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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 11

The Restoration

[page 138]
On May 29th King Charles II had arrived in London and the Restoration of the Monarchy took place.

From the "Chartulary"

“1660 August 29th.

"The Sub Comittie of Estates, appointed for drawing of the letter to be sent to the Chieftans of Clans Gave in their Report to the Committee with ane draught of the Letter and the Gentlemen's names to whom the same are to be directed -Whereof the Committie Approves and Ordaines the same to be subscryved and sent accordinglie.

"Sir, The Comittie of Estates conveined by his Majesties speciall warrand and authoritie being comandit by his Ma: to secure the peace of this Kingdome by all lawfull meanes. And especially to suppresse any depradations committed by the Hielanders and broken men in the hills and braes Understanding that severall louse ydle men in the hielands doe gather themselffes together in companies and carries away sprauchs of chattell and other bestiall to the hills & comitting many other insolencies to the disturbance of the peace of this kingdome And considering that by many Acts of Parliament and lawes of this Kingdome standing in force The Chiftanes & heads of Clans have been ever bund & obliged for the peaceable carriage and behaviour of all of their Clan, Kinsmen, followers and tennents They doe therefore require yow That ye tak speciall notice of all such of your Clan, Kinsmen followers, servants and tennents and of all others travelling thro' your bounds whom you may stop or lett, that they carry themselfs peaceably and doe not in any sort trouble the peace of this Kingdom by gathering themselffs together in Bands or Companies or making of any depredations upon any of their neighbours or committing any other insolencys pnvate or public. Certifieing yow that whatever shall be comitted by them or any of them of that sort will be imputed unto yow and yow will be called to accompt for the same And ordaines yow to make ane report of your diligence [page 139] herein from tyme to tyme to the Comittie of Estate Wee rest your afectionat freinds

“This Circular is addressed to -
Earl of Seaforth
Earle of Tulliebarden
Earl of Athole and in his absence to Mr Robt Nairne of Strathurde
Earle of Airlie
Earle of Aboyne
Lord Rae
Lord Lovit
Laird of Ballingoune
Laird of Fouls
Laird of Assin McCleud
Laird of Glengarrie
Laird of MCloud
Sir James McDonnald
The Captane of the Clanronnald
Laird of Lochiell
Donald of Guirk
Laird of McIntosh
Laird of Grant
Ferquharson of Innercauld
Laird of Glenurquhie
Laird of Auchenbrek or
George Campbell Shirreff deput of Argyll in absence of the Marqueis
Callum McGreigour Tutor of McGreigour
Laird of Luss
Laird of McFarline
Laird of Buchanan
Lord Kilpunt
Stewart of Appin
Sir Thomas Stewart of Garritullie
and the Laird of Eggell."
-Record of Committee of Estates.

“1661. January 18th.

"Act in favour of James Viscount of Frendraught. [1]  

"Forasmuch as James Viscount of Frendraught being declared fugitive for not appeiring befor the late Comitie of Estates to answer to the complaints of Ryot and oppression given in against him be Mr Alexander Gregorie, Willm Hay & [page 140] David Cruikshank And the Estates of Parliament having considered the petition given in be the said Viscount shewing his willingnes to answeir and cleir himselff of the said complaint But in regaird of the roughnes of the wether for the time and his oune indisposition to travell he was not able to keep the dyets appointed by the Committie Thairfor and in regaird that the Viscount of frendraught hes given band to appear and answer to the said complaint whenever he shall be lawfullie sumond therto And that he nor none whom be may stop or let shall at any time hereafter offer any violence nor wrong to the persones of the said pursuers their mentennents nor servants And that he shall not trouble them in their posses¬sions nor goods nor in the uplifting of the maills and duties of any Lands in thair possession and which formerlie belonged to the said viscount or his father otherwise than be order of law under the paine of fourtie thousand punds Scots The Kings Maiestie with advice of his estates of Parliament Doth hereby suspend all execution of the Act Whereby the said Viscount is declared fugitive for his not appearance as said is befor the Comitie of Estates And remits the tryall of the complaint to the Lords of his Maj:’ Privie Councill." -Parliamentary Record.

"1661. March 8th.

