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Amelia Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chronicle of Fortingall

[page 56}
THE so-called Chronicle of Fortingall, compiled by James MacGregor, Vicar of Fortingall and Dean of Lismoir, contains a most valuable abstract of the contemporaneous history of the ClanGregor, and therefore it is here given, omitting many entries not connected with the Clan. The Chronicle was continued from 1531 by the Curate of Fortingall. The first portion was published in the original Latin, with a translation by Mr. Gregory, in 1831, and advantage of this translation has been taken on the next page, whilst the latter part has been copied from the Black Book of Taymouth, merely translating the few words of Latin.

Translation of Dean MacGregor’s Chronicle, [1]   by Donald Gregory, Esq:-

“1092. Death of Malcolm Kenmoir, the elder [2]   King of Scotland, at Alnwick. And Qwiene Margret heir and the deid of hir husband died within thre dais thairefter in the said year. The translation of Queen Margaret was in the year 1092.

“1107. Death of Edgar, King of Scotland, at Dundee. He reigned nine years and three months.

“1124. Death of Alexander I., King of Scotland, in Striweleich. He reigned eighteen years and three months.

“1153. Death of David I., King of Scotland, at Carlisle. He reigned twenty-nine years and twenty days. He died on the 9th of the Kalends of June and was buried at Dunfermlyne before the great altar.

“1165. Death of Malcolm the younger (IV.), King of Scotland, in Gedwart. [3]   He reigned twelve years six months and twenty days.

“1213. Death of William, King of Scotland, at Streulyne. He reigned fifty-one years.”

[page 57}
“1247. Death of Alexander II King of Scotland at Kerueroy, [4]   he reigned thirtyfive years.

“1250. The re-enterment of the said Margaret Queen of Scotland (Queen of Malcolm Kenmore) took place.

“1285. Death of Alexander III at Kyngorne; he reigned thirtysix years and eight months.

“1314. Battle of Bannochburn.

“1328. [5]   Death of Robert I King of Scotland at Cardross he reigned twentythree years.

“1333. Battle of Hallidonhill.

“1345. Battle of Durayme.

“1370. Death of David King of Scotland at Edinburgh. he reigned forty-three years.

“1388. Battle of Ottyrburn.

“1390. April 19 (first notice). Death of John MacGregor of Glenurquhay. he was buried at Dysart on the north side of the High Altar. [6]  

“1390. Death of Robert II King of Scotland at Dundownald; he reigned nineteen years and two months.

“1396. Combat of the sixty men at Perth.

“1402. Battle of Homilton.

“1405. Death of Robert III King of Scotland. he reigned. thirtyone years. [7]  

“1411. Battle of Hayrlaw.

“1415. Death of Gregor McAnecham in Glenurquhay, he was buried as above noted in Dysart.

“1415. Death of John dhu McAnecham VcGregor at Stronmelochane; he was buried in Dysart.

“1424. Death of Darwayll daughter of Ewyn V. Lachlan-John dhu McGregor (his-wife ?).

“1425. May 27. Death of Lord Murdac Duke of Scotland and his sons Walter and Alexander.

“1431. Battle of Inverlocha.

“1435. July 26. Death of Alexander Earl of Mar and Gareoch Lieutenant of our Lord the King. he was buried in Inverness.

“1436. Jan. 17. Death of Mr. Robert Cardny Bishop of Dunkeld.

“1436. Feb. 21. Death of James I King of Scotland at Perth. he reigned thirtyone years.

“1440. April 20. Death of Malcolm son of John dhu MacGregor, at Glenurquhay, he was buried in the manner formerly mentioned.

[page 58}
“1443. Death of John Gorm Stewart who was killed on the north Inch of Perth on the birthday of John the Baptist.

“1452. Oct. 8. Death of William Cardny Laird of Foss.

“1460. Death of James II King of Scotland at Roxburgh, he reigned twenty-three years. He was interred in Dunedin.

“1461. Death of Patrick MacGregor of Glenstray at Stronmelochane. He was buried at Dysart, in the way before mentioned (first notice of Glenstray).

“1463. Dec. 20. Death of John Stewart Lord of Lorn at Dunstaffnage.

