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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 12

Sundry Occurrences, 1655 to 1685

[page 154]
A SERIES of excerpts from the Charter Room at Castle Menzies regarding the MacGregors in Rannoch, quoted from the "Red and White Book of Menzies" here follow consecutively for convenience of re¬ference.

"1655. May 22. Obligation by John McGrigour in Bohespick, to become responsible for any damage the Laird of Weem might sustain through his having engaged himself under a penalty of £50 as surety to Captain James Denis governor of Belloch that John McGregar in Leragane had neither done nor would do anything prejudicial to the Commonwealth of England."+

“1666. June 4. Letters of inhibition at the instance of Alexander Menzeis of that Ilk against Malcolm Douglas alias MacGregor Tutor to James Murray alias MacGregor of that Ilk in his name as Principal with James Earl of Tullibardine and Mr John Murray of Coldown as cautioners forbidding them to alienate the lands of the Barony of Rannoch, or contract debts whereby the right of any of these lands &a might be apprysed from them, to the prejudice of the complainer in violation of a contract made at Perth August 6. 1657 between said Alexander Menzies on the one part and the said Tutor and the said James MacGregor as principal on the other; with James Earl of Tullibardine and Mr John Murray as cautioners: in which contract it was stipulated among other things, that an assedation should be made for a term of three years, to be followed by similar assedations for the same period, at the will of the Granter, to the Tutor of McGregor in name of his pupil and to his heirs male and to his subtenants of no heir degree nor conditione being their honest countrie tennents, excluding all assignayes quhatsom¬ever' of the lands of Rannoch for yearly payment of 640 merks with 20 stone of cheese and ten stone of 'sufficient' butter &c"

It appears that the MacGregors disregarded these arrangements.

"In these acts they are said to have been secretly incited by Sir John Campbell of Glenurchy with the view of embroiling Sir Alexander in such difficulties as would force him to dispose to Glenurchy the lands to he held in feu-farm from the Menzies. These were the district of Crainich on the north side of Loch Tay and the small patch with fortalice of Belloch at the east end."

[page 155]
A mutual friend interposed between Clan Gregor's tutor and Sir Alexander who received a letter from the Earl of Glencairn, dated 1661. November in Edinburgh, advising Sir Alexander.

"To defer the process against the Tutor and cautioner concerning some lands in the Rynach till the Earl of Atholl return home at which time they should endeavour to give Sir Alexander satisfaction."

“1664. The Earl of Tullibardine writing to Sir Alexander Menzies dated Tulliebardine April 28. promises to meet with the Tutor of MacGregor in a few days and seek to farther the payment of the duties of Rannoch.

“1666. Dunkeld. The Earl of Atholl intimates to Sir Alexander Menzies that the Earl of Tullibardine would be at Dunkeld on the morrow being "Thuirsday the twelft instant" for settling "That business betwixt Sir Alexander Menzies and Mac-Gregor and asks him to be present."

"1667. Bond by a number of MacGregors, Camerons and others indwellers in the Barony of Rannoch narrating that it was complained that many of the Rannoch people were 'killers and daily destroyers of deer, roes, and wild fowl and expressing the obligation of the subscribers that from that date they would not kill any deer or wild fowl in the forests or hills belonging to the Marquis of Huntly, the Earl of Atholl or Sir Alexander Menries their master under a penalty of 100 marks toties quoties dated Ardlarich 6. and Awillich 7 August."

"1669. June 19. Letter from Thomas Hay Secretary to the Privy Council to Sir Alexander Menzeis of that Ilk stating A Committee had been appointed to hear the Earls of Atholl, Perth and Tullibardine anent the MacGregor Bond The last affirmed he was bound only for the rents of the Rannoch and there was nothing extant on record to make it out against him. MacGregor had been acquainted with the meeting but had not appeared."

1671. Campbell Laird of Lochnell was shot in the house of John Rowat in Inveraray apparently in a drunken fray after the candle had been extinguished. The Earl of Argyle detained Colonel James Menzies of Culdares and Meggernie, who was present and had had a disagreement with Lochbuy. After some difficulties it was found that one Duncan MacGregor a servant of Culdares had fired at Lochbuy who he supposed was offering to abuse his master but missing his aim killed Lochnell by mistake.

1671. June. The MacGregors joined by the MacDonalds of Glencoe and Keppoch entered Menzies's lands, drove out his tenants, settled their own goods, sent forth scouts and posted sentinels. In consequence of which they were on August 5 denounced rebels for not having compeared before the Lords of Council on 27. July
[page 156]
“To answer for their assistants and complices entering the lands of Rannoch and by force and violence taken possession of a part of the said Sir Alexander Menzeis his lands and maintaining of the same by force of arms, and committing divers other outrages."
And notwithstanding letters of denunciation, the narrative relates, they not only continued in this violent possession of the lands of Rannoch but openly repaired to kirk and market as if they were "free leidges."
"Commission of fire and sword under the signet of King Charles II and Lords of Council was granted to Sir Alexander Menzies of Weyme, John Campbell Younger of Glenurchy, Sir James Campbell of Lawers and Campbell of Glenlyon to apprehend certain MacDonalds and the Laird of MacGregor and Duncan Roy M'Oshan."

In a list of Fencible men belonging to Lord Murray among those pertaining to Woodsetters, [1]   occur the following MacGregors :-
"1667. Alexander Robertson for Bellegowan 3 men of whom,
Jon McGregor. [2]  
Gregor McGregor Nether Blarish and Drumcarrie
2 men of whom, Jon McGregor.

Glenowgill 3 men of whom Duncan McGregor.
Drumlich 1 man,
Duncan McGregor.
Easter Innerlochrig 3 men,
Patrick McGregor.
Calaine McGregor.
Immerreoch and Manachall mor 4 men,
John McGregor.
Craigruie, Calaine McGregor.
Leidcriche, Duncan McGregor absent.

From the "Chartulary"

"1667. April 4th.

"Gregor MacGregor eldest son to Duncan McGregor in Aulich of Kinairdochie and Kilchonan was infeft 4th April 1667 in the 2 merk land of Drumchastell and three merk land of Learagan lying in the Baronies of Kinclevin and Rannoch and Shire of Perth. John McGregor in Aulich, Alexr McGregor there [page 157] and Gregor son to Alex are Witnesses to the Sasine-which proceeds on a Disposition by John MacGregor in Learagan; and is recorded 6th April 1667." -Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"April 4th.

"Margaret Robertson Spouse of John McGregor in Learagan in liferent and to Gregor McGregor their son in fee, were infeft in the foresaid Lands of Drumchastell in the Barony of Kinclevin, and Learagan in the Barony of Rannoch 4th April 1667, On a Disposition by the said Gregor, and their Sasine recorded 6th April.

"Letter from the King anent Francis Creightoun. April 16th, 1667.

