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Amelia Volume 1 Chapter 21

Events 1596 to 1598

[page 249}
FROM the “Chartulary” :-

“1596-7. Robert Campbell second son of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhy had a letter of gift dated March 12. of this year under the Privy Seal granting to him the life rent &a of the lands of Glenfalloch which pertained formerly to Ewir Campbell of Strachur and Charles Campbell his son and fell to the King because the Father and son were denounced rebels for non-payment of their Part of the taxation of £100,000 granted to his Majestie for the baptism of Prince Henry, effeiring to their £6 land of Glenfalloch. In consequence of this transaction the following decreet was given.

“1597. July 28. Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch son to Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhy obtained Decreet against Ewir Campbell of Strquhir and Charles Campbell his son pretending rights to the lands of Glenfalloch with their tennents as follows.

“The saidis Ewir and Charles Campbell pretendand right to the saidis Landis of Glenfalloch and utheris,

Archibald McEwir - pretendit occupear of the Ile of Lochdochart with the merk land thairof; and uther 2 merk land of Innerhary.

Duncan Glen (McGregor), - 3 merk land of Innerchaganymoir and Innerchaganybeg ;

John McGillechreist VcEwir, merk land of Innerardoran ;

Gregour McPhadrik McCoulkeir, 20 shilling merk land of Kyleter beg and Corarby ;

Neill Mcgregour and Neill McGillechallum, 20 shilling land of Clachanbretane,
(two Macfarlanes follow),

Duncan Abroch alias McGregour 5 merk land of Ardchalzie (Ardchoille Wester).

[page 250}
“They had been decerned to remove at Whitsunday ‘Nothwithstanding quhairof the foirsaidis personis her continewallie sen the saidfeist occupiet the foirsaidis landis with the pertinentis and as yit will nocht remove, desist, and ceiss thairfra to the effect foirsaid, without they be compellit.

“Letters of Horning were recorded at Perth July 1599. from which it appears Defenders refused to remove and were accordingly denounced rebels. - Reg. of Hornings, Perth.

“1597-8. Jan. and May. The cause of Strowane Robertson against some of his MacGregor tenants in Fernan is continued but at last disappears.

“1598. May 23. Compeirit (at Edinburgh) Thomas Steven in Bannachan and presented our souerane lordis letteris dewlie execute and indorsate purcheist be him, for charging of James Erll of Glencairne as Landislord to enter Johne McGregour in Comer and George Buchanane of that Ilk to entir Malcolme McGregor in Glengyle. It is decreed that the above are men Tenants to the Earl, or Buchanane and the matter is reffered to the oaths of the Defenders. - Record of Justiciary.

“1598. May 25. Decreet in Court of Session at the instance of one Oswald against Gregour McGregor in Glenleidnoch son of umqle Patrik Ammonach McGregour (in Kingart) in Glenleidnoch for payment of six oxen. - Decreets of Session.

“1598. June 3. Decreet McGregouris agt McLeans at Edinburgh.
“At Edinburgh Comperit Malcolme McWilliame in Kinclachar,
Finaly McWilliam thair.
Donald dow McEane VcGregour in Downan,
John McConneill VcInnes thair,
John McConnochie VcEanduy in Camuserach,
Donald McCondochie oyar thair,
John dow Mcilachllum in Camiserach beg,
and Donald McConnochie VcWilliam thair and presendit oure Souerane Lordis Lettreis dewlie execute purcheist be thame against certain McLeans who were charged to appear to answer for certain heirships. The McLeans were fined for the value of the stock carried off from the lands of the Macgregors. In reference to this action on the same day ‘Compeirit William Murray (in the High Court of Justiciary) and tuik instruments that he alledged that the Laird of McGregor and his kin were ye first sen King James I, that cum and sucht justice’ meaning probably that they thus refrained from taking the law into their own hands as was usual.

“The same day The Justice Depute decernit and ordainit Sir Lauchlan McLean of Dowart as landislord and Chieftain of Clan, with others, McLeans, ‘To content and pay to the said Finlay McWilliam in Kinclachar a fine for stock and geir carried off.”

[page 251}
“1598. July 8. Anent the actioun and caus persewit be James Commendator of Inchaffray, Laird of Innerpeffrie Heritour of the Landis and utheris underwritten aganis Duncan McGregour, Margaret Stewart Relict of Alexander Pudryach, Duncan McGregour his sone, Allester McGregour, Malcolm McCoullcheir, Helen McGregor Relict of umqle Robert Stewart (Decree of removal Lands not specified). - Sheriff Books of Perth.

