojouris out of my companie fra his Majesteis service &a And that because Archibald Campbell of Dunstaffnnych hes payed to me the soume of fourtie markes in name of the said Johne Roy McGregor and the soume of fourtie Pundis in name the said Finlay Bowie Camerone q'of I also discharge the said Archibald and them for ever Be ye presents sub' with my hand At Inverary 3 Oct. 1631. Before these witnesses George Campbell writer heirof and Donald Camerone his Servitor." -Dunstaffnage Charter Chest.

"1632. April 3. at Forden. Be it known to all men by these presents we Robert Ramsay alias McGregor Abroch and Donald Roy Mcpatrik Aulich that forasmuch as the Decreet Arbitral, pronounced, betwix Robert Buchanan of Leny for himself and taking burden upon him for the rest of his kin and friends on the one part, And the said Donald and sundry others persons our friends on the other part as the same Decreet dated at Forden 24. October 1628. years The said Robert Buchanan of Leny was discerned to make payment to the bairnes of umqule Patrik McGregor Aulich the sum of 650 merks more and the bairnes of umqle Callum Mcpatrik Aulich the sum of 325 merks more, in satisfaction of the said bairnes for the slaughter of the said umqule Patrik and Callum and seeing the said Robert Buchanan of Leny and Walter Roy Buchanan in Bochastell have given us a bond subscribed with their hands as nearest friends to the said bairns, and in thair names for payment making to the said bairns of the said sums, when¬soever they were of ability to.

"Letter of Slaines for the said slaughter, of the said bond as the date of these presents bears, And therefore the said Robert Ramsay and Donald Roy nearest friends to the said bairns for ourselves and taking burden on us for our friends, assisters and partakers, …. or leis directly or indirectly …. the faith and breath of our own bodies, fully remit with our hearts and forgive the said Robert Buchanane of Leny, Walter Roy Buchanane, Rob. Buchanan servitor to the laird of Leny, Ard: Buchanan in the Port of Menteith and his son, and John Campbell alias McLauchlan and all others their friends, men, tennents, assisters, and partakers, the said slaughter of the said umqule Patrik [page 35} and Callum and Donald McGregour and hereby discharge them all actione of law whatsoever intended, or to be intended by us, or any of us, aginst them, or any of them therefore. So that the said deed and ….. fully binds and never …… be us hereafter directly nor indirectly And obliges us to live in honesty, love, society, and friendship with them hereafter Besides we acknowledge that the said deed was done only upon mere accident and no forethought of felony And therefore by these presents request our Sovereign Lord to grant to the said persons a remission for their said deed in form as accords. in witness whereof we have subscribed the same with our hands at Forden the 3. day of Apprill 1632. Before these witnesses Sir James Campbell of Lawers Knight, Johne Campbell of Clathick, George Stirling brother german to William Stirling of Ardoch, Oliver Maxtone and John Grahame servitors to the said Sir James Campbell, and Patrick Drumond notary, writer hereof.

1632. July 28, The samyn day John McEwin McGregour being brocht furth of the Tolbuithe of Edinburgh as he that was apprehendid be the erIe of Perth for certane capitall crymes commitit be him; banished by order of the Privy Council 29. March 1632 not to returne to the kingdome without warrant from the Earl of Stratheme Justice generall or of the Earl of Perth Steward of Stratherne."
-Record of Justiciary.

It has been stated in Vol.1. that Patrick Aolach left five sons, - Duncan, Patrick and Allastair, who all three took the name of Livingstone, Donald and John who took that of Balfour. The Records, however, mention re¬peatedly two others, Malcolm or Callum and Gregor. It is probable that Duncan died before the Skirmish at Leny in 1626, because Donald the fourth son acted as Head of the Family after the slaughter on that occasion of his brothers Patrick and Callum. It must be noted that Patrick natural son of late Patrick Aulach, whose escheat in July 1626 fell to Gregor Murray or MacGregor the Laird, cannot have been identical with the Patrick slain at Leny who was the first Patrick Aolach's acknowledged second son. [12]   Donald McGregour vic Condochie, the third man slain, was probably son of Duncan Livingstone; the Advocate for the Buchannans alleged that he was alive two days after the Skirmish, but this was evidently repelled because his children obtained compensation; he seems to have been mis¬taken for the John McEwin banished 18th July 1632.

[1] Rev W MacGregor Stirling’s Collection of Papers relating to MacGregors called the “Chartulary” for Reference. See Vol I, foot-note page 3.

[2] Viz. Alastair Livingstoun in Corriechrombie, son of the late Patrick Aldoch, for whose slaughter before 26th November 1615 several Buchanans and others were, previous to this date cited to underly the law on 6th December following. Vol I , p 333. volume 1 Chapter 27

[3] Eldest son of John Dhu nan Lurag, his sale of Glenstray is mentioned vol. l. p.453. volume Chapter 35

[4] Campbell of Lawers became Leny's Father-in-law.

[5] Gregor MacGregor's Uncle.

[6] Campbell of Ardinmuriche as appears from the Leny Papers. He was a Cadet of Dunstafnage and married Leny's Sister. -Buchanan of Auchmar's "History of the Buchannans."

[7] Stirling of Ardoch was a Cadet of Keir and Leny's maternal Grandfather.

[8] Ewan, brothsr of the "Laird of MacGregor," was shipped off to the wars in Germany five years later, as appears from an entry in previous chapter, p.17.

[9] Aldoche or Aulach.

[10] Probably son to John McKean vick eanedowie, see page 28 volume 2 Page 28

[11] Another variety of misspelling "Dougal Ciar.”

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