"Charles R &c.-referring the matter to the examination of the Privy Council that upon their report he may declare his farther pleasure dated 26 March. The Council ordain the nearest of Kin of umqle Mr Alexander Gregory [3]   to be cited to hear and see his Majesty's letter fulfilled or to shew a reasonable cause to the contrary." -Record of Privy Council, Acta.

"1667. May 18th.

"Ratification by Jeane Stewart Spouse to Patrik Roy McGregor, sometime in Correchrombie, now in Ardwhillerie, of the Renunciation granted by Patrik Roy of this date in favour of John Campbell of Glenurchie." -Regality Books of Menteith.

"May 21st.

"Obligation John MacGregor in Learagane to Allan Stewart of Stragarre for 78 merks Scots. Recorded 4th March 1669."-Register of Deeds.

"June 4th.

Robert McGregor in Glencluny.
John McGregor in Glenmore.
Duncane McGregor there.
Allester McGregor in Killoch.
James McGregor there.
John McGregor in Lynchore.
Patrick McGregor in Ardachie.
Duncan McGregor there.
John McGregor in Glenlie.
"denounced rebels along with Farquharsons and others in or near Braemar."-Record of Justiciary.

"July 3rd.

"John McGregor in Gaich in Murray. "-Record of Justiciary.

"August 3rd.

"Commission anent the Highlands to the Earl of Atholl, long act."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

[page 158]

“Sasine in favour of Gregor McGregor, son lawful to Alexander McGregor In Glenclunie, on charter of Resignation by John Earl of Marr, of all & haill the two oxengait of landes of the toune & landes of Auchaleter, with houses &c, with pasturages in lettirindowie & Glencalleter in Parish of Lindrochat" -Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

"1668. February 8th.

"Obligation Donald MacGregor in Glengyle to Ninian Graham brother german to James Graham of Bochlayvie for 100 merks Scots. Recorded 35 March 1671." -Register of Deeds.

"April 8th.

"Commission against David Gregory in the paroch of Inverkeillor, prisoner in Dundee, for stealing." -Record of Secret Council.

"April 11th.

"Peter Roy McGregor and Patrick Drummond reprieved till further order.

"Act for citing witnesses upon Peter Roy's delation."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"May 7th.

"Act for the execution of Peter Roy &c."-Record of Secret Council, Acta

"June 27th.

"Obligation - Robert Stewart of Tulich to John McGregor of Easter Damicharie, for 55 merks Scots. Recorded 12th February 1679.' -Register of Deeds.

"1669. February 16th.

"Obligation Archibald MacGregor in Gellovie to John McCoill vchomas in WesterGellovi for £100 Scots. Recorded 8th November 1677." -Register of Deeds.

"February 18th.

"Act anent the peace of the highlands." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"April 20th.

"Obligation -Donald MacGregor in Glengoyill to John Campbell younger of Glenurchy for £30 Scots. Recorded 13th March 1684."-Register of Deeds.

"July 8th.

"Reference anent the highlands. "-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"July 29th.

"Proclamation anent the highlands number of acts &c. recited."-Record of Secret Council, Acta

"September 2nd.

"Commission to Sir James Campbell of Lawers against Camerons &c

'The Laird of McGregor, [4]   -
Malcolm McGregor in Auchesane,
Donald McGregor in Glengyle,
[page 159]
Gregor M'Gregor in Rora,
Patrik McGregor McVicean Dowie in Dunan in Rannach
McGregor alias McGillespick vcCondochy in Arlarich
John McGregor alias Mcfatrik vcCondochy Abrich in Glenlochay,
Patrik Roy McGregor alias Mcphatrik alilich,
….. McGregor of Braiklead,
Callum McGregor in Lochern,
Patrik Roy McGregor in Kelletor,
Patrik Drammond alias McGregor in Cornlea,
Patrik Drummond alias McGregor in Dundurne, and his sons
Gregor Dow McGregor in Dunduff."-Record of Pnvy Council, Acta.

“September 2nd.

"Commission to Sir James Campbell against, among others, the persons afternamed, viz'
Callum Oig McGregor,
John McGregor alias Mcean Dowie-
…. McGregor alias McCallum Bayn in Glenlochay."- Record of Privy Council, Acta

"October 19th.

"Parliament held at Edinburgh.

"Ratification in favour of James Earl of Perth of the Barony of Dundurne

-Charter dated 20th January 1664. Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, Mag. Sig.

"October 20th.

"Marriage Contract between Patrick MacGregor, of Carnlea? for himself and as taking burden on him for Margaret MacGregor his daughter on the one part and Alexander MacGregor of Wester Cailzechra on the other part. " -Register of Deeds.

"November 11th.

"Commission to Lawers anent the Highlands and Act anent the Highlands."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

November 17th.

"Lieut' Colonel Donald McGregor mentioned as having a Commission dated 17th August 1669 from John Earl of Atholl his Highness' Justice General for uplifting of all forfaltors fines fugitives from Court of Justiciary held at Dunkeld 11th August 1668." -Regality Books of Menteith in General Register House, Edinburgh.

"November 20th.

"Calum oig Mcgregour sentence to be hanged for, inter alia, taking black mail in Menteith."-Record of Justiciary.

"1670. January 1st.

"Order for citeing some of the Highland Clans and particularly
Allaster Bane M'Gregor
Gregor Dow McGregor in Dunduff,
[page 160]
Duncan McGregor Vcphatrik,
Gregor Dow Mcphatrik McGregor
Gregory McNeill McGregor
Donald McCallum Roy
his two sons Gilchreist McAlpin
John McGregor in Elarig
Gregor McNeill Vcgregor vicneill."-Record of Seeret Council, Acta.

"1670. January 18th.

"Gregor MacGregor in Dow of Glengyle entered into a Contract of Wadsett with John Buchanan of that ilk whereby he acquired right to the 20 shilling land of Easter Corerklet for an annual payment of £10.6. 8 Scots and under reversion of 1000 merks. He was infeft 1st February. Recorded 4th March, 1670."-Particular Register of Satines, Stirlingshire.

"February 15th.

"Decreet of Removing -The Laird of Keir against Patrick roy McGregor in Ardwhillerie." -Regality Books of Menteith in General Register House, Edinburgh.

August 25th.

"Jon McGregor in brae of forst prisoner in Edinburgh apprehended by Campbell of Lawers."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"August 25th.

"Act appointing certain beads of families in the highlands to give bands for the peace.
The Laird of McGregor,
the tutor of McGregor,
James McGregor in Glenamont,
Jon McGregor there
Alexr. McGregor in Buchintie,
Gregor McGregor in Roro" -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"November 7th.

"Obligation dated at Balloch -John Mceanduy VcGregor in Kingart of Glenlednock to John Campbell younger of Glenurchy for £20 Scots.

“December 5th.

"Gregor McGregor, of Easter Corerklet, and Ann Buchanan his Spouse entered into a Contract of wadsett with John Buchanan of that ilk whereby they purchased an annuity of £40 Scots out of the Mill and Mill lands of Stronochlacher, which had been reserved in the former Wadsett, under reversion of 1000 merks in which they were infeft 8th February 1671. Recorded 28th February 1671." -Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"December 21st.

