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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 6

Gilderoy, 1636

[page 56}
In the memoir of the House of Roro, it is stated that:-

"1633. In Febr. Gilderoy in attempting to avenge Para Gearr's death, was apprehended by the Forbeses of Corse in July following, and sent to Edinburgh where he was tried."

But this appears to have taken place in 1636, according to full details by Spalding.

1636. In Februar thair wes brocht to Edinburgh aucht of Gilliroyis follueris, who war notorious lymmaris, and did gryte oppressioun in the landis of Corss, Cragivar, and diuerss vther pairtis in this countrie wnder pretext of seiking James Grant for Killing of Patrik Ger.-Thir lounes war takin be the Steuartis of Atholl by persuasioun and devyss of the lairds of Cragiwar and Corss, quhairof thair wes sevin hangit altogidder at the Cross of Edinburgh, and thair heidis cut of and set up on exemplarie. The aucht man got his lyf becauss it wes confessit he was drawin to this seruice against his will. Gilliroy seeing this his men takin and hangit, went and brynt up sum of the Steuartis houssis in Atholl, in recompenss of this iniurie." ……Gilliroy with fyve other lymmaris war takin and had to Edinburgh and all hangit to the deith opone the 29th day of July."

A footnote in the Spalding Club edition explains further:-

"Patrick McGregour, alias Gilroy, was tried before the Justiciary deputis and Archibald Lord Lorne, as their assessor on 27th July 1636. The 'byke of infamous lymmaris' who were tried with him, consisted of 'John Forbes, son of umquhile James Forbess in Strathdone, George Grant, sone naturall to James Grant the notorious rebell, callit of Carroun, Allaster Forbes brother to the said John Forbes, John McColme, alias Stewart, Callum Forbes, John McGregor McEan, Gillespik McFarlane, Allaster McInneir, Ewin McGregor, alias Accaurisch.” They were convicted on their own judicial confession emitted in the Gaelic tongue, [page 57} and interpreted to the jury by James Stewart of Ardvoirlich. They were all sentenced to be hanged, but a certain distinction was conferred on Gilroy and John Forbes who were ordered to be 'hangit vpone ane gibbet quhill they he deid, quhilk gibbet sall be advancit ane grit degrie heicher nor the gibbet quhair upone the rest sall suffer.'"

In the modern appendix to Spalding reference is made to the trial of Gilderoy and his "Complices":-

"Gilderoy, or as the word may be translated 'the red lad' has been celebrated in the plaintive ballad which takes its name from the hero of it; but notwith¬standing the romance which is thus thrown about him, he appears to have been a mere robber and cattle lifter. A wonderful account of his adventures is given in the 'Lives and Exploits of English Highwaymen, Pirates and Robbers,' by Captain Charles Johnson, London 1842."

With reference to" Gilderoy" Mr Hill Burton writes in his History of Scotland, alluding to the general indignation against the Crichtons after the "Burning of Frendraught" "A field of prey so inviting tempted the MacGregors from the far off banks of Loch Katrine and they appeared under their leader Gilderoy, a robber Chief of European celebrity."

with the following footnote:-

"Gilderoy figures in the English biographies of highwaymen and robbers by Capt. Brown, Alexander Smith and others. The outlaw chief who with his army of reivers would devastate a province is there reduced to the model of the Dick Turpins, Tom Kings and other heroes of the English roads"

"Gilderoy, after defying the power of the Crown and of his enemies was hanged in 1636, the seizure was one of the feats of the great Argyle himself, and was deemed worthy of public thanks as a national service."

"1636. 7th July. At Edinburgh. 'Forsameikle as Archibald Lord Lorne, heritable justiciar of the South and North Vlleis, and of the Shrefdome of Argyle, out of the zeal and affectioun to his Maieste’s service and peace of the cuntrey, hes carefully bestirred, and now in end successfully takin the arch rebell, Patrick McGregour alias Gilroy, with some of his complices be quhome his Maiesteis guid subiectis in the hielandis and north pairtis of this kingdome hes bene this lang tyme bygane heavilie infested in thair persones and guides, which being ane service considerable, and quhilk in the consequence thairof will greitlie conduce to the peace and quyet of the countrey, thairfore the Lordis of secreit counsall findis and declares [page 58} that the said Lord Lorne hes behaved himself as ane generous and loyall subject, and that he hes done guid, reall and acceptable service to his Maiestie and the estait, and accordinglie approves the said Lord of Lorne, his haill proceedingis in this matter, ordaining remonstrance to be made to his Maiestie of the said service and merit of the same: Lykas, the saidis lordis declaires that the said Lord of Lorne his taking of the said Gilroy and his complices within the boundis of his justiciarie, and exhibitioun of thame befoir his Maiesties counsall heir, to underly thair travell and puneischment, sall at na tyme be obtrudet agains the said Lord Lorne, nor sall impoirt ony preiudice or derogatioune to the right and priviledge of the said Lord Lorne his justiciarie, bot that the same sall stand in full force, unpreiudget or impaired be the exhibitioun foresaid; for quhilk purpose and for preservatioun of the liberteis of his office, ordanis the Lord Lorne to sit with and be assessor to his Maiesteis justice and his deputis in the trying and censureing of the said Gilroy and such of his complices as ar apprehendit be the said Lord Lorne.'

From the "Chartulary" :-

"1636. Eight of the followers of the Gilroys were brought to Edinburgh. They had been taken by the Stewarts of Atholl. Seven of them together were hanged and beheaded at the cross and their heads set up 'in examplary places.' The Gilroys in retaliation burnt some houses of the Stewarts.

"March 8. Royal Commission against 'Shaw, Forbes' and others followers of Gilroy McGregour were lodged in the Tolbooth of Aberdein.

"March 11. One of the assyse on the trial of John Dow erenoch McPhaill alias Camerone for sheep stealing is Patrik Roy M'Gregour alias Murray." -Records, High Court of Justiciary.

"March 15. Forasmuch as it is understood to the lords of Privy Council - that Sir William Forbes of Craigivar has lately taken and apprehended
Patrik Glas M'Gregour;
Neill Mcphatrik;
Duncane Roy Dick McGregour;
Johne – McGregour;
Johne Vsssn [Hutcheon] McGregour;
Johne Dow Grant;
all followers and complices of the rebell Patrik McGregour called Gilderoy together also with one Johne Pillour and Thomas Cleriche two guides and spies unto the [page 59} said limmers in all their robberies and depredations and whereas the examplary trial of these limmers will greatly conduce to the discovery of their authors, abettors, and maintainers and to the peace of the country Therefore the said Lords ordain the said prisoners to be sent by the different sherrifs to Edinburgh Tolbooth.'

