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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 14

Gregor Laird of MacGregor

[page 190]
GREGOR MACGREGOR only son of Malcolm the Tutor succeeded James MacGregor of that Ilk his third cousin, the date of whose death is not known.

Sometime before 1676, when still very young, Gregor, having the Marquis of Atholl as his surety, took from Sir John Colquhoun of Luss a piece of ground called Gregoriestoun. On the 2nd April 1678, he wit¬nessed a deed of mortgage from John Buchanan of that Ilk to Gregor McGregor in Portnellan. The same year, August 10, the Laird of McGregor "with several" landlords and Chieftains of the Clanne was cited to attend the Secret Council on the 2nd Thursday of July in the following year.

1678, Sep.2. Sir James Campbell of Laweris obtained a commission of fire and sword against "The Laird of McGregor, Malcolm McGregor in Auchesane, Donald McGregor in Glengyle, Gregor McGregor in Roro, Patrick McGregor Vie Ean duy in Dunan in Rannoch, John McGregor alias McPatrick Vic Condachie Abrich in Glenlochy, Patrick Roy McGregor alias Mcpatrick Auloch, and . . McGregor of Brackland."

1689. King James VII issued a warrant from his Court in Dublin Castle to the "Laird of McGregor to be ready at a call with all his friends and followers to come to his Majesty's assistance.” May 17, the King sent to the Laird of McGregor "the Commission of Colonel of Foot in his ancient Kingdom of Scotland with power to appoint his officers." Notwithstanding these Commissions it does not appear that Gregor ever took the field. Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss in a petition to the Secret Council Dec.15, 1691 describes him as "The Laird of McGregour, a lawbydeing man, regularly paying maill and duty for Gregoriestoun" and craves the Council to assist in bringing certain defaulters of the [page 191] ClanGregour to Justice.- Petition in the General Register House, Edinburgh.

Gregor MacGregor, who died Feb. 9, 1693 without issue, was buried in the Island of Inchcailleach in Loch Lomond. He was succeeded by the only surviving son of his uncle Ewin or Hew McGregor of Kilmanan.

Over his grave is a raised slab on which is roughly sculptured the MacGregor Arms, simply a Scots fir, and the sword and crown which lie across the stem near the foot. Above the shield appears the motto, incorrectly spelt-

and below the shield the Inscription-
AGE 32.

From The Chartulary"

"1691. December 15th. Act Colquhoun of Luss anent McGregor Petitioner having a peice of ground called Gregoriestoune - his uncle sett the same to the laird of McGrigor, who is a law bydeing man and hes hitherto found the Marqueiss of Atholl cautione for his good behavyinur And which Chiftan of that Clan hes paid the petitioner maill and duety And the petitioner being informed that six McGregors, whose names are
John McAllaster McGrigor and
Duncan McAllaster McGrigor in Innersnate,
Grigor McGrigor in Innersnate and
Duncan McGrigor in Rosekennach,
Alexander Mcphadrik McGregor, his brother,
use to haunt upon the said lands of Gregoriestoun (which lyes at the heid of Lochlowmond) withes the concurrence of the laird of McGregor, who is Chiftain of [page 192] the clan & lives upon the place, to put these broken men off hes ground."-Record Secret Council, Decreta.

From the "Chartulary":-

"Particular Register of Sasines - Stirlingshire.

"1690. March 15th.

"Act in favours of Duncan McFarline and others. Duncane McGregor tenant to the Earle of Monteith-prisoner." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"April 2nd.

"Gregor McGregor, second lawful son of Gregor McGregor of Easter Corerklet, had a Disposition of an Annuity of £20 Scots from the Lands of Comermore, and April 1690, from Malcolm Mcfarlane sometime in Wester Brachern, and now in Ledard, on which he was enfeoffed 3rd April 1690. Sasine recorded 25 April 1690."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"October 15th.

"Thomas Mitchell Merchant in Fraserburgh to Evan McGregor, Merchant in Leith, Master of the Caird work. Recorded 5th February 1696. Obligation for £48 Scots."-Register of Deeds.

“December 1st.