"Diverse of Frendraught's servants namelie, Robert Spence, William and Thomas Crichtouns, William Clark, George Wat, Walter Hendrie, James Howie, Alexander ffairweather, James Jarves, Will Sanderson, William Innes and Patrick Leslie having been declared fugitives and Rebels along with the Viscount for not appeiring to answer the complaint at the instance of Alexander Gregorie and others they crave to be reponed against the sentence of fugitation, In regaird they are ready to find caution for the indemnity of the complainers - And they are accordingly reponed against the said sentence of the Commitie of Estates - Because they have found caution each under the pain of 1000 merks.

"March 20th.

"Obligation Donald McGregor and Angus McDonald his cousin german to James Smith in Callander for 200 merks Scots. Recorded 8th January 1662." - Register of Deeds.

"April 8th at Edinburgh.

"Act in favours of the Clangregor.

"The King's Majesty considering that these who were formerly designed by the name of McGregor have during these troubles carried themselves with such loyalty and affection to his Majesty as may justly wipe off all memory of their former miscarriages and take away all marks of reproach put upon them for the same And his Majesty being desirous to reclaim his subjects from every evil way And to give all due Encouragements to such as live in due obedience and [page 141] submission to his Majesty's authority and laws of the kingdom Therefore his Majesty with advice and consent of his Estates of Parliament Doth Rescind Casse and annul the thirtieth Act of the first parliament of King Charles the first Entituled Act anent the Clangregor And declares the same void and null in all time coming And that it shall he hereafter free to all persons come of the name and race of the ClanGregor to keep and make use of the said name of Gregor or McGregor and enjoy all privileges and immunities as other subjects Notwithstanding of the said Act or any other Acts or any thing therein contained to the contrary Provided that the surety's formerly given for those of that name Stand in force Ay and until the Lords of his Majesty's Privy Council take such course with them for their good behaviour in time coming As shall be done with other clans." -Parliamentary Record.

"1661. July 18th.

"Act of the Secret Council anent Clans.

"To consider the acts of Parliament for binding the Clans and Highlanders to the peace, before next meeting." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"July 25th.

"Committee appointed 'To consider what is fit to be done anent the Chieftains of Clans and other branches &c.' " -Record of Secret Council, Acta

"August 2nd.

"Chiefs of the Clans cited to find caution 1st October.' -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"October 1st.

"Amongst others 'Grigor McGrigor in Rora, Malcolm McGregor tutor to the Laird of McGrigor, Patrick Drummond alias McGregor in Dundurne - Lauchlan McKennen of Strathvdle.' "-Record of Secret Council, Decreta.

"November 5th.

"Letter from the Sheriff of Murray stating that their are but few Chiftans of Clannes in that Sherriffdome and that theift and stealling is committed and that it is necessary that all heretors should be put under caution - ordered to send a list of the cheiftans." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"December 19th.

"Gregor MacGregor, afterwards of Easter Corerklet, in Drumlich entered into a Contract of Wadsett dated 19 December 1661, whereby he acquired the 1 merk land of Stronchlacher, in the Parish of Inchcalleoch (now Buchanan) under rever¬sion of 1000 merks. He was infeft 20th January and his Sasine recorded 29th January 1662." -Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"December 27th.

"John MacGregor in Dunavevig, and Isabe1 Graham his Spouse had a Charter of the 40 shilling land of Wester Coreklet lying in the Parish of [page 142] Inchcailleoch and Shire of Stirling and of the east half of the said lands in special warrandice of the west from John Buchanan of that ilk dated 27 December 1661. On which they were infeft 9th and their Sasine recorded 29 January 1662." -Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"1662. January 22nd.

"Hugh MacGregor in Craigivarne and Mary Napier his Spouse had a Disposi-tion of the Lands of Park of Drumquhassell in the Parish of Drymen and Shire of Stirling, by Wm. Napier Portioner of Drumquhassell. On this they were infeft 23rd January and their Sasine recorded 10th February 1662." -Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"June 12th.

"Act anent the McGregors.

"Malcolm M'Gregor Tutor to the laird of McGregor, Callum & Ewin McGregors and severall others of that name under their power and command to find caution." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

September 9th.

"Escheat of Mcerccher to McGrigor. -Privy Seal.

"September 9th.