“Obligation~Lieutenant Colonel Donald MacGregor in Glengyle as Principal and John Buchanan of that ilk as cautioner to John Smollett late baillie of Dumbarton for 1750 merks Scots. Recorded 17th June 1672."-Register of Deeds.

[page 161]
"1671. January 27th.

"Obligation dated at Finlarig - Gregor Mceanduy VcGregor in Bottuarin more, as Principal and Duncan Mceanduy Mcgregor in Carie in Ranich, to Catherine MacGregor lawful daughter to Umqle Duncan Roy McGregor in Correcharmick, for 230 merks Scots.~

"February 3rd.

"Assignation -James Allanach in Tormonich to Alexander MacGregor in Torrnvinich of a Bond dated 1st December 1668 granted by John Mackenzie of Dalmoir to said James Allanach for 1000 merks Scots.

"February 21st.

"Obligation-Donald McGregor in Glengyle as Principal and John Buchanan of that ilk as cantioner, to Wm. Earl of Dundonald for £1000 Scots. Recorded 13 February 1673."-Register of Deeds.

"March 28th,

"Hugh MacGregor lawful son to John Macgregor in Ardlarich and Janet Macgregor lawful daughter of John MacGregor of Innervar, had a Disposition from the said John to themselves in liferent and John MacGregor their son in fee, of the 2 1/2 merk land of Easter Innervar, on which they were infeft 28th March 1671. Sasine recorded 17th May 1671."-Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"May 13th.

"Hugh MacGregor in Ardlarich and Angus McDonald in Auchnacoichine had a Wadsett Disposition of the three merk land of Learne in the Barony of Rannoch from Sir Alexr Menzies under reversion of 2500 merks on which they were infeft 13th May 1671. Duncan MacGregor in Aulich and Duncan McGregor in Learne, are witnesses to the Sasine, which was recorded 1st June.

"June 6th.

"Obligation-Ewine Camerone of Lochzeill as Principal and Angus Cameron of Muirlochie and Ewine Cameron of Calderte as Cautioners to Jean MacGregor relict of umqle Allan Cameron lawful brother to the said Ewine, for 1520 merks Scots. Duncan MacGregor is a witness. Recorded 20 March 1682."-Register of Deeds.

"June. Discharge and Renunciation.

"Jean MacGregor relict of umqle Allan Cameron to Ewine Cameron of Lochyell.
"Be it kend till all men be thir present Lettres me Jeane MacGrigor Relict of umqle Allan Cameron late broyr to Euen Cameron of Lochyell; Forsamekle as I have beine be ane Contract of Marriage past betwixt the said vmqle Allan Cameron & me with consent of James McGrigor of yt ilk my broyr germane on the ane and oyr pairts qrby the said umqle Allane Cameron as Principal and wt him the said Ewin Cameron of Lochzell his lawful broyr as Cautioner for him band and obleigt ym Conlie and seallie yr aires, exers and intrors wt yr lands, rents, roumes, pones, goods and gear [page 162] q'sumever to wair & bestow upon Lands & oyr sufficient security wtin the Sheniffdome of pearth, argyll, lochaber or any place convenient or elsequhair With consent of two of his and two of hir nearrest friends all and haill the soume of six thousand merks Scots money and to provyde the same to himself & me and langest liver of us twa in conjunct fie and the lauful aires male procreatt or to be procreatt betwixt us And ils obleist ym connlie and seallie~ to provyd me in caice I were the langest liver to the just and equal half of all & q'sumever Lands, Heritages, Tacks, Steidings, Roumes, pones, fewdewties, heritable Bands &c q'sumever yt sail come under ye name & denomination of conqueis yt ye sd umqle Allane should have conqueist or acquired besyds ye sd six thousand merks qch wer to be lyfrented by me ye sd Jeane yt I should bruick, joyse & possess the just and equal half of all and qtsumever free moveables, goods & gear the tyme of his deceis in caice I survive him as the said contract of the date at Killin the twentie ane day of August sixteen hundred and sextie six in it selff at mair length beares "AND NOW SEEING the sd Ewin Cameron of Lochzell as tuttor & adminis-trator to ….. Cameron lauful son to the deceist Allan Cameron my Spouse hes really thankfully payed and delivered to me the sd Jeane Mcgrigor relict to ye said deceist Allane Camerone ane certain soume of money in full satisfactioune of the said soume of six thousands merks money forsaid of conjunct fie, and of the just and equal half of all Lands heritages, tacks steidings, Roumes &c. yt shall come under the name and denomination of conqueis that the said Allane should have cunqueist & acquired besyds the said six thousand mks money qch wer to be lyfrented by me the said Jeane yt I should bruik and Possess the sd just and equal half of the sd con¬queiss if I wer the langest liver as said is; and also payed and delivered to me the sd Jeane as Relict foresaid ane certain number of goods in full satisfactioune of the just and equal half of all & q'sumever free moveable goods & gear which plenishing & oyers q'sumever yt I and the sd Allane Cameron my said husband had and possessed in common betwix us the time of his deceis qrof I hold me weill satisfied and payed Therefore &c. (Discharge & Renunciation in common form of all her claims thro the Contract) In witness whereof I have subscryved this pnt Discharge & Rennnciatione wt my hand as follows wtin be Duncane Mcarthor at Annate in Lochyell the … day of June sixtenn hundred seventie ane years befor thir witnesses
James McGregor of yt ilk and
Duncan McGrigor & John Cameron servitors to the Laird of Lochyell -sic subr.
Jeane McGregore
James McGregor witness
Du: Mcgrigor witnes
Jo Cameron Witnes.
-Register of Deeds.

"1671. March 28th.

"Hugh McGregor, lawful son of John McGregor in Ardlarich, [page 163] and Janet McGregor, lawful daughter of John McGregor in Innevar, had from the said John McGregor in Ardlarich, to them in liferent, and to John McGregor their son in fee, of the 2 1/2 merk land of Easter Innevar -Infeftment 28th March 1671, recorded 17th May 1671."-Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

“1671. 29th June.

"Remit to the Committee anent the Highlands - McDonalds & Clancamerons.' -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"November 24th.

"Obligation-James Farq'sone of Camdell and Gregor Farquharsone his son to John McGregor in Ceanlach [5]   for 90 merks Scots. -Recorded 8th February 1699." -Register of Deeds.

"23rd December.

"Sasine in favour of George McGregor on Charter by Alexander Gordon of Cults of a oxgates of the twon lands of Belnabo presentlie occupied by John McRorie with houses &c. and garbage teinds, in Parish of Glengairne & Shire of Aberdeen under reversion on payment of 300 merks. Witnesses to the Precept in Charter, Malcolme & Duncane lawful sons to the said Grigor McGregor." -Par¬ticular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen." George and Grigor appear to be identical.

