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Articles on Kildonan and Loth, Sutherland, mainly 19th century, by Peter Lawrie BSc, BA, MPhil, MBCS, CITP, FSAScot, CFA

The Kildonan Clearance

A Chronology of the Highland Clearances

Sutherland Names in 1745

A study of the Poor Roll in a Scottish Highland Parish, 1864-1915

Family structures in Kildonan in the 19th century

Migration patterns into eastern Sutherland from the 1851 census

Occupations of the workforce in Sutherland parishes in 1851

An analysis of Wages and Prices in 19th century Sutherland

Sutherland nominal data spreadsheets

Jacobite Rising in Sutherland 1746

Polson Genealogies in Loth and Kildonan

Eulogy for Morag MacKay MacLeod

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