“Charges against the Resetters of Gilroy. Forasmuch as albeit there have been divers acts of Parliament and Secret Council made and published heretofore against the reset &c as namely an Act made by our late gracious Sovereign Lord of blessed memory in his 14th Parliament whereby it is declared &c notwithstanding the lords of Secret Council are informed that Patrik McGregour called Gilderoy,
Johne Dow Gair McGregor;
Patrik Glas;
Neill McArthure;
Robert McGregour Mceane McPatrick;
…. McGregour brother to Gilderoy;
…… Mcinstalker;
……. McComie;
with an infamous byke of other thieves and broken limmers have associated and combined themselves together, have their residence upon the lands near to the forests of Cublene Glentanar and in the mountains of Tullich, Glengarrie, Strathdie, Strathdone and Cabrach where they have a peaceble and ordinary abode and rest unmolested, challenged or pursued by any persons as if they were lawful subjects and from these parts they come in companies oft times in the darkness of the night down to the incountry, fall unaware upon the houses and goods of his Majesty's poor subjects, pursue them of their lives, spoil them of their goods, threaten them with all cruelty if they presume to complain, force them to pay black maill and being full handed with the spoil of his Majesty's good subjects, they go back again to the bounds foresaid, where they keep market of their goods peaceably and uncontrolled, highly to the contempt of our Sovereign Lord and disgrace of Law and Justice for remeid whereof in time coming the Lords of Secret Council have resolved, concluded and ordained, to putt all the Acts of Parliament and Secret Council formerly made against the said broken thieves and limmers and against their resetters, suppliers, abettors and intercomuners, to due and full execution, conform to the tenor thereof and for this effect ordain letters to be direct, &c"-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"March 15. Sir John Hay &c appointed to examine McArthure Gillichrist, prisoner in the tolbooth of Edinburgh, anent the resetting of Patrik Gilroy McGregour and other crimes wherewith he is charged.

"1636. March 15. A price on Johne Gair.

“Forasmuch as Gilroy McGregour and Johne Gair McGregour two common and [page 60} notorious thieves and limmers have of late associated unto themselves an infamous byke of other insolent and lawless thieves and all concurring together, in a rebellious and treasonable society, they go in troops and companies athort the country Not only in the highlands but very oft in the lowlands where they Commit cruel and detestable murders slaughters stouthreifs ravishing and forcing of women and all kind of impiety upon his Majesty's peaceable and good subjects highly to his Majesty's contempt, disgrace of his Majesty's government and scandal and reproach of the country, that such handfuls of miscreants and unworthy mischeants should be suffered so long to run loose without controlment, and therefore the Lords of Secret Council till some farther course and order he taken, for reducing them to obedience, have promised and by the tenor hereof promitts and faithfully promises that whatsoever person or persons will take the said Johne Dow Gair and Gilroy McGregours and bring and present them quick to the said Lords and failing thereof, their heads That every such person or persons shall have a thousand pounds scotch money deliverd to them in present and thankful payment for each of the said Gilroy and Johne Dow Gair, and whoever will present any of their accomplices and followers and exhibit them they being alive or their heads, shall have for their pains and travels a hundred or two hundred pounds and farther at the discretion of the said Lords. And whereas in the execution of the Commission granted by the said Lords to some noblemen barons and gentlemen nominated therein for pursuit of these rebellious thieves and limmers the said commissioners will be sometimes constrained to employ persons not altogether answerable and obedient to law and justice, and the said Lords being willing if these persons shall do any worthy and memorable service that they shall have some taste of his Majesty's favour for their pains, Therefore the said Lords promise and declare that if any person or persons will bring in a more notorious and powerful limmer than himself and will find caution for his good behaviour in time coming. That every such person or persons shall have his Majesty's gracious favour and pardon for all their bygone offences and shall be otherwise acknowledged at the discretion of his Majesty's Council. And ordain Letters of publication to be directed here¬upon as effeirs."-Record of Secret Council, Acta

"March 31.
Alexander McGregour in Bamarrele.
Gregor M'Gregour his brother in Kinabrok under
…….. McGregour feuar thereof under Earl of Mar
Gregor Mceanduy in Strathaven in Achaskyle.
Alexander Roy McGregour his brother.
Donald McGregour in Glenrinnes;
Donald McGregour at Auchtie in Brae Murray.
Johne Beg McGregour."
- Record of Secret Council.

[page 61}
"1636. March 31. At Edinburgh. Commission against the Resetters of Gilroy.

"Forasmuch as albeit the reset, supply, and intercommoning with Patrik Gilroy McGregour and Johne Dow Gair McGregour two common and notorious thieves and limmers and of their rebellious accomplices has been very straitly prohibited and discharged by divers acts and proclamations made and published heretofore. Notwithstanding it is of truth that the persons underwritten They are to say &a.
Commissioners appointed to try the resetters "with power likewise to them to search, seek, take and apprehend the said Patrik Gilroy McGregour and Johne Dow Gair McGregour and such as shall be actually in company with them whereever they may be apprehended and to put them in sure firmance and captivity It shall be lawful to the said Commissioners conjunctly and severally or any whom they shall employ to take and apprehend the saids Johne Dow McGregours or any of their rebellious accomplices, resetters, or whovres as said is. " -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"April 1. The which day the missive letter underwritten signed by the King's Majesty and directed to the Lords of Privy Council was pre¬sented to the said Lords and read in audience of the quhilk the tenour follows:-
"'Charles R. Right Reverend father in God, Right trustie and weilbelouit Cousines and Counsellors We greit you weill Whereas humble sute hath beene made to us for enlarging Gregour and Patrik Murreyes frome prison where they wer committed for not taking burdein for the whole name of McGregour representing that they have nather lands nor possessiones in that our kingdom nor that any of that name hold anie lands of thame and by act of Parliament being prohibited to be callit by that name they have taken upon thame the name of Morray; It is our pleasure that upon the signing of the General band for thameselffis and finding caution for thair owne good behaviour and appearance before you at the time prefixed by the said band or at what time soever you sall call for thame you give warrant to release thame from prison to goe about thair lawful affaires for which these presents shall be our warrand We bid you farewell from our Court at Whitehall 9. March 1636.' "-Record of Secret Council, Acta

"April 1. Commission against Stewarts &a Mention is made of Donald McGregour sone to Duncane McRobert vicoul viceane M'Gregour vagabound, Duncan MacGregour vagabound, brother to Duncane McGregour Vccondochie vagabound, denounced rebells." -MS. Advocates' Library, Edinburgh.