“July 19. Lord Drummond against his tenants Malcum MacCoulcheir, Callum closs (glas ?) McGregour and John Smythe in Blairvoir.
Duncan McGregour, part of 4 merk land of Mewy called the Straid.
Ordered to flit but tak produced from Lord Drummond of the 4 merk land of Dalchirlay and not decerned to remove.

“October 21. Anent the actioun and caus persewit be Sir John Murray of Tullibardin Knicht, heritour of the Landis underwritten Aganis John dow McGregour brother german to Allester McGregour of Glenstrae pretendit occupair of the five merk land of Glenbaich and 2 merk land of Mekill Stronvair, lyand within the Lordship of Balquhidder (Defender not appearing decerned to flit).

“1598-9. Feb. 8. Horning at the instance of Sir Duncan Lindsay of Edzell against Menzies &a, John dow McEwin McGregour, Donald Darriche houshald servand to Allester McGregour of that Ilk. Allester McGregour in Fernane servitor to Robertson of Strowane, John dow McEwin McGregour both (boch ? deaf), William McEwin VcGilleecheliche in Rannoche, McGregour of that Ilk, John Oig his brother, Johne McCondochie VcAnedowie McGregour in Rannoche &a for theft and oppression. - Hornings Perth.”

From the “Red and White Book of Menzies” :-

“Holyrood House, 25. Jan. 1599. Complaint by Alexander Menzies of Weyme, as follows : In the month . . . . last Donald Menzies, a ‘commoun and notorious theiff and lymmer, and a declarit rebell and fugitive’ had been apprehended by complainer in the actual committing of theft and warded within his place of Weyme ‘quhill the commoditie of his tryale had bene offerit.’ In these circumstances Johnne Dow McWilliame alias McGregour a copartiner with him in all his thifteous deidis, being informed of the danger quhairin he was had ‘for preventing and disappointing of his tryale, come at night, ‘accompanied with a nowmer of his rebellious compliceis, all thevis sornaris and. lymmeris’ to the place of Weyme, and ‘be some secreit practize and policie, he surprisit and tuke the place, dang up the durris of the prisone quhairin the said Donald lay for the tyme and fred him out of warde.’ Both of them had passed to Sir John Murray of Tullibardin, knight, ‘be quhome thay wer ressett, and his bene [page 252} intertenyit sensyne, as thai ar yit with him as his househald men and servandis, and are specialie acknawlegeit be him as twa ordinaris of his houseliald and familie.’ Moreover the said Donald having committed sundro stouths upon the Laird of Edzell, the complainer, as alleged Chief and Chieftain of the Clan is called upon to enter him before the King and Council. Wherefor it is necessary that letters be executed against the Laird of Tullibardin, as well for the entry of the said Donald as for that of Johnne to underlie trial for their demerits; The complainer and Sir John Murray appearing personally the King with advice of the Council assoilzie the Defender from the entry of the said Donald simpliciter in time coming but ordains him to enter the said Johnne Dow before the Council upon the 22. day of Feb. next under pain of horning, because the said Sir Johnne has confessed that the said Johnne Dow was in his house after the day of the charge given to him for his entry viz 17. Jan. instant and had remained with him a certain time thereafter ‘and sua it lay in his poware and possibilitie to have enterit him as required.’ - Reg. of Privy Council.”

From the “Chartulary” :-

“1599. May. Item payit to Patrik McComeiss, Messenger passand of Edinburgh with lettres to charge
Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay Knight,
Johne Campbell of Caddel (Calder),
Johne Campbell of Laweris,
Robert Robertson of Strowane,
Sir Thomas Stewart of Garntullie Knicht,
Alexander Menzies of Weyme,
Colene Campbell of Glenlyoun,
James Haldane of Glenageis,
James Commendator of Incheafray,
James, (mistake for Patrick) Lord Drummond,
Sir Jhone Murray of Tullibardin Knicht,
David Grahame of
Dame Margaret Douglas, Countess of Argyle,
Alexander (Campbell) Bishop of Brechin,
Coline Campbell of Lundie,
To enter and present everie ane of thame the particular persons of the Clan of McGregour for quhome thay ar obleist to ansuer as maisteris and Landislordis speciallie designit to thame in the saidis lettreis, the third day of July nixt to underlie [page 253} sic ordour as sall be tane with thame tuiching the weill and quietnes of the cuntrie; And alsua with Lettreis to be publeist at the Marcat Croce of Perth chargeing Allester McGregour of Glenstraa, and remanent haill persones of that mischievous Clan to compeir personalie; as alsua the said Alester as thair Capitane, Chief, and Chiftane To enter and present the samen personis befoir his Majestie and Counsall the third day of July nixt to cum, To underlie sic ordour as sall be tane with thame tuiching the reduceing of thame to obedience.

