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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 10

Glencairn's Expedition, 1653-4

[page 115]
FROM the "Chartulary" 1649. August 28th, at Perth.

"Anent the Precept issued foorth from the Estates of Parliament Against the persones underwritten Makand Mentioun That the Estates of Parliament taking into their consideration that the peace and quiet of the Kingdom this tyme bypast had beene much disquieted and disturbed, and manie thiftes, murthers, wronges, oppressions, burnings and depredations have been done and committed by the rebellious insolencies, outbreakings, ryseing in armes and wicked practises of Highlanders, Islesmen and uther disaffected persones in the Kingdome And Lykewayes considering the laudable course formerly sett doune and prescryved in diverse actes of Parliament maid anent the quieting of disorderlie subjects in the Highlands and elsewhere; As also that the Estates of Parliament be their Act in the last Session thairof ordained Precepts to be issued foorth for citing such persons as were upon the late engagement in England, or others, as they should think expedient To Compear before them, or their Committees, To give suretie and subscribe the Bond and Declaration for keeping the peace of the Kingdome and not disturbing the peace and quiet thereof, Thairefore the Estates of Parliament being carefull to prevent any danger that might arise to the Kingdome, and to secure the subjects from the skaith, violence, wronges and oppressions of all rebellious, lawlesse and malignant persones Did find it necessarie and ordaine That all such persones within the Isles and Highlands and other places as have been accessorie to the lait troubles of the Kingdome and all Landslords and Baillies of Lands where broken men do haunt and dwell, Chiftaines of Clannes & all Sorners or Oppressers who by the said slaughters or depredations have troubled the cuntrie bee cited to appeare before the Committee of Parliament having power and Commission for that effect, at the Toune of Perth at ane certain day or dayes to be appointed for that end with continuation of dayes To underly and obtemper such orders as the said Committee should prescryve unto them for the peace of the Kingdome, according to the power granted to the said Committee for that effect With certification if they failzied they should he esteemed as enemies to this Kingdome and proceeded against accord¬inglie and should be ordained to be denounced Rebels, and Letters to be issued [page 116] out against them for that end; As the Precept ordaining the persones underwritten to be charged to the effect and with certification as is before specifeit personallie if they could be apprehended & failling thereof at their dwelling places where they dwell and repaire or where they dwelt and repaired of before, and at the Market Croce of the heid burgh of the Shyre or uther Jurisdiction quhere they presentlie dwell or repair or dwelt or repaired of befoir; And if there were not tutus accessus to their said dwelling houses at the market Croces of the heid Burghs of the Shyre or uther Jurisdiction quhere the dwelling wes or quhere they did most haunt Admitting the Charge and Citation to be used in manner foresaid to bee als valid as if they and everie one of them were apprehended at mair lenth beares And ANENT the Charge given to

1 John Dow Drummond alias McGregor in Ardtrostan,
2 Patrik McCondochie VcGregor in Dundurne,
3 Duncan Roy McGregor his sonne there,
4 Patrik Mcean there,
5 Duncan his sonne there,
6 & 7 John and Donald McOndy voir in Glenleidnoch,
8 Finlay Moreson there,
9 John McConochie Vcean there,
10 & 11 Patrik and Donald McNivens, in Glenartney,
12 Donald McEwen in Tullibannecher,
13 and Patrik McCondochie VcGregor in Dalveich.

