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Scottish Tour Guide - Terms and Conditions

Peter John Lawrie BSc, BA, MPhil, MBCS, CITP, FSAScot




The boring but necessary part, any confusion on these T&C please email for clarification, these T&C are provided for the clients of Glen Discovery Ltd. They clarify what is expected of both parties, full legal (Scottish Law) can be provided on request.

Glen Discovery Ltd offer tours based on a normal eight/nine hour day. Some tour days will be longer than eight/nine hours (arrival and transfer for example) and will be agreed in advance. For Health and Safety reasons and due to the safety of both client and guide, Glen Discovery Ltd may work outwith agreed times in exceptional circumstances. This is to allow for rest time and refuelling and general cleaning or maintenance of the vehicle.  Glen Discovery Ltd will provide confirmation of itinerary upon request unless the tour is  booked less than 30 days before travel. Glen Discovery Ltd reserves the right to change the itinerary due to time constraints or conditions out with our control. Travel times are based on normal travel conditions and Glen Discovery Ltd cannot be held responsible for late departure, accidents or other events out of their control.

Day tours 

Payment of fees will be by cash or such as is agreed, normal payment is on the day at the end of the tour which is common practice, some operators may ask for payment before but this is not advisable, you can if you wish arrange payment in advance. Payment maybe made in £Sterling ($Dollars or Euro’s at the tourist rate applicable). Exchange examples shown in the Website are indicative and should not be taken as the exchange rate agreed.

Extended Tours

Payment of a deposit is required unless booked less than 30 days prior to the tour. A standard payment of 20% is required at time of booking if tour is of more than three days and full payment 30 days prior to the tour unless booked less than 30 days before travel when full payment is normally taken. Cancellation less than 30 days before travel will result in forfeiture of all monies paid, cancellation before this time will result in loss of deposits. This is necessary as ferries, accommodation will have been booked and to cover loss of tour fees. Your travel insurance will cover genuine cancellations (see insurance below). Delays incurred starting the tour by the client can not be added to the tour unless Glen Discovery Ltd (or associate) can provide cover for this and may incur additional charges. Travel between arrival or departure airport or port of arrival departure may be made by a third party depending on time of arrival or departure to allow Glen Discovery Ltd to provide service for the next client. Failure of Glen Discovery Ltd (or associate) to complete all or part of the tour will result in pro rata payment to be refunded no other charges will be considered. Changes to the itinerary will not normally be allowed except by previous arrangement and only if practically possible. Extending the itinerary will not be allowed unless Glen Discovery Ltd agrees or can arrange these changes. Luggage should be agreed before travel and depending on number of persons travelling may have to be limited.

Payment at attractions will normally be the responsibility of the client, but ferry journeys, fuel etc; will be provided by Glen Discovery Ltd.

Travel and personal insurance is the responsibility of the client at all times and should be provided throughyour travel agent or yourself, clients should make sure that they have a level of insurance sufficient to repatriate them to their country of origin in the event of major illness or injury. Glen Discovery Ltd has full insurance which will cover you whilst travelling in his vehicle. Glen Discovery Ltd will  endeavour to assist if you are unwell or suffer minor injuries but can not be held responsible for your injuries or treatment. Glen Discovery Ltd will assist if clients become unwell or sustain any injury or need hospital treatment whilst touring. Clients should make sure that they have their own essential medication enough to cover their vacation, Glen Discovery Ltd will assist if medication needs to be sought but this will impact on your time and may not be made up.


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