“Item payit to ane boy passand of Edinburgh with clois lettreis to the Commendatour of Incheafray, the Lairdis of Glenurchy and Glensraa.

“Item to James Purdie Messingir passand of Edinburgh with Lettreis to charge
Ludowick Duik of Lennox,
James Erle of Glencairne,
Alexander Lord Levingstone,
Sir Archibald Naper of Edinbellie Knicht,
Jhone Naper his sone,
James Chisholme of Cromlix,
William Schaw of Knockhill, and
Alexander Schaw of Cambusnoir,
As maisteris and Landislordis of the particular persones of the Clan of McGregour speciallie designit in the said lettreis (&a as above) and alsua with Lettreis to be publeist at the croces of Striveling and Dunbartane chargeing the Laird of McGregour and his haill Clan in manner as is befoir writtin. - Lord High Treasurer’s Books.

“1599. June 9. Robertson of Strowan against his tennents; mention made of Malcolm McWilliam McGregour in Blairfettie. - Sheriff' Books of Perth.

“June 13. Tullibardine against his tennents, John McCoulle, Malcolm McCoulle, Duncan McPhatrik McCoulle, Johne McEane McGregour, Gregour McConeill, and John Galt McGregour (defenders not appearing are decerned to flit Lands not specified). - Sheriff Books of Perth.

“June 20. Removing; Glenurquhay against McGregouris.
Patick McQuene in Eister Tenneiffs (Duneaves),
Alester McGregour clerich,
Allester McEwine VcGregour,
Neill McGregour VcHucheoun,
Duncane McEwin VcGregour,
Allester McEwin VcGregour,
Gregour Mchutcheoun,
[page 254}
Gregour McEwin,
Duncan Abroch,
Allester Scorach his brother,
Gregour Mceane, and
Allester McGregour his sonne,
Neill McGregour,
Gregour McPhatrick,
Duncane McPhatrick ammonach (Glen Almond),
Gregour McPhatrick ammonacht, and
Patrick dallach McGregour,
pretendit tennents and occupears of the landis lybellit. (Decreet against Defenders in absence). - Sheriff Books of Perth.

“Same date. Anent the actioun and caus persewit be Sir Thomas Stewart of Garnetullie Knicht, Takisman of the Landis and Baronie of Forthergill (Fortingall) with the fortalice and place of Garth and office of the Forestrie of Schehallion, Aganis
Duncane Mceane chame VcGregour,
Janet Stewart, Relict of umquhile Allester Puderach VcGregour,
and others (defenders not appearing are decerned to remove). - Sheriff Books of Perth.

“1599. July 14. Removing Laird of Weyme against McGregouris.
“Johne McGregour and his subtenuentis pretendit occupearis of the 20 shilling Land of Drumdewane,
20 shilling land of Dalmayne,
20 shilling land of Kirkland of Dull with the milne thairof,
20 shilling land of Kynnaill, all lyand within the Sherifdom of Perth. (Decreet of Removal in absence). - Sheriff Books, Perth.