"Be it kend till all men be thir present Lettres Me Sir Robert Murray of Abercairney aforasmuch as the Lords of their Maj: privy Councell be their act of ye date ye eightein day of Nover Lastbypast Have ordained the Magistrats of Edinburgh and Baillies of the Cannongate And keeper of the Tolbuith therof To sett Donald Allane in Connachan John Mcillgarrow in Buchantie, Greigour McGreigour alias M'Neill there Malcolme McGreigour there Alexander McGreigour in Condichloch in Logiealmond And Donald McGreigour in Newtoune of Glenalmond Att libertie forth of the said Tolbuith vpon my giving bond &c.-Binds himself to produce these to the Lords of privie Councell att any day betwixt and 1st March next when required by the Lord Rollo on 14 days premonition or at any other time under penalty of 300 merks for each. The Sureties bind themselves to free Sir Robert of all damage~Dated at Edin & Canongate Tolbuith 15th December 1690.

Donald Allane
R. Moray
The rest sign by Notary because they cannot write
James Rollo witnes (writer in Ed')
Geo. Stalker witnes
Ja. Brotherstanis witnes,"
-Original in General Register House, Edinburgh.

"December 2nd.

"Warrant for processing Lieut Col M'Gregor. [2]   Recommended to their Maj:’ Advocate or his Deputes to raise and follow a process of treasone before the Lords of Justiciary against Leivt Coll McGreigor now prisoner in the tolbooth of Edin¬burgh [page 193] for being in rebellion against their Majesties and for depradation, theft and Robbery. Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"1691.12th February, at Edinburgh.

Sederunt-D. Hamilton,
E. Crawfurd,
Ld Raith,
Ld Cardross,
Ld Beilhaven,
Ld Ruthven,
Ld Justice Clerk,
Ld Ravelrig,
Ld Ffountainhall,
Laird Grant,
Laird Blackbarrony,
Laird Stevenson,
Laird Leyes.
"Anent a petition given in to the Lords of their Maj: privy Cooncell Be William Cochrane of Killmaronock.
John Houstoune of that ilk
James Craig of Baleun
Gilbert Craig of Ledriegrein
Robert Douglas of Barloch
James Lyle of Dornbruoch
Eduard Buchanan of Spitthill
John Buchanan of Craigiverne
John Buchanan of Arnpryor
Robert Adam of Midleboig
William Govan of Drumwhassell and
Mr James Buchanan of Cremanan
"Gentlemen hereto's in the westend of the Shirrefdome of Stirling and within the shire of Dumbrittaine Lying on the braes of the Highlands Shewing That qr the petitioners and their Ground and tennents are dayly harrassed and oppressed by the Incursiones of theives and broken men from the highlands q'by the petitioners ground is Laid waste And now are utterly destroyed and disabled aither to subsist with themselves and families or to pay Supplyes to the government Imposed by authority
[page 194]
And that John McGrigor in Glengyle and Archibald McGreigor in Killmanan are Content to Ingadge to keep a watch for their security In manner contained in Certain articles condescended on betwixt the petitioners and them if they were therto authorised be the said Lords their authority And therefore Humbly Craving the saids Lords To Grant warrand to the said John and Archibald McGreigors for keiping of the said watch in the termes aggried on betwixt them As the said petition bears.

‘The Lords of their Majesty’s privy Councell Having Considered the above petition They heirby allow the petitioners to keep a watch for their security In the bounds abovespecifeit The saids William Cochrane of Kilmaronock, John Houstain of that ilk and remanent persones abovenamed, being alwayes bound and obleist Lykeas They and ilk ane of them by the quality and acceptation heirof Binds and obleidges them Conjunctly and Severally their airs and executors That they and the other petitioners abovenamed shall pay and Intertaine the persones who shall be Imployed in the keeping of the said watches on their oune propper charges and expenses And that the saids persones to be Imployed as said is, shall Live peaceably and with all submission to the present government under their Maj: King William and Queen Mary And that they shall not Act, Consult nor Contryve any thing in prejudice therof And that they shall not Intercomune, Converss nor Correspond with any rebells And that all and Every one of their saids Maj: Loyall subjects shall be free saife and sure from all thifts, robbries and other dammadge to be Committed or done Against them By any of these persones sua to be Imployed as said is And if they doe in the Contrair That the saids William Cochrane and re¬manent persones abovenamed shall ansuer and be Lyable therfore And bound and obleist to refound and repaire the same And the saids Lords heirby authorize and Impower the forenamed persones, petitioners forsaids And such as shall be lmployed be them in the said watch for keeping the Country from robbing and stealing. PRIMO To apprehend all vagrant and Idle persones and to putt them under Sufficient Cautione to Live peaceably And upon their refuisall to send the saids persones to the next prisone And ordaines the Mag[istrates] in the place wher the saids prisoners are To receave these persones and detain them in prisone till furder orders SECUNDO They heirby Grant warrand to the persones, petitioners forsaids And such as shall be Imployed by them In the said watch to Seize upon all the boats in Lochlomond and to putt the keepers therof under Caution that the saids boats shall be locked in the night tyme from Sun to Sun And that they shall not ferrie any goods in the day tyme But such as the owners therof shall have a Pass for, from a knouen Heretor in the Country That the samen are honestly Come by, TERTIO The saids Lords doe heirby authorize and Impouer the saids persones petitioners forsaids and such as shall be Imployed by them in the saids watch To search the bounds Committed to their Charge for stollen goods without Concurrence of the [page 195] Heritor or Landlord QUARTO If any considerable body of men shall Come into the Country Committed to the saids petitioners their charge which their watch will not be able to resist In that caise The saids Lords Doe heirby authorize and Impoure the saids persones and their said watch To call the fencible Armed men in the Country to their assistance And in case it shall happen In prosecutione of the Commission abovewryten any of the petitioners abovenamed or persones to be Imployed by them to mutilat, wound, kill or hurt unto death any persone or persones or to raise fyre in houses or Cottadges keeped Out or maintained in opposition to his Maj: and Government or in resistance of the execution of the above Commission That they shall be Indemnified therof And declared qyte and free therfrae And the samen be hulden and repute as good service done to his Maj: And they discharged of any pursuite that may be Intended at the Instance of his Maj: Advocat or any oyr persone Against them for the same Sic Subscribitur Hamilton, Southerland, Cassilis, Mortoun, Leiven, Forfarr, Kintor, Beil¬haven. C. Campbell, Ld Aberuchill, Tho: Burnet, Laird of Leyes, A' Murray, Laird of Blackbarronie."-Record of Privy Council, Acta