"1672. February 12th.

"Lieutenant Colonel Donald MacGregor, to William Fisher, Merchant in Edinburgh-Obligation for £80 Scots."-Register of Deeds.

"February 15th.

"John McGregor in Bramforne, ?, and Archibald McGregor in Aird, Principals, and Callum McGregor in Darrincurrinach, and Archibald Mcfadden in Kilmichell Beg, Sureties; to John Campbell, Fear of Auchliharlech, Obligation for 360 merks Scots. Recorded 15th February 1672." -Register of Deeds.

"May 25th.

"John MacGregor, now designed Portioner of Callichra, and Isabella Graham his Spouse entered into a Contract of Wadsett with the Laird of Buchanan whereby they acquired the 40 shilling land of Wester Corerklet under reversion of 3000 merks - they were infeft 25th July 1672. Recorded 27th July 1672."-Particular Register of Deeds, Stirlingshire.

"July 22nd.

"Alexr McGregor sometime in Buchanty now in Ardoch to Henry Anderson Merchant one of the present Baillies of Perth - Obligation for £22 18: 8d Scots." -Register of Deeds.

"December 16th.

“John MacGregor in Dunaverig and Isabella Graham his Spouse entered into a Feu Contract with the Laird of Buchanan whereby they feued from him the £3 [page 164] land of Brachern, they were infeft 12th May 1673. Recorded 3 Jun. 1673. Dougal McGregor in Ardonwill is a witness to the Sasine." -Particular Register of Sasines.

“1673. January 14th.

“Sasine, to John MCGregor, Portioner of Wester Micraes, on Precept of clare constat by Charles Earl of Marr to him as heir to the deceased John Erskine now called McGregor Portioner of Wester Micraes, his father, in ten oxgates of Wester Micraes in Parish of Tulloch & Shire of Aberdeen -Allaster McGregoris Witness." -Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

"March 15th.

"Obligation- Patrick McGregor son lawful to Wm. McGregor alias McAlum in Ardvanchar as Principal and the said Wm. as Cautioner to Ludovick Grant of Freuquhy for 100 merks Scots. Recorded 1st March 1677."-Register of Deeds.

"May 20th.

"Duncan MacGregor sometime in Aulich now in Leschintullie, Grissell Stewart his Spouse, Alexr Robertson Merchant in Camusfernan and Gregor and John Mac-gregors, lawful sons to the said Duncan, renounced the 40 shilling land, part of the 4 merk Lands of Kinairdochie in the parish of Foss and Shire of Perth in favour of John Stewart of Foss upon payment of the original Wadsett of £1000 Scots. Renunciation recorded 24th May 1673."-Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"September 5th.

"Obligation-Walter Colquhoun in Cullandie Morguill, and Duncan Mcfarlane in Achnaderach, to Patrick McGregor of Bracla for 448 merks Scots. Recorded 5th January 1674."-Register of Deeds.

"October 21st.

"Jean MacGregor natural and only daughter to John MacGregor of Kilmanan had an Heritable Bond from her father dated at Keirhill 21st October 1673 to her¬self in liferent and to John Buchanan younger of Carbeth, who is not expressly called her spouse, in fee of an annuity of £20 Scots out of the 20 shilling land of Kilmanan lying in the Barony of Mugdock, Parish of Killearn and Shire of Stirling, under reversion of 500 merks-On this Bond she was infeft 3rd November 1673. Recorded 1st December 1673."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"November 7th.

"Obligation-Patrick roy McGregor in Ewir, [6]   in Glendochart as Principal and Duncan MacGregor in Ardcrostan and Malcolm roy M'Gregor in Monechollbeg in Balquhidder as Cautioners to Robert Stewart of Ardvoirlich for 100 merks Scots.
Alexr MacGregor of Balnacoull is a Witness. Recorded 28th January 1676." -Register of Deeds.

[page 165]
"1674. February 22nd.

"Obligation-Lieutenant Colonel Donald MacGregor to James Mcfarlane of Keithtown for £58 Scots. Recorded 7th January 1678."

The following is from the Original Bond in the General Register House Edin'.

"March 2nd.
"Band of Cautionry for Callum and Gregour McGregouris
"Be it kend to all men by these presents Major George Grant and Alexander Murray Secretary to the Earl, of Atholl, fforasmuch as the Lordes of his Majesties Privy Councill be their act dated the ffyst of March instant Have given ordour & warrand for setting at liberty Callum and Gregour McGregouris prisoners in the tolbuith of Edinburgh ffor allegit theift vpon finding caution for them to the effect vnderwritten Therfore we the said Major George Grant & Alexander Murray bind and oblidge ws, ires, executouris and successouris as Cautioner and sovertie ffor the saids Callum and Gregour McGregouris for their peaceable beheaveor in tyme coming And that they shall compear personally befor the lordis of his majesties privy councill whenever they shall be called vnder the paine of fyve hundreth merkes ffor each of them Incase of faylie by and attour the performance of the premisses And we the saidis Callum & Gregour McGregouris bind and oblidge us to warrant and free, relieve and skaithles keip, our cautioneris of the premisses and of all cost skaith, damage, interest and expensses they shall happen to sustean or incun thairthrow in any sort Consenting thir presents be insert and registrat in the books of privy Councill That letteres and executorialles may be direct heirupon in forme As effeires And Constituts ………… our procuratoures In witnes quhairoff; written be George Rae &c, we have subseryvit thir presentes with our handes at Edinburgh 11th March 1674 yeires Befor these witnesses Lieut Collonell McGregour & Hugh Stevinson Writer in Edinburgh, George Grant, Donald McGregor witnes, Alexander Murray, Hugh Stevinsone witnes.

"March 5th.

"The Lord Commissioner his Grace and Lords of his Majestie's privy Council having considered the petition of Callum and Gregor McGregors prisoners in the tolbuith of Edinr as suspects guilty of theft Doe ordain the magistrats of Edinburgh to sett them at liberty In regard they have found sufficient caution acted in the Books of privy Council to underlye the pain of fyve hundreth merkes for their peaceable behaviour and that they shall appear befor the Councill when they shall be called."-Record of Secret Council, Decreta.

"September 2nd.

"Commission fyre and sword against McLeans and others."-Record of Council, Acta

"1674. September 3rd.

"Sasine in favour of Gregor McGregor of Ardachie, Agnes McGregor; his Spouse, [page 166] & Gregor McGregor their lawful son, on heritable wadset Disposition by Duncan McGrigor of Ardachie, under reversion of 1000 merks, in 1/2 town & lands of Ardachie, possessed by Thomas McGrigor & others, in Parish of Glengordon & Shire of Aberdeen John McGrigor in Ardachie, Witness."-Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

“1675. March 24th.

“Obligation-Donald McGregor in Merlachbeg to Colin Campbell Servitor to the laird of Glenurchy for £23.4s Scots. Recorded 14th March 1684"-Register of Deeds.

"April 22nd.