“1599. July 24. Offeris for Allester McGregour of Glenstray presentit to his Majestie and Lordis of Secreit Counsale in name of the said Allester be Sir Johne Murray of Tullybardine Knt, Sir Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay Knicht, and Johne Grant of Freuchie at Edinburgh.
“Because it is impossible to the said Allester to get inlande Cautioun upoun the conditiounes of the General Band conforme to the Act of Parliament; In respect nather is he responsale of the sowmes quhairupoun the cautioun is found, and that no Inlandis man will be cautoun for him, in respect of the bypast enormities of his Clan; Thairfor it is offert that the said Alexander for satisfactoun of his Majesties honour sall cum in his Hienes will for ony offence committit be himself. And that he sall deliver to his Majestie Three Plegeis of the sex to be nominat be his Majestie oute of [page 255} the Thrie Housses [1]   of that Clan (viz the houses of Glensrae, of Roro and of Gregor McEane) his Majestie name and twa for everie houss, Johne dow McGregour (Glenstray’s brother) alwayes exceptit To be placeit quhair his Majestie and his Counsall sail appoint to remaine as plegeis for the guid reule and obedience of the haill Clan and name of McGregour in tyme cumeing; and for sic of the said Clan and name as beis disobedient he call outher entir thame to his Hienes or to justice or ellis use justice upoun thame himselff he havand his Majesteis Commissioun to that effect. [2]  
Attoure we obleiss oure selffis to present oure selffis befoir his Majestie and his Counsale upoun the 28. of this instant and gif ane resolute ansuer to his Majestie and his Counsall anent the dew performance of thir offeris in everie point.
Signed Tullibardin
Duncan Campbell off Glenvrquhay
Jhone Grant off Freuchy
Original in General Register House, Edinburgh.

“1599. Aug. 2. At Falkland Bond by the Laird of McGregour for his Clan.
“The quhilk day Allaster McGregour of Glenstray compeirand personallie in presence of the Lordis off Secreit Counsale, Tuke upoun him the haill personis of the name of McGregour and promeist to be ansuerabill for thame be making of thame furth cumand to justice for all the attemptis to be commitit be thame heireftir ay and untill he in presence of the saidis Lordis lat thame under utheris Landislordis and qualifie sufficientlie that they dwell under utheris Landislordis; At quhilk tyme he to be na forder burdynit with samony as he layis aff him, bot for relieff of the Landislordis according to the Act of Parliament.

“1599. Aug. 2. (same day as the preceding Bond)
“Cautioun for Makgregour.
“Quhilk day James Commendator of Incheaffray and Sir Jhone Murray Knicht become actit and obleist as Cautioneris conjunctlie and severalie for Allester McGregour of Glenstrae, That the said Allester sail compeir personalie and present and entir with him befoir the Lordis of Secreitt Counsale at Edinburgh upon the [page 256} 4th day of Sep. nixt ane of the plegeis specifeit and contenit in his awne offeris to remaine and be placeit quhair his Hienes sall appoint under the pane of 10,000 merkis. - Record of Secret Council Acta.

“August. A number of the Landlords of the ClanGregor previously mentioned and in addition George Graham of Boquhapple had letters charging them to appear before the Council to find bail for making all persons of the name of MacGregor dwelling upon their lands answerable to justice under the pain of Rebellion. - Lord High Treasyrers Books.

“Sep. 6. The entrie of Makgregour prorogat untill the 15 Nov. nixt.” [3]  

Although at this time the King and Council do not seem to have wished to press hardly on the Clan, and evidently had a respect, and perhaps regard, for MacGregor of Glenstray, yet the severe laws which had been devised against Highlanders who were unquiet (for in this respect the General Band threatened them all) fell with great weight on the MacGregors. The laws requiring superiors and landlords to be personally answerable for those living on their lands forced even friendly neighbours, such as we must esteem Sir John Murray of Tullibardine and James Drummond the Commendator of Inchaffray, to prosecute the prescribed race, and drive them from one refuge to another till they had not a single resource left, and under such circumstances it was not surprising that their hand should be against every man, and that even the best efforts of their Chief should fail.

In the introduction to the sixth volume of the Register of the Privy Council of Scotland which has been published, the following remarks occur :-
“Other entries bring out the ominous fact that of all the Highland clans the MacGregors were now the objects of most unremitting attention on the part of the Government. While other more distant Clans were lawless enough, the lawlessness of the MacGregors of the LochLomond country, whether from their comparative nearness or for other reasons exposing them to special dislike, was the most heard of, in the Privy Records, and while we have but glimpses of Makenzie of Kintail, or Macleod of Dunvegan, or some other of the greater chiefs as moving about in their distant parts of the map, hardly to be reached by Government commands; or missives, the poor Chief of the transgressors is kept constantly in our sight walking hither and [page 257} thither over his more accessible tract of territory, pursued by summons to appear, or to give securities for his men.