“1475. Sept. 26. Death of Sir Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay Knight. he was buried in Kilmartin.

“1475. Dec. 10. Death of John Stewart of Fortingal, at Garth, he was buried at Dunkeld.

“1477. Feb. 17. Death of Duncan Beg MacGregor at Roro (first notice of Roro).

“1482. Cochrane was hanged at Lauder.

“1482. August 30. Death of John Grant son and heir of Sir Duncan Grant of Freuchy, Knight, at Kindrochit in Mar, he was buried in the Cathedral Church of Murray, having died three years before his father.

“1483. Feb. 4. Death of Donald Robertson of Keirquhin. [8]  

“1488. Death of Patrick Macnab of Bowayne at Auchline. [9]  

“1488. June 11. Death of James III King of Scotland at Bannockburn on the feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, he reigned twenty-seven years and upwards.

“1488. Battle of Stirling where James III King of Scotland was killed.

“1491. March 10. Death of John Duncanson MacGregor at Bellicht [10]   he was buried in Inchadin [11]   on the north side of the Great Altar.

“1493. August 14. Death of Katrine Cardney daughter of the Laird of Foss and widow of the late John Duncanson MacGregor. she was buried in the Church of Dull before the step of the Great Altar.

“1494. May 16. Duncan son of Charles at Loch Dochard (“Black Book of Taymouth”).

“1494. July 24. Death of Terloch Keir son of Duncan MacGregor. he was buried in Dysart.

“1494. Oct. 17. Death of Donald McCauss, in the Crag.

“1496, Nov. Death of Margaret Douglas, Lady of Glenurquhay.

[page 59}
“1498. Death of Donald Macqueen at Fortingal.

“1498. June 22. Death of Malcolm MacGregor son and heir of John MacGregor of Glenstray, at Glenlyon; he was buried in Dysart in a stone coffin. [12]  

“1499. Jan 31. Death of Neill Stewart at Garth, he was buried in Dunkeld.

“1502. Weyme was burnt by Neill Stewart [13]   in the month of Sep.

“1503. July 25. Entrance (into Scotland) of Margaret Queen of Scotland spouse of King James IV.

“1503. Sep. 10. Death of Gregor Duncanbegson at Morinch. [14]  

“1505. March 18. Death of Alexander Robertson of Strowan at Dunmakcarf; he was buried in Dunkeld.

“Oct. 20. Death of Eugenius (Ewine) MacGregor, son of Gregor Duncanson in Roro.- (“Black Book of Taymouth.”)

“1507. Death of Andrew Cardney Laird of Foss, at Inchewin he was buried in the Aisle of (St. Ninian).

“1509. March 31. The (Religious House) on the Island of Loch Tay [15]   was burned owing to the negligence of servants on Palm Sunday.

[page 60}
“1510. Oct. 27. Death of Janet Stewart Countess of Huntly at Strathbogie she was buried in the Church of Strathbogy.

“Nov. 28. Death of Gregor Patrickson at Innerchattane.

“1511. June 3. Death of Gilbert Duncanson vicar of Kilmartin.

“ “ July 22. Death of Katrine Neyndonill [16]   wife of Dougal Johnson in Tullichmullin; [17]   she was buried in the choir of Inchadin on the south side of the Altar. Dominical Letter E.

“ “ Oct. 9. Death of William Johnson MacGregor, at Garth; he was buried in Inchadin on the south side of the Altar. Dominical E.

“1512. May 2. Death of Gregor Neilson at Crannych. [18]  

“ “ Death of Patrick McCarb.

“ “ July 13. Death of Duncan Macdougall who was killed who was son and heir of Alexander Macdougall of Dunnolych. This Duncan was buried in Ardchattan

“ “ Sep. 15. Death of John Stewart, Earl of Atholl.

“1513. Sep. 9. Death of James IV King of Scotland in Northumberland near Branstone in England. Dominical A. He reigned twenty-six years three months and eight days. On which day there were slain in the said field many noblemen on both sides. On the side of Scotland divers Bishops, Abbots, Lords, Knights, Nobles, and other gentlemen. “On which day were slain the most prudent Lord Archibald Earl of Argyle, Lord Campbell and Lorne, Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay, and John Campbell of Lawers. May God have care of their souls.