"April 1. John Forbes of Borgs D.D. and Sir William Forbes of Craigievar employed some gentlemen of the name of Stewart in Athole against Gilroy and others at a premium of 2000 merks."-Record of Secret Council.

"April 5. In the Court of Justiciary held in the Judgement Hall [page 62} of Edinburgh by Messieurs Alexander Colvill and James Robertoun Justiciary deputes of our Sovereign Lord the King. Entered.
Patrik Glas
Neill Mcphadrick
John Dow Grant alias Grandour
John Pillour
Duncane Roy McGregour
John McDermet
Thomas Cleiriche in Glentarvie
convict and hangit.
John McGilliechonell banished.
Dilaitit of the crimes specified in their dittays respective and particularly following viz the said Patrik Glas and Neill Mcphadrik for art and part and being in company of Patrik Gilroy McGregour a notorious rebel, sorner and oppressor declared fugitive for divers heinous crimes of theft, sorning and masterful oppression committed upon divers his Majesty's good subjects, specially for being art and part with the said Gilroy McGregour and in his company at the breaking and spuilzeing of the minister's house at the Kirk of Birss, committed in ane Lentroun at least since Candlemes last; Item the said Patrik Glas for being in company with the said Gilroy and art and part with him at the breaking up under night of Arthur Hay his wife's house about Zule last, stealing and away taking her haill goods and plenishing; Item the said Patrik Glas for being in company with the said Gilroy and art and part with him and his complices of the spuilzie, reiff and oppression committed upon the Laird of Corss's tenants about Zule last; Item the said Patrik Glas for being in company with the said Gilroy and art and part with him, the breaking of William Mitchell his house in Auchintoule about Saint Lawrence day in summer last, stealing and away taking of his haill goods, geir, insicht and plenishing being within his said house; Item the said Patrik Glas Neill Mcphatrick
John Dow Grant
Duncane Roy McGregour
John McDermet and
John McGilliechonnell
for being in company with the said Gilroy McGregour and art and part with him of the treasonable putting violent hands on the person of William Dougal of Auchin¬hove, taking and keeping captive of him, a certain space, and noways suffering him to go free furth of their hands until he gave hand and promise to them for payment of 200 merks of ransom for his freedom Treasonably usurping thereby his Majesty's Royal power and authority in taking of his Majesty's free subjects without warrant, power or commission;
Item the said Patrik Glas for spuilzeing of certain merchants of their packs and merchandice with certain Aquavitae and tobacco namely from [page 63} one James Forbes, in their passing through the country to the markets and fairs in the north country;
Item the said Neill M'phadrik for being in company with the said Gilroy and art and part with him of the breaking of Wme …... house in Birss immediately after the breaking of the said minister's house, stealing and away taking that night of his haill goods and plenishing furth therof;
Item the said John McGillechonnell for being in company with the said Gilroy and art and part with him and his complices at the breaking and spuilzeing of the said minister of Birss his house the time foresaid;
Item the said John Dow Grant alias Grandour for being in company and service with the said Gilroy since whitsunday last and for art and part with him of the haill thefts, herships, somings and oppressions committed by the said Gilroy and his complices upon his Majesty's good subjects to the time of the said John Dow Grant his taking, specially in being in company art and part with him in the treasonable taking of the said William Dougall of Auchinhove captive and prisoner, and theftuous stealing and away taking of ten horses from the said William Dougal,
And of Art and part with the said Gilroy of the theftuous stealing and away taking of the Laird of Cushnie and his tenants, As also of art and part in the harry of William Mitchell.

"Item the said Duncane Roy McGregour took part with Gilroy in the capture of Dougal of Auchinhove. John McDermet was accused of the like crime capturing also Allaster Camroune; Item the said Johnne Pillour for being in company with the said Gilroy and art and part with him as his special convoy and guide at the hership, reiff, theft and oppression committed upon the Laird of Corss his tenants; and last the said Thomas Clerich being indicted, dilaitit and accused of the contemptuous resetting of the said Gilroy McGregour and his rebellious associates within his dwelling house in Glentarvie, Intercommoning and consulting with him therein divers nights and days, furnishing him of meat, drink, bedding, powder, lead and all other comfortable supply expressly against the tenour of the Acts of parliament of his Majesties darest father made to the contrary.' Here follows repetition of the Acts against resetters made by King James VI. specially in 1567 and 1592. Pursuer Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall Knight Baronet his Majesty's Advocate for his Majesty's interest. A list of the Assize is here omitted."
-Records, High Court of Justice.

"1636. May 4. The following were accused as Resetters of Gilroy and of Johne Dow Gair.
Allaster Dow in Gaich
Callum Oig in Balquhidder
William Mitchell in the Boig in Cromar
Thomas Mechie in Glencarnie,
Patrik Mechie bsside the Quhyt house in Cromar
Patrik Grant servitor to Ballindalloch
[page 64}
Paul Grant in Ballindalloch's zett
Jonet Grant widow in Bablahaglish,
Doul Buchenoch at the Brate of l'itcaise under Ballin Doull Buchan servitor to John Grant of Kirkden
Johne Mcphadrik McJokie in Tullich
Johne and Patrik McJokies his sons"
-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"1636. June 6. Gilleroy exhibited.
"The which day Archibald Lord of Lorne presented and exhibited before the Lords of Privy Council Patrik McGregour called Gilleroy together with Johne Glas McGregour and Gilespick McFarlane two of the said Patrik his complices, whom the Lords ordain to be committed to ward within the tolbooth of Edinburgh and the said Lords give commission by these presents to David Erle of Southesk Archibald Lord of Lorne, &a, &a or any two of them, not excluding any Counsellor who pleases to be present, to examine the said Patrik McGregour and his complices tomorrow at seven in the morning." -Records of Secret Council, Acta.