"February 5th. Anent a Petition given in to the Lords of his Majesties Privy Councell be Donald McGregour Shewing That the Petitioner having been apprehended in January 1690 by the Laird of Killmaronock and brought in to the Tolbuith of Edinburgh quhair he hes continnued Prisoner ever since And nothing being laid to the Petitioners charge except that he was accessory to the taking away the goods of the lands and tennents of Killmaronock And seeing the Laird of Kilmaronock not only does not insist against the petitioner, but, as he understands, is willing the Petitioner be set at liberty upon sufficient cautione And therfore humbly craving your Lordshipps to appoynte the Petitioner to be sett at liberty upon his finding sufficient caution to appear when called And in the mean tyme to keep the peace and not to Joyne with rebells or robbers as the said petition bears The saids Lords of thair Majesties Privy Councell having considered the above petition They give ordour & warrand to the Magistrates of Edinburgh and Keeper of the tolbuith therof to Sett the Petitioner at liberty furth of their tolbuith He first finding sufficient caution acted in the Books of privie Councell That he and Robert & John McGregouris his sones, & Malcolme McGrigour his brother son saIl live peaceably & with all submission to the present government under their Majesties King William and Queen Mary And that they shall not set consult nor contryve anything in prejudice thereof And shall not intercomune, converse or correspond with any rebell And that they shall not joyne nor associat themselves with any robbers or depredatours, nor doe any thing in prejudice to their Majesties Government or their Loyall subjects And that they shall appear before the Lords of their Majesties Privy Councell when called for under the penalty of ten thousand merks."-Record of Privy Council, Acta

[page 196]
“May 18th. John Campbell of Clathick, Principal & Donald McEuen in Clathick, Surety, to Patrick McGregor in Wester Dundurne. Obligation for 400 merks Scots. Recorded 29th August, 1695." Register of Deeds.

"August 26th. Letter from the King anent the highlands and the Clann Greigor.
"As also for the better repressing thifts which have been cheifly carried on by the Clann Greigour who have little proppertie or inheritance to be a pledge for them we have thought fitt to require and authorize you to emitt another proclarnatione certifying our good subjects of the dainger they Incurr by intertaining that clan. Requyring all heretors who have any McGreigours living upon their ground to give up true lists of their names to the Clarks of our Privie Counsell and to find sufficient suretie for all the thefts or depradationes that shall be committed by any of that Clann whom they harbour upon their ground without prejudice of what the law requryes from Cheiftanes and heretors in other cases And wee doe Recommend it to your care to see these bonds exactly given and performed by all these who will adventure to entertaine that Clann-and not doubting of your ready obedience &c &c. 27 August 1691."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"August 27th. Proclamation anent the Clann Greigour~agreeably to above instructions."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"October 1st Act of liberation Leivt Col McGreigor takes the oath of allegiance - any little means he had, spent - his wife lately dead, he liberated without payment of house or servants dues." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"December 3rd. John McGregor of Westermuirs; to John Farquharsone of Westoune. Obligation for 86 merks. Recorded 26th December 1693. Robert McGregor, son to the said John, is the Writer of this Deed, and one of the Wit¬nesses." Register of Deeds.