“1515. April. Death of Gregor Duncanson at Roro. he was buried in Killin.

“1516. Death of William Strowan Robertson, who was beheaded at Tulymat Dominical Letter B.

“ “ Dec. 12. Death of Elisabeth neyn Donald VcCauss [19]   at Garth.

“1517. Dec. 15. Death of John Lord Gordon and Badenoch at Killoss he was buried in the monastery of Kinloss.

“1518. July 9. Death of Patrick MacGregor at Auchinchallane; [20]   he was buried in Dysart. [21]  

[page 61}
“1518. July 19. Death of Duncan MacGregor Captain of the Castle of Glenurquhay; he was buried at Dysart.

“1519. May 24. Death of John dhu MacGregor of Glenstray son of Patrick of Stronemelochane, he was buried in Dysart on the 26. of May 1519 on which day a great meteor was seen in Glenurquhay.

“1520. Death of Malcolm Cam MacGregor son of Neil at Thegyrmith [22]   . . . Dow and buried in Killin 14th Jany.

“1521. June 9. Death of Donald McNacht; Vicar of Fortingall

“1522. Death of the Lord Earl of Errol in the month of July.

“ “ Sep. 16. death of Mr. John Laycock Canon of Dunkeld.

“ “ March. [23]   Death of John McNicoll he was buried in Inchaddin.

“ “ August 12. Death of a venerable man Sir Robert Menzies Knight at Weyme; he was buried in the Church of Weyme.

“ “ Oct. Death of Patrick Duncanbegson in Morinche.

“ “ Nov. 6. Death of Duncan McOlchallam VcKerlich (son of Malcolm son of Charles) at Drumcharre. - (“Black Book of Taymouth.”)

“1523. Aug. 12. Death of Sir Colin Campbell Knight Laird of Glenurquhay at the Castle of Glenurquhay. He was buried in the chapel of Finlarg.

“ “ Sep. 1. Death of Gilbert Borricht Vicar of Dysart at Eddergoill [24]   he was buried on the south side of the Church near the door of the Choir.

“ “ Sep. 20. Death of Sir John Stewart of Stuekis Knight. He was buried in Dunkeld.

“ “ Oct. 31. Death of Mr. Walter Leslie in Dunkeld.

“ “ Nov. 6. Death of the Vicar of Inchaddin Sir Duncan McNachtane who died at Perth and was buried in Inchadin.

“ “ Feb. 9. Death of John Malloch McHustone at Tullichcamin. he was buried in Killin.

“ “ March 4. Agreement of John MacGregor and of Sir John St. John [25]   his son and Mariot his daughter at Killasse. [26]  

“1524. July 26. Death of Margaret Stewart Lady of Glenurquhay at the Island of Loch Tay; she was buried in the Chapel of Finlarg, near her husband.

“ “ Nov. 9. Death of Neill son of Duncan MacGregor in Glenurquhay, at the Castle of Glenurquhay.

“ “ Feb. 15. Death of Christian neyn Varrone McKerross wife of John Dougalson, at Ardtrasgart.

[page 62}
“1524. March 15. Death of a provident and famous man Gregor Macanemoill at Easter Innervar in Glenlyon early in the morning; he was buried on the 17. day of the same month in Killin on the south side of the High Altar.

“1525. April 13. Death of Finlay Macnab of Bowayne at Ilanran [27]   he was buried at Killin.

“ “ April 19. Death of Hugh McEwin VcNeill at Fernay he was buried on the 21st of the same month in Inchadin before the step of the great Altar, on the south side of the church.

“ “ August 17. Death of John mor McEan Vec Condochy alias Maknecht Ewchirvlairris. [28]   he was buried in Inchadin before the step of the Choir on the south side of the Church, on the 18 of August.

“ “ Oct. 16. Death of John Neilson at Fernay; he was buried at Inchadin.

“1526. Jan. Death of Malcolm McWilliam; [29]   he was buried in Branvo.

“ “ April 12. Death of Robert Cokburne at Dunkeld, in the Palace there, he was buried in the Choir of Dunkeld.