"June 7. Directions against the resetters of James Grant and Gilleroy.
"The Lords of Secret Council ordain and command his Majesty's Justice and his Deputes to give order for directing of summounds against the resetters and hounders on of James Grant and Gilleroy for their compeirance to underlie the law for the said crime. "-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"June 9. Anent the resetters of Gilroy to be fined the third of what they are worth.
"And such of them as have no lands nor goods that the said commissioners cause keep them in ward for such space as they think fitting and feed them upon bread and water during that time and thereafter cause burn them in the cheek and banish them the country. And as concerning such of the said resetters as are con¬victed not only of the resett of the limmers themselves but of their stolen goods That they cause put two of the most notorious of the said resetters to the trial of an assize and to pronounce and cause execute the sentence of death against them conform to the laws of the kingdom and to cause fine and punish the rest accord¬ing as is prescribed anent the resetters of the persons of the said limmers whereanent these presents shall be to them a warrant" -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"June 30. Apud Edinburgh. Whereas Lord Kilpont out of his affection to his Majesty's service hes apprehended twa of Gllieroyes complices The Lords of Secret Counsail ordanis the said Lord Kilpont to present and enter the saids twa persons within the tolbooth of Edinburgh to remains ther till they be examined anent suche things as concerne his Majesty's service and peace of the countrie. And the saids lords declares that the exhibition of the saids persons sall be with¬out prejudice to the Earl of Airth, within whois bounds they ar tane, of his right of justiciare within the same bounds." -Records of Secret Council, Acta

[page 65}
From Spalding - See previous abstract, page 56.

"Trial of Gilderoy and his 'complices.'
Patrik McGregour, alias Gilroy,
Johne Forbes, sone to umquhile James Forbes in Strathdone
George Grant, sone naturall to James Grant the notorious rebell, callit of Carroun.
Allaster Forbes, brother to the said John Forbes,
Johne McColme, alias Stewart
Callum Forbes,
John McGregor McEane,
Gillespik McFarlan;
Allaster McInneir,
Ewin M'Gregor, alias Accawisch.
Dilaitit of the severall and perticuler crymes of slaughters, thiftis, reiffis, depredationes, and oppressiones respective following, viz., the said Patrik Gilroy McGregor for the tressonable usurpatioun of our Sonerane Lordis royal power and authoritie opoun him, in coming to the dwelling hous of Alexander Hay in Cairne-cowie and thair, with his complices, breking up the durris thairof; pat violent handis on the persones of the said Alexander and his wyfe, tuik thame captives and prissoneris, caryed thame as captives, tua myles fra thair awin hous, under silence of nycht, quhair thay keipit the said Alexander and his wyfe captives the space of twa houris, and wald nocht set thame free quhill thay promeist thame ane sowme of money for thair ransome, and libertie. Lykas, they staw, reft, and tuik fra the said Alexander, the haill guidis, and geir being within his houss, countit in wynter last, confessit be the said Patrik in his depositiones. Item, for soirning and oppression committit upone the tenents of Sir Robert Innes of Balvanie, knicht, lying upone thame dyverse dayis and nichtis, and violentlie taking of meit, drink, and other furnitour; without payment of money thairfoir, confessit lykwayis be the said Gilroy, and committit within thir tua zeir. Itam for airt and pairt of the thiftuous steilling of foure hens about Lambes, 1635 pertening to the guidman of Culquharnie, committit be him and be John Dow Gar and otheris thair complices. Item for aitt and pairt and being in companie with Donald Mcconachie, with Robert and John McInstalker, Neill McInstalker, Neill McAirthour, Donald McAllaster with Ewin Neill McPhadrik, Patrik Glas, Duncane Roy Darg, Callum Forbes, John McComie, and otheris broken men, at Candlemas last: and for the tressonable taking of William Dougal of Auchinhove, arid certane his servandis, captiues, and prissoneris careit thame away and keipit thame prissonneris, and nawayis wald suffer thame to go frie, quhill thay gat band and promeis maid of twa hundreth merkis for thair ransome.
[page 66}
Item for airt and pairt with his complices of the thiftuous steilling and away taking in sommer last 1655 yeiris, of fyftene nolt, forth of the landis of Glenprossin, quhilk pertenit to the laird of Fintrey his tennentis. Item for being airt and pairt, and in companie with John Dow Roy his brother, John Grahame his half brother, and utheris thevis and soirneris, and for breking of William Stewartis house in the lie of Inchecailzicoth in the Lennox, steilling and away taking forth thairof of his haill insight, plenishing, guidis, geir, writtis and evidentis pertening to him, committit in the moneth of May last. Item for the crewall slauchter of ….. Chamrone, in anno 1634. yeiris. Item for soirning with his complices thir thre yeirs bygane, throw the haul boundis of Strathspay, Braemar, Cromar, and countreyis thairabout, oppressing the haill commoun and puir people, violentlie taking and reifing from thame of thair meit and drink and all provisioun, with thair haill guidis, gif he and his complices had been resisted, and for commoun theft and resett of thift.

"The said John Forbes being dilaittit for airt and pairt, and being the speciall brokin man quha accumpaneit James Grant callit of Charrone, &a.
"The said Allaster Forbes being dilaitit for being in cumpanie &a.
"The said Johnne McColmie, alias Stewart, being indytit for airt and pairt, and being in cumpanie with the said Patrik Gilderoy, Patrik Glas and thair complices, at the heirschip, reif, and oppressioun comittit by thame upone the laird of Cors his tennentis, steilling, reveing and away taking fra thame of thair haill guidis, geir, insight plenising, committit a tua zeir syne or thairby. Item, for being in companie with the said Gilroy and his rebellious associattis at the tressonable taking of William Dougal of Auchinhove and keiping thame captiues and prissoneris, him and his servandis tha space of tua houris, nocht suffering him, and his servandis to go frie quhill thay promeist and gave band of tua hundreth merkis and for being airt and pairt with Gilroy of that tressonable cryme.

“The said Callum Forbes for being airt and pairt with the said Gilroy and his complices of the heirschip above written, committit be thame against the tennentis of Corss, and for being airt and pairt with thame at the tressonable taking and ransomeieing of the said laird of Auchinhove. Item, for airt and pairt and being in companie with umquhile Patrik Glas at the breking of the duelling house of the minister of the Kirk of Birss, steilling and away taking of his haill guidis and geir furth thairof. Item for airt and pairt and being in companie with the said Panik Gilroy, John Dow, his brother, and thair complices at the spuilizie, reiffing, and thiftuous steilling at yule last, of the haill guidis, geir, insicht, and plenissing pertening to Alexander Couttis in Davach in Cromar, and last for being airt and pairt and being in companie with the said Patrik Gilroy McGregour and his complices at the breking of William Mitchellis house in Auchintoule, steilling and away taking forth thairof his haill guidis and geir, insicht and plenissing, apparel
[page 67}
and utheris pertening to him being thairintill comittit about St Lawrence Day last.