“1599. Sept. 6. at Edinburgh. The entry of Macgregour prorogat. The which day the Lords of Secret Council with consent of James Commendator of Inchaffray and Sir John Murray of Tullibardin Knight Prorogate the Entry of Allaster MacGregor of Glenstray before his Majesty and his Council, conform to the Act whereby they became Cautioners to that effect, until the 15th day of Nov. next to come. Like as they are content and consent to stand obliged for the Entry of the said Allaster before his Majesty and his Council upon the said 15th day of Nov. next to come under the pain of 10,000 merks specified in the said Act.

“Protectioun in favour of the Commendator of Inchaffray, The which day Sir John Murray of Tullibardine entered and presented before the Lords of' Secret Council John dhu Macewne as pledge for Allaster MacGregor of Glenstray specified and contained in the said Allaster’s own offers conform to the Act whereby the said Sir John and James Commendator of Inchaffray became acted for the entry of the said pledge. Whereupon the said James Commendator of Inchaffray asked instruments and protested that he might be relieved of all further entry of the said pledge Which protestation the Lords admitted.

Tullibardin’s Band for entry of John dhu.
“The which day John dhu Macewne [4]   as pledge for Allaster MacGregor of Glenstray being entered and presented before the Lords of Secret Council by Sir John Murray of Tullibardin Knight, conform to the Act whereby he and James Commendator of Inchaffray became acted to that effect, the said Lords have delivered the said John dhu macewne back again to the said Sir John to be of new entered again before the said Lords upon the day appointed for the entry of Allaster MacGregor of Glenstray. Therefor the said Sir John Murray of Tullibardin Knight in presence of the said Lords of Secret Council acted and obliged himself to re-enter and present the said John dhu macewne before his Majesty and his Council upon the 15th day of Nov. next to come, under the pain of 5000 merks. - Reg : Sec : Con : Acta. Vol. 1598 to 1601.

“Oct. Item payit to Robert Elder messenger passand of Edinburgh to charge the various landlords to certain of the Macfarlanes and McGregouris, to enter and present everie ane of thame respective the particular persons, thair men and tennenis, as is mentioned.

[page 258}
“Dec. 6. Alexander Menzies of Weyme denounced rebel and put to the horn at the instance of Mr. John Moncreiffe, advocate (in absence) for not producing before the Council ‘his men servants and proper dependers, Donald McGregour alias Donald Dorie in . . . . . . and Donald Menzies.’

“Dec. 17. Decree that ‘from the 1. of Jan. next the beginning of the year shall be reckoned instead of from the 25th of March.’ The King and Council ‘being willing that thair salbe na disuniformiti betuix his Majestie his realme and leigis and otheris nichtbour cuntreyis in this particular.’

“Dec. 19. Comperit Mr. Donald Campbell (in the Court of justiciary and produceit oure soverane Lordis Lettres dewlie execute and indorsate purcheist be “Allaster McGregour as Chief and near Kynnesman to umquhile Patrik McGregour in Cadderlie. John Hay of Urchaye as broyr with the kin and friends of umqle Willm : Hay and siclike John McConeill Vcintailzeour sone to umqle Donald Mcintailzeour in Barglas and Donald McGilleis as father to vmqle Dowgall McGilleis to tak souertie of William McIntoshe of Esseich, Duncan McIntoshe son to Lachlan McIntoshe of Dunnachtan and others who had been ‘denunceit rebels’ and put to the horn, for not compeiring to underlie the law for the slauchter of the saidis umquhile persons.

“1600. Jan. 29. at Holyroodhouse. Forasmekill as James Commendator of Incheafray and Sir Johne Murray of Tullibardin Knicht, (recapitulation of their obligations in regard to Glenstray and John dow McEwine,) ‘Quhilkis actis being called upon the said day of Nov. [5]   last and continuit fra tyme to tyme thairefter unto this 29, day of Januare instant upoun the saisis cautioneris awin sute and promeis, maid and renewit be thame fra tyme to thime the entrie of the said Allester and his said pledge, . . . . . and the saidis cautioneris being of new callit upon . . . and not compeirand nor yet the said Allester and his pledge foirsaid being entrit and presentit be thame nor nane in thair names &a &a.’ Follows Decreet of Council against Incheaffray and Tullibardin conjunctly and severally for 10,000 merks : for not presenting Glenstray and against Tullibardin singly for 5000 merks for not presenting John dow McEwine. - Rec. : Sec: Con: Acta