"Ratification in favour of Johne Campbell of Glenurquhie of the office of Forestrie of Mamlorne, Berinakansauche alias Bendaskerlie ffinglenbeg and ffinglenmoir.

"November 6th.

"Obligation Ewine MacGregor of Kilmanan to Archibald Stewart of Scotstoun for £247: 5 : 4 Scots. Recorded 25th May, 1664." -Register of Deeds.

“November 24th.

“Letters of agreement between Mary Campbell, Relict of John M'Nab of Bowain, with consent of Malcolm McGregor, Tutor of James McGregor of that Ilk and her husband, on one part; and Alexander MacNab of Bowain, her son by the said John, on the other The mother resigns her liferent of the 6 merk land of Kinnell in Glendochart; and the son conveys to her and her husband in conjunct liferent, the 2 merk land of Ewre in Glendochart, holden of Glenurquhay." -Par¬ticular Register of Sasines, Perth, 10th February 1664.

“1663. March 25th.

"Disposition dated at Finlarig, by Alexr McNab of Bovaine, in favour of Marie Campbell his mother and Malcolm McGregor, Tutor of James McGregor of that ilk in liferent and to himself in fee of the 2 merk land of Euire lying in Glen¬dochart on which Sarine followed 15th January 1664. See that date.

"April 17th.

"Hugh MacGregor lawful son to John MacGregor in Ardlarich and Janet [page 143] MacGregor lawful daughter of John MacGregor of Innervar had a charter from the said John MacGregor of Innervar to themselves in liferent and to the heirs to he procreated between them in fee of the half of the 2 1/2 merk Land of Innervar, on which they were infeft 17th April 1663, and the Sasine recorded 24th April 1663.” -Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"1663. June 25th.

"John McGreigor in Upper Towy." -Mentioned in Record of Justiciary.

"July 31st

"Obligation Lieutenant Colonel Donald MacGregor in Glengyle, to Mr Thos Henderson Advocate in Edinburgh for £180 Scots. Recorded 23 June 1664." -Register of Deeds.

"September 14th.

"John M'Gregour Mceanduletrik (Tanner) in Kinchlacher in Rannoch declared fugitive for murder of Duncrosk's sons in 1650." -Record of Justiciary.

"December 15th.

"Patrick roy McGregor in Corriechromie fined with others for cutting the Laird of Keir's woods." -Regality Books of Menteith, in General Register House, Edinburgh.

"1664. January 15th.

"Malcolm MacGregor Tutor to James McGregor of that ilk married Marie Campbell Relict of the deceased John McNab of Bovaine. By her Contract of Marriage with her first husband she was secured in the liferent of the 6 merk land of Kinnell in Glendochart, which however she gave up to her son Alexr McNab of Bovain, upon condition of his Disponing to her and her second husband in con¬junct liferent the 2 merk land of Ewire in Glendochart, holden of the Lairds of Glenurchy; This he did by Disposition to them in liferent, and to himself in fee, dated 25 March 1663; on which they were infeft 15th January and their sasine recorded in the Particular Register for Perth &c 10 Feb 1664.
"Patrik McGregor Servitor to Malcolm and John McGregor in Craiglyne are Witnesses to the Sasine, based on the agreement of previous page.
“January 15th.

"Sasine McGregorTutor of McGregor and Mary Campbell, Relict of John McNab of Bovain; his spouse, in the two merk land of Ewire in Glendochart, holden of the Laird of Glenurchy on Disposition by Alexander McNab of Bowain, her son, in virtue of an Agreement betwixt them 24 November 1662, by which she renounced her liferent in the 6 merk land of Kinnell in Glen¬dochart, in which she had been secured by her contract of marriage with the said John. Sasine recorded 10th Feb. 1664. Patrik McGregor servitor to Malcolm & John McGregor in Craiglyne are witnesses to the Sasine." -Particular Register of Sasines for Perth,

[page 144]
"1664. February 1st at Edinburgh.

“Obligation Patrick McGregor in Correchrombie to Henry Mellis writer in Edinburgh for £23 4s Scots. Recorded 20 December 1671 "-Register of Deeds.

"February 8th.

“Alexander MacGregor son to Ewne McGregor in Wester Frenich had a charter of the lands of Wester Callichra extending to a 20 shilling land of old extent from John Buchanan of that ilk, dated 4th February 1664 upon which he was infeft 8 February.