The Saidis Johnne McGregour Mceane and Allaster Mclnneir being indytit for airt and pairt and being in companie with the said Patrik Gilroy, in the moneth of May last, at the thiftuous breking up of William Stewart's hous in the lie of Inchcalzeoch in the Lennox, steilling and away taking of the haill guidis and geir insicht, plennissing, airmour, writtis and utheris pertening to the said William Stewartt than being within his said hous. Item for being in companie with the said Patrik Gilroy, John Dow McGregour his brother and thair complices, and for being airt and pairt with thame of the thiftuous steilling be away of maisterfull thift and stouthreif, fra the tennentis of James Duik of Lennox duelland upone his graces landis of Aber, of thair haill guidis, bestiall, and plenissing; as also for airt and pairt of the hurting and wounding of the saidis tennentis, awnweris of the saidis guidis in defending thairof.

“The said Gillespik McFarlane being indytit for being in companie with the said Patrik Gilroy McGregour, that notorious and avowit rebell and manifest oppressour dyverse dayis and nychtis, speciallie be the space of fyve dayis and nychtis togidder, befoir the said Gilroy his taking, expres agains the actis of parliament and proclamatioun of his Maiesty's letters inhibeiting all maner of persones to intercommoun or keip companie with the said Patrik Gilroy rebill, under the pain of deid.

"The said Ewin MGregour, alias Accawisch, being indytit for the thiftuous breking of Patrik Andersones hous in Aber of Kilmarannach in Junij last, under nycht, steilling and away taking of ane brown horse furth thairof, pertening to the said Patrik. Item for the breking of Allaster Dow Stewart his dwelling hous in Gartnaffarrow, steilling and away taking certane lynning clothes, with certane cheise and uther commodities furth thairof. Item for airt and pairt of thair steilling out of Bartie Milleris house in Jonij last, under nycht, of ane pan with Certane stuff for wemenis clothes togidder with certane pasmentis, ruffis, and uther com¬modities than being within the house. Item for steilling of ane lynning web pertening to Andro Dyn in the Roiss, in August 1635, with the said Andro his haill abuilzementis. Item for steilling of ane plaid and certane lyning claith per¬tening to Walter Brichane, alias McAndro in Blair, in somer last, 1635 togidder with ane dollour and ane half of moneyis. Item fra William Kynros in Menteith of ane plaid and ane sword committit in the moneth of Junij last. Item for steilling of certane cheise, with ane half dollar in money fra Walter McAndro in anno 1635. Item for breking of Thomas Mylleris house in Arochie beg, at that time, steilling and away taking from him of certane apparrell and silver with some tobacco forth thairof. And last for breking of Margaret Bochannes house in Arochiemor and steilling of certane cheise forth thairof in somer 1634, under silence of nicht.

[page 68}
James Stewart of Ardvorlich.
Mr Johnne Murray, tutour of Strowane.
Alexander Monteith of Ballieholecht
Johnne Lennox of Branchogle.
Archibald Edmesoun in Duntraith.
Robert Stewart of Kilbeg
John Grahame of Blaircesnok.
Walter McFarlane of Gartavertane.
Archibald Davidson, merchant.
William Blitheman, flesehour.
Walter McFarlane fiear of Arrochar.
John Knielland servand to Kilsythe.
John Byrnie, merchand, burges of Edinburgh.
John Reid Smyt, in the Cannogait.
Thomas Wilsone, saddler, burges of Edinburgh.

quhilkis persones of assyse being resauit, sworne and admittit, eftir accusatioun of the saidis persones on pannell, of the haill crymes above written, mentionit in thair severall dittayis, thay removet altogidder furth of court to the assyse hous quhair thay electit and chosit be pluralitie of voittis, the said Mr John Murray tutour of Strowane, in chanceller, thaireftir ressonit and voittit upone the severall dittayis above writtin and the haill crymes thairin contestit, and being ryplie and at lenth advysit thairwith, re-enterit agane in court, quhair thay all in ane voice, be the repoirt and judiciall declaratioun of the said chancellar, fand, pronuncet, and declaret, the haill foirnamet ten persones, upone pannell to be fylet culpable, and convict of the severall and perticuler crymes contenit in thair dittayis in respect of thair judicial confessioun maid be thame thairof; be the interpretatioun and ex¬positioun of the said James Stewart of Ardvorlich, and of the said assyse, and quha was judiciallie sworne in presence of the pannell, to be ane trew and faithfull interpreter of thair confessiouns and declaratioun, and as concerning the puneish¬ment to be inflicted upone Allaster Forbes and Callum Forbes for thair former crymes, for the quhilk thay ar convict in respect of thair confessioun, remittis thair puneishment to the justice to consider of thair minoritie, quhairupone my lord Advocat askit instrumentis and desyret dome to be pronuncet upone thair former convictiones. For the quhilk caus, the justice, with advyce of the Lords of secreit counsall, and of the said Archibaid Lord Lorne, assessor constitute in this crinninal process, be the mouth of James Grant, dempster of court, decernit and adjudget the saidis Patrik McGregour, alias Gilroy, Johnne Forbes, George Grant, John McColmie, Johne Makgregour McEane, Allaster McInneir, and Ewin M'Gregour, [page 69} alias Accawisch, to be drawin bakwardis upone ane Cairt or hurle, fra the tolbuth or wairdhous, to the mercat croce of Edinburgh, and thair to be hangit quhill thay be deid; and that the said Patrik Gilroy and Johnne Forbes sall be hangit upone ane gibbet quhill they be deid, quhilk gibbet sall be advanced ane grit degrie heicher nor the gibbet quhairupone the rest sall suffer; and thaireftir the saidis Patrik Gilroy and Johnne Forbes thair heidis to be struken af frome thair bodies, with thair richt handis, and the said Gilroy his heid and richt hand to be affixt on the eist or nether bow poirt of Edinburgh, and the said John Forbes his heid and richt hand to be put upone the wast pairt thairof, and that this dome and sentence sall be put in executioun upone Fryday next, the xxix. of Julji instant, at the ordinar tyme of day to be appuintet be the magistrattis of the said burgh; and as concern¬ing the saidis Allaster and Callum Forbes, and Gillespik McFarlane, continewis the pronunceing of dome agains thame to Fryday next, unto the tyme that the justice be advyset with the lordis of secreit counsall thairanent.