And siclyk anent the charge given to
14 John McGregor VcAlaster galt now in Glenalmond,
15 James McGregor there,
16 Neill Mcconneil Vcneale there,
17 Malcolme McGregor at the west end of Loch Earne,
18 & 19 James and Robert McQweanes calling themselves McGregors in the heids of Menteith,
20 and David Malloch in Corimuclach, at their respective dwelling places and Market croces underwritten respectively
And in like manner anent the charge given to
21 Kallum McConnochie Vcewin Tutor to…children to umqull Laird of McGregor,
22 Ewin McConnochie Vcewin in Atholl,
23 John McEwin VcAllaster phudrach in ….. sonne to Kallum McGregor in Culchra.
24 Donald M'Gregor sonne to Duncan McRobert VcCole and his four brethren in ….
25 John McCulcher in …..& his two brethren there.
[page 117]
26 John dow McGillespick VcConnochie VcGregor in Rannoch,
27 Donald McGregor his brother there,
28. ... sonne to oge Mcoule Vcewin in ….
29 Alaster McAlester vig VcGregor in Fernan,
30 Gregor McGregor his brother there,
31 John Dow McPatrik Roy VcGregor there,
32 Alaster McGregor his brother there,
33 John Dow Findlay there,
34 Donald …. his brother there
35 Donald McGilliechallum vcGregor in Culdrye,
36 Kallum Mcean VcGregor there,
37 Duncan his brother there,
38 Duncan Mceandowie VcGregor in Edramuckie,
39 Gillespick Mceantyre in Kallilichan,
40 Donald Mceantyre there,
41 Gregor Mceandowie VcAlaster in ….
42 ......McGregor sonne to Alaster McConnochie VcAllaster in ….
43 John dow roy McGregor in Innervar in Glenlyon.
44 John dow McGregor in Belnick,
45 Gregor and ……sonnes to John dow McGregor in Belnichanick,
46 Gregor McConnochie VcGregor in Rora,
47 Ewin McGregor his brother there,
48 Donald McGillichallum VcGregor in Leodnick,
49 John dow McGillechallum VcGregor in Forse, Foss.
50 Donald McGregor his sonne,
51,52,53 Donald, Alaster and Neale McGregor sonnes to John Neale McGregor in Strathtay,
54 Duncan McConnochie VcConochie Vcean in Rannoch,
55 Duncan bane McGregor in Fernan,
56 Allaster McCoull VcConnochie VcGregor in Glenlochie,
57 ……. McGregor sonne to Kallum bane McGregor there
58 Duncan McCallum bane VcGregor in Rannoch,
59 Gregor and John sonnes to umqule Gregor vig McGregor in Rannoch,
60 John dow McChallum Vcneale VcGregor in Fernan,
61 Callum Connonach McGregor in Rannoch,
62 …. McGregor his brother there,
63 Patrik McConnochie Vceandowie VcGregor there, Leader to these and many more McGregors,
64 Kallum Mcphaile in Forse,
[page 118]
65 Angus Mcphail his brother there.
66 William Stewart sonne to John Stewart in Urquhillblaries,
67 James Stewart sonne to John Stewart callit the page now in Atholl,
68 Neale McConnochie Vceanduywie in Rannoch,
69 Duncan Clerach bedall in Killin,
70 Finlay Clerache in Garth,
71, 72 Duncan buy Clerach and Duncan dow Clerach his brethren in …
73, 74 Gregor McGregor and Duncan McGregor sonnes to Robert Abroch ..
75 Duncan Fletcher McGregor in Rannoch, -~
76 John Mceanduwie VcEwin McGregor, Vagabond.
77 John dow McGregor in Dundurne,
78 Patrick McConnochie VcAllaster there.
79 McGregor his son there,
80 Patrick McConnochie vig McGregor in Balquhidder,
81 Patrick McConnochie VcPatrik there,
82 Gregor McConnochie VcEancham in Rannoch,
83 McGregor his son there,
84 John dow roy McConnochie VcEancharn in …
his three sons,
85 Kallum ure McConnochie VcGregor in ….
86 his sonne in ……….
87 Gregor McPatrik VcConnochie Reach in…
88 Patrik dow McGregor in ….
89 Allaster Dow M'Gregor VcPatrik in Strathspey
his sonnes in …..
90 Duncan reach beg McGregor in Strathspey,
91 John McCallum VcConnachie reach there,
92 his two brothers there,
93 Gregor McPatrik aldoch in Garth,
94 John McConnochie VcPatrik Aldoch there,
95 Kallum McGregor VcCoull in Glengyle under the Laird of Buchannan,
his nyne sons there.
96 Duncan roy McGregor sonne to Donald McGregor alias Mcillihuas in ….
97 Alaster McCheller alias McGregor in ……
98 John dow McAlaster pudrach in ……
99 John dow McPatrik ewin VcGregor in Innerveik,
100 Alexander McGregor his brother in …….
101 Donald Mcilroy servitor to the said Kallum McGregor Tutor aforesaid,
102 Duncan roy McGregor sonne to Patrik McConnochie VcGregor at the end of Loch Earn. 103 John McGregor McConnochie vaine in ….
[page 119]
104 John buy McGregor in ….
105 John Glasse McGregor in Menteith, under the Earl of Perth,
106 Neale McConnell VcNeale VcGregor in Glenalmond,
107 Patrik Drummond in Ardlarich,
108 John dow Drummond in heides of ……
109 John McGregor VcPatrik in Tombay,
110 Donald McGregor Vcpatrik and Donald Clerach in Tombay,
111 Robert McClairen in Corriechrombie,
112 John Mcpatrik in Anie,
113 Archibald McLaran his brother there,
114 John Dow McRobert VcCleran in Stank,
115 John Dow McPharlan alias Ariach in Lark,
116 Alexander Fergusone in Innervuckling,
117 Donald Fergusone in Lagan both in Strathyre,
118 Duncan Lamb Mcpatrik dow in …
119 Mcarthur tailzeour in Bracklan,
his two sons,
120 John Mceanwire in Dullater,
121 Duncan McCoull in Kilmore,
122 John McArlich VcGregor and
123 Charles McArlich his sonne in ….
124 John McDuff sometime in Tom carron in Strathbrand,
125 Donald McGillechrist VcKier in Tullibannocher,
126 John Comrie sonne to Alaster Comrie in Mewie
127 Dougall oge McCallum VcCoull in Balquhannan,
128 John dow McCallum VcCoull in Innerlochlarich, in the Bray of Balquhidder,
129 John Dow Fleiger there,
130 Kallum his sonne there,
131 Patrik roy sonne to Neale McGregor there,
132 Kallum oge McCoull in Craigruy,
133 John McGregor VcEan in Rowfan,
134 John McGillphatrik in Bray of Leny, servitor to McCanter ther who was at the burning of the house of Aberurchill
135 Duncan and William Drummonds in Achalavich,
136 John glasse Drummond there,
137 Callum McCondoy glas VcGregor in Garriechrew at Mewie,
138 Gregor McGregor brother to Kallum McGregor under the Laird of Buchannan, likewise in Glengyle.
139, 140, 141, 142 his foure sonnes callit John, Callum, Gregor, and Donald McGregor,
[page 120]
143 Callum McGregor guerr McCoull in Killetter in Glenfalloch,
144, 145 his two sonnes there,
146 John roy McIllmichael and
147 William Mclllmichael under the Earl of Perth in Glenlichernie.
at the Market Croces of the Burgh of Dumbartan heid burgh of the Sherreffdome of Dumbartan, at the Market Croce of Sterling heid burgh of the Shereffdome of Sterling, at the Market Croce of Dumblane heid burgh of the Regalitie thereof at the Market Croce of Creif heid burgh of the Stewartrie of Stratherne, at Tapali¬tanum the Castle of Doune held place appointed for proclamations within the Stewartrie of Menteith, and at the Market Croces of Perth and Dunkell respective quoniam non patebat tutus accessus to manie of their dwelling places, and in regard manie of them have no certaine dwelling places or places of residence To have appeared before the said Committee of Parliament at Perth at ane certaine day bigane with certification and to the effect before mentioned as in the Execu¬tions and Indorsations thereof at mair length is contained Which Haill Persones abovenamed being ofttymes called at the Haill Window of the Lewetennent Generall's House in Perth, where the said Committee sate for the time And they nor nane uthers in their name compeirand And the said Committee of Estates having at length considered the said Certification and Charge given upon the said Precept in manner foresaid and being fullie therewith advised They Do Find that the foirnamed persones and ilkane of them because of their not compeirance have incurred the paine contained in the Certification And therefore the said Committee of Estates do hereby Declare the said haill abovewritten persones and ilk ane of them to bee enemies to this Kingdome and Ordaines them to bee proceeded against accordinglie Declareing alwayes Lyke as it is hereby Declared That if betwix and the first day of November nixt the said persones shall subscribe the Band for the peace of the Kingdome enjoined bee and conteined in the Act of Parliament of the 26th of Januarie last and shall in like manner subscribe the other Band enjoined bee the said Committee to be subscribed bee Landlords Chiftaines of Clannes and Baillies quhere broken men do reside and dwell bee act of the said Committee of the 27th instant and find suretie and caution for that effect as is thereby prescryved The said persones or such of them who shall so subscryve and find suretie shall be exonered Lyke as the said Committee in that caice doth hereby exoner them of this present Decreit and of all that may follow thereon." -Record of Committee of Estates, in which the foregoing paper is titled "Decreit contra the McGregors and utheris." [1]  
Vol. from Jan. to Nov. 1649.

“1649. August 30th.