“ “ April 20. Death of Duncan Reoch McGillechonnyll.

“ “ July 31. Death of Gregor, [30]   son of John MacGregor, alias McEwin McAllaster of Glenstray at the Isle of Loch Rannoch; he was buried in Dysart in a stone coffin on the north side of the High Altar of Glenstray. May his soul rest in peace.

“ “ Sep. 3. Battle near Glenvchow alias Lithkow striken betwixt the Lords William Douglas and John Earls of Angus and Arran on the one side and Earl of Lennox where the said Earl of Lennox was slain and there was slain many on his side.

“1527. Oct. 31. Death of Mariot Forester, Lady Lawers, wife of James Campbell of Lawers. She died of good memory at Fordew in Strathearn, and was buried in the parish Church of Stirling, in the Aile of St. Andrew at 7 p.m. May her soul rest in peace. Dominical letter F.

“1528. April 12. Death of John MacGregor McEwine [31]   Captain of the ClanGregor of Glenstray, who died of good memory at Achallader [32]   in Glenurquhay on Easterday: he was buried in Dysart as others of his name used to be. May God have care of his soul.

“1529. Death or slaughter of Alexander McPatrick roy and Duncan his son by Duncan Brek, at West Culdar; they were buried in the cemetry of Fortingall near the window of the High Altar. Alexander was buried on 28 May and Duncan on 4 June. Dominical letter C. May God have a care of their souls.

[page 63}
“1529. Death of William Robertson of Keirquhin at that place on the day St. Michael the Archangel he was buried in Inchadin in the nave of the Church on the north side near the door of the Choir.

“1529. Oct. 9. Death of an honourable man Colin Campbell Earl of Argyll, Lord Campbell and Lorn, who died at Inverary, and was buried Kilmun. May God have care of his soul.

“1530. April 18. Death of Finlay McVorricht.

“1531. Feb. 28. Death of Alexander McAyr Rawyr at Aulich in Rannoch, and buried at Killechonan.

“1531. August 11. Death of Duncan McConnilgorme at Rayn in Eddirgowill. he was buried in the Church of Inchadin on the north side of the door of the Choir.

“1536. Sep. 5. James V. King of Scotland passit and salit in France accumpaneit with Archabald Earl of Argyle the Earl of Rothess Sir John Campbell of Calder, schipit with diu Lordis and Knychtis, but nocht returned to his Kingdome till the 5. day of Sep. 1526.

“1538. June 1. Death of Christian Stewart Lady of Garth. She was buried the altar of St. Ninian (of Dull ?).

“1542 Oct. 30. In the year 1542. there was a great army of Scots at Jedburgh to fight the Saxons invaders of the Kingdom of Scotland thay remained there for fifteen days, and returned without fighting on the 30. of Oct. [33]  

“1531. Death of Duncan McConilgorme in Eddergowyll. “The quhilk yer I sayd my first mes on Wytsunday afoyr. Memorandum. - Rannoch was hareyd the morne eftir St Tennenis day in harist be John Erlle of Awthoell and be Clan Donoquhy, and at the next Beltane eftir that the quhilk was XXXII yer, the Bra of Rannoch wes hareyd be them abowin wryttin, and Alexander Dow Albrych war heddyth at Kinlochtrannoch the quhilk Belten and yer I com tyll the cwyr (cure) of Fortyrgill fyrst, and Alexander McGregor of Glenstra our Scheiff was bot ane barne of 7 yer that tyme.

“1542. Dec. Death of Katherine Neyn Ayn Neill, wife of John McAyn Rawych VcGewycar (McVicar) in Achlie (Auchline).

“ “ Feb. 20. Death of Katherine McChastyllan, wife of Alexander McOlchallum VcGregor, at Slattich in Glenlyon.

“1545. August 25. The House of Gordalis Throchchdare apud Strythbrawy (Trochrie in Strathbran) was burnt by Alexander MacGregor of Glenstray [34]   [page 64} on which day Robert Robertson of Strowan was captured and four of the servants of Robert were slain. God the just render unto each according to their works.

“1547. March 6. Death of Gregor Patrickson MacGregor in Glenurquhay at Aychinchechallan, and buried in Dysart.