"1636. July 26. at Edinburgh. Gilleroy's Doom.

The Lords of Secret Council ordain and command his Majesty's Justice clerk and their Deputes to pronounce doom against Patrik McGregour called Gilleroy and the rest of the broken men ordaining them to be harled backward to the mercat croce of Edinburgh upon fryday nixt and there hanged to the death and the heads and right hands to be cut off the said Patrik McGregour and Johne Forbes and to be affixed upon the east and west ports of Edinburgh.' "-Record of Secret Council, Acta

From the "Chartulary":

"July 28th.

"The Justice and Justice Clerk ordained, who had consulted the Lords of Council thereanent, to pronounce doom and sentence against Allaster and Callum Forbes and Gillespik McFarlane; to he hanged to death the morn, in the afternoon with the rest of James Grant and Gilleroy’s Complices."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"August 3rd.

"Grant of Freuchie and others - Dilaitit of the reset and intercommoning with rebels, specially with James Grant called of Charrone that notorious traitor, rebel and fugitive and also of umqle Patrik Gliroy McGregor a heinous opprressor and notorious rebel and their complices, trial delayed." -Record of High Court of Justiciary.

"September 10th, at Edinburgh. Commission against M'Gregours.

"Forasmuch as John Dow Gair M'Gregor, Johne Dow Roy M'Gregour brother to the late traitor Patrik Gilleroy, Johne Grahame his brother uterine, Callum McFadrick voir, uncle to the said Patrik, McInstalker and Neill Mcarthure alias [page 70} McGregour, and their rebellious complices and followers do still continue in their oppressions, herships and depradations against his Majesty's good subjects to their heavy grief and disgrace of his Majesty's Government.

“And the Lords of Secret Council understanding the good affection of James Stewart of Ardvorlich and Johne Stewart of Drumquhen and their friends under-written, to do his Majesty service against these rebellious limmers and finding it very necessary that they shall have all lawful furtherance and assistance for their better encouragement and prosecution of this service. Therefore the said Lords have given and granted and by the tenor hereof give and grant full power, authority and commission, express bidding and charge &c." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"1636. October 27th, at Edinburgh.

"Forasmekle as one McInstalker an open and avowed rebel and sorner and one of the principal followers of the last Gilleroy and John Dow Gair McGregour is taken and apprehended by the Laird of Grant's servants and is presently in his custody and keeping and whereas this limmer is guilty of many murders and thefts and can discover the resetters and abettors of himself and his rebellious complices by whom the peace of the country is so heavily disturbed Therefore &c. to be sent from Shireff to Shireff and confined in Edinburgh." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"November 17th, at Edinburgh.

"Forasmuch as although the Lords of Secret Council have from time to time shown great favour to Allan Camron of Lochyell, Rannold McDonald of Kappoche and John Murrey of Glenstrae, upon hope and promise made &c. Notwith¬standing, it is of truth that sundry persons of their Clans are become more loose and disobedient than they were at any time heretofore, in speciall, Robert McFadrick voir McGregour, Donald Roy Mcgregour, and Johne Mcgregour, all kinsmen, followers and dependers upon the said Johne Murrey of Glenstrae, &c. plundered Walter Kinnaird of Cowbin; said chiefs summoned." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"November 22nd. Commission against Johne Dow Gair.

"October 4th and November 28th.

"Contract betwixt King Charles I. at Windsor, on one part, and Archibald Earl of Argyle Lord Campbell & Lorn for himself and in name and behalf of Archibald Maister of Lorn his grandson at Edinburgh, on the other, whereby and in respect of the bygone services of the said Earl in repressing the Barbarous races of the Clangregour and Clandonald, and of the services of Archibald Lord of Lorne father to the said maister of Lorne, in repressing of the Clan of McEan, Macdonalds of Glenco, and apprehending that 'Notable sorner called Gillroy,' and of the other onerous causes mentioned in the said contract, his Majesty ratified the former enfeoffments granted by his Majesty's umqle darrest father of blessed memorie or his Maties selfe, to the said Earl, and to James Lord Kintyre his son, of the Lordship [page 71} and Barony of Kintyre, comprehending the Isle of Jura and remanent Isles, lands, fishings &c therinmentioned." -Parliamentary Record November 1641, when a Ratification was passed by Charles I. and his Scottish Parliament in favour of Lord Lorne; who, at the date abovementioned, had an enfeoffment also of twenty chalderes of victual of the feu ferms of Kintyre, to be held blensh for the payment of one penny.

“1636. 8th December.

"Commission granted to the Earle of Murray against broken men, sorners and masterfull limmers of Clancamron, ClanGregor, Clanranald and others.' " -MS., Advocates' Library. “December 20th.

"Earl of Traquair, Lord Alexander, Sir John Hay Clerk Register, John Hamilton of Orbeston justice clerk and the Justice Deputes or any two of them appointed 'to examine McInstalker anent the resetters suppliers and hounders out and to report what they find therein.' "-Record of Secret Council, Acta

"1637. January 12th.

"Lord Alexander Sir James Carmichael, Sir Thomas Hope, and Sir Thomas Hamilton appointed 'to revise the trial of Gilleroy Mcinstalker and others prisoners in the tolbooth of Edinburgh and to report upon Tuesday what they find proven by the depositions to the effect the Council may give order for their punishment as accords.'" -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"January 13th. Charges against the Laird of Grant.

"Forasmuch as Robert Mcphadrick voir, a common and notorious thief, sorner and oppressor and one of the principal actors with umqle Patrik Gilleroy Mcgregour and since his death with Johne Roy and Johne Dow gair Mcgregours in all their thievish and mischant deeds, having lately repaired with the said Johne Dow gair to the town of Tulloch in Strathspey where they were reset, hoorded and enter¬tained, as they have been oft and divers times before, by Johne Grant alias McJokkie in Tulloch, his two sons and daughter and the other persons underwritten &c. They, in the very meantime of their abode in the town of Tulloch, getting information that umqle Johne Steuart of Drumquhen accompanied with some of his Majesty's peaceable and good subjects were near by the said town in the execution of some points of his Majesty's service, They fiercely and cruelly set upon the said umqle Johne and those who were with him, barbarously and in¬humanly slew the said Johne and Donnald Mcilleith and hurt and wounded others. The Laird of Grant to exhibit before the Council the said Johne; Mcphatrick, McJokkies and other resetters and suppliers of the said lymmers of the Clangregour." -Record of Secret Council, Acta "January 19th. Charge against persons suspected of the slaughter of Johne Stewart, 19th January 1637.