"Bond of Caution by Alexander Menzies of Comrie for John McClaran portioner of Dulshian, James Stewart of Westerclunie, and John dow McGregor [page 121] in Belnachamick, that they shall keep the peace of the kingdome &c; and also for himself and his tennants and servants to the same effect. He further binds himself, 'That none of the persones particularlie or generallie ahove expressed shall in anie tyme coming receave in their houses, supplie, shew favour, furnish meit, drinke, house or harbour or keip trystes meetings or Conventions with anie of these who formerlie were of the name of Clangregor, and who shall yet reteine the said name.' He Binds himself, to the same effect, in another Bond, for the Laird of Weyme and all his Dependers." -Record of Committee of Estates.

"1649. September 13th.

“Letter from the Committee of Estates to the Marquis of Argyll.

"Right Honourable

"Wee receaved yor Lo/ Letter of the 6th instant shewing us that the Clan-gregor desire you to mediat for them And that Mucklean and the Captain of Clan Ronald are still in Rebellion Whereto Wee returne this answer That, for the better gaining of the Clangregor into obedience and preserving the Peace of the Countrey in those parts, your Lo/ is heerby warranted to offer unto them a delay and prorogation of the Sentence given against them at Perth untill the first of November nixt Provided that, betwixt and the said tyme they subscribe the bond whereof Wee sent your Lo/ a Coppy. And find ther Landlords and other Respon¬sall gentlemen to be Cautioners for them Wee doe lykewyse referr unto yor Lo/ to take the Lyke bonds of those in Lochaber and Badinoch And as to the seducing of the Mackleans, and Captain of Clanronald, Wee desyre yor Lo/ to give yor opinion to the Comittee, how they may be most effectually pursued, and brought into obedience, that order may be given to the Lieut. Generall to goe about that service accordingly as yor Lo/ and he shall judge most expedient The being all we have to say for the present wee remane Yor affect frends."
-From Copy in General Register House, Edinburgh.

“1650. February 19th.

"Commission against Gregor Mcpatrik aldoch &c

“The Committee of Estates considering that Gregor Mcphadrick aldach and John McGregor with their Complices, being eighteene in number have latelie killed umqle James Campbell of Duncrosk and John Campbell his brother And also considering that sundry acts of Parliament have beene formerly made for reducing the ClanGregor into obedience And that by ane Act of the last Session of Parliament manie of the said ClanGregor were sumonded to appear before the Committee of Parliament at Perth and for their not appearance were declared enemies to the Kingdome and to bee proceeded against accordinglie. &c."

-Commission of Fire and Sword given to Lieut Genl David Leslie against the abovementioned. Record Committee of Estates.

[page 122]
"1650. March 28th.

"Commission against the ClanGregor.

"Whereas in regard &c and sua furth the Cation as is conteined in the Scroll of the Comission against Gregor Mcphadrick although the samen be scorit with the amendments till yow have done with the mentioning of the sumonding of them at Perth, And then say, And in like manner wheras the Com: of Estates be their Decreit and sentence given and pronounced against manie of the said ClanGregor this day, Have for the not appeerance of the said persones being sumonded to appear before the said Committee or obtempering such orders as should be enjoyned vnto them for the Peace of the Kingdome, Declared the saids persons and ilk ane of them enemies to the samen, and to be proceeded against accordinglie And have ordained them and ilk ane of them to be All Denunced rebells, and letters to be Issued forth against them for that end; But the Committee of Estates being yet Desyrous to reclame the said ClanGregor from their wicked practises and to bring them to the obedience of the Lawes of the Kingdome Have suspended the execution of the said sentence vntill the 25th day of April next To the effect the said ClanGregor may repair to Lieut Genl David Leslie at the day and place. And give suretie vnderwritten And that they may pretend no Ignorance thereof Have appointed Dew and Publick Intimation to he maid at the saids croces to all Landlords, baillies & Chiftains of Clanns within whose bounds or Jurisdiction the said ClanGregor or vther broken men do haunt or dwell To repaire to the said Lieut Genll the said day & place & give Sureties as efterspecefeit Therfore the Committee of Estates Doth hereby authorize with free power and Commission to the said Lievt Genll David Leslie To repaire to the toune of Foulls in Stratherne upon the said Twentie fyfth day of Aprile nixt And there to receive such surety & Caution from the said ClanGregor as they are ordained to give, for keeping of the peace of the Kingdome As also to receive from all Landlords, baillies and Chiftains of Clanns for all the Clangregor and broken men haunting or resting in their bounds With Power also to the said Lieut Generall or to anie having authority, from him To passe, follow, pursue and apprehend all such of the said Clangregor as shall not come in to him the said day and find surety as aforesaid wherever thes may be apprehended and their associats and followers taking part with them And if thes or any of them for aschewing of apprehension shall flee to Strengths, Houses, Castles, lIes or elsewhere Wee give power to the Lieut Generall or Anie haveing authoritie from him as aforsaid To beseige &c. as in the clause to Gregor Mcphadrick Livinstoun And then in the next clause And in caice it shall happen the said ClanGregor to bee pursued or their said associats …… And so furth &c ……. And ordanes such of the said ClanGregor to be persued as aforsaid, Or of the said associats takeing part with them as shall be apprehended to be punished by ……or otherwise ……. as the said Lievt Genll shall think fit And furder findes as in Gregor Mcphadrick Cumand to the last clause …. [page 123] wher it says of ClanGregor the said ClanGregor to be persued efter the said 25th day of Aprile next (More directions to the Clerk, which are confused and nearly all illegible) And the said Lieut Genll Is to give in to the Parliament or the said Committee, all Cautions & Sureties whom he shall receive from the said ClanGregor or the said Landelords, baillies & Chiftanes of Clannes the said day and place for the effect abovementioned, sic subscribitur Loudoun Canllrius, Lorne, A. Johnston, A. Belsches, To. Nicolson, Arthur Ersken, W. Scotte, Sir J. Wauchope, S. T. Stewart, T. Campbell, Jo. Cheislie." From Original in General Register House, Edinburgh.

"1650. March 28th. Based on the preceding draft.

"Precept of Intimation for the ClanGregor.