“1548. Death of Mariote Neyn Olchallum VcGregor Wife of Duncan McAyn VcCowyll and afterwards wife of James McJames VcRobert at Slattich.

“ “ May 4. Death of Mary daughter of Duncan VcAyn VcCowyll who was ‘affedator’ with Joanne Cam McDuncan VcGregor at Roro, and buried in Rannoch.

“1549. Sep. 3. Death of Christian Murra, wife of Gregor Dougalsoun at Balloch. She was buried in Inchadin.

“1552. Expulsion of Gregor Dougallson from Balloch by Colin Campbell at Whitsunday.

“ “ June 26. Murder and decapitation of Duncan MacGregor and his sons Gregor and Malcolm Roy by Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and Duncan Roy Campbell of Glenlyon and Alexander Menzies of Rannoch with their accomplices on which day John Gour McDuncan VcAlexander Kayr were murdered by Alexander Menzies. at ______. Murder of Gregor, Clerk by Ewine McDuncan VcGour de Roro and buried in Straythfelen.

“ “ Nov. 27. Death of Katrine Nyn Velyem (William) VcOlchallum wife of John Leyche, at Kynnalde; she was buried at Inchadin.

“1554 April 30. Death of Katherin Neyn Dowyll VcAyn wife of the Baron of Kyrquhurn (Colchuirn ?) and afterwards wife of Alexander Maxtone of Cultoquhay who died at Cultoquhey.

“ “ Jan. 26. Death of Ewine McCondoquhy VcGregor of Roro at Crythgarff in Parish of Fortingal; and buried in the Choir of Branvo. with great lamentations of men and women.

“ “ There was a most severe snowstorm this winter.

“1555. May 1. Death of Gregor Dougalson at Carsdall “propre Dow” he was buried in Inchadin with a large congregation.

“ “ Jan 12. Death of Dougal Dougalson at Farna in the house of his brother John Dougalson. He was buried in Inchadin.

“ “ Jan 26. Death of Margaret Robertson wife of William MacGregor, at Port of Bofrak and buried at Weyme.

“1556. Sep. 27. Death of John Challarmore at Eddergovyllit and buried at Inchadin the night of St Michael the Archangel.

“ “ Jan. 11. Death of Mariota Barre, wife of quondam Gregor Duncanson of Roro and afterwards wife of McAllexander VcJames. She died at Kallwyng (Calvine) in Atholl and was buried at Strowane.

[page 65}
“1557. July 16. Death of William MacGregor at Port of Bofrak he was buried at Inchadin in the Choir.

“1558. Feb. 8. Death of Malcolm McNeill McEwine at Lagfarne in Farna in his own house and was buried in the Church of Inchadin. [35]  

“Quhilk sammyr Schir Dougal McGregor byggit. . . ew hous besyd the kirk of Fortyrgill and. . . iugn yer Schyr Dougall gat the seneellarie. . . . Lessmoyr fra Collin Campbell of Glenurquhay.

“1562. May 21. Murder of Allaster McEwin Dow VcGregor by Patrick McAyn VycOlchallum alias McGregor Kyllejiese (Killiehassie ?) he was buried at Foss.

“ “ Feb. 2. Death of John Dow McCondoquhy VcGregor at the Castle of Glenurquhay.

“1563. Item death of Neyn Glas in month of Feb.

“Yer of God 1563. ane gud symmer and gud harist pece and rest excep the Lard of Glenwrquhay wyryth aganis ClanGregor.

“1564. Sep. 10. Death of John Dougallson at Ferna. in his own house and was buried on the 7. in Inchadin.

“ “ May 28. Death of Rinalda McArtna wife of Angus Dow McAyn Voyr at Rannoch and was buried at Fortyrgill.

“ “ Nov. 5. Death of John Dow McEwin VcCondoguhy at Bunrannoch. he was buried in the Choir of Fortingall.

“ “ Murder of Patrick McAyn VcCouill VcAyn by James McGestalcar at Ardewynnek Dec. 7. and buried on the 8. of the same in the grave of his kindred at Inchadin.