“Patrik McGregor in Dounan, entered into a Contract of Wadsett with Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk, by which he acquired the 2 merk land of Dounan, & 4 merk land of Kinachlacher in the barony of Rannoch under reversion of 5000 merks. Enfeoffed 25th November, & Sasine recorded 8th December 1675."-Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"September 13th.

"Duncan MacGregor alias McIlchallum Bayne enfeoffed in the 2 merk land of Kilchownan, on Contract of Wadset with Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk -Sasine recorded 14th September 1675."-Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"September 15th.

"Obligation - James Farquharson in Milntoune of Whythouse to Alexr McGregor in Inchgroundell for 300 merks Scots. Recorded 12th May 1676." -Register of Deeds.

"December 28th.

"Obligation Alexr McGregor of Balnacuill to Allan McDonald in Inveraire in Glenlyon for £24 Scots. Recorded 10th November 1676."

"1676. January 10th.

"Obligation-Patrick McGregor of Bracleay to Alexr Cameron of Caire, (Carie in Rannoch?), for £80 Scots. “1676, March 1st, Commission anent the Highlands." -Record of Council, Acta.

"February 23rd.

"Pension of 40 lib sterling given to James Helene & Jenet Gregorie Children to Mr James Gregorie lawfull sone to Mr Johne Gregorie minister at …. -Record of Privy Seal.

"March 14th.

"Discharge-Henry Anderson Merchant and Baillie of Perth to Alexr McGregor sometime in Buchanty and now in Ardoch of a Bond dated 22nd July 1672. Recorded 3rd April 1676."-Register of Deeds.

"June 17th at Edinburgh.

“Obligation -John McGregor in Dalvorer and John McGregor natural son [page 167] to umqle Malcolm McGregor in Kacarcharie to Alexr MacGregor in Ardoch for £440 Scots. This Bond narrates another of same date, the same to the same, upon his granting a Discharge and Renunciation of his Interest in Malcolm's estate which estate the three had agreed to divide equally amongst themselves as Malcolm's nearest of kin for £560 Scots, being a third part of the value of the moveables of the said umqle Malcolm gjven up by the two Johns to Alexr by inventory of the date of the Bond-The present Bond is for payment of £440 Scots being a third part of the valued price of the lands of Inverenzie-after the death of Jean Erskine relict of the said Malcolm, and provided she does not revoke the rights of the said Lands granted by her in favour of her said deceased husband &c, &', &c. Recorded 14th May 1687."-Register of Deeds.

"1677. January 6th.

"Dougal Macgregor, son of Ewne Macgregor in Wester Frenich, by Disposition of John MacGregor of Brachern his Uncle with consent of Isabella Graham his Spouse, acquired the Lands of Easter Callichra lying in the Parish of Callander and Shire of Perth extending to a 33/4 land of old extent part of the 4 merk land of Callichra on which Dougal was infeft 14th July 1677. Alex, MacGregor in Corspartek brother to John MacGregor in Brachern, is mentioned in the Sasine, and Duncan MacGregor son natural to John MacGregor in Ardmakmoyn is a Witness. Sasine recorded 8th August 1677."-Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"January 6th.

"Dougal MacGregor in Blair, son to Donald MacGregor Brother to John MacGregor of Brachern was provided to the fee of the 2 merk Land of Ballimore part of the £3 land of Brachern by a Disposition granted by the said John MacGregor to himself in liferent and to his said nephew in fee. On this Disposi¬tion Dougal was infeft 29th April 1679. Recorded s4th May I679" -Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

“January 6th.

"Donald MacGregor son to Donald brother to John MacGregor of Brachern and Alexander MacGregor son to Ewne MacGregor in Frenich also brother to the said John had a Disposition of 1/3 of the Lands of Wester Corerklet correspond¬ing to 1,000 merks of the Wadsett which had been advanced by John, the remain¬ing 2000 having been advanced by his wife, equally between them, on which they were infeft 29th April 1679. Recorded 14th May 1679."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"January 18th.

"Commission to Laird of Lawers anent the Highlands."- Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"May 30th.

"Gregor MacGregor lawful son to Hugh MacGregor brother german to [page 168] John MacGregor of Brachern and indweller in Wester Frenich had a Disposition of the 20 shilling land of Cloichbraik part of the £3 Land of Brachern from the said John - on which he was infeft 29th April 1679. Recorded 14th May 1679." Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

“1677. June 7th.

"Sasine to John Mkgrigor sometyme in Ganelarg now in Dillanerar, & James McGregor his second lawful son, on Feu charter by Charles Earl of Marr to the said John as heir to the deceased Malcolm Mackgrigor of Inverenzie, [7]   his uncle, the 4 oxgait or quarter of Davach of the lands of Inverenzie, with its pendicle called Belnohouses, Parish of Glengardyne, Shire of Aberdeen."-Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

"June 11th.

"John McGregor in Delphocker, James McGregor ther, Braemar."-Record of Justiciary.

“September 4th.

"Remitt anent the Highlands to a Committee, to report tomorrow."-Record of Council, Acta.

"September 6th.

“Remitted to the Committee for public affairs."-Record of Council, Acta.

"September 14th.

"Commission to Lord MacDonald and Sir James Campbell anent the High-lands."-Record of Council, Acta.

"September 18th.

"Commission of Justiciary for the Highlands;- and, on the same day, Com-mission, to Argyll and others, anent the Highlands. "-Record of Conneil, Acta.

"December 26th.

"Commission to the Noblemen appointed by the Secret Council for convocating the Highlanders &e."-Record of Council, Acta.

"1678. April 1st.

"Gregor MacGregor in Corerklet, entered into a Contract of wadsett dated 1 April 1678 with John Buchanan of that Ilk whereby he acquired the Lands of Coriheichan under reversion of 1000 merks. He was infeft 5th April 1678. John MacGregor in Stukinroy is Baillie, & Gregor McGregor Laird of McGregor are wimesses to the Sasine. Recorded 24th April 1678."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"August 5th.

"Anent a petition presented by the Magistrats of Stirling shewing that whereas there is two theiffs viz, Donald McJohn Kennedy and Coline McGreigor [page 169] yor incarcerat in the Tolbuith of Stirling &c praying for a warrant to remove the said thieves to Edinburgh-petition granted."-Record of Secret Council, Decrets.

"October 10th.

"Of this date there is a long proclamation in regard the peace of the highlands At the end of which is “A List of the names of the Landlords and Chieftaines of Clannes that are to compeir before the Councell upon the last Thursday of February next and upon the second Thursday of July yearly thereafter.' In this list is 'The Laird of Mcgregour’ “After this there is
“'A List of the names of the heades and branches of families that are to come to Innerlochy and give Bond to the commissioners of Councell betwixt the twentieth day of November next.' In this list are
'Patrick Mcgrigor in Bracklich’,
Donald glass Mckgrigor now in the brae of Balquhidder,
Dugall Makgrigor in Kylleter
Gregor Mcgregor in Rora.'
"~Record of Secret Council, Decreets "

“1679. May 31st.