He appears to have married Margaret daughter to Patrick McGregor of CarnIea, who after his death married Donald McGregor in Craignaferar in Glenalmond, and dying before 28 July 1681 left one daughter. Gregor McGregor in Corerklet & Duncan son to Patrick McGregor in Carnlea are mentioned in the Sasine which is recorded 20th February 1671."

"February 8th.

"John MacGregor in Dunaverig and Isabella Graham his Spouse had a charter of the lands of Easter Callichra lying in the parish of Callander and Shire of Perth extending to a 33/4d land of old extent part of the 4 merk land of Callichra, from John Buchanan of that ilk dated 4 February 1664, on which they were infeft 8 February 1664." -Particular Register of Sasines, Perth.

"March 2nd.

"Obligation-Lieutenant Colonel Donald MacGregor as Principal & Major George Grant as Cautioner to Margaret Smith relict of the deceased Harie Gib, Burgess of the Canongate for £205 Scots" - Recorded 22nd February 1664. Register of Deeds.

"June 16th.

“Act anent Francis Creighton who had been convened before the justice General and his Deputes for the slaughter of the deceased Ms Alexr Gregory procured the king's letter suspending the prosecution & made his escape out of the tolbooth. The Privy Council, notwithstanding they had begun precognition in the said matter, that they might have satisfied his Majesty's command therein, do hereby remit the said whole matter back to the said Justice General, &c -'Record of Privy Council, Acta.

"July 7th.

"Patrik McGregor in Dunduff ane notorious thief apprehended." -Record Secret Council, Decreta.

"July 26th.

"A petition by Gilbert Stewart of Polcalk, that he being decerned to reenter one Patrik McGregor prisoner within the tolbuith of Perth. But because it was impossible for the petitioner to gett him imprisoned at Perth unless he had [page 145] either fallen in blood with the Clan of McGrigor who had lyen in waitt to reseve him or otherwyse had run the hazard of lossing the prisoner He is freed of his penalty 4000 merks. Patrik McGregor now prisoner, and in sure fermance in Edinburgh." -Record of Secret Council, Decreta

"1664. August 1st

"Gregour dow Mcgregour formerly ane prisoner in the Boig of Geicht (now Gordon Castle) is mentioned in Record of Justiciary.

"December 8th.

"Committee to consider who of the cheiffs of the Clanns &c charged 1661 had found caution."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"December 18th.

"Addition to the Committee." -Record of Council, Acta

"December 22nd.

"Act for settling the Highlands." -Record of Council, Acta.

"1665. January 12th.

"Patrik McGregor sometyme in Blairvockie sentenced to be hanged for robbery." -Record of Justiciary.

"March 18th.

"Obligation Donald MacGregor in Portnellan to Patrick Campbell of Inner-zeldies for 95 merks Scots -John MacGregor, Donald's brother german is a witness." -Recorded 15th November 1670. Register of Deeds.

"June 22nd.

"Act anent cheiftanes of Clauns landlords &c -to find caution."-Record of Council, Acta.

"June 24th, at Perth. Penes Stirling of Keir.

"'For the richt honourable the Laird of Keir These right Honnorable. I receaved two of yours by accidental bearers who were not goeing bak and so could not returne an answer. Howsoever, your Honnor sall know that the McGregour ye desired to summond is wronge named in the copie of the desitione ye sent, and so Johne Stewart told me that the mares, Mayors, he imployed could find no such man but in end he founde out the mistake and the trew name was Patrik M'Gregour alias Mcean divie in Dwnane who is sumoned and caled and a procuratour hath compeired for him,’ offence is the taking away of cattle above three years since. Your honnor. servant Johne Davidsoune."

"October 10th.

"Probation Patrik Roy McGregour against Debtors." - Regality Books of Menteith.

"October 12th.

"Patrik Roy MacGregor had from Colin Campbell of Mochaster, a Charter of the lands of Ardmacmuine, in special warrandice of the lands of Corrichrombie, [page 146] in which he was enfeoffed at the above date. [2]   Recorded October 1666." -Particular Register of Sasines, Stirling.

“1665. October 16th.

"Part of the Inventory of the effects of the deceased Johne Robertson, Minister at Dondie.