“1565. Murdered were Gregor son of the Dean of Lismore, alias MacGregor, and Robert McConil VcGregor on the 11. of June viz on Penticost day in the afternoon and night, and the house was burnt and those murdered by James McGestalkar with his accomplices. They were buried in the same grave in the Choir of Inchadin. God will judge the hidden just and punish whom He wills to the second and third generation.

“ “ July 27. James McGestalcar VcPhatrik was slain with his accomplices by Gregor McGregor of Stronmelecan with his companions at Ardowenec.

“1565. Jan. 31. Death of Christian Cunygem wife of John Dougallson at Stronferna, and buried at Inchadin.

[page 66}
“1565. yeris. Item ane gud symmer and harist gret hayr schippis in mony partis of Scotland, in Stratherne, in Lennox, in Glenalmond, in Breadalbanee, bayth slattyr and oppressyon beand mayd in syndry vdr partis be the Erl of Ergyll and McGregor and ther complessis Siklyk in Strathardilill mony men slayn be the men of Atholl and the Stewartis of Lorn.

“1568. April 13. Death of Duncan McAllestyr VcOlchallum VcGregor at Slattich in Glenlyon. He vas bot 26 yer alld.

“1568. Death of Janet Neyn Gregor at Fortyrgill and buried in the Choir there Oct, 12.

“1570. April 7. Gregor of Glenstra heddtt at Belloch.

“ “ Aug. 22. John McConil Dow VcGeglas VcKessok slayn besyd Glenfalloch and thirteen men of the lardis of Glenurquhais men slayn that da be ClanGregor, and ther complisis. God in hawin stanee them of ther vykgytnes. So be it.

“1571. Nov. 16, Death of Gregor son of the Vicar of Fortingall in the house of his father in Fortingall; he was buried there.

“1572. Sep. 24. Allaster McAllestyr slain and his son ane yonge barne of sewin yer ald callyt Gregor, and Duncan brodyr tyl Allestyr al slain in Stronfarna be Patrik Dow McGregor VcCondoquhy Lawdossyt with his complesis, and be the drath of Allestyr Gald VcGregor. The saidis Allestyr and his son and brodyr syrdith in Fortyrgill the 28 day of Sep.

“1572. Nov. 30. Death of Donald Elder McQuhewin at Theneff in the house of his son Donald and buried in the Choir of Fortingall.

“1572. Jan. 9. Death of Katherine neyn Allestyr VcOlchallum VcGregor wife of Patrick McQuhewin at Ardtrasqyr 'in Gallocarite' (mad ?). She was buried in the Choir of Fortingall.

“1573. Death of Donald McGregor VcCouil in the nordland March 23. He was buried in the Church of Taldow in Strathdayn.

“1574. April 7. Item Donald Dow McConil VcQuhin heddyt at the Kenmore be Collin Campbell of Glenurquhay and zirdyt in Fortyrgill that samyn day.

“ “ Item gud Mald NcAyn Vay in Glenlyon spouse till the clerk McNevin zirdit in Branwo the April 28.

“ “ Death of Ellyssat Neyn Huston VcEwyn wife of Donald McCondoduhy Voyr at Fortingall.

“ “ Oct. 4. Patrick Dow McGregor McDuncan Lawdossyt was slain in Bofudyr (Balquhidder) by Clandowilchayr (Clandougalciar).

“1576. July 1. Death of Janet Neyn Dunean VcGregor wife of Donald McQuhewin at Thyneff June 31. and buried July 1. in the Choir of Fortyrgill.

[1] From a document in the Archives of the Highland Society, and published in their Transactions. The notes marked with letters are Mr. Gregory’s own. A duplicate (of the Gaelic and Scotch part) is to be found in the Black Book of Taymouth, and it is known as the Chronicle (or Obituary) of Fortingall.

[2] In contradistinction to Malcolm IV.

[3] Jedburgh.

[4] Kerrera, off Oban.

[5] True date is said to have been 7th June 1329.

[6] Clachan Dysart - now the church of Glenurquhay, close to Dalmally.

[7] True date 1406.

[8] Keirquhin, Carwhin, a property belonging to the Robertsons, to the west of Crannoch; but there was another Carwhin in the parish of Balquhidder belonging to a family of Campbells.- Ed.