“1692. February 15th. Callum McGregor of Ballater in Aberdeenshire-and Alaster McGregor sometime in Strathdown son to Patk M'Gregor sometime in Tullich in Banffshire - mentioned as broken lawless men." - Record of Justiciary.

"March 5th. When Lochiell comes down, to Scotland, you will have your eye upon him, for disappointment may induce him to turne about again, which he was never so slow to do as lately when he had too much encouragement"-Extract of Master of Stair's Letter to Colonel Hill, Governor of Fort William, dated at London 5th March 1592 and signed Jo: Dalrymple, from Transumpt among the Stair papers in General Register House, Edinburgh.

"March 14th. Gregor McGregor in Dunnone, to James Lees, Merchant in Glasgow. Obligation for £40.6. 8d Scots. Recorded 9 August 1693."

“May 12th. James Herring in Callie; to Elizabeth M'Gregor in Kincaldrum. Obligation for 100 merks Scots. Recorded 13 May 1700."-Register of Deeds.

"June 13th. Malcolme McGregor of Balater, Alexr M'Gregor sometime in [page 197] Clachenturne now in Tilliechurder. Indyted along with Gordon of Abergeldie &c at the instance of Robert Stewart of Innerchat for burning his house &c."-Record of Justiciary.

"July 11th. Alexander Graham nephew of Isabella Graham relict of John MacGregor of Brachern and now Spouse of Meliss Graham in Dunaverig had a Disposition of the 20 shilling Land of Easter and Wester Brachern (being part of the £3 land of Bracherm) along with the Lands of Stron Mcnair (also part of the said £3 Land of Brachern) from the said Isabella dated 11th July 1692 On which he was infeft 12th July 1692. Recorded 22nd July 1692."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

“July 11th. Alexander Graham nephew of Isabella Graham relict of John McGregor of Brachern and now Spouse of Meliss Graham in Dunaverig, had a Disposition from the said Isabella, with consent of her said husband, dated 11th July 1692 of the 1/6th of the 40 shilling land of Wester Corerklet (to herself in life rent and him in fee) corresponding to 500 merks part of the 2000 advanced by her upon the wadsett on which he was infeft 12th July 1692. Sasine Recorded 22nd July 1692."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"November 9th. Dougal McGregor of Easter Callichra, after having been served heir to his Brother, Alexander McGregor son to Ewne McGregor in Frenich, in 1/6th of the 40 shilling Land of Wester Corerklet corresponding to 500 merks, had a precept of clare constat from James Marquis of Montrose with consent of James Graham of Orchill his Tutor dated th November 1692. Donald McGregor the Wadsetter of the other ~ having resigned it in the hands of the Superior had a precept of Resignation conjoined with the above precept of clare constat. On this conjoined Precept they were infeft 10th January 1693. Recorded 10th February 1693."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"November 14th. James McGregor in Chanorie."-Record of Justiciary.

"December 6th. Robert Grant, Merchant in Crockins, in the Parish of Crockemmoch; to Callum McGregor of Ballater. Obligation for £46 Scots. Recorded 7 November 1693."-Register of Deeds.

"1693. January 20th. John McGregor of Easter Corerklet & Catherin Graham, his Spouse had, from Dougal McGregor of Easter Callichra, and Donald McGregor, Wadsetter of another 1/16th of Easter Callichra, to themselves in liferent, and to Dougal McGregor, their eldest son, in fee, of 2/16th of Easter Callichra, 20 January 1693, when they were enfeoffed. Sasine recorded 10 February 1693. Ewin McGregor in Wester Frenich was still alive, & designed sometime in Frenich & now in Comer."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"February 9th. Died Gregor McGregor of Stocknaroy, aged 32, s.p.

[1] The grave was visited and the Inscription copied by us John MacGregor Murray in 1810, and in June 1900 by the Editor, who found the date somewhat obliterated and scratched, but the Rev. William MacLeod, Minister of the Parish of Buchanan in which the Island in situated, after¬wards courteously informed the Editor by letter, that the date 1693 could still be distinctly traced although some boys a few years ago had hacked and carved upon the Stone. The situation of the graveyard is very beantiful. There were other MacGregor grave stones but most were quite modern and the old ones undecipherable. –Ed

[2] Donald MacGregor in Glengyle