"Archibald MacGregor succeeded his brother John in Kilmanan; and, while yet a minor, entered into a Contract of Marriage, with consent of his curators, with Mr John Cochrane, Minister at Strathblane as taking burden on him for Anna Cochrane his daughter. His Curators were,
Alexr Napier of Kilicreuch,
Thomas Napier of Ballichern [8]  
Francis Napier writer in Edinburgh, and
John Roy McGregor in Stuknaroy.
This last was probably his cousin german. In the contract he bound himself to infeft his Spouse in 1/2 of the said lands, viz the 20 shilling Land of Kilmanan lying in the Barony of Mugdock, Parish of Killearn and Shire of Stirling."-Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire, under 10th March 1680.

"August 18th.

"Obligation Duncan McGregor alias Mcean Vccondochie rioch and John Mcean oig son to John Oig Mceandny in Kilchownan as Principals and John McGregor of Dounan, Neill McGregor son to Gregor McGregor in Rora Finlay Mceanoig in Inverchomrie Gregor McGregor in Learone and Malcolm McGregor in Banchar in Badenoch brethren to the said Duncan McGregor alias Mcean vccondochie rioch as cautioners to Ludovick Grant of Freuchy for 500 merks Scots. Register of Deeds.

"August 18th.

"Obligation John McGregor of Dounan to Ludovick Grant of Freuchy that he shall on the 15th of October 1679 [9]   present to the said Ludovick, Duncan roy [page 170] Mcphatrick ick Conachie abrich, in whose possession certain Cattle stolen from Ludovick's servants had been found; or else pay 400 merks being the expense incurred in tracing the stolen Cattle. Recorded 23rd November 1680." -Register of Deeds.

“1680 January 11th.

"Archibald MacGregor of Kilmanan, having come of age before 11 January 1680, had, at that date, a Precept of clare constat from James Marquis of Montrose for infefting him in these Lands as Heir to his brother; which was done accordingly 3rd February 1680. His wife viz Anna Cochrane, Daughter of Mr John Cochrane, Minister at Strathblane, was infeft, in terms of their Marriage Contract, on 10th February 1680. Both Sasines recorded 10th March Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire,

"February 19th.

"Contract of Wadsett between Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk Knight Baronet on the one part, and John McGregor Roy in Leragane on the other part - 'the said Sir Alexr sets in Tack to the said John McGregor and his heirs All and whole the 3 merk land of Leragane with the houses biggings and pertinents of the same ay and until the said John McGregor be completely paid of the principal sum of £1000 Scots contained in a Contract of wadsest past between the said parties dated the …. day of …. Years - For the which causes the said John McGregor Binds and Obliges him and his heirs and successors thankfully to content and pay to the said Sir Alexr Menzies his heirs or Assignees or to his Factor and Chamberlain in his name yearly and each year during the non Redemption of the said Lands the sum of 5 merks Scots at the term of Martinmas-3 sufficient veals and 3 pints of butter at Beltane, or in his option 36 shillings Scots for each undelivered veal with the butter thereof, and 3 stones of cheese and 3 quarters of butter at Lammas or at his option £3. 12/- Scots for each undelivered stone of cheese and quarter of butter and also to relieve Sir Alex of all Teinds and other public burdens imposed or to be imposed upon the said 3 merk land of Learagane - and to attend the said Sir Alexr’s courts to be holden within the Barony of Rannoch or Menzies with hosting, hunting, watching, warding &c. and all other services conform to the rest of the merk lands of the Barony of Rannoch-and likewise to pay yearly and each year since the Instrument of Consignation of the said sum of £1000 Scots, the sum of 25 merks Scots with all other casualties and duties contained in the said contract of wadsett-And the said Sir Alexr Binds and Obliges himself and his foresaids to Discharge the said John McGregor Roy and his foresaids of all former Decreets of removing, Letters of Ejection, Decreets of violent profits, Hornings and Captions raised thereupon and all amerciaments of Courts preceding the last Court holden upon the ground of the Lands of Rannoch in January 1680 and in particular of a Bond of 500 merks granted by the said John McGregor as Principal and by Gregor McGregor [page 171] in lessintulloch as Cautioner dated …. 1679. Contract recorded 21st February 1685."-Register of Deeds.

"1681. January 18th.

"John MacGregor fiar of Easter Drumnacharrie married a daughter of Far-quharson of Auchinheyle by whom he had several children. Gregor his eldest son married Marjorie daughter to Robert Grant of Easter Elchies, and in the Contract of Marriage which is dated 18th January 1681, John MacGregor therein designed of Easter Drumnacharrie, but better known as John MacGregor of Delavorer, Bound himself to infeft his said son and spouse in these lands of Easter Drumna¬charrie extending to a 40 shilling land of old extent lying in the Barony of Garth and Shire of Perth--upon which contract sasine followed dated set November 1st November 1681, and recorded the 21st of the same month." -Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"April 4th.

"Obligation-Lieutenant Colonel Donald MacGregor as Principal, and John MacGregor of Brackly, and John Smith Hammerman in Glasgow as Cautioners, to John Barrie, flesher in Glasgow, for 12 good and sufficient kyne. Recorded 13 Jul. 1681."-Register of Deeds.

"July 28th.

"Obligation-Dougal MacGregor of Ballimoir as Principal, and William McAlpine of Ross as Cautioner; to Donald MacGregor in Craignaferar in Glenalmond for 500 merks Scots. Among the witnesses are Duncan McGregor in Ardcrostan - John MacGregor in Carnlea and Duncan MacGregor in Meirie. Recorded 4th November 1662."-Register of Deeds.

"July 28th.

"Assignation-Margaret MacGregor relict of the deceased Alexr MacGregor of Wester Cailzechra, and Donald McGregor in Craignaferar in Glenalmond her present husband whereby for a certain sum paid to them by Dougal McGregor of Ballimoir, they Assign and make over to him, his heirs and successors an annual rent of 1400 merks secured to the said Margaret by her Contract of Marriage with her first husband
-said Contract to which her father Patrick McGregour was a Party dated 20th October 1669. Assignation recorded 20th April, 1682."-Register of Deeds.

"July 28th.

“Obligation-Dougall McGregor in Ballimore as Principal and Donald McGregor in Ardowill his brother german as Cautioner to Mary McGregor lawful daughter and only child in life procreated betwixt the deceased Alexander McGregor of Wester Cailzechra and Margaret McGregor his Spouse; for 500 merks Scots to be paid to her upon her attaining majority, 21 years, or being married whichever shall happen first-with Interest till the term of payment, which Interest is to be uplifted [page 172] and discharged annually till then by John McGregor in Carnlea Uncle to the said Mary. The Bond however is granted upon the following condition which must be fulfilled otherwise the Bond to have no effect and be void - vizt that the said Mary shall do such Deeds in law and make seal, subscribe and deliver in favour of the said Dougal McGregor such perfect ample and sufficient rights and securities as shall be sufficient to secure him his heirs and successors in that 20 shilling Land of the 4 merk land of Cailzechra, which her said deceased father purchased from John Buchanan of that ilk &c., &c &c Recordcd 6th July 1691."-Register of Deeds.