[9] This property in Glendochart belonged to the MacNabs till acquired by Sir Colin Campbell of Glenurchy (as also Bovaine) in 1552. - Ed.

[10] Probably Balloch near Taymouth.

[11] Now Kenmore. (An old church lower down the river than Kenmore, destroyed by the third Earl of Breadalbane; there was also a village and ford over the Tay. - Ed.)

[12] In taking down many years ago the old church of Dysart, several stone coffins were found at the north part of the east end of the church, where the MacGregors appear chiefly to have been buried. Several of their old tombstones, much defaced, were likewise discovered, which are still appropriated by such of the clan as bury in the churchyard (1831). Note by Compiler. - Pennant, in his book “A Tour” in 1769, writes :- “The church is seated on a knowl ... In the churchyard are several gravestones of great antiquity, with figures of a warrior, each furnished with a spear or two handed sword; on some are representations of the chase, on others elegant fretwork, and on one - said to be part of the coffin of a MacGregor, is a fine running pattern of foliage and flowers, and, excepting the figure, all in good taste.” At a meeting of the Society of Antiquities of Scotland in Jan. 1897, Mr. Brydale read a paper describing a group of seven carved grave slabs in the churchyard at Dalmally, which is stated to have been the burying-place of the Chiefs of MacGregor from 1390 to 1528. “The Chronicle records the burial of no fewer than twelve of these Chiefs successively in stone coffins at the north side of the east end of the church. When the old church was demolished about 1811, a number of stone coffins and carved grave slabs were found in this position.” ..... Of the seven stones now described three are of the same type, showing in a panel the figure of an armed man with sword and spear, and wearing a pointed bascinet and short tunic, the rest of the surface being filled up with folingeous ornamentation. A fourth is curious as showing this type superimposed on a larger figure obliterated, and having a cross at the top of the stone. Of the other two of this type one is curious from its small size and the other is much mutilated. The seventh is apparently the front slab of an altar tomb, and bears a finely carved scroll of foliage, but no armed figures. Drawings of all the slabs were exhibited. – “Abridged from an account of the meeting in the Oban Times of 23rd Jan. 1897.

[13] Son of the preceding entry.

[14] Marinch or Morenish, on the north side of Loch Tay, near Killin Pier. It was at one time in possession of the Menzieses, but was acquired by Sir Duncan Campbell, seventh Laird of Glenurchy, 1602. - Ed.

[15] There was a nunnery, the ruins of which are still to be seen (1831) on the island at the east end of Loch Tay.

[16] McClaw, alias Grant.

[17] Glenlyon House.

[18] The ancient name of Kenmore.

[19] Wife of Gregor Dhu. She was buried at Inchadin.

[20] Aychinschecall.

[21] It is stated in a very old charter in reference to Auchinchallane, and other papers connected with the subsequent sale of this property to the Campbells, exist in private hands, but the compiler has not access to them.

[22] Tergarmuchd Island on the Tay, between Kenmore and Aberfeldie. - From “Lairds and Lands of Loch tayside,” by John Christie, 1892.

[23] Till 1600 the year began in March.

[24] Eddergoll, ancient name of a district extending from Auchrioch Burn, at Callelochan, to the east end of Loch Tay. - From “Lairds and Lands of Loch Tay.”

[25] More probably Sir John Stewart

[26] Killiechassie.

[27] An island at the west end of Loch Tay, near Killin.

[28] Uachddarblairis.

[29] At Glenlyon.

[30] Son of John McEwin McAllaster of Glenstray, who died 1528, 12th April (see next page).

[31] John McEwin McAllaster of Glenstray, who had succeeded his second cousin in 1519.

[32] “Ayethachallodor” in the Black Book of Taymouth.

[33] It is assumed by Mr. Gregory that Dean MacGregor’s death must have taken place soon after this period. But the Curate of Fortingall continued the Obituary from 1531, and the entry on August 11 is therefore repeated with a memorandum added, and the Chronicle is henceforward quoted from “Black Book of Taymouth.”

[34] According to the age of the young Chief mentioned in 1532, Glenstray can at this time gave been only twenty. - Ed.

[35] “Pray for the soul of him who did good to God and man,” added in the Latin version.