"Forasmuch as the Committee of Estates be their decreit and Sentence given and pronuncit this day against Manie of the Clangregor Have for the not compeirance of the said Persones being cited to appear before the said Parliament or Committee of Estaits or Secret Councell To vnderly and obtemper such orders as should be Prescryved vnto them for the Peace of the Kingdome find that the said Persones and ilk ane of them have Incurred the pane conteined in the certification of the Precept Issued foorth against them for that effect And Therefore have declared the said Persones and ilk ane of them to be denunced rebells and letters to be Issued foorth against them for that end But the Committee of Estates being yet desyrous to reclame the said ClanGregor from their wicked practises and to bring them to the obedience of the Laws of the Kingdome have suspended all execution of the said Sentence against the said Persones vntill the …. day of …. next To the end that the said Clangregor may repaire to Lieutennent Generall David Leslie as having power from the said Committee to the Kirktoun of Foules the said day & give the suretie vnderwrittin As the said Decreit appointing Intimation to the said Persones and to the haill Clangregor & utheris efterspecifeit in manner vnderwrittin at mair length bears Therefore the Committee of Estates Doth hereby ordaine and command Heraulds Pursevants and Messingers of armes conjunctlie and severallie forthwith vpon sight hereof To passe to the market Croces of Perth Stirline and Dumbartan And to the Paroche Kirks of Callander, Comrie, Balquhidder, Kinmore, Forthingall, Killin, Buchannan, Monnie, Foulis, Creiff, Monyvaird, and Muthil And there be open Proclama¬tion efter reading of thir presents To make Intimation hereof And to warne requyre and charge the haill Clangregor except Gregor Mcphadnck aldich and his Complices against whom Commission is alreadie given before the dait hereof who are nawayes Includit herein To repaire to the said Leivetennent Generall David Leslie haveing power aforsaid in ane peaceable manner at the said Kirktoun of foulis vpon the Twentie fyfth Day of Aprile next And there to give such suretie for the peace of the Kingdome as hee [page 124] is warranted to receive from them And siclyke to warne all Landslords Baillies and Chiftaines of Clannes within whose bounds and Jurisdiction the said ClanGregor or anie of them, Or anie vther broken men, do reside haunt or dwell To repaire in peaceable manner to the said Lieut Genll haveing power as said is day and place forsaid To give such suretie for the said ClanGregor and broken men as thes are lyable to for them, according to the Lawes of the Kingdome and power given to the said Lieut Genll theranent And the Committee aforsaid Doth Declare that the said Clan Gregor, Landlords, Baillies and Chiftanes of Clannes shall be permitted to come and returne with freedome the said day & place for the effect beforementioned, the said sentences to be putt in execution against all such of the Clangregor as shall not come and give the suretie aforsaid efter the said day." -Copied from the Scroll amongst the Parliamentary Papers in General Register House, Edinburgh.

"1650. June 4th.

"The which day Colene Campbell of Dundurne being oft times called as cautioner for reporting of our Sovereign Lord's letters duly executed and indorsed and pursuit thereof at the instance of James Campbell of Duncroske as father, Duncane Campbell as brother, with the remanent kin and friends of umqle James and Jon Campbell's sons to the said James Campbell of Duncroske, To take surety of Gregour Mcphadrik aldoche indweller in Garthe in Atholl …… Mcgregour Mcewne dow patrick both vagabonds haunting within the Sherifdom of Perth for their personal compearance before his Majesty's Justice and his deputes this day and place To underly the law for the cruel slaughter and murder of the saids &c committed in February last in manner specified in the said letters (incomplete)."-Record of Justiciary.

"June 6th.

"Complaint Drummond of Machanie against Gregour McGregour Mcphadrick aldoche in the maynes of Garthe in Athol and Patrick roy McGregour his brother in the Rannache for horse stealing in September 1645."-Record of Justiciary.

"June 7th.

"Harie Stirling younger of Ardoche against Gregour glas McGregour abrache, Duncan roy McCallum Vcgregour Vcphadrick aldoche, Jon M'Gregour Mceane dowie in Dowletter, Jon McGregour McCondaehie in Learachan Rannache for horse stealing in August 1648. "-Record of Justiciary.

"1651. February 12th.

"The Committee of Estaites considering that the Island of Mulloch [2]   perteining to Colin Campbell of Mochastell latelie commanded be Gregor Mcphatrick may bee a fitt and secure place for keiping and preserving such goodes and geare as shall be putt in there by the Countrie people thereabout if some trustee[page 125] and sufficient persone were appointed to have the command thereof &c. - John Stewart of Annat appointed Governor." -Record of Committee of Estates.

“1651. March, see page 113.

"Supplication of Calum McCondochie vic ewen vic gregor and Ewan McCon-dochie vic ewen.

"To the King's most Ext Ma: and to the Honourable, and High Court of Parlia-ment the Humble petition of Calum McCondachie Vic euen and Euen McCondochie euen for themselves and in name and behalf of the wholl Name of Mcgregor. "Sheweth

"That Notwithstanding by the act of Leavie it is ordained That all Clanns shall come out in the present service for defence of Religion King and Kingdoms under their Chiftaines In obedience whereunto and by warrant from the Lord Marquis of Argyle, and Lient. Generall David Leslie, your petitioners are conveened and by them appoynted to defend the passes at the heads of forth as there order thereanent here to shew will testify; yett nevertheless the Earle of Atholl and the Laird of Buchanan contrarie to the said act of Parliament is daylie troubling us for more, May it therefore please your Ma: and the Estates of Parlia¬ment To comand the said Earle of Atholl to deliver to us whatsoever proportion wee putt forth to his Regiment, and to discharge the said Laird of Buchanan to trouble, or demand from us any more, to the effect your petitioners are actuallie imployed in your Ma: and the Countries service That your Ma: and the Parlia¬ments wald assigne us a quarter for our enterteanement And your Ma: and the parliaments answere." Parliamentary Record, printed Edition, 1814.

March 31st.

"The King's Matie and Estaittis of parliament Remittis the supplicatione within wreattin and desire of the Supplicants yairin mentionat To be takin in considera¬tione be the comittee of estaittis with power to thame ather to determein point in thameselfis (if they find thameseiffis Judges competent) or To remitt the same to any other Judicatorie competent. M. David Hay." Parliamentary Record, printed edition, 1814.

"June 11th.

"The Committee of Estates ordered 'Callum McGregor and Ewin McGregor' to repair to Stirling, and to bring along with them their followers and servants for the public Service, and that they be at Stirling on the 17th," -Parliamentary Record, printed edition, 1814.

"November 21st.

"William Napier of Ardmoire to Hew McGregor, Brother to Malcolm McGregor in Stukinroy, Obligation for 500 merks Scots."-Recorded 22nd November 1661, Register of Deeds. "1653. June 14th, at Ballachastell.
"Alexander McGregor & John MacNab; to William MacGregor, Brother [page 126] german to the said Alexander MacGregor in Carnoche Obligation for 226 merks Scots."-Recorded 7th June 1670, Register of Deeds.

“July 30th.