"Item be the Laird of McGregor be band, the soume of £137 6s 8d with tenanent y' of £80."-Testamentary Register of Brechin, in General Register House, Edinburgh.

“November 10th.

"The Samyn day Patrik Roy McGregor, Gregor Beg McGregor his brother, Lachlane McIntosh, John McInkir, Alister McGregor in Gairloch for different crimes, not appearing are put to the horn." -Record of Justiciary.

"November 10th.

"Patrik Roy McGreigour mentioned in Record of Justiciary; also Gregour beg Mcgreigor, Lachlane Mcintosh, Alister Mcgregour in Gairloch &c denounced rebels." -Record of Justiciary.

"December 22nd.

“Obligation William Farquharson of Inveray and John Farquharson his son, to Gregor Moir Macgregor of Ardochie Wadsetter of part of the Lands of Ballater for 80 merks Scots. Recorded 9th September 1673." -Register of Deeds.

“1666. January 4th.

"Commission Jon Mcandley.

"Geo. Dow McGregor sometime prisoner in the Boog of Gicht mentioned. As also upon 22nd December last 1665 Patrik Roy McGregor, Gregor beg McGregor his brother, Allaster McGregor in Gairloch." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"January 18th.

"Trial of Lachlane Mcintosh. "John dow in Baldornie aged 36 years or thereby married, Depones that he saw not the pannell take away the goods (i.e. from the Lands of Belchirrie) but the Deponer having two oxen taken out of Beichirrie he got them back by a letter sent to John McGregor." -Record of Justiciary.

"February 22nd.

“Marriage Contract, dated at Inver and Little Dunkeld 22nd February and 11th April 1666 between Duncan MacGregor in Sherriffmuir for himself and as taking burden on him for John MacGregor his lawful son on the one part, and Christian MacGregor lawful daughter to the deceased Neill McGregor sometime in [page 147] Craignaferar in Glenamond and Margaret McAra her mother as Principals and Donald McAra portioner of Druimie and Alex' MacGregor in Buchandice as cautioners for the said Margaret on the other part. Christian's Tocher is 400 merks Scots. Recorded 31st March 1674." -Register of Deeds.

“1669. May 9th.

"Commission against Peter Roy McGregor &C.
"Patrik Roy McGregor, ……. beg McGregor his brother. Allaster McGregor In Gairloch, George Dow McGregor sometime prisoner in the bog of Gight &c. &c. attacked John Lyon of Muiresk, Commissioner against them fired his house and murdered him and his son Alexander."~ Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"May 25th.

"John MacGregor in Dunaverig entered into a Contract of Wadsett whereby he acquired from Thomas Graham of Duchray the £3 land of Brachern compre¬hending Easter and Wester Bracherne, Cloichbraik, Ballimore and Stron McNair lying in the parish of lnchcalzeoch and Shire of Stirling under reversion of 4000 merks. He was infeft 16th June 1666. Recorded July 17th 1666." -Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

“August 21st.

"Marriage Contract dated at Killin between Allan Cameron lawful brother to Ewin Cameron of Lochyell as Principal and the said Ewine as Cautioner, on the one part, and Jean MacGregor sister german to James MacGregor of that ilk and the said James for himself and as taking burden for his said sister on the other part." -Register of Deeds.

"November 22nd.

"John McGregor in Tilliefocke."-Record of Justiciary.

“1667. January 23rd.

“Obligation~Lieutenant Colonel Donald MacGregor in Glengyle to Colonel James Menzies of Culdares for 500 merks Scots - Gorrie McGregor in Balquhidder and Patrik McGregor Servitor to the said James are witnesses. Recorded 24th November 1679." -Register of Deeds.

"February 7th.

"Peter Roy McGregor and Patrik Drummond now prisoners at Bamff to be brought to Edinburgh." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"February 16th.

"Obligation - John Erskine alias Macgregor, Portioner of Wester Murray to William Forbes of Skellater for 275 merks Scots being the price of 22 boIls of bear at 12 1/2 merks per boll. Recorded 16th September 1668" -Register of Deeds.

"March 5th.