“Proclamation against the Resetters of the McGregoris Goods.
“1600. Jan. 31. At Holyrood. Forsamekle as the wicked and unhappie race of the ClanGregour continewing sa lang in blude, thift, reif, sorning, and oppressioun sa frequentlie committit upoun the peaceable and gude subjectis of the incuntrey, to the utter wrak, miserie, and undoing of grite nowmers of honnest and substantious [page 259} houshalderis, and laying waist of divers weill plenished roumes, to the offence and displesur of God, and contempt of his Hienes and his lawis; and his Majestie finding thame alwayis bent to follow the unhappie course of thair awne pervers nature and inclinatioun eftir that his Hienes had delt and travellit be fair and gentill meanis to have broucht thame under sum obedience; and Allester McGregour of Glenstray thair cheif and ringleidar haveing maist undewtifullie and unhonnestlie violat his promeis maid to the gentilmen quha interponit thair bandis for him to his Majestie, and thairby professing and avowing himsell and his unhappie race to be outlawis and figitives, and enemies to all dewtiful and gude subjectis his Majestie thairfoir is resolved to persew and prosequate thame with all rigour and extremitie, according to thair deservingis. Bot becaus the bipast conforte and countenance quhilk thay have fund amangis thair landislordis and uthar cuntrey people at sik tymes as be his Hienes aucttoritie thay have been heirtofoir persewit, in resetting, huirding, and keiping of thair guidis and making of bloikis and barganis with thame hes encourageit thame at everie occasioun to brek lowse, and to sorne, herrey, and wrak his Hienes subjectis quhair as gif sic unlawfull resett and huirding if thair guidis were denyet and refused unto thame, sum redress micht be gottin of the stouthis, and reiffis committit be thame. His Hienes thairfoir with advice of his Counsall, hes avowed to punishe with all rigour and extremetie all sic personis as heireftir sall gif ony sic unlawful resett, to the saidis lymmaris, thair guidis, or geir; and to the effect nane pretend ignorance heirof, ordainis letters to be direct to command, charge and inhibite all and sindrie maisteris and landislordis of the McGregouris and all utheris his Hienes subjectis quhatsumevir be oppin proclamatioun in all places neidfull, that nane of thame presume nor take upon hand at ony tyme heireftir to resett, huird or keip ony of the guidis, or gier pertening to quhatsumevir personis of the name of McGregour, thair followaris, and pairttakeris, nor to mak bloikis nor bargainis with thame, thairanent, privatelie nor publicklie in mercat or utherwayis, certifeing thame that failyeis, or dois in the contrar, that thay salbe repute, haldin, and estemit, as arte and pairttakeris, and allowaris of thame in all thair wicked deeddis, and salbe persewit and punist thairfoir with all rigour and extremitie, to the terrour of utheris.

“Discharge to Tullibardin of MacGregor.
“1600. Feb. 17. The quhilk day Sir Johnne Murray of Tullibardin Kt. haveing enterit and presentit befoir the Kingis Majestie, Allaster McGregour of Glenstrae conforme to ane act quhairby he and James Commendator of Incheafray became cautioneris to that effect, his Majesty hes grantit the resett of the said Allaster and exoneris and relevis the said Sir Johne of all forder keiping of him.

[page 260}
“Same day. Petition by Tullibardine and Inchaffray to be relieved of the penalties imposed upon them the previous month ‘Alwayis thay have now enterit and presentit to his Majestie the said Allaster quha is presentlie in his Hienes warde to be tane ordour with be his Majestie as his Hienes sall think maist meit and expedient for the wele and quietnes of the cuntrey; And seeing the default of the not entrie of the said Allaster with his said Pledge at the peremptour day appointit to that effect wes not in the saidis Complenaris, bot proceidit upoun sum occasiounis quhilkis intervenit and fell oute befoir the day of his entrie quhilkis discourageit and terrifiet him to keep the first dyet And that now they have usit thair diligence and be thair moyane and travellis hes brocht in the said Allaster and deliverit him for his Majestie with quhome the like ordour may now be takne as micht have been at the first dyett; and that nathing lies intervenit nor fallin oute in this tyme of delay to the hurt or prejudice of his Majestie’s gude subjectis Humbly desire &a &a.” Decreet rescinded (of Jan. 29) by the Council.

“March 4. John galt Makgregor in Cannoquhan is denounced rebel and put to the horne for not appearing before the Council to have been delivered to the justice or his Deputes, to stand his trial for the alledged carrying off of nine oxen and five kye from the Lands of Maidlinis, belonging to William Pitalloch in Maidlinis and Walter Kynnaird there, committed on the 24. Feb. 1594-5.