“King Charles II.'s standard had on the 27th July been raised at Killin. Mercurius Politicus No.167 states, Edinburgh August 1653: "We now have certain intelligence that on the 27th July Charles Stuart's standard was set up at Killing. On that day 40 horsemen, well mounted with swords and pistols, went by the house of Doune (Doune Castle) towards the Highlands and on the 28th Sir Mungo Murray went thither in the night; and Kenmore with 100 horsemen crossed the Water of Clyd, and went by Duntreth towards Killing and is returned into the South to raise more forces. On the 30th Glencairn was at Maggrigor's House in Loth Kennoth (Loch Ranooch the Hall on the Island) and listed three men there. To each he gave 2/6 and sent them for the lowlands, there to be in readiness and return on notice." [3]  

"An account of the expedition of William 9th Earl of Glencairn as General of His Majesty's Forces in the Highlands of Scotland 1653-1654, written by John Graham of Deuchrie who was eye and ear witness to all that passed from first to last." [4]  

"The Earl of Glencairn went from his own house of Finleston in the beginning of August, 1653 to Lochearn, where several of the Clans did meet him, viz the Earl of Atholl, MacDonald of Glengarie, Cameron of Lochyell, ordinarily called MacEldney, John Graham of Deuchrie, Donald [5]   MacGregour tutor of MacGregour, Farquharson of Inverey, Robertson of Strowan, MacNachtane of MacNachtane, Archibald Lord Lorn, afterwards earl of Argyle, Colonel Blackader of Tullyallan.

"These gentlemen, after some few days consultation with his lordship, did promise to bring out what forces they could with all expedition. My lord, notwithstanding, did lie to and from the hills, not having any with him but the writer of this, and three servants, for the space of six weeks.

"The first forces that came to, him here, were brought by John Graham of Deuchrie: they were forty footmen. Within two or three days after came Donald MacGregour the Tutor, with eighty footmen. Having been joined by some eighty Horse and about the same number of Lowlandmen on foot and marched to Deuchrie, Glencairn's rising attracted the attention of the parliamentary authorities.

"Colonel Kidd, [6]   Governor of Stirling, being informed that the king's forces were come so near him, did march with the most part of his Regiment of foot and troop of horse, to Aberfoyle, within three miles from the place where my Lord General did lie, who, having intelligence thereof, did march with the small force he had, [page 127] to the pass of Aberfoyle; and drawing up his forces within the pass, did distribute his footmen on both sides thereof, very advantageously; and the horse which were commanded by Lord Kenmure, were drawn up on the wings of the foot. He gave orders that Captain Hamilton who com¬manded the Lowlandmen, called Gravats with Deuchrie's men should receive the first charge, which they did very gallantly; and at the very first encounter, the enemy began to retire back. The General perceiving the same, did com¬mand the Highland forces to pursue, as also Lord Kenmure with the Horse he had. The enemy began upon this, downright to run; they were pursued very hard, they lost on the spot about sixty, and about eighty were killed in the pursuit: no prisoners were taken. My Lord General having succeeded so well, from all places men did daily come in to him. We then marched to LochEarn, and from that to Loch Rannoch, where at the Hall in the Isle of Loch Rannoch the Clans met him.

"The Clans who met him at Loch Rannoch brought their forces with them: the Laird of Glengarie brought three hundred very pretty men - the Laird of Lochyell brought four hundred Lochaber men - the Tutor of MacGregour had then about two hundred men with him."

This is the last mention of the MacGregors in Glencairn's expedition but it is probable that they may have accompanied him in his various marches till he capitulated with General Monk, 4th September 1654. It is to be observed that although Graham of Deuchrie's account is that of one of the Earl of Glencairn's officers - yet he is undoubtedly in error in naming the Tutor of MacGregor as Donald. We know positively from the public Records that his name was Malcolm and therefore the mis¬nomer must have been a slip of memory.

From the "Chartulary"

“1653. October 5th.

"To our Trusty and well-beloved the Tutor of McGregor. "Charles R
"Trusty and well-beloved we greet you well since the affection of our good subjects in the Highlands is now so notorious that the Rebells themselves begin to confess some apprehension of their power and the mischief would be irreparable if after so gallant an attempt to redeem their countrie from the slaverie and dishonor it groans under they should, for want of concurrence in the wholl natione be reduced to extremitie and made a prey to the bloodie and merciless English Rebells who intende ane utter extirpatioune of the Nobilitie and ancient Gentrie of that kingdome We thought it fitt in ane especiall maner to Recommend so important a consideration to you, and to desyre you that if upon any privat and particular reasone you have hitherto forborn to engage yourself for those who ar [page 128] now in arms for ws, that you will, as soon as they who ar entrusted by ws shall desyre you, join with thame And use your utmost interest and power to advance our service by drawing all our friends and Dependants to a conjunctione with thame; and as we also endeavouring all we cane to procure arms, ammunitionne and uther supplys to be sent unto you by degrees, and in such a maner as we find most convenient, so we directed Liuetennent Generall Middleton himself speedily to repair to you as soon as he cane obtaine such a supply as we hope will not requir much mor time And we doubt not but God Almightie will bless you in this enter¬prise, and we shall never forget the service you shall do us and the alacrity you shall express therein, and so we bid you heartily farewell.-Gevin at Chantilly the fyfth daye of October One thousand sex hundred and fyftie three years and the year of our Reigne."

- “Transumpt in the archives of MacGregor of Balhaldies. As Malcolm McConnichie Vic Ewin, or Malcolm Douglas, afterwards of Ewir in Glendochart, was now known as Tutor of McGregor, this document probably existed in the original in the archives of McGregor of Kilmanan, his representative, and found its way into the Balhaldies Collection, through Rob Roy, about the time of Balhaldies's election, by Rob and others, to the station of Captain of the ClanGregor in 1714"

“1655. August 15th.

“My Noble Lords,

"According to ane order I received from the Generall for removeing of differences and setleing of ane agriement betwixt the Buchananes and Mcgregors, I did convein the speciall men of both syds, and after conference with them, they have condescendit and agried that all differences questioned and caused, civil and criminall betwixt them 'be settled?' And lykwayes that surety either of the saids parties shall for themselves and behalfe of their wholl kinred and name give for peaceable liveing and Indemnitie In tyme to cum shalbe referrit and submittit to the Judgement and Decisione of yor lop. for the past part of the Mcgregors and to the lord Cardross and Livtennent Generall Hapburne for the part of the Buchanans and in caice of any difference or variance betwixt the afoir sd arbitrators they have named and chosen me to be oversman ffor determineing of all differences and their are six persones for each syd quhose names are contained in the inclosed list who are to be take burding in the sd submission and to become obleist for obsereing, performeing and fulfilling quhilk ever shalbe dicernit and ordained to be done be aither of them and their name and kindred to others concerning the particulars before mentioned and have appointed ane meitteing for perfecteing and subscriveing ane permissioune for that effect to be at Dunblane the fyft day of September next wher the parties submitters whose names are conteined in the inclosit list [page 129] and the freinds and arbiters chosen for them are to subscryve the submissioune all quhilk I thought fitt to communicat to your lops entreateing you will be pleasit to keip the foirsd meiteing and contribute yor best advyce and Indeavour for setling of that busnes and I sall be willing for my part to give my best advyce and accept upoune me the decisioune of any variance or difference iff any happin to be in the foirsd matter and in the mean tym I have taken assurance and (of?) the laird of Lenie and of Callum Mccondechie wt him and Pat. roy Mcphadrick alduch that ther sall be a cessatioune and forbearance of all acts of hostilie and all trouble and molestatioune betwixt the forsd parties and ther names to the forsd submissioune perfectit and subscribed and item thereof to be an article and conditioune of the submissioune and the decreit in the submissioune to be betwixt, and the first day of March next and I remaine: Your lops affectionate freind and servant
Argyle. Rosneath, 5 August 1655.