"1681. November 4th.

"Obligation-Alexr McGregor in Inchgrindle in the parish of Lochly to David Jolly in Balfour in the parish of Menimuir for 200 merks Scots. Recorded 14th November 1687” -Register of Deeds.

"1682. March 8th.

"Contract of Marriage - between William Farquharson of Achriachan and John McGregor of Delavorer as taking burden on him for Anna McGregor his eldest lawful daughter. Wm. Binds himself to infeft his Spouse in liferent in the Lands of Fineane being a plough of Land, with the Miln of Auchriachan and the two Oxgait Land be-east the said Milne all lying in the Sherriffdom of Banff, Lordship of Strathavine and parish of Kirkmichael;-and in case of forfeiture of the said Lands he Binds himself and his successors to pay to her an annuity of 240 merks. Her Tocher is 2000 merks of which 1000 are to be paid at Martinmas 1682, 500 at Martinmas 1683 and 500 at Martinmas 1684. James McGregor lawful son to John is a witness. Contract dated at Tomantoul. Recorded 13th May 1693."-Register of Deeds.

"August 9th.

"Commission of Justiciary anent the peace of the Highlands-following the King's instructions to the Privy Council anent the Highlands."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"September 25th.

"Obligation dated at Stronmelochane.

"Patrick McGregor of Brackly to Alexr Campbell of Ardennage for 100 merks Scots. Recorded 14th March 1684."-Register of Deeds.

"October 19th.

"Letter from the Committee of Council for public affairs to the Commissioners for the peace of the Highlands in that division thereof at Abercharder."-Record of Secret Council Acta.

"December 14th.

"Letter to the King respecting the above Commission for a garrison at Lochaber.

"Letter of same date to the Commissioners."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

[page 173]
"December 21st.

"Obligation-Alexr Mcgregor in Balnamill and John McGregor in Kingart to John McGibbon in Craiginche for 16o merks Scots. Recorded 29th March 1688." -Register of Deeds.

“1682. December 27th.

"Bond by John Eastoun younger, flesher burges of Linlithgow to John McGregor younger of Bracklie for 270 merks. Books of Sheriff Court of Linlithgowshire, 16th February 1683, when the Bond was recorded; and 16th November 1683, when the Assignation of 140 merks, balance unpayed, and assigned to Alexander Jack writer in Edinburgh and heirs and assigns, dated at Doune November 1683, was recorded.

“1683. January 27th.

"Disposition - Patrick McGregor of Braiklie to John McGregor his eldest lawful son of the 2 Merk Land old extent of Braicklie, on which Sasine followed 25th August 1686."-General Reg' of Sasines.

"February 22nd.

"Report of the Committee anent the Highlands- 'And whereas the letters of publication requires the Commissioners for the District of Balquhidder to meet the second tuesday of Julie next at Balquhidder The saids Lords impower them to meet at Rannoch or any other place they shall think most usefull for the good of the countrey their adjournment being alwayss to a certane time and place.' "-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"March 22nd.

"Report of the Commissioners approved."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"April 11th.

"Carolus &c. Scoates nos &x Ratificasse &c. dilecto nostro Joanni McGregor, filio natu maximo Patrico McG. de Braiklie, heredebus suis et assignatis quibus¬cunque, Preceptum de Clare constat factum & concessum per Joannem Campbell de Glenurquhay - dicto Patricio McGregar, in ibidem assignato Grahame, pro Infeodatione alias tanquum heredis demortui Jacobe Grahame alias McGregar, sui patres, In totis & integris duabus mercates terrarum de Braiklie antiqui extentus, cum unwerses partibus, pendicules, et pertinentibus earundem in Baronia de Glenurchie et vicecomitatu nostro de Argyll jacentibus de prefato Joanne Campbell tariquum immediato ejusdem superiore tentis in feudifirma, pro solutione summe octo librarum monete scotie annuatim ad fesa Pentecoates et Sancti Martini propurtionalder nomine feudifirme &c. Quodquidem Preception est de data 4to Septembris 1655 cum Instrumento Sasine desuper sequentis de data 12mo Septembris deinde sequente, in generalo sasinarum registro apud Edinburgh 12mo Septem¬bris Anno predicto Necnon una cum dispositione per dictum Patricum McGregar suo fiho concessa de dictis terres de Braiklie eum pertinentus de data 27mo Januarii ultimo elapji &c., &c., &c. de data apud Edinburgh 11mo Aprilis 1683 anno regni nostro trigesimo quinto."-Mag. Sig. LXIX, 81.

[page 174]
“1683. May 5th.

“Obligation-Duncan McGregor brother german to Patrick McGregor in Glen-darden to William Forbes of Skellatur for 160 merks Scots. Recorded 30th January 1684."-Register of Deeds.

"June 1st.

“Obligation~David Farquharson in Auchnairne to Alex McGregor in Blena-croft for 450 merks Scots. John McGregor of Micreiff is a witness. Recorded 15 December 1684."-Register of Deeds.

“July 4th.

"Obligation - Robert Gray of Pitlandie and Jean Fenton hit Spouse as Principals, and David Gray their eldest lawful son as Cautioner; to Hew and Ewine McGregors lawful sons to the deceased Neill McGregor sometime in Craignaferar for 200 merks Scots. Recorded 24th November 1683."-Register of Deeds.


"Obligation-John McGregor Younger of Brackly to Elizabeth Mure in Dunce for 80 merks Scots. Recorded 22nd August 1698."-Register of Deeds.

"July 19th.

"List of persons theives and broken men in Shires of Perth and Stirling.

"Perth - Alexr McGregor alias Syloch sometime in Ardechollarie in Callandar Paroch."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"July 21st.

"Instructions to the Commissioners."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"November 20th.

"Obligation-John M'Gregor Younger of Brackly to Archibald Cameron in Ardgower and Hugh Cameron in Kinlochiel for £413 Scots."-Register of Deeds.

"November 21st.

"Sir, you obtained ane decreit befor ws at Creiff against John Campbell [10]   of Innerar dowran Who was Latelie hear Informeing me of that particullar of yours Wherfoir I desyre ye may forbear the putting of that decreit in execu'une against him till such tyme, As we be present togither aither heir or at the nixt court to be holdine at Ballquither, Where I will endeavour So accomodat ye maitter to your satisfactioune. I am
Your verie assured friend Drummond 21 November 1683. PERTH.
Addressed ffor
[page 175]
The Laird of Camstrodane."
Copied from the Original in the archives of Colquhoun of Camstraddan.
“November 22nd.

“Commission to Bradalban for the Highlands."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

“1683. November 24th.