[page 72}
"Forasmuch as umqle Johne Stewart of Drumquhen being upon the 25 day of December last in the execution of some charge and service ‘concredite' unto him against Johne Dow gair and his complices, And the said umqle Johne Stewart being informed that these limmers were in the town of Tulloch pertaining to the Laird of Grant, he made his address there, of purpose to have apprehended them and exhibited them to their trial. But he being betrayed by some of that unhappy Clan who had promised and undertaken to get the said umqle Johne upon these lymmers, The said Johns Dow gair upon notice hereof given to him assembled to him the persons following To wit Johne Dow Mcgregour Vcpatrik
……Duncane and James Mcgregours his brother's sons
John Allaster Vcfinlay his servant
Robert M'Johne Vcpatrik voir in Kellichundane under the Laird of Weme and dwelling upon his lands of the Rannanche
Johne roy Mccondochie there
Donnald Mcalaster veich M'kewane in Camselacht under the said Laird of Weme
Duncane Mcalaster his brother there
Duncane McRobert Abrich in Summar under Sir Donnald Campbell of Ardnamurchane
Alaster Dow Mcgregour Vcpatrik in Camselacht
Alaster McEan duy voir there
Malcolme our McCondochie vcAlaster,
Alaster Sleaster in Tullich under the Laird of Grant,
Johne and Patrik McJokkeis his sons there,
Gregor Roy in Laragan under the Laird of Weme,
Alaster Guirach in Aulich,
Alaster roy son to Gregour Roy in Laragan,
Patrik McCondochie vcEan duy in Camsellacht,
Neill McCondochie his brother,
Malcolme McGregour in Kinclachner
Patrik Donde, Donche, Mcgregour vcpatrik in Tulloch,
Johne and Alaster McAchyles brother bairns to the said Johne McJokkie,
who derned (hid) themselves and lurked in the said house until the said umqle Johne came there and as soon as they got sight of him, they set upon him with shots of haquebuts and muskets shot him through the thighs, broke his thigh bones, cut off his fingers and cut off his head and danced and made merry about him a long time; to be exhibited before the Counci1" -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

[page 73}
"1637. February 1st.

"John Graham of Rednoch - intercommoning with Patrik Gilroy Mcgregour and his complices, specially upon Wm. Stewart at the Isle of Inchecallioch in May 1636." -Record of High Court of Justiciary.

"February 7th

"Denounce the resetters of broken men (Mcgregours)

"Advocate against the Laird of Grant (long paper) -for not producing the murdereis of John Stewart of Drumquhen-' The said Laird of Grant touching that point of the charge anent the exhibition of Johne Mcphatrik voir, declared that before he received the charge, the said Johne was hanged, there being no possibility of exhibition of him in regard of his wounds and also declared that before the execution of the said Johne, he had given order to Mr Coline McKenzie minister at Tulloch to examine him but had not set down his depositions in writing, neither had he examined the said Johne himself.

“The Lords of Secret Council find and declare that the said Laird of Grant has not satisfied the charge for exhibition of the said Mcphatrick voir and McJokkeis younger son, his wife and daughter and that he has executed the said Mcphatrik voir without a lawful warrant, for which contempt and neglect of duty, the said Lords ordain him to be committed to ward within the castle of Edinburgh therein to remain upon his own expenses till he be orderly relieved.' Several persons exhibited and others excused. Lord Lorne and others appointed 'to meet the morne at eight hours and to examine the said persons.' "-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"February 8th.

"Walter McCallon McAulay, of Ardincaple and William Stirling of Auchyle were sureties for 'Alaster Douglas Mccandowie als Mcgregor' under penalty of 500 merks. " -Record of Justiciary.

"February 16th.

"Earl of Seafort, Lord Lorne, Lord Alexander, Lord Naper Justice Clerk and Justice Deputes or any three of them not excluding any of the rest of the Council, appointed 'to meet in the council house and to examine Johne Dow Roy and Mcinstalker and to confront them with such persons as are given up to be intercommoners and resetters with them and to put them in the torture and to examine them therein and to put Johne Dow to the torture betwix and Tuesday and to continue the torturing of Mcinstalker till the Committee report what they find by the torturing of Johne Dow.' "-Record of Secret Council, Acta

"March 2nd.

"Seafort, Lorne, &~, or any three not excluding any of the Council who please be present, appointed 'To convene and meet in the laigh Council house the morn at eight of the clock in the forenoon and to call before them Johne Dow Roy, [page 74} Johne McInstalker and the rest of the criminal prisoners now being in the tolbooth of Edinburgh and Johne McJokkie and his two sons and to examine them upon such interrogators as they shall think meet to demand of them and to confront them with such other persons as they shall think meet, And as they find occasion to put them or so many of them as they think expedient to the torture of the boots for the better discovery of the treasonable practices whereof they are suspected guilty and to report their proceedings to his Majesty's Council To the effect they may give farther order and direction thereanent." -Record of Secret Council, Acta

"1637. March 7th. "Resetters of the Clangregor."~Record of Council, Acta

"March 9th. Direction anent the prisoners.

"The Lords of Secret Council ordain Sir Williame Elphinston Lord Chief Justice of this kingdom to put the haill criminals presently in ward to a trial with all expedition And to begin with Johne Dow Braibner, and so to go on with the rest and that Mcinstalker be last, ordaining the said Justice after conviction to advise the Council anent the form of doom to be pronounced against them." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"March 14th.

"The Lords of Secret Council ordain and command his Majesty's chief Justice clerk and Justice Deputes to call before them Johne Dow Roy, McJokkie and his two sons and Duncane Mcgregour, wards in the tolbooth of Edinburgh and to examine them anent their bypast life and conversation and anent their resetters and abettors and for the better trial and discovery of the truth, to cause put them to the torture of the boots."-Record of Secret Council, Acta

"March 16th

"The Lords of Secret Council having at length read, heard and considered the act of Council made in favour of broken men who shall apprehend and present a greater limmer than themselves They find that Johne Dow Braibner can have no benefit of the said Act and that the same extends not unto him, And therefore ordain and command his Majesty's Justice to pronounce doom and sentence against him ordaining him to be hanged to the death and his head cut off and set upon some eminent place as the Justice thinks fit.