"This is the just authentick and true copie and double of the lord marquise letter collationed and subt by me J. Blackwoode not publict. ffor my Noble Lordes My Lord Drummond and my Lord Madertie."
-Leny Papers.

"September 4th.

"Precept of Clare Constat by John Campbell fiar of Glenurchie, with consent of John Campbell his eldest son and apparent heir, dated at Finlarig, 4th September 1655, in favour of Patrick Grahame sumtyme McGregor, eldest lawful son and nearest and lawful heir of umqle James Graham sumtyme of Bracklie of the 2 merk Land of Bracklie, lying in the Barony of Glenurquhay, and Sherifdome of Argyll. On this Precept Sasine followed, by Instrument dated 6th, and recorded, 10th day of the said month and year." General Register of Sasines at Edinburgh.

"September 12th, at Doune.

"The which day James Lord Drummond, David Lord Madertie, Judges, Arbiters and amicable compositors nominated, elected and chosen for the part of the name of Clangrigoure, David Lord Cardross, James Holburne of Menstrie, Judges, Arbiters and amicable compositors nominated, elected and chosen for the part of the Name of Buchanane on the other part, to witness their care and respect to the desire of the Lord Marques of Argyll his Lordships letter, anent the agree¬ment of the said two Clans. In reference to what Injuries have been committed betwixt them since the last letter of the slaines anno 1631, whereby their friends had been at his LordshIp and nominated his Lordship oversman in the said matter, the said noblemen, Judges foresaids, have met and convened at this time with one and others of the said two parties under subscryvand friends and that at the special desire of the said two parties, that for establishing and keeping a true and friendly [page 130] agreement betwixt the said two Clans, In all time coming, that six more men of the said two Clans on One and either side be added and eikit to the six on ane and either side nominated and listed to the said noble Lords. My Lord Marques Argyll sent hithertill his Lordship's letter, namely for the said Clangreigour, Allan McConachie vic Kewin, Gregor McConachie Grigor in Rora, Donald Glass Mcallum vic Gregor vic Doulcheir, Pat roy Mcphadrick alich, Pat McCondochie abroach, Pat McCondochie beg in Dalbeigh, in My Lord Marquiss list and added Pat. McCondochie vie Dowie in Rannach, John McGillespik there, Jon McGregor roy in Leragan, Duncane McChallum baine alich, John Roy McGregor in Innervair, Pat. McCallister in Dunblaine, as the other six which makes up the twelve in number And for the name of Buchanane the Lairds of Buchanane, Lennie, Drummakeill, Arnpryor, William Buchanane of Ros, Duncane Buchanan of Caslie Which parties undersubscribing faithfully bind and oblige them conjunctly and severally to meet and convene at Dunblaine the twenty third day of October next to come and bring with them personally all the forenamed friends respective to bind and subscribe with them conjunctly and severally on one and other sides for keeping and observing a friendly peace in all time coming betwixt them and to sign a submission conform to the Intent of the Lord Marquiss letter as oversman and give such asithement and good security to others as the Judges shall think expedient at their meeting and in the meantime the said parties shall keep hence-forth their friendly peace and good will not harming one or other of the said Clans in body or goods, Consenting these presents be registrated in any Judicatory books within this nation for preservation and constitute
….. their procurators In witness whereof these presents are subscribed as follows and written by Hairie Blackwood notar, day year and place foresaid Subscribed thus R. Buchanan of Lennie, W. Buchanan, J. Buchanan of Arnepryor, Wm. Buchanane, Duncan Buchanane, … McGregor, Patrik Drummond, Callum McGregor, Patrik roy, Pat abroch, these three by an Notar H. Blackwood.

"Noblemen subscribed thus. J. Drummond, Madertie, Cardross, Ja. Holburne. "The above is a transumpt, modernized in the spelling, of a notarial copy by Hairie Blackwood notary public. Subscribed: H. Blackwode notar publict."

"October 24th at Callander.

"Convened the Laird of Buchanan and Malcolm MacGrigor Tutor, and find¬ing all former meetings ineffectual for taking away the differences betwixt their names Did condescend that three or four the especials of each particular race of their names should bind for all whatsomever came of their races, that they shall do no manner of damage, skaith or prejudice in body or goods, to any of the other name nor in any kind be art or part with those of any other, that does the same.

[page 131]
As likewise that the race of Buchanan of Lenie and those of Duncan Ladosich's house shall find such sureties as friends on both sides shall think fitting and condescend on the foresaid sureties and obligations," which? "are to be given by each to others any day my Lord Argyll will appoint to bothe parties after his home comeing. As likewise the Laird of Buchanan and the Tutor promises faithfully and upon oath that they will concur against and to the utmost of their power be enemies, to any whatsoever of the races that will not condescend to bind or to be bound as aforesaid. As likewise for effectuating of the premises, the rolls of those that are to be bound for the particular races are to he given in by Buchanan and the Tutor to each other betwixt and the month of December And further they condition that all differences betwixt the Buchanans of Lenie and Duncan Ladosich's house be referred to the four chosen in my Lord Argyle's letter and stating their agreement to my Lord Himself And in the meantime The laird of Buchanan and Malcolm McGregor are bound for their whole re¬spective names that they will abstain from all acts of Hostility until the premises be performed Before these witnesses Johne Stuart of Annet, Walter Stuart his brother and Captain Drumond, Day and place foresaid."
(Signed) Buchanane
Cardross witnes
The mark of the tutour M'Gregor.
S. Haldane witnes"
-Original of Letter in the Leny Collections.