"In the Court of Justiciary of our Supreme Lord the King held in the Judgement hall of the City of Edinburgh by Sir John Home of Rentone Clerk of Justiciary, and Mr William Murray Justiciary Depute.
[page 148]
The Court being legally constituted
Patrick Roy M'Gregor
Patrick Drummond, prisoners within the tolbooth of Edinburgh.
“Ye are indicted and accused for that notwithstanding by the Laws and Acts of Parliament of this kingdom the crimes of theft, robbery, stouthreiff and resett of theft, sorning and taking black mail, wilful fire raising, taking, apprehending, incarcerating and detaining his Majesty's free lieges, the killing and murdering of them they being in the power of the taker, and the rising and continuing in Arms of any number of his Majesty's subjects without his Majesty's warrant and authority, are punishable by death and forfeiture of the committers lands, goods and gear at least capitally with the loss of their escheat.

"NEVERTHELESS it is of verity that ye the said Patrik Roy McGregor being one of the company and associates of Lachlane Mclntosch when the said Lachlane did reive and sorne up and down the country and did commit the hership against the deceased John Lyoune of Muiresk in his Lands of Belchirrie and the said Lach¬lane being accused and convicted and executed at Edinburgh for the same And ye the said Patrick Roy being also declared fugitive upon the information and prose¬cution of the said deceased John Lyoune of Muiresk and Letters of intercommon¬ing and commission for fire and sword being taken out against you the said Patrik Roy McGregor in resentment and revenge of the said proceedings And also because the said deceased John Lyoune of Muiresk had obtained a commission for raising and assistance of the country, did conceive and bear a deadly feud and malice against him, did vow and resolve his destruction And in order thereto did divers times with your accomplices come down upon his lands and tenants of Belchirrie and did rob, plunder and drive away their goods and in end the said deceased John Lyoune of Muiresk himself having come to the country and to his lands of Belchirrie ye, the said Patrick Roy McGregor and Patrick Drummond with divers other broken lawless men to the number of Eighteen or Twenty persons or thereby all armed with guns, pistols, durks, swords and other weapons invasive, did come upon the seventh day of April last 1666 years To the lands and house of Belchirrie under cloud and silence of night, and the said deceased John Lyoune of Muiresk being the said night with Alexander Lyoun his second son and divers of his servants within the house of Belchirrie And the doors of the same being shut and bolted for security of themselves and their horses and others beasts which they had been forced to bring and keep for shelter within the said house, being informed that the said rebels were in that country The said Patrik Roy and Patrick Drummond with your complices did about midnight beset the said house and did most wickedly and treasonably raise fire thereat and for that purpose did bring from the barnyard near the said house great quantities and sheaves of corn and did [page 149] lay the same about the said house and having laid trains and great quantities of powder ye and your accomplices did set fire to the said house and did shoot with your hagbuts in at the door of the same, So that the said house being set on fire and burning in several corners, the said deceased John Lyoune his said son and other persons who were within the said house, a part of the same being burnt above them and being choaked with smoke and finding that he could not stay longer was forced to come out upon quarter and capitulation and that their lives should be saved Notwith¬standing whereof the said Patrick Roy McGregor and Patrick Drummond and your complices having carried away with you the said deceased John Lyoune and his said son prisoners, upon Sunday morning being the eighth day of the said month of April After ye had detained and carried them up and down the country with great trouble and vexation to their persons and had treated them most barbarously having robbed them at the taking of the said house of the clothes, money and anything they had about with them and having taken their horses, to the number of six or seven, with the said deceased John Lyoune his buff coat, And having withdrawn from them meat So that they were near the point of starving. At last upon Wcdnesday thereafter the eleventh day of the said month of April, ye the said Patrick Roy McGregor and Patrick Drummond and your complices did most barbarously and cruelly kill and murder the said deceased John Lyoune and the said Alexander Lyoune a young gentleman of eighteen years of age, at a sheill upon the braes of Abernethie about sixteen miles from the said John Lyoune his own house of Belchirrie. And left their dead bodies there in the open fields naked and stript full of wounds with hagbuts, pistols and durks and being conscious to yourselves of so great wickedness and what ye deserved and might expect if ye should be brought to Justice did continue in arms to secure yourselves and with your associates and complices did go up and down through the country, robbing, plundering, quartering upon and oppressing the poor country people, wherever ye went and had the confidence in the month of February last by past To come dowu to the country near to the town of Keith within the Sherrifdom of Bamff and to send some persons commissioners for you to the said town and demand from them money or black maill And because ye were not satisfied of your desire, ye came to the number of forty men armed in a warlike manner to the said town of Keith and did assault at the said town upon the bridge thereof and in the kirkyard of the same and in other places divers of his Majesty's free lieges, inhabitants within the town and country men who were there for the time and did join to defend themselves and the place And in special Alexander Gordoune of Glengarrock and his brother Thomas Gordoune and John Ogilvie of Mylnetoune and divers others with them and did kill and wound divers of the said persons And in special did grievously hurt the said John Ogilvie of Mylnetoune and did mutilate the said Thomas Gordoune and at last ye the said Patrick Roy [page 150] and Patrick Drummond being hurt yourselves And forced to fly, were overtaken and apprehended the next day after the said rancounter which was upon the …… of February last and convoyed from shire to shire hither to the tolbooth of Edinburgh where ye are now prisoners of the which crimes of sorning, robbing, treasonable fire raising, murder, being in arms without his Majesty's warrant and authority, assaulting, fighting, with wounding his Majesty's lieges in a hostile manner and other crimes abovementioned or one or other of them ye are actors art and part which being found by an Assize ye ought to he punished in your persons and goods To the terror and example of others to commit the like hereafter Conform to the said laws and acts of Parliament.

