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Articles on Scottish history by Peter Lawrie BSc, BA, MPhil, MBCS, CITP, FSAScot, CFA

  • The Irish Scots of Dalriada - or were they?
  • The Political Context of the Battle of Glen Fruin in 1603
  • A study of the Poor Roll in a Scottish Highland Parish, 1864-1915
  • Watson's Celtic Placenames of Scotland
  • The Battle of Glen Fruin - Cath Ghlinn Freoin
  • Family structures in Kildonan in the 19th century
  • Scottish Castles - Fortifications or Mansions?
  • The Geography of the Battle of Glen Fruin
  • Migration patterns into eastern Sutherland from the 1851 census
  • Highland Clothes
    or did an Englishman invent the kilt?
  • John dow MacGregor in Balquhidder
  • Occupations of the workforce in Sutherland parishes in 1851
  • Print Culture in early 19th Century Dundee
  • The Clan Gregor in the last Jacobite rising of 1745-46
  • An analysis of Wages and Prices in 19th century Sutherland
  • Improvements in Dundee urban fabric after 1871
  • Kinship, Landholding & Crime - Clan Gregor 1583-1611
  • War & the Formation of the Scottish State
  • Glen Gyle House - built by Rob Roy MacGregor
  • General Sir Gregor Boach MacGregor of Venezuela

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