“Obligation of Relief-
Gregor McGregor in Learone as Principal and
Gregor McGregor portioner of Roro
Donald McGregor in Glengyll
Malcolm McGregor in Camusearich beg,
Gregor McGregor in Camiserachmore,
John Oig McGregor in Kenochlacher,
John McGregor in Drumchastell,
John McGregor in Learone
John McGregor in Aulich,
Duncan dhu McGregor in Learogan
Gregor McGregor there
Duncan McGregor his brother there,
as Cautioners to Sir Alexr Menzies of that ilk knight and Baronet. Recorded 1st Februarv 1586. '-Register of Deeds.

"December 14th.

"Obligation-Robert Campbell of Glenlyon to Duncan McGregor lawful son to Archibald McGregor in Ardlarich, for 400 merks Scots. Recorded, 12th December 1690." -Register of Deeds.

"1684. January 10th.

“Obligation-John McGregor of Dalavorer and Gregor Farquharson of Wester Candell to John Grant of Achnakyle for 300 merks Scots. Recorded 6th November 1690."-Register of Deeds.

"March 3rd.

“Passport by Earl of Perth to Balhaldies-
James Earl of Perth, Lord Drummond and Stobhall, Lord High Chancellor of Scotland.
Whereas the bearer Alexander Drumond of Balhaldies is about to travel into the kingdom of England and particularly to the City of London, about his lawful affairs. "These are to desire you to permit him to pass and repass without any let or molestation, he behaving himself as becometh a good subject. Given at his Maj: Palace of Holyroodhous this 3rd of March 1684.
To all Governours Commanders of his Maje: forces,
To all Magistrates, Justices of the peace, Constables,
and all els whom it may concern. -MacGregor of Balhaldies papers."

[page 176]
“March 26th, at Finlarg.

"Obligation, dated 26th March and 11th April 1684, recorded 22 March 1686
-George McGregor in Rorow,
Patrick McGregor of Brackley, and
Donald McGregor in Glengyll to Duncan Campbell in Balloch for £111, scots."-Register of Deeds.

"May 8th.

"Sasine to Robert Willocks, Merchant, Burgess of Fraserburgh in a Tenement there, on Charter by Alexander Lord Salton."-Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

"July 1st.

"Sasine to Janet Mackgregor, Spouse of Angus Gruar, Portioner of Auchalleter; on charter by her said husband, in an oxgait of the toun's lands of Auchalleter, occupied by himself & Duncan & Malcolm Royes, in Parish of Kindrochat. Alexander McGrigor in Torinbuik Procurator. Witnesses, John McGregor son to Alexander McGregor in Abercherder & John McG. son to Alexand McGregor the Procurator. Registered 16 July 1684."-Particular Register of Sasines.

"July 24th.

"Anent a petition given in by Sergeant Calder Shewing that 'Alester Roy McGreiggar having gotten ane personall protectioune to appear at the Court of Creiff, yet did not take the benefite of the same for thrie dayes tyme, being oftime called upon, Bot most contemptuously appeared upon the street of Creiff in face of some of the Commissioners' Allaster was killed in a scuffle by one of the Sergeant's men, and the present application made for exoneration;-the desire of the petition granted."-Record of Secret Council, Decreta.

"July 2nd-

"Sasine to Alexander McGregor in Torre Which, on Charter by Jean (John) McGrigor, under reversion, in lands of Lynchork, Parish of Tullichor, Shire of Aberdeen-Witness to Sasine Grigor McGrigor in Lyncork."-Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

"November 10th.

"Obligation-Gregor roy McGregor in Cailzechra as Principal and Duncan Stewart in Mochaster as Cautioner to William Stewart in Craigtoun for 50 merks Scots. Recorded 27th December 1697."-Register of Deeds.

"November 20th.

"Anent a petition presented by Alexr Menzies of that ilk shewing that where the Petitioner is required by the Commissioners of Justiciary for the highlands to give band for the tenants and possessors of his lands, and the petitioner having a twenty pound land in the Rannoch which is occupied and possessed by diverse' persons of the clan Greigour who have no dependence upon him and whom he [page 177] cannot possibly reduce to a regular deportment and obedience to the laws, nor is he able to uplift the rents and farms payable to himself as heretofore and the said persons being altogether lawless and independent, his sacred Majesty's Royal progenitors have always been in use to free and exempt the Petitioners pre¬decessors from giving band or answering to Justice airs or Justice Courts for the tenants and possessors of the name of Clan Greiggour dwelling upon the said lands in Rannoch, And the Petitioner produces two grounds of exemption, the one under the Signet and Subscription of Mary Queen Regent, dated 7th of February 1557; and the other under the Signet and Subscription of Queen Mary dated last August 1566 And the Petitioner as he firmly resolves to demean himself with all loyalty and humble submission to his Majesty and the Laws of the Land, so he humbly presumes that the Councill will indulge him the same privilege and favour allowed to his predecessors, And therefore humbly supplicating the Council would seriously consider the premisses and to grant the Petitioner the same privileges and exemption from giving band or answering to Justice Courts or other Judicatories for the Clan Greigour in Rannoch or such as depend upon them which his Majesty's Royal progenitors were graciously pleased to bestow upon the Petitioners predecessors The Lords of his Majesties Privy Council having considered the foresaid petition and papers passed under the hands of his Majesties Royal pro¬genitors Do confirm thereto, exeem the petitioner from giving band or answering to Justice Courts or other Judicatories for the Clan Greigour in Rannoch or such as depend upon them and that for the space of one year after the date hereof, only unless the same be prorogate."~-Record of Privy Council Decreta.

"1684. November 25th.

"Obligation-Jean Douglas Lady Glenbucket as Principal and Mr Wm. Ferguson in Blackbillock as Cautioner to John McGregor of Dallavoraire for 200 merks Scots - James McGregor son lawful to the said John is a witness. Recorded 8th February 1699."-Register of Deeds.

"December 30th.

"The Judge holds Gregor Roy McGregour confessed conforme to the clame persewit againis him be David Robensone, In respect of his absence and personal citatioun."-Books of Stewartrie of Menteith.

“1685. February 6th.

King Charles II. died and was succeeded by his brother, King James VII. of Scotland and II. of England.

[1] Chronicles of the Atholl and Tullibardine Families

[2] Also Drumachastell, John McGregor.

[3] He appears to have been slain by Francis Creightoun. See page 144. volume 2 Chapter 11

[4] James IX. of the Glenstray Line. see page 108. volume 2 Chapter 9

[5] Probably Gowlarich or Goulauck in "Strathdowine." See page 132. volume 2 Chapter 10

[6] Ewir belonged to Malcolm the Tutor and afterwards to his only son Gregor, who was the Patrick Roy here mentioned? -

[7] The o1d McGregors of Inverenzie had been dispossest vide page 5. This was probably a different family.

[8] Properly Ballikinrain

[9] October 1679, see Appendix E volume 2 Appendix

[10] John MacGregor