“March 6. Certain Landlords of the ClanGregor (i.e, those on whose lands the MacGregors were living) compeared with Allaster McGregor of Glenstray and ‘thay being burdynit with suirties and plegeis for halding and retening the said Clan under obedience and for redress of pairties skaithit, it wes complenit be the saidis Landislordis that ane of the speciall causes quhilk procurit the misreule and disobedience of that Clan wes the resett and conforte quhilk thay fand of thair said Chief and amangis the Landislordis thameselffis, seeing every ane of thame for the maist pairt resett the men and tennentis of utheris quhan thai wer persewit be thair maisteris or quhan thai had committit ony wicked or ill deidis. Be the unlauchfull resett and mantenance sa frequentlie gevin unto thame, not onlie ar they encourageit to continow in all kynd of misreule and to misknaw thair landlordis, bot the saidis landislordis ar maid unable to answer for thame.’ It was ordained that whoever of the Landlords resett or protected the tennants of others should be equally answerable for these persons as if they belonged to their own ground.

“On the same day the same persons having compeared ‘and a catalogue having [page 261} been maid of certane speciall househaldaris duelland under Landislordis and of sum utheris quhome the said Allaster had taken upoun, himselff; yit his Majestie understanding that thair wilbe a nowmer of that Clan quha hes na certane residence nor duelling and can not be laid upoun landislordis being left lowse and na certane ansuer maid for thame may commit grite trouble and unquitie,’ . . . . . . . . . . it is found and declared that ‘the said Allaster oucht and sould be ansuerble for the haill personis of the name of McGregour quhome he hes not layed upoun Landislordis, and the pledgis to be enterit for him aucht and sould ly alsweill for the gude reule and obedience of thame as of the speciall personis quhome the said Allaster hes tane upoun him.’ “The same day and compearance of same persons. First those landlords who had not yet found caution for their MacGregor tenants were enjoined to do so forthwith. ‘And because the said Allaster cannot get cautioun conform to the General Band That Thairfoir Plegeis be tane for the gude reule and obedience of sic as he ansueris for And for this effect, that thair be tuelff personis gevin to him in tickett of quhome he sall mak chois of thrie to be pledgeis for the first quarter, and thai to be quarterlie relevit with uthir thrie of the tuelff Pledgeis. and that the saidis thrie Pledgeis be committit to the custodie and keipeing of the Lord Drummond, the Laird of Tullibardin and the Laird of Glenurquhay viz to everie ane of thame ane quha sal be haldin be this present act to assuir thair keiping and not eschaiping under the pane to be accountabill and ansuerabill to his Majesteis Subjectis for the haill skaithis quhilkis thay may sustene of ony of the persons for quhome the saidis plegeis lyis; and in the mean tyme quhill the entrie of the saidis plegeis that the said Allaster be still detenit in warde within the castell of Edinburgh, or utherwise fred and relevit upoun sic conditiounes as his Majestie and Counsall sall think meit and expedient.’ - Record of Secret Council.

“1600. March 31. Precept of Remission in favour of Malcolm and Duncan MacGregors brothers, servants of Patrick Lord Drummond for the slaughter of umquhile Duncan McCleriche.

“April 16. The quhilk day in presence of the Kingis Majestie and Lordis of Secret Counsall compeirit personallie Patrik Murray sone to Sir Johne Murray of Tullibardine Knicht, as procurator for his father and enterit and presentit Johne Mceanduy in Rannoche and Ewne McAllaster Pudrach tua of the plegeis specifiet and contenit in the tickett delivered to Allaster McGregour of Glenstra conforme to the act quhairby the said Sir Johne became cautioner and souertie to that effect upoun the 11th day of March last Lyke as the said Patrick in name of his said fader Declairit that his said fader had delyverit Johne McFatrick Vceane, the third of the saidis Plegis to [page 262} Sir Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay Kt. quha presentlie hes him in his custodie and keiping. In respect of the quhilk exehibitioun of the saidis twa plegeis and delyverie of the uther plege to the said Sir Duncane his Majestie and Counsall Declaris the act foirsaid . . . quhairby the said Sir Johne Murray became cautioner for the entrie of the saidis thrie plegeis to be satisfeit and obeyit and exoneris and discharges him thairfor be thir presentis. - R. S. C. Ewne McAllaster is delivered to John Earl Montrose Chancellor to be kept by him and John Mceanduy is delivered the said Patrick Murray to be convoyed to Patrick Lord Drummond, to whose custody he is appointed.

