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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 30 - Descendants of Griogair glun dubh

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Domhnall Glas / Grey Donald (V)
b.~1620 died 1693
Eoin / John (VI)
b.~1658 died 1700
Griogair glun dubh alias James graham (VII)
b.~1689 died 1777
Glengyle led MacGregor regiment in 1745
m. Mary HAMILTON of Bardowie

John (VIII)
b.7/11/1708 died 30/11/1774
m. Jean Buchanan of Craigvairan
James (IX)
b.~1740 died 24/3/1798
John (X)
b.12/1/1795 sold Glengyle 1855
James (XI)
b.1/8/1818 died 1897

went to America
m. dtr of Stewart of Glenbuckie
b.~1748 died 1826
a seaman
died 21/12/1770

a seaman
died 5/2/1766

died 1793

a seaman
m.1733 Ranald, son of Rob Roy
descendants of Rob Roy

John McConnel Glas, eldest son of Lt. Col. Donald Glas McGregor in Glengyle, granted along with Duncan McGregor in Monchalbeg, to Archibald Edmiston merchant in Doune in Menteith, who had arrested John McGregor in Bunrannoch for a small debt, an obligation to present the said John to the said Archibald against the term of Martinmas under penalty of 100. Feb. 12,1691,-" John McGregor in Glengyle" and "Archibald McGregor in Kilmanan" were appointed to command a watch for the protection of the Estates of certain heritors in the western part of Stirlingshire and the eastern part of Dumbartonshire with power of fire and sword in pursuance of a Commission from the Privy Council, enjoining the Heritors to keep a watch. John McConnel Glas died about 1700. He married first a daughter of Drummond of Comrie by whom he had no family and secondly a daughter of Campbell of Duneaves by whom he left a daughter, Catherine, married to Walter Graham of Brachern, and two sons,
Gregor his heir
Donald who died without issue.

Gregor McGregor of Glengyle, born in 1689, who in his own name but with that of his uncle Robert or Rob Roy as his Attorney obtained from the Marquis of Montrose aftenvards first Duke, a feu charter of the Estate of Glengyle of which they had previously been only tenants. 25th May 1703 -Gregor thereafter assumed in civil life the name of James Graham in compliance with the proscription of the name of MacGregor.

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