Sir John Nisbet of Dirletoun Knight his Maj: Advocate.
John Campbell of Edinample and
James Comrie Writer in Edinburgh
Sworn trinchmen and interpreters.
The pannells deny the dittay
The Justices find the dittay relevant and order the same to be put to the knowledge of an Assize.
Alexr Peirson Merchant in Edinr.
John Forbes of Tilligone
Thomas Robiesone brewer.
John Neilsoun merchant there.
James Edmonstoune merchant there.
Ritchard Louthian merchant there.
Mr Wm. Simpson in Dringlass.
Walter Ogilvie, merchant.
William Lorimer merchant
James Pollock merchant
John Sydserff Merchant.
William Blackwood Merchant
Andrew Taffie Sklaitter
Androw Greir vintner
William Wilson stabler
"The Assize lawfully sworn no objection to the contrary.
"My Lord Advocate for probation adduced the witnesses underwitten viz
James Urquhart in Garinstoune
Alexr Cruickshank in Boigside
John Gordoune of Baldormie
Francis Gordoune his servant.
George Cowper in Byach-
[page 151]
their depositions follow. "My Lord Advocate for proving the pannells having been at Keith in manner libelled in that part of the dittay relating thereto Produced their own confessions whereof the tenour follows viz, Within the Tolbooth of laigh council house of Edinburgh the Twenty second day of March 1667 in presence of my Lord Advocate and Robert Baird one of the Baillies of Edinburgh, Patrick Roy McGregor being interrogated (James Comrie being sworn interpreter) Confesses that the day before he was taken he came through the town of Keith with a piper before him playing and went to the ale house beyond the bridge some time before the sun set and after the sun set about nine o'clock at night he came out of the said house and did engage in the fight with Glengarrock and the country people and that some of the country people being upon the bridge, they did fight there and also at the kirk-dike and that he himself had his sword drawn and did fight with Glengarrock him¬self and being asked upon what occasion or reason he came down to Keith, he answered that he was going to see friends and being interrogated what friends he went to see he could condescend upon none, confesses that he was armed not only with his sword but with a gun and being interrogated concerning the burning of Muiresk's house and taking his person and if he had seen and known Muiresk, Con¬fesses that he was in the country the night that Muiresk's house was burnt and did lye in the hills among the heather within two miles of his house of Belchirrie that night it was burnt and that in the morning being in April last about the break of day, he saw the said house burning and hearing that a party had come down and burnt the same and taken Muiresk he went to the party with whom Muiresk was prisoner and that the time he went into to that party, was about the sun rising, and that he staid with it till about Twelve o clock that day, that he saw Muiresk there and that he enquired if letters of horning and caption and other papers concerning him had been taken and that these who had then Muiresk prisoner, said they had papers but because they could not read they could not tell whether the papers he asked for were there or not And that the party was at some miles distance from the said house when he was with them and was about the number of sixteen persons some having gone from them as he heard and that after he went from them he staid all that day and night in the moneth and being interrogated why he staid in the moneth answered that he was afraid, having heard that he was under the compass of law and letters of horning and caption were out against him - sic subscribitur: Jo Nisbett, Robert Baird, baillie Ja: Comrie
"Patrick Drummond being interrogated whether he was at Keith and Patrick Roy and his complices there and when they did engage with Gordoun of Glengar¬rock and Ogilvie of Mylnetoune and the country people Confesses that he was in company with the said Patrick Roy, and that they were thirty men in company with the said Patrick, armed with guns, swords, durks and that they came through the said town of Keith some hours before the sun set with a piper before them playing [page 152] and that they went to an alehouse beyond the bridge, where they resolved to stay all night bot that about nine o'clock at night, hearing that the country was like to rise, they came back from the said house to the bridge, where they engaged with some that was keeping the bridge and did fight with them and thereafter came to the Kirkyard dyke, where they did fight with the gentlemen and country people who were there and that the said Patrick Drummond had his sword drawn and did fight and was hurt and that some of their company were killed, and some of the other party were wounded, and that he and Patrick Roy were both hurt and escaped that night but were taken the next day, Confesses that he has been in company with the said Patrick Roy going up and down with him and his company with swords, durks, guns about the space of six months - sic subscribitur Jo Nisbett, Robert Baird, baillie.
"The Assize, Alexr Peirsoune chancellor, all in one voice find the pannells guilty and culpable of the crimes contained in their dittay viz, &c.
"My Lord Justice Clerk and Justice Depute by the mouth of Hendrie Mon¬teith Dempster of Court decern and adjudge the said Patrick Roy McGregor and Patrick Drummond -To be taken upon the twenty seventh day of March instant to the market cross of Edinburgh and there betwixt two and four hours in the afternoon to be executed in manner following viz. the said Patrick Roy and Patrick Drummond their right hands to be first cut off by the executioner and then to be hangit to the death and thereafter their bodies to be hung up in chains upon the gallows betwixt Leith and Edinburgh and their haill goods to be escheat to his Majesty's use which was pronounced for doom. Whereupon Sir John Nisbett of Dirleton Knight his Majesty's Advocate asked and took instruments.
"Seventeen witnesses fined in 100 merks each for not appearing to give evidence.
"First witness swears in general as in the Indictment - that Muiresk having offered to give them the letters of intercommoning and auld (all) other letters and papers he had against them if they would go away, they refused altogether and would not be satisfied unless he and they with him would render themselves - that Roy took and did wear Muiresk's own buff coat and his carabines - that he was "maid to swear upon his durk that he should not tell where Muiresk was or what should become of him.” "Second witness - that Muiresk and his son were murdered without giving them meat or drink." -Record of High Court of Justiciary.