“1600. April 30. His Majesty had been informed that Patrick Murray notwithstanding his faithful promises had not delivered John McEanduy to Lord Drummond, ‘so that not onlie has the said Patrik violated promise, but occasion is given to the ClanGregor to continue thair accustamat trade of evil doing Sir John Murray is charged to deliver the said pledge to Lord Drummond within three days under pain of rebellion.’

“August 12. At Holyroodhouse. At the late ordours takin with the Landislordis and Chiftane of the MacGregouris for retening of that haill Clan undir obedience, Allaster McGregour of Glenstra Chief and Chieftain of the said Clan tuke upon him certane personis for quhome he wuld be ansuerable; and for the gude rule and quietnes to be keipit be thame the personis following viz
Johne dow McEwne,
Duncane McEwne,
John Mcfatrik VcEane,
Gregour McGregour VcEan,
Patrik gar Mcilchallum glas in Rannoch,
John McEanduy in Rannoch, the eldest brother,
Ewne McAllaster pudrach, and
John McPatrik oig,
wer delyverit to him in tickett, of the quhilkis he wes ordanit to entir thrie as plegis, and thrie to be quarterlie relevit with utheris thrie of the remanent personis sua that alwyse his Majestie micht be suir of thrie of thame; conforme to the quhilk in the moneth of Aprile last the said Ewne McAllaster pudrach wes entrit and deliverit to Johne Erll of Montrose Chancellair, the said John Mceanduy in Rannoch wes delivered to Patrik Lord Drummond and the John Mcfatrick VcEane wes delyverit to Sir Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay, . . . Quhilkis personis haveing now lyne ane haill quarter of ane yeir Necessair it is that thai be relevit be the entrie of the uthir, of the remanent personis foirsaidis, and tharfoir ordainis Lettreis to be direct charging [page 263} Allaster of Glenstra, to enter present and delyver uthir thrie plegeis of the personis speciallie abone written ‘to the same custodians as before, who are charged’ to ressave the saidis plegeis within thrie houris eftir thay be presentit unto thame and to keip and detain thame &a and efter the ressett of the saidis plegeis to putt the plegeis presentlie lyand with thame to libertie and suffer thame pas quhair thay pleis, as they will ansuer to his Majestie at thair higher charge.

“1600. Dec. 5th, at Perth. Allister McGregor schieff and chiftane of the said clane tuik upone him certane personis of the name of McGregor for whom hie wald be answerable And for the gude rewll and quietnes to be keipit be thame the personis following viz
Johne Dow McEwin, [6]  
Duncane McEwin,
Johne McPhatrik VcEane,
Gregor McGregor VcEane,
Patrick Gar McIllchael McGlass in Rannauche,
Ewin McAllaster Pudrache, the eldest brother,
and John McPatrick oig,
are delivered to him in ticket off the quhilkis he is ordainit to enter thrie to be quarterlie relewit withe vtheris thrie of the remanent personis sua that alwayis we might be suir of thrie of thame conforme to the quhilk in the moneth of Aprile last the said Ewin McAllaster Pudrache was enterit and delivered to Johne Erll of Montrois chancelair. The said Ewin Mceanduy in Rannauche was enterit and delivered to Patrik Lord Drummond, and the said Johne McPhatrik VcEane was deliverit to Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay, Quhilkis plegis haveing layne now one haill quarter of ane zeir Necessar it is that thay be relievit be the entrie of vther thrie of the remanent personis forsaidis. Our will is Heirfoir &a.
“Allaster Galt McGregor, fathair brothair to the Laird, witness.
“Duncan McAllaster quhiddrache VcGregor witness (Pudrach).
- Register of Hornings, Perth, in General Register House.”

[1] Enumerated in Chapter IV. Page 161

[2] If Glenstray had solemly taken upon himself the guilt of the murder of Drummond of Drummondernoch it seems improbable that the King would entrust him with a commission and accept his offers of caution. Ed.

[3] Vide next page.

[4] Son of the late Tutour of Glenstray and cousin germane to Allaster.

[5] Mention is made in this Act that on the first occasions (2nd August and 6th September) “the said Allaster was visited with infirmity and sickness so that he was not able to travel.”

[6] See on previous page, same list, August 12.