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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 37 - Descendants of Griogair in Morenish

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Griogair [1] [4]
b.~1438 died 1503. m.Mariota - dtr of Menzies of Weem
Maol coluim
Donnchadh [6]
b.~1532 killed.1568

Donnchadh dubh
Griogair V
b.~1490 d.before 1554
Griogair VI [9]
Innerhaddon 1 Roro

Alasdair breac b.~1531
Innerhaddon 2 Roro
Calum dow [10] b.~1545

Eoin dubh mor [12] [13] b.~1550

Eoin cam

Donnchadh Tullichmullin
Maol coluim

Eoin dubh [11]

Eoghan [3]
b.~1495 died 1555
Croit garbh
Eoin dubh [5]
b.~1528 d.1564
Donnchadh glas
Alasdair [15]
b.~1535 exec.1604



Padraig [2]
b.~1498 died 1522
Alasdair odhar
b.~1480 killed.1551
by Duncan Ladasach Morenish

Eoin dubh [7]
b.~1468 alive.1531
Eoin [8]
b.~1500 d.1548

Griogair [14]
b.~1570 exec. 1604
Eoin dubh

Calum cam


Donnchadh og


8 sons

[1] Obit: 1503, September 10 Death of Gregor Duncanbegson, at Morinch

[2] Obit: 1522 Oct. Death of Patrick Duncanbegson in Morinche

[3] Obit: 1554, Jan. 26. Death of Ewine McCondoquhy VcGregor of Roro at Crythgarff in Parish of Fortingal; and buried in the Choir of Branvo. with great lamentations of men and women.

[4] Obit: 1556, Jan. 11. Death of Mariota Barre, wife of quondam Gregor Duncanson of Roro and afterwards wife of McAllexander VcJames. She died at Kallwyng (Calvine) in Atholl and was buried at Strowane.

[5] 1564 Nov. 5. Death of John Dow McEwin VcCondoguhy at Bunrannoch. he was buried in the Choir of Fortingall.

[6] 1568. April 13. Death of Duncan McAllestyr VcOlchallum VcGregor at Slattich in Glenlyon. He vas bot 26 yer alld.

[7] 1531. October 10th. Before certain authorities and ‘Domini Campbell et Lorne Justiciarij Generalis.’ ‘Quo die Gillespy Makmakky Finlaiius McClintokech, Johannes Dow Makgregor Duncansoune, Duncanus McGregor ejus frater in Moreynche, Duncanus Dow McFarlane, Gillespie Dow McKinlay, pro arte et parte fuote, trium bovium et duarum vaccarum a David Drummond et suis pauperibus tenentibus extra terras sue assedationis terrarum de Myllenab.’ Outlawed for non-appearance. Record of Justiciary.

[8] 1548. Nov. 15. Gift to Hugh Morye commendator of the priory of Strathfillan his heirs &a which pertained to the deceased. . . Johnstoun MacGregour son natural to John Dow Duncanson McGregour in Mureloganemore in Glenlochy in the shire of Perth, escheat through the said John being born bastard. "John Dow Duncansoun was himself a natural son of Duncan MacGregor in Moreloganemore, but in 1528 a royal letter was given to enable him to inherit property the same as if he were legitimate."

[9] ""Gregor MacCondoquhy in Roro (under the Laird of Weyme) Head of House of Roro.", #46 and #65-1586; #61-1590; remission of Jan 1591; #4-1592; not in 1601

[10] "Callum dow in Glenlochy brother of Gregor MacCondoquhy (in Roro).", #66-1586 list; No 63 in 1590; No 4 in 1592 list; not in 1601

[11] #87-1611a Johnne Dou McGregour his brother sonis to umqll Duncane McKanechame McGregour in Tullyvullen

[12] #62-1590 Johnne Dow brother of Gregor MacCondoquhy (in Roro).", #66-1586 list; No 63 in 1590; No 4 in 1592 list; not in 1601

[13] Trial and Executions July 28 1612 - John dow mor McGregor in Rora - "And siclike the said John Dow moir McGregor in Rora for stealing and away taking of a great number of goods pertaining to mylord Ogilvie furth of Glenylay And sicklike for taking and keeping of the island called Island varnach against his Majesty’s commissioner and hiring and oppressing of the whole tenants and inhabitants of the country about, taking and inbringing of the haill guids and be all to the number of eight score cows and oxen, eighteen score sheep and goats which were eaten and slain by them within the said island."

[14] 1604 Feb 17 - Gregor McGregor VcCondochy - hangit - Black Book Taymouth

[15] 1604 Feb 17 - Allester McEwin VcCondochy - sentenced to hang - Judiciary

MACGREGOR OF LEARAGAN The following is from a Memoir by Colonel Hugh MacGregor :- “I. Duncan MacGregor, younger son of Gregor MacGregor of Roro (No.4) commonly called Donnacha dubh Liomhanach, from his having come from Glenlyon, got possession of Learagan, in Rannoch, from a tribe called Tavish, that resided there about the year 1480. His estate consisted of eleven merks of land, extending from Aldcheardie to the Clachghlas near the east end of Loch Rannoch. His brother Alexander went to Rannoch about the same time, and after a hard fought battle, with a tribe called Clann- ‘il bhuidh (Stewart) defeated them and took possession in Dunan. His Estate consisted of the Twelve merks of land, by the west of the river Ericht, the middle division of Slismine, or north side of Loch Rannoch having been then, as well for several generations before the sons of Roro came to Rannoch, possessed by the MacGregors of Ardlaraich. The descendants of Donnacha-dubh liomhanach, occupied Learagan either as proprietors or as tenants, from the above mentioned period till 1792 when the present system of sheep farming caused their removal. Duncan married a daughter of McPherson of Noelmore, in Badenoch by whom he had several children and was succeeded by his eldest son Malcolm MacGregor called Callum Glas or the pale faced Malcolm.”