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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 23 - Descendants of Gregor dubh in Glengyle

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Griogair dubh (III) [1]
Maol-coluim (IV) [2]
b.~1575 alive 1624
Domhnall Glas (V)
b.~1620 died 1693

descendants of Donald Glas

Griogair a'chroic [8]
Forgiven 1614
Gregor oig
Correrklet 1640

Donnchadh [7]
b.~1578 alive in 1621

Eoin [3]
b.~1582 exec.1604

Donnchadh beag
b.~1584 exec.1604 [5]

[1] Gregor dhu known as "Gregor McGillichallum McCuill” in Glengyll, May 4 1581, and as "Gregor McCulquheir in Kyleter," August 13 1586. [23] It is not positively known whether this Gregor or his brother Malcolm was senior, but the presumption from his being recorded as in Glengyll &c is that Gregor was the eldest. By a daughter of Thomas Buchanan of Carbeth by a daughter of the Laird of Buchannan, Gregor dhu had five sons.
1. Malcolm his heir.
2. Gregor.
3. Duncan mentioned as Malcolm's brother and as alive Sep.24, 1621.
4. John McGregour VcCoulchere, denounced in Roll, Feb. 4,1589. It is inferred that he was son of this Gregor, because this House was wont only to call themselves MacGregor if the father had the Christian name.
5. Donald Gramoch McGregor VcCulchere killed in a skirmish at Tomzarloch, March l612. Duncan Beg McGregor VcCulchere, [page 255] probably a natural son, was one of Glenstray's Council Jan. 1604, and executed at Edinburgh Feb.17 following.

[2] #30-1601; #19-1611a Malcolme McGregour Dowe in Glengyll
#5-1613c - Malcolme McGregour Dowe in Glenfeynlass Will Murray (cautioner)

[3] "John Macgregor VcCoulchere,", #85-1590; #15-1592;
1604. March 2 Four persons executed. - 3. John McCoull Chere, in the Brae of Balquhidder.

[5] 1604. February 18 Eleven persons executed. 9. Duncan beg McGregor VcCoull Chere.

[7] #20-1611a Duncane McGregour Dowe (i.e. son of Gregor Dow) McGregour in Stroynclachane his brother (Stromchlachar on south of Loch Katrine)
#11-1613c - Duncan McGregour Dow brother to Malcolm McGregour Dowe no cautioner
#31-1613d - Duncan Oig McGregour brother to the said Callum (#4-1613d)

[8] #21-1611a Gregour McGregour Dowe McGregour in Portnellane his brother
#2-1613c - Gregour McGregour Dowe in Balfuidder his cautioner de .. My Lord Saultohne (Saltoun) and now his air (heir)
#11-1613d Grigour McGregour VcCoulcheir McGregour - "second rank"

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