“Letter from the Earl of Atholl afterwards 1st Marquis adressed for

Gregor M'indowie in Gaulauck in Strathavene.
"Assured Freind
"1 am informed by Donald M'Gregor that you haue ane intentione to cam and leive in this Cuntrie and that you are mor desirus to leive in my lands then in any odyr man's Landis Therefor thos are to assure you that there is no Landis that I haue that can be spairit but you shall haue it to live in In the mean tyme I desire you to curn and speack with me Untill which tyme I shall remaine your freind
Tu imatt May ye 6 1655."

This letter dated it is supposed from Tullimet, was copied from the Original by "John MacGregor, St Anne's Street," probably John MacGregor of the [page 132] Commercial Bank and sent to Sir John MacGregor Murray by him.

From the "Chartulary"

"1655. December 28th.

"Gregor MacGregor in Gowlarich in Strathdowine [7]   and John MacGregor his only lawful son had a charter of the lands of Easter Drumnacharrie extending to a 40 shillingland of old extent lying in the Earldom of Atholl, Barony of Garth & Shire of Perth under reversion of 3000 merks from John Earl of Atholl dated 28th December 1655.

"Donald McGregor in Drumnacharrie is a witness to the Sasine, which is, dated 4th April and recorded 6th May 1656, at Perth."-Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

“1656. January 22nd.

"Sasine Gregor McGregor of Ardoche & Agnes McGregor his Spouse, and to their Heirs male to be procreate betwixt them &c of the Lands of Ballabeig, in Parish of Ailleche & Shire of Aberdeen on Charter by James Farquharsone of Whythous dated Dec. 1655 Recorded 20th February 1655."-Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

"Mar. 27th.

"Wiliam Napier of Ardinmore, taking burthen for Mary Napier, his lawful Daughter, on one part; and Hew McGregor in Kirkhill, on the other. Contract of Marriage Tocher £600 Scots. Witnesses, Archibald Napier eldest son of the said William, & John Buchanan of Carbeth." -Register of Deeds.

"June 3rd.
"Our verie goid lord
"Yor lo/ be pleasit know that we haveing haid severall meittings both heir and elsyr (elsewhere) for setling ye Buchanans & Clangregor We md they differ so far in some things It is almost impossible be ws to agree theme without great discontent to ather parties And therefore we remitt it to your Lo/ So far as we have with no litill paines proceidit in the matter is all lying in Hew Blackwoods hands quho was or wreater in ye bussines Quho on Demand will readilie give ye full extracts of ther Claimes & or proceidis upon ye bussines We remain Yor lo/ most humble Servants
Drummond; Madertie;Cardross; Ja: Holburne.

Dunblane 3, June 1656.

Addressed "ffor our verie guid Lord "The Lord Marquess of Argyll;”
-Original of Letter in the Leny Collections.
[page 133]
“1656. October 3rd.

“Be it kend till all men be thir presente letteres Me Johne Grahame off Dowchray To grant my self justlie resting aweing to Alexr Cochoune Fiar of Camistroddan severall soymes of money to himself and quharin he stande ingaged for me They ar to say three thousand merks stok and anvell and charge as the said band bearis quherein my estcheat and lyfrentt fell In his hande cautioner for ye Earll of Airth the soome of tua thousand merks be contract of marriage lykvayes ye saide Alexr Colqholoone is Ingaged for me to John McGregor In Dunverick and to Thomas Grahame my brother germane the soome off three thousand fyve hunder merke money In warrandice and for releiff off all which soomes the saide Alexr Colchoun hes my liferent and gift of escheat in his Hande Therfoir witt ze me the said Johne Grahame to releiff the saide Alexr Colchoone for ye saide soomes with the haill anuell rente theroff and all cost scaith and charges he sall sustein or incurre therby be ony manner of way q'soever and that I sall not trouble nor molest or hinder ye saide Alexr Colchoune in ye peaceable possession of all my estcheatable goode or geir q'soever conteined in ye saide gift ay and whill I fullie releiff him and pey all this soomes of money abonspecifeit as said is and see farder verificatione heiroff I am content and consente thir presentes be Insert and registrat In the buike off cousall or ony vther buike competente within this kingdome to obtein decreite thervpon That lettere may pass as effeire on ane semple charge off sex dayes allenlarlie and for that effect constitutt my proquitor promitten decreto In witnel q'off writtin and subscryved be me ye said Johne Grahame with my hand att Averfoill the third of October In vic fyftie sex zeire befoir thir witneses Thomas and Alexr Grahame my sonne and Gilbert Grahame Fiar of Blairqvell
Jo Grahame;
Tho Grahame wittnes;
Alexr Grahame wittnes;
G Grahame Wittnes"

-Original of Obligation in the Collection of Colquhoun of Camistraddan.

"December 18th.

"John Macgregor in Easter Innervar entered into a Contract of Wadsett with Campbell of Glenlyon whereby he acquired the two and half merk land of Easter Innervar in the Barony of Glenlyon under reversion of 1000 merks."

“1657. March 19th.

"Contract of marriage between John McGregor brother to Donald McGregor in Glengyle, and Margaret Menteith sister to Patrick Menteith of Arnbeg, and the said Patrick Menteith as taking burthen upon him for his sister, by which the last mentioned bound himself in consideration of the intended marriage to infeft the said John and his promised spouse in the Lands of Ballanmenoch in the Barony [page 134] of Rednoche and Shire of Perth in security of an annual rent of £40 Scots. Sasine followed upoun this Contract in favour of the said John and Margaret, dated 15th and recorded 30th days of April 1657."-General Register of Sasines at Edinr.

"1657. July 1st.

“Gregor Macgregor in Gowlarech in Strathdowin had a charter from John Earl of Atholl to himself and Christian McWilliam his spouse in liferent and to John Macgregor their son in fee of the lands of the Sunny half of Nether Urquhielaris lying in the Barony of Garth and Shire of Perth under reversion of 937 merks upon which infeftment followed dated 7th December. Patrick MacGregor in Hunthill is the Attorney for Christian, and Alexr MacGregor alias bowie in Kirkton of Fortingall & Donald McGregors in Easter Drumnacharrie are witnesses to the Sasine, which is recorded 30th December 1657."

"July 7th.

"William Napier of Ardinmoire, & Archibald Napier, his eldest son; to Hew McGregor, son-in-law of the said William Obligation for £200 Scots." -Register of Deeds.

"October 23rd.

"Patrik MacGregor in Avoch; to John Grant Elder of Ballindalloch - Obligation for £43 Scots. Recorded 17th May, 1663." -Register of Deeds.

“1658. April 16th.

“John MacGregor roy in Learagan in Rannoch entered into a Contract of Wadsett with the Earl of Atholl whereby he accquired right to the 2 merk land of Drumchastell in the Barony of Kinclevin and Shire of Perth under reversion of ……… He was infeft 11th June. Malcolm McGregor alias Mcean Vcpatrick in Kilchonan and Alexr McGregor in Learagan are Witnesses to the Sassine, which is recorded 30th June 1658."