"March 7th.

“Peter Roy McGregor tortured in the boots before the Council and examined upon several Interogators who made answer thereto, 'prout in scriptis.' "-Record of Secret Council, Acta.
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"1667. March 18th.

“Patrick Roy McGregor sometime in Corriechromhie now in Ardwhillery granted a Renunciation of the wadsett on the lands of Corriechrombie in favour of John Campbell of Glenurchy now the Superior, dated 18th March."-Recorded 17 June 1667.

"March 20th.

"Renunciation, dated at Luss, by Malcolm McGregor Tutor of that ilk, de-signed in the Contract of Wadset underwritten, Malcolm Douglas alias McGregor eldest lawful son to Duncan Douglas alias McGregor, of the Wadset right acquired by him and his father and mother over the lands of Gartartan, in security of the sum of a thousand merks Scots of principal and annual rent of a hundred merks Scots The Renunciation is recorded 28th March 1667."-General Register of Sasines at Edinburgh.

“March 22nd.

Act Patrick Roy.
"The sentence of him and Drummond - their right hand to be struck off, hanged and thereafter be hung in chains on the gallows betwixt Leith and Edinburgh." -Record of Secret Council, Acta,

[1] He had a protection on 11th January till 11th February.

[2] Patrick Roy M'Gregor in Corrichrombie was of Patrick Aulach's family, and quite distinct from Patrick Roy who slew Lyon of Muiresk.