"The Lords of Secret Council ordain and command his Majesty's Justice and his Deputes to put McJokkie and his younger son to the torture of the boots And the said Lords nominate Johne Erle of Mar George Erle of Seafort, Thomas Lord Binning and Archibald Lord Naper not excluding any of the Council who please to attend, to assist his Majesty's said Justice and to meet for that effect the morn at nine hours in the Council house."-Record of Secret Council, Acta,
[page 75}
"1637. March 21st.

"The Lords of Secret Council for the better discovery and trial of the resetts of the broken men in the north have thought meet and expedient that Johne McJokkeis' youngest son, who is thought to be privy to many of their resetts, shall be examined tomorrow at half an hour to eight in the morning and that he shall be put to the torture of the boots and they have likewise ordained that the said Johne his eldest son and Johne Dow Roy shall be likewise examined at that time and as the said Lords find occasion that they be likewise put to the torture of the boots and ordain that a full number of the Council shall be present at this examination and trial." -Record of Secret Council, Acta

"March 22nd.

"John McJokkie elder and his sons again to be tortured in consequence of the depositions of John McNair and John McPhaill anent the slaughter of Johne Stewart."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"March 23rd.

"The Lords of Secret Council Give and Grant commission and warrant by these presents to Johne Erle of Mar &c. to meet the morne in the forenoon and to examine John Dow Roy anent his resett and as they find cause to put him to the torture of the boots and ordain him and the rest of the criminals except Mcinstalker and the McJokkeis to he put to the trial of an Assize with convenient diligence."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"March 30th. Court of Justiciary.

John Dow Roy Mcgregour.
Dilaitit of the crimes underwritten-Drawing into himself umqle Patrik Mcgregour alias Gilroy his brother with a great number of broken and lawless limmers - killing Andrew Grahame son to Wm. Graham of Downance 6th December last And siclyk in November 1636 he accompanied with John and Duncane Mcgregour sons to Patrik McGregour Vcphadrik, robbed James Balfour servant to Ard: Lord Lorne 1300 merks. Item in May 1636 along with his brother Patrik Gilroy stealing from the house of Wm. Stewart son to Sir Wm. Stewart of Heildoun, and in the month of April with said Gilroy and John Glas, stealing from the lands of the Earl of Mar, and at Michaelmas last, accompanied with John Dow Mcfadrik gar, John McInstalker John McAlaster McFindlay and Dum Donald, murdered James Ross and John Gellie servants to Laird of Edzelle. "Sentence delayed till 4th April."-Record of High Court of Justiciary.

"April 1st. Johne Dow Roy.

"The Lords of Secret Council ordain and command his Majesty's Justice Clerk and their Deputes to pronounce doom and sentence against Johne Dow Roy McGregour ordaining him to he hanged to the death at the market cross of Edinburgh and thereafter carried to the Gallow lee and to hang there in iron chain."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"1637. April 4th.

"By Act and ordinance of the Lords of Secret Council - Johne Dow [page 76} Roy to he hanged at the market cross of Edinburgh afterwards to be carried to the Gallolie betwix Edinburgh and Leith - to be hung up in "ane irone cheyngzie" and there to remain hanging thereupon until his corpse rot and consume, which was pro¬nounced for doom."-Record of High Court of Justiciary.

"June 6th.

"Sir Wm. Elphinston &c nominated "To meet the morn and to confront Johne Gordoun of Parke with Mclnstalker and to report their depositions upon Thursday."-Record of Council, Acta.

"June 9th.

"The 3 McJokkies tried and convicted."-Record of Justiciary.

"June 13th.

"John Gordon of Parke along with John Grant fear of Ballindalloch were committed to ward on 16th February 1637 for resetting and having intelligence with the broken men and rebels in the north - allowed to go home 13th June." -Record of Secret Council, Acta

"June 21st

"John Dow Mceanstalker tried and convicted" -Record of Justiciary.


"The Laird of Grant was warded in Edinburgh for not following the Clan-gregor. He was soon after set at liberty and died that very day."

"July 21st

"James Mcinteir alias Chandow convicted and hanged for being in company with Patrik Gilroy Mcgregor, John dow roy Mcgregour his brother, &c." -Record of Justiciary.

"1638. August 8th.

"John Dow Gar came with an armed party to Dr John Forbes of Corse's bounds, and plundered Strath Isla and other places.
"They carried off prisoner Mr George Forbes a tenant of Corse's. As the Forbeses had received a reward of a thousand pounds for the capture of John Dow Roy for which the late inroad was a retaliation John Dow Gar sent a message to Dr Forbes to send in the £1000 which the Council had granted to his name for 'taking of Gilderoy or then he would send his man's head to him.' Come com¬plained to the Marquis of Huntly, 'who quickly wrote to McGregor to send back Mr George Forbes again, or then he would come himself for him. John Dow Gar, in consequence, restored his prisoner 'haill and sound,' without ransom.
[page 77}
Dr John Forbes of Corse, son of Patrick Bishop of Aberdeen, was Professor of Divinity in King's College, Aberdeen. John Dow Gar did 'great skaith to the name of Forbes, such as the Lairds of Corse, Lesly, and some others, because they were the instruments of Gilderoys death,' meaning John Dow Roy.

"1638. August 14th

"Act in favore of Alaster Grassich.

"Anent the supplication presented to the Lords of Secret Council be Alaster Grassich sometime in Invernochtie,
“and true it is that upon the 26th day of July last the supplicant going out the highway, in his lawful affairs rancountered with one of the said John Dow Gair his special followers, named Johne Ferreis McGregour who having fiercely pursued the supplicant of his life he did happily in his own defence kill the said Johne as ane testificat hereupon shown to the said Lords bears, In regard whereof the supplicant is now forced to leave his country and family for these villains do seek him through all the parts where he used to remain and resort to kill him Humbly desiring therefore the said Lords that he may have the benefit of the proclamation foresaid for killing of the said lymmer - Declared free of the said slaughter and 100 merks modified to be paid to him for his good service." -Record of Secret Council, Acta