"June 15th.

"Marriage Contract between Gregor MacGregor in Gaulurg for himself and as taking burden for John McGregor his eldest son on the one part and James Farquharson in Auchinheyll for himself and as taking burden on him for Elizabeth Farquharson his lawful daughter on the other part. Elizabeth's tocher is £1000 Scots to be paid by John Couper of Blackhibrick her Guidsher (Grand¬father)."-General Register of Deeds.

"June 15th, at Dunblane.

"Registration in the Commissary Books of Dunblane of Submission at Dunblane 24th May 1628 by Johne Grahame, John Campbell son to Barron Mclauchlan, and George Buchanan fear of Buchanan for himself and his friends on the one part, and Donald roy Mcphatrick Alich brother to umqle Patrick and Callum [page 135] Mcphatrick Aliches, Patrick Abroch son to umqle Duncan Abroch, and several other Macgregors on the other side, and of Decreet Arbitral at ffedell 24th October 1629 by John Earl of Perth, Archibald Lord Lorne, Sir James Campbell of Lawers Knight and Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch, in virtue of the above submission." -Transumpt of a Notarial Copy by Hairie Blakwode, notary public, in the Leny Collections.

"1658. August 25th.

"Obligation-Patrick MacGregor alias dow, Brewer in Weyme to Alexr McGregor alias Roy in the Kirktown of Weymes for 100 merks Scots." -General Register of Deeds.

“1659. February 3rd.

"At Stirling In ane quarter Sessioun held by sum Justices of his highnes' peace upon the third day of february 1659, the Laird of Touch being Chyrsman.
"Upon reading of ane petition given in be Captain Mcgregor mackand mention that several heritors and inhabitants of the paroches of Campsie, Dennie, Baldernock Strablane, Killearn, Gargunnock and others within the Schirrefdome of Stirling Did agree with him to oversee and preserve thair houses, goods and geir frae oppressioun and accordinglie did pay him and now that sum persones delay to Mack payment according to agreement and use of payment Thairfoir it is ordered that all heritors and inhabitants of the paroches afoirsaid mack payment to the said Captaine Mcgregor of their proportionnes for his said service till the first of febry last past without delay.
"All constables in the severall paroches are hereby commandit to see this order put in execution as they will answer the contrair. It is also hereby declared that all qo have been ingadgit in payment shall be liberat after such time that they goe to Captaine Hew McGregor [8]   and declare to him that they are not to expect any service fae him or he to expect any payment frae them. Just copie
Extracted be James Stirling Cl. of the peace for Archibald Edmonstone bailzie of Duntreath to be published at ye kirk of Strablane" - Copied from James Stirling's autograph in the possession of Edmondstone of Spittal, hereditable Baron Baillie of Duntreath.

"May 14th.

"Duncan MacGregor alias McCallum baine in Aulich disponed the 40 shilling land part of the 4 merk lands of Kinairdochie in Parish of Foss and Shire of Perth to Alexr Robertson Merchant in Cambusfernan who was infeft 16th May, [page 136] and his Sasine recorded 30th June 1659." -Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

“1659. May 27th.

"Duncan McGregor in Glenrinnes, to Robert Ranney, Collector of the Cess in Bamf - Obligation for £80 Scots." -Register of Deeds.

"May 28th.

“Feu Charter by James Marquess of Montrose of the 20 shilling land of Kilmanan in Barony of Mugdock Parish of Killearn and Shire of Stirling to Hugh McGregor in Craigievairn to him in life-rent and to John McGregor his son in fee-Infeftment 28th June." -Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire, 22 July 1659.

"November 11th.

"Alexr Robertson Merchant in Camusfernan disponed the 40 shilling land part of the 4 merk lands of Kinairdochie to Gregor and John MacGregors sons of Duncan McCallum baine in Aulich, who were infeft 12th December and their Sasine recorded 30th December 1659."

"November or December.

"Donald McGregor in Camvorone is mentioned in a Preceding Sasine, in favour of Camerons.

"December 8th.

“Contract betwixt John Buchanan of that ilk and Malcolm McGregor in Dow of Glengyle by which in consideration of the payment of ane thousand merks by the said Malcolm, the said John dispones the lands of Portnelland in the shire of Perth, dated at Buchanan December 8th, 1659 - The Laird of Buchanan signs 'J. Buchanan ' - Malcolm, by a Notary 'because he could not wreat'

"December 16th.

"Mary Macgregor spouse to John Macgregor in Easter Innervar, had a Charter from him of the third part of these lands in liferent dated 16th December 1659 - Infeftment 5th April 1660, Recorded 30th April, 1660." -Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"1660. March 26th.

"David Gregorie, Merchant, Burgess of Aberdeen, & Jeane Walker his Spouse - Sasine in their favour and their heirs and in the town and lands of Over Aschallache & Over Comestie, in Parish of Forgue, Barony of Frendraught & Shire of Aberdeen, on a Charter by Mr Alexander Gregorie of Finzeache - Recorded 29th March 1660." - Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

"June 30th.

"John MacGregor Roy in Drumchastell had a Charter of the three merk land of Learagan from Sir Alexr Menzies of that Ilk (following on a Contract of Wadsett) under reversion of ….. on which he was infeft 30th June 1660. Sasine recorded 13th August 1660."-Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

[page 137]
"1660. July 12th.

"John McGregor in Drumchastell, Principal, & Thomas Menzies of Instrafarie, Surety; to George Drummond, Chamberlain to Abercairney - Obligation for £225 Scots. Recorded 20th July 1665." -Register of Deeds.

“July 15th.

"Robert MacGregor in Dunfermline; to Walter Cunninghame Merchant Burgess of Edinburgh - Obligation for £18, 6s Scots - Recorded 13th January 1676." -Register of Deeds.

"August 4th.

"Gregor Macgregor in Ruskeith and Margaret McNab his spouse had a Charter of the lands of Ruskeith extending to a 3 merk land lying in the Barony of Glenlyon from Robert Campbell of Glenlyon following on a Contract of Wadsett - Infeft¬ment dated 11th and recorded 13th August 1660."

[2] The Ellen's Isle of Lady of the Lake

[3] See page 108. chapter 9 volume 2 Chapter 9

[4] Taken from published memoir, not from Sir Walter Scott's quotation.

[5] Malcolm

[6] The Colonel's name was Reid

[7] See letter on previous page

[8] See 28th May following. when Hew MacGregor in Craigievairn obtains a Feu